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2 måneder siden

Weekend League gets decided and a club OG decides to steal the show.
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Johnpaul McGilvray
Johnpaul McGilvray Måned siden
aw man, your 3-2 e/t win vs BOI celebration was brill hahahaha
shamu Måned siden
I sTaYeD mId wow so convincing bud hate when you tubers like this who I enjoy just complain about shit that's clearly not real, like my biggest turn-off with Fifa guys can't watch miniminter anymore cause of it
MrWauwww 2 måneder siden
dont wanna lick ass, but men ur content is amazing, been watching ur vids for years and honestly i almost never subscribe to anything but bro u deserve so much more subscribers so i did. ur tutorials and streams are really educational and entertaining. no hate, no rage, just well delivered jokes and puns. keep it up!
TIL - AQUILAHELL 2 måneder siden
3:57 golaço!!!!
Mohamed Saed
Mohamed Saed 2 måneder siden
I played him one time and he brought Ben yedder in too but I won at the end
Simon Leonida
Simon Leonida 2 måneder siden
Perfect defence man Kudos from Australia
HA HA 2 måneder siden
waht happend to saying the son from Maderia
Zomuana Sailung
Zomuana Sailung 2 måneder siden
ben yedder out here still breaking controllers with his normal card in fifa 21
Kaki 2 måneder siden
10:19 I celebrated with him
Sujal Regmi Year 6
Sujal Regmi Year 6 2 måneder siden
10:19 is me when Kepa finally makes a save
Spyros Kokkalas
Spyros Kokkalas 2 måneder siden
hey boras, neymar or ronaldo?
Nils Sjödin
Nils Sjödin 2 måneder siden
Why is it that i get matchups against pros like ollelito and munk when i’m a g1 player just trying to get my first elite placement?! It’s happend to me this last two weeks.. last week i played against ollelito and this week i got munk in my LAST game... i only had to get one more win. Please explain
David Bonilla
David Bonilla 2 måneder siden
10:19 exactly the ball in the net what a goal
Lynn Rojas
Lynn Rojas 2 måneder siden
Legendary BoRas
Michael Haxby
Michael Haxby 2 måneder siden
Why does this youtuber take so long to upload his rewards
Junior Castro
Junior Castro 2 måneder siden
spencer smith
spencer smith 2 måneder siden
Great gameplay. What are your custom tactics and instructions?
Pallav Saxena
Pallav Saxena 2 måneder siden
I can hear your console sound in the background.
Mindsettling 2 måneder siden
Boras the Comeback Legend💯😎
Ahmed Albhadly
Ahmed Albhadly 2 måneder siden
May you reveal new tactics for the new FIFA 21 update. The game has been changed.
yitingGG312 2 måneder siden
Big love from China
Shah Ji
Shah Ji 2 måneder siden
how is felix for u boras ?
smithy12322 2 måneder siden
4:13 was me when I got my rewards this morning🤣
F N 2 måneder siden
Always love the ultra intense matches. Love the ups and downs Boras. Great videos. 👍🏻
rel8tor 2 måneder siden
3:55 Best play ever!
William Hassel
William Hassel 2 måneder siden
Pasta Kusta
Pasta Kusta 2 måneder siden
I haven't been watching Boras this season but this gasp thing he's doing is hilarious. As is the dorky dance celebration he does after a tight game. Love you, Boras!
Johannes Sørensen
Johannes Sørensen 2 måneder siden
@BorasLegend how do you show the player names on top of the player?
Mohammed A
Mohammed A 2 måneder siden
Johan Jacobsen
Johan Jacobsen 2 måneder siden
Joao Felix is fucking ridiculous for me. 61+25 in 44 games (only div 1 rivals and champs). He’s an utter cheat code.
Ziliang Du
Ziliang Du 2 måneder siden
So WHOs the 20k player?
Milton Fahlén
Milton Fahlén 2 måneder siden
use alison
Scott Ladue
Scott Ladue 2 måneder siden
Is that bridge onto the wing move coming from a body feint first or no?
matt_ stfc
matt_ stfc 2 måneder siden
Ben Yedder is on 42 from 21 for me 😆
Edvard Estensen
Edvard Estensen 2 måneder siden
The whistle that went off... My dog attacked me because of it 😂 great video nontheless
ynw chane
ynw chane 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or do boras and immobile look alike
Steven Cerri
Steven Cerri 2 måneder siden
Boras is the man! Of all the fifa NOpostrs, his skill videos helped me the most! Thanks a ton, BL!
LemonyTang 2 måneder siden
Dat is so important man!
Whqt Gjj
Whqt Gjj 2 måneder siden
Is pope the GK that good?
Junaid Ahmed soomro
Junaid Ahmed soomro 2 måneder siden
Are you gonna complete son's sbc ?
sakshi maharaj
sakshi maharaj 2 måneder siden
10:20 🔥🔥🔥
Olle lönnroth
Olle lönnroth 2 måneder siden
Its so satisfying when he press on the buttons
Maco Antonio
Maco Antonio 16 dager siden
Hahaha i agree
Ema Proust
Ema Proust 2 måneder siden
Don't you feel ashamed to use Pope in that squad?
Ema Proust
Ema Proust 2 måneder siden
It's time for you to move on, you're no longer a pro
N.S 2 måneder siden
Neymar mbappe yes. I packed untra neymar on sunday😍and i used loan mbappe (sorry) they were so op as a duo up front
iiCrai 2 måneder siden
10:15 what does spamming the L2 do there??
J Boyle
J Boyle 2 måneder siden
Boris you are the reason we all HATE FIFA. Taking advantage of glitches and being sweaty and no good
unknown 000
unknown 000 2 måneder siden
Can anyone please tell me how to do the skill move at 11:13 where he plays the ball a bit forward
unknown 000
unknown 000 2 måneder siden
@Afshar thx mate!
Afshar 2 måneder siden
double tap R1 on ps4 or RB on xbox
Piszár Tamás
Piszár Tamás 2 måneder siden
how do u take corners with Ronaldo like that ? My players dont even hit the ball after corners, which button do u press for a header like those ?
Xierdan 2 måneder siden
10:35 - So well deserved
Giovanni Cattaneo
Giovanni Cattaneo 2 måneder siden
Mbappe or ronaldo boras?
FogFIFA 2 måneder siden
what do you think about Pope? is he that good?
Fut Eleven
Fut Eleven 2 måneder siden
neymar & Ben Yedder are game changer
Adam ThomasMoran
Adam ThomasMoran 2 måneder siden
benCH yedder :)
XDLOLASD 2 måneder siden
i don't get why everyone is using pope?
Onurcan Şen
Onurcan Şen 2 måneder siden
when you have CR7 everything is so easy
Mr.Spotty 2 måneder siden
buy rashford abd swap him with podance
Safwan Muhammed
Safwan Muhammed 2 måneder siden
Who is best the option for RW/RM with 10 chem guys? Using Portu now.
Safwan Muhammed
Safwan Muhammed 2 måneder siden
keep posting boras. Content is awesome
B Blij
B Blij 2 måneder siden
"Lets freaking go!"
Abhinav Chekkala
Abhinav Chekkala 2 måneder siden
10:15 what skill move was that? Just spammed L2 and CR7 pulls off what looks like a heel to heel?
Rob Davies
Rob Davies 2 måneder siden
It was a heel to heel. You see him flick r3
El Canal de Jhojan
El Canal de Jhojan 2 måneder siden
L2 + fake shot (without touching L3 or aiming str8 with L3 according to the player run)
Louis 2 måneder siden
10:15 what does spamming L2 do here?
Kieran Beattie
Kieran Beattie 2 måneder siden
It was a LT fake shot
o6 , geehrte 762 und 2ou Meyere2io3oe98 99o46
o6 , geehrte 762 und 2ou Meyere2io3oe98 99o46 2 måneder siden
One thing i have noticed is, when You move your keeper in the penalty shootout, they allways shoot in the corner where your keeper stands, or exactly where your keeper stands, bevause they know You will Jump in the Other corner. I hope this will be upvoted.
Gal Manzur
Gal Manzur 2 måneder siden
My legend, I hope you are a close friend with Ovvy because he copy every video you do 10 mintues later... copy paste 🥴
Jesse Lemon
Jesse Lemon 2 måneder siden
Great serie boras , you good man
Ahmed Albhadly
Ahmed Albhadly 2 måneder siden
You’re my hero in gameplay but in penalties I advise you to change you shooting techniques. I personally won around 10 penalty shootouts and lost in one only.
Eminemzi Xbox
Eminemzi Xbox 2 måneder siden
Buy 85 crespo he’s seriously insane
Madi Inssa
Madi Inssa 2 måneder siden
I'm not pretending to know betta than the legend himself here but, don't you need at least one Medium/High CDM? Anyway you taught me how to play so you're always the best hehe BOTAS !
Madi Inssa
Madi Inssa 2 måneder siden
​@BorasLegendAah I get it, workrates matter only if you don't put instructions ! yeah will test tonight.
BorasLegend 2 måneder siden
I don't say that it is a must but many would consider the med/high, high/med workrates to be the best. But you can always affect these with instructions.
Ibrahim Hassane
Ibrahim Hassane 2 måneder siden
What is your tip to having a great rtg like yours?
AsN BeasT
AsN BeasT 2 måneder siden
Everyone from the stream knew who it was even without clicking in the video😂
Bbakari sumareh
Bbakari sumareh 2 måneder siden
🐀👑 the 🐐
Parth Upadhaya
Parth Upadhaya 2 måneder siden
Could you show the stats(goals and assists) of your players?
Trey Vann
Trey Vann 2 måneder siden
Insane Ronaldo goal
L K 2 måneder siden
Maybe we should tell him stats are the same - I'm dead 😁😁#ucl
Gandalf The Gay
Gandalf The Gay 2 måneder siden
6:36 how do you dribble like that?
Lewis Mathers
Lewis Mathers 2 måneder siden
LB dribbling or L1
Skills of Aesthetics
Skills of Aesthetics 2 måneder siden
Imagine having an ad about tekzzat the start of your vid..its like a TV channel puts an ad for another TV channel on their hottest hour
Yau Lai Bung
Yau Lai Bung 2 måneder siden
For the opponent in 10:30. He must be thinking ...OK DDA happen again. Thanks EA
Willis Desai
Willis Desai 2 måneder siden
This year is so pace based. I hear this every year.
Ole Runar Svaet
Ole Runar Svaet 2 måneder siden
The last games you played is the best fifa you have played yet in 21 so far! GG Boras
Shahin Fard
Shahin Fard 2 måneder siden
Hey Bro. Love your vids. Can you tell me what command are you issueing to CR7 at 10:16 when you are spamming L2? Cheers!
BorasLegend 2 måneder siden
Body challenge to wrestle the defender off!
Anthony Semaan
Anthony Semaan 2 måneder siden
13:43 I can't really believe you called him Hashtag Harry xD
BorasLegend 2 måneder siden
For me he will always be Hashtag Harry ❤️
Jonathan 2 måneder siden
Le Yedder is the best playe in the game
samere bukari
samere bukari 2 måneder siden
plz someone tell me why he doesnt change like felix to cam for chem
Mohamed Jama
Mohamed Jama 2 måneder siden
He must be at 10 already so no need to change
Mark A123
Mark A123 2 måneder siden
13:44”we will hav to ask hashtag Harry “ 😂😂😂😂
Joe Sifa
Joe Sifa 2 måneder siden
He recognizes the Pen King!!!
Matthew Staner
Matthew Staner 2 måneder siden
Boras almost scores *gasp*
TheHarlemShow 2 måneder siden
Love the content bro am so bad at the min will be starting coaching sessions soon
RollinOnhubbas 2 måneder siden
Heel to heel is a good move to beat the keeper! Either you get fouled and win a penalty or you beat the keeper
Ludez 1
Ludez 1 2 måneder siden
Or they pick up the ball lol
Sergo Khechuashvili
Sergo Khechuashvili 2 måneder siden
Mbappe is gonna get potm So don’t buy him
Jacob Purcell
Jacob Purcell 2 måneder siden
Buy vvd instead of hiero n get dembele instead of Felix before game 433 Pope gk semedo vvd Gomez telles lcm-martial cm-sanches ram-ronaldo lw-dembele st-ruleb andre rw-martins lol
Tariq Hamdan
Tariq Hamdan 2 måneder siden
Ahmed Khalid
Ahmed Khalid 2 måneder siden
What’s your camera settings?
Fahmid Hossain
Fahmid Hossain 2 måneder siden
hi Ivan, can you share the full tactics of 4-1-2-1-2 wide one?
Exotic 2 måneder siden
Amazing session boras gg
Gilles 2 måneder siden
Boras: ‘Best 20k player’ Also Boras: ‘Bought for 140k’
BorasLegend 2 måneder siden
He has given me life-long memories that no coins can buy.
Sebastián Caris
Sebastián Caris 2 måneder siden
7:58 I was in the bathroom and outside was my family and you do that... why are you making me uncomfortable Boras
ucef gaming
ucef gaming 2 måneder siden
@Sebastián Caris I was just joking broo, in fact I was watching the video in the bathroom as well
Emmanuel Adenuga
Emmanuel Adenuga 2 måneder siden
Lol Hahahahaha Was your phone connected to the speakers???
Sebastián Caris
Sebastián Caris 2 måneder siden
@ucef gaming Don't you bring your cellphone to the bathroom when you are taking a shit and watch some videos or chat with your friends? if your answer is no, then you are super weird
Sebastián Caris
Sebastián Caris 2 måneder siden
@Tiemiedutch Exactly, I was taking a shit
DENILSON Shira 2 måneder siden
@Tiemiedutch legend
Wilks Music
Wilks Music 2 måneder siden
What do you think of anders vejrgang being 150-0 now?
Skirk 2 måneder siden
Harry Hesketh can easily do it but he uses bronze teams
Tijn Bleeker
Tijn Bleeker 2 måneder siden
@Wilks Music yes check his channel @julian van den berg
Wilks Music
Wilks Music 2 måneder siden
@Tijn Bleeker wtf theres two people?? would be cool to see a breakdown of the other guy too
BorasLegend 2 måneder siden
Sick! 🔥
Tijn Bleeker
Tijn Bleeker 2 måneder siden
And julian van den berg?
Nurul Islam
Nurul Islam 2 måneder siden
Ur opponant teams r bronz lol
Chief Obvious
Chief Obvious 2 måneder siden
He can't take Hierro out. He was so good for him. Also, where is Zola and Zidane?
Not ThabangX17
Not ThabangX17 2 måneder siden
Also where us your brain my friend 😂
LeSanjiSan 2 måneder siden
this is his road to glory
WolterBee_ 2 måneder siden
Could u show us the custom tactics and instructions of the 4-1-2-1-2?
Nokkvinocco 2 måneder siden
Joe gomez: hulk Hierro: iron man
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