I stole Rocket League YouTubers' video ideas & here's how they reacted

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This video is sponsored by Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason. Check out the game here: bit.ly/SBT-Preseason
In the video, I asked @SunlessKhan and @MERTZY to record a video. Little did they know, I stole their exact video idea. Here's how they reacted.
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SunlessKhan's video: "I made it IMPOSSIBLE to score in Rocket League and bet PROS $100" nopost.info/throw/sdW4YK2eyKp6n9k/video
Mertzy's video: "Rocket League tournament but the first goal wins the game" nopost.info/throw/tszSi6TL14icndk/video
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amustycow 2 måneder siden
this video is sponsored by Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason. check out the game here: bit.ly/SBT-Preseason
Ozza Gaming
Ozza Gaming 10 dager siden
@Chase Mcginnis you tilt your car 90 degrees down then a again for the flick 🙂
Chase Mcginnis
Chase Mcginnis 10 dager siden
Hey I love your videos can u teach me how to do a musty flick
Mustansar ahmad
Mustansar ahmad 19 dager siden
musty why does you discord need my phone number i do not even have a phone because i am 10 but i am a huge fan
Ozza Gaming
Ozza Gaming Måned siden
Pls shout me out musty as I small NOpostr Love your vids
Srky. Måned siden
Musty honestly don’t think he should be nrg
deadox43 37 minutter siden
What's the beat playing in the back at the end
TOXIC_bstgeorges Gaming
TOXIC_bstgeorges Gaming 6 timer siden
Is this a way for him to get more video ideas
Im Muhaned
Im Muhaned 10 timer siden
What when did musty reach 2 mill
Super SupTaco
Super SupTaco Dag siden
You can tell sunless was Annoyed
VoXoR Dag siden
this is so meta
Miranda Klees
Miranda Klees Dag siden
Hi musty !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soccer Fanatic
Soccer Fanatic Dag siden
I feel bad for sunless tho
Leo Mendiola
Leo Mendiola 2 dager siden
MUSTY2021👑👑👑 Musty is better than mertzy
Trxth2be 3 dager siden
Username: Goldwinged23 Process this name in “Add epic friend” and may we play together? I’ve been longing to play with someone good and someone experienced. Comment what your username is in the comments so I know which username you are so I can accept :)
Swacky 3 dager siden
Hey gamer.
Pulse MK.
Pulse MK. 4 dager siden
Nice vid musty
Shahzam Ahmed
Shahzam Ahmed 5 dager siden
Plot twist: Jarvis us in aimbot on rocket league too
Jack Gett
Jack Gett 7 dager siden
“SUCH HIGH PING.” I’m an Australian ping is part of my religion
Orange Grape
Orange Grape 7 dager siden
Musty and sunless are so awkward
ItsOnSight 7 dager siden
Dk - Brawl Stars!
Dk - Brawl Stars! 8 dager siden
He stole ideas.... For a *VIDEO IDEA*
Naveen Soundram
Naveen Soundram 8 dager siden
Why it feel like Sunless was actually mad
Mocile 8 dager siden
Plot twist: Musty did this with everyone and accidentaly ripped of Mertzy and Khan and he is using this video as an excuse
Brett Van Der Hoorn
Brett Van Der Hoorn 8 dager siden
I love your channel and im subscribed can i be your rocket League friend pls? My PS4 name is troubleshooterjm pls be my friend!
IamPeter 123
IamPeter 123 8 dager siden
9:13 bruh he was so mad😂🤣
Um Liam
Um Liam 9 dager siden
Sunless was not having it 😂
Morbid Elm
Morbid Elm 9 dager siden
sunless was pissing me off ngl 💀
KB Gaming
KB Gaming 9 dager siden
Bruh if any video has got to do with sunless he always comments
Suzanne Nofal
Suzanne Nofal 10 dager siden
Sunless is so rude even tho u took it he was messing it up so if u were to actually post it it would be bad
Julio Sierra
Julio Sierra 10 dager siden
Poor sunless 😹😹😹
Eli Stonehill
Eli Stonehill 10 dager siden
You are becoming morgz
SB - 06NG 778126 Dolson PS
SB - 06NG 778126 Dolson PS 10 dager siden
Hi musty I love your content
Eli Cabading
Eli Cabading 11 dager siden
Lol “the mechanical shop”
Dill Dog
Dill Dog 11 dager siden
People that sub to Musty like this comment
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 12 dager siden
Nikhil Gourisetty
Nikhil Gourisetty 12 dager siden
Dude me and my friend always set up tournaments with the CRAZIEST mutators on and we haven't seen Mertzy's video and even before I came across it we were doing the 1 goal wins thing
Jstacks CA
Jstacks CA 12 dager siden
Play bad and play 2v2 with squishy or a pro
Bartek Szwarc
Bartek Szwarc 13 dager siden
I was the hacker :O
Jammie tron
Jammie tron 13 dager siden
Ur my fav NOpostr anyways
OrigamiNoob103 14 dager siden
Do a flip
Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor 14 dager siden
Kiss 😘
Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor 14 dager siden
Musty I luv u 🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮
Little Egit
Little Egit 14 dager siden
Sunless is so petty
Gr3nch gaming
Gr3nch gaming 14 dager siden
How long ago did you record this
Kobi Lemonis
Kobi Lemonis 15 dager siden
dude i cringed from how rude you appeared to them
Naduah Gaming
Naduah Gaming 15 dager siden
Sunless khan I hear u being sarcastic
Jimbob 15 dager siden
Musty says that if you watch Mertzy or sunlesskhan this is the video for you so I watch must more than them so I click off the vid because the vid is not for me Jk lol
Huge Scheer
Huge Scheer 16 dager siden
The icky crate consistently colour because objective affectively crash till a quick armenian. adventurous, wise receipt
Noah Elliot Kamp Teglgård
Noah Elliot Kamp Teglgård 17 dager siden
Musty is so good at playing dumb
Biya Gamachu
Biya Gamachu 18 dager siden
Khan was so mad😂
Chips 7
Chips 7 18 dager siden
This is no different than normal... u always do that
Keymah Hope
Keymah Hope 19 dager siden
Hey look we saw mertzy face blur that out next time🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
Mustansar ahmad
Mustansar ahmad 19 dager siden
why does your discord need a phone number because i have no phone and i am nine and a big fan
gmt_gr1fff1nn 19 dager siden
i am so bad at rocket league it’s so unfair I literally have 8 WHOLE hours on the game
Isaac Cifuentes
Isaac Cifuentes 20 dager siden
Brandon Choncek
Brandon Choncek 20 dager siden
The wrathful woolen thankfully itch because bamboo typically kick plus a jaded beggar. irritating, scrawny yellow
Pia Keyt
Pia Keyt 21 dag siden
The golden Orb
The golden Orb 21 dag siden
This means war to sunless
704Mystic 21 dag siden
the sponsor in the beginning of the video really took stealing ideas to a new level 💀
Lukas Borowsky
Lukas Borowsky 21 dag siden
lol sunless was so mad at u
Dudley The Animator
Dudley The Animator 22 dager siden
I love their sarcasm lol
Samun Junior
Samun Junior 22 dager siden
What does it mean when the opponent asks for a sign?
Greydon Meyers
Greydon Meyers 22 dager siden
2:03 start of action
Leland R
Leland R 24 dager siden
This is big brain he gets to steal the idea and do a collab therefore gaining more clout from it this dudes big brain
AA-ROON 24 dager siden
Carterz Crew
Carterz Crew 24 dager siden
Lucas Laver
Lucas Laver 24 dager siden
Congrats on 2mill
Rugger 13
Rugger 13 24 dager siden
Rugger 13
Rugger 13 24 dager siden
Nice game
wilder sharp
wilder sharp 25 dager siden
TigerPlays 25 dager siden
Alejandro Perret
Alejandro Perret 26 dager siden
Lmao sunless trolling you is the best thing evee
sxthy 26 dager siden
i like mertzy was genuinely loving the game
Leo Harrington
Leo Harrington 27 dager siden
but it was all a prank he copied Mertyz when he said prank video would be good
That One Sentient Donut
That One Sentient Donut 27 dager siden
sunless was sitting at his computer the whole time like >:(
TaNGenT 27 dager siden
First 2021 musty comment
Void BTW
Void BTW 27 dager siden
sunless was pissed
OMGitscj92 28 dager siden
That was funny 😂😂
Valentin Müller
Valentin Müller 28 dager siden
Häh es ist nur ne breze
palicutie89 28 dager siden
Musty what devises you can play super bb
FoRtNiTe -
FoRtNiTe - 28 dager siden
Claim your might be 1 millionth viewer ticket right now
Jason Nordahl
Jason Nordahl 28 dager siden
Almost 1m views
Zach Plays Roblox
Zach Plays Roblox 28 dager siden
Sunless be like 😑
Sonny Uploads
Sonny Uploads 29 dager siden
He looks like elon musk in the thumbnail
Ga Shiar
Ga Shiar 29 dager siden
Musty you to❤️
Ga Shiar
Ga Shiar 29 dager siden
Hi sunless and go mertzy I subscribed in yours Chanel sunless and mertzy
Carter Williams
Carter Williams 29 dager siden
I started playing raid shadow legends
Gx3_FIRE 29 dager siden
I HATE U MUSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XxXTØXINXxX x Måned siden
7:51 does anyone know what wheels those are?
hazz4rd Måned siden
Ok but super buckyball is LITERALLY a rocket league ripoff
Tyler Holder
Tyler Holder Måned siden
sunles he did it again
Yes Måned siden
Hacker: should I hack the FBI? Should I hack the Chinese government? Nah. In gonna hack sunless khans computer and install mods
六 LaZy Chief 九
六 LaZy Chief 九 Måned siden
Sunless trolling musty is GOLDEN
KodredCud Måned siden
Musty looks nothing like how he sounds
Arsde Måned siden
alternate title: sunless pranking musty while musty thinks hes pranking sunless
Brenda Ramos
Brenda Ramos Måned siden
But I'm a big fan
Brenda Ramos
Brenda Ramos Måned siden
That's messed up musty
Berlin Måned siden
7:28 sunless trolling part 1 8:49 sunless trying to hold it in
Berlin Måned siden
Sunless was killing me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
8D Theme Songs
8D Theme Songs Måned siden
That game is literally rocket league with persons
Nerfy Måned siden
I knew they knew, when they said ”oh wow... i wish i would have thought of that...”
Nerfy Måned siden
””Nah i dont click a musty’s videos” if this is you...” if they dont click ur videos then why would they click this?????
EchoLFT Måned siden
can anyone help me? what map is it at 12:14 ?
Teena Varghese
Teena Varghese Måned siden
lol he stole people ideAS WHICH IS WRATH
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