iPhone 12 - What were Apple thinking?

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Full review of the iPhone 12 launch event, including my brutally honest opinion on price, specs. and cameras, vs Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei. Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: nopost.info/throw/lq7XpaKp3Ih2ns0/video
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Mrwhosetheboss 6 dager siden
Did an all-nighter working on this one - hope you found it interesting! Also...I've got a second video dropping later today, any guesses? 😈 Edit: Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: nopost.info/throw/lq7XpaKp3Ih2ns0/video
Alojado, Jon Mark D.
Alojado, Jon Mark D. 2 timer siden
Can i get phone? I needed it for online class cause my phone cant keep up with low ram and processor thank you im you number 1 fan i did watched every video you uploaded😁
suma prakash
suma prakash Dag siden
Yes really good
Swapna Mattevada
Swapna Mattevada 4 dager siden
arun pls tell that we shoud ban 5G becuse it ma kill us or birdsss
Binita Karna
Binita Karna 5 dager siden
Can I please get a iPhone 12 or 11
Srinivas Prasad
Srinivas Prasad 6 dager siden
Mi 10t pro review/apple isnt running a charity to give us a charger in box
Christian Martin
Christian Martin Time siden
PREPOSTEROUS! U R A FKN FAN BOY! Apple drains their customers with that stupidity of royalty feeling and loyalty of their techno ignorant crowd. That company hasn't been innovative in almost a decade and everybody should condemn their business practices!
Lewis Vinton
Lewis Vinton Time siden
what you said about 5g is so dumb
Jaystonishing Time siden
All these apple users excited about features like ultra wide camera lense and many other things samsung had first.. like face recognition, fingerprint scanner... etc
Lewis Vinton
Lewis Vinton Time siden
Dumb apple fans will still buy iPhone 12 even if it doesn't have 5G
FayBellZo Time siden
nobody: iPhone: Let's sell them a phone with the biggest bezel known to man. Let's exclude the charging brick to rescue the environment eventho we changed from USB-A to C. Let's also not give them the headset fitting an USB-C so we force everyone to buy a brick and headset. We must become even more overpriced for more outdated technology. Also everyone: I wAnT tHiS BoOtiFuL pHoNe. Not me Apple, goodbye.
Ethan Storm
Ethan Storm Time siden
Not gonna lie if I’m complaining about not getting a charger brick i shouldn’t be in the market for a $1000 phone😂
Hakai - 破壊
Hakai - 破壊 Time siden
In this planet the Asus Rog exist... You can't defeat that Apple. Oh, and he have not only the charger in the box but have also a fan and a cover. Oh right, headphones also. What 'bout that?
TrumpWinner Time siden
soooo.....buy the SE. Got it, thanks!
Mike f
Mike f Time siden
no ear buds lol. Also I would say note 20 ultra is alone. The s20 ultra flagship is direct competitor to the iPhone.
Mee Zon Gaming
Mee Zon Gaming Time siden
dinesh kamal chetti
dinesh kamal chetti Time siden
Woow it's my dream😴💭 iPhone 📱 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💛💛💛💛💛🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💚💚💚💚💚💚
Kevin White
Kevin White 2 timer siden
Just because you can only afford a Mini, doesn’t mean you don’t care about your pictures.
macroevolve 2 timer siden
Apple still has the massive notch, and Xiaomi is going under screen camera
Alex 2 timer siden
The magnet will destroy your credit card if u put them in same pocket or that attached credit card holder 😂
Andres Molina
Andres Molina 2 timer siden
It's hard to watch your videos with the constant zooming in and out.
ŁUKASZ Fantini
ŁUKASZ Fantini 2 timer siden
apple are thinking people are a fkn idiots.
Gweneth Schmidt
Gweneth Schmidt 2 timer siden
Bruh y'all see the thumbnail my guy be playing among us out here
Mr. F
Mr. F 2 timer siden
It took them this long to stream video in 1080p lol can't beleave how they still have such a high market share.
Kaki Game
Kaki Game 2 timer siden
my rich friend told me, iPhone is a very good phone but it is also a boring phone. With android we can do enything. But with iOs, it is like in jail.
Tony Pdxi
Tony Pdxi 2 timer siden
They are selling at $200 phone for $600 and still no usb-c and still no app drawer for organization. Still big notch on top. Same crap nothing new.
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr 2 timer siden
Iphone: I got a better phone Every other phone: Hold my Charger
shefeek mhmd
shefeek mhmd 3 timer siden
best camera and display ❤️
Pierre Bundchen
Pierre Bundchen 3 timer siden
This guy has the most relaxing voice
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr 2 timer siden
be any different. Steve was about Innovation, he was giving us things that the world hasn’t seen before. We all know that crook= 💰 . Android users must be lol when it comes
Jamal Mahmood
Jamal Mahmood 3 timer siden
How long... is apple... going to make phones???!! Next thing you know: "The iPhone 40, and now has 20 cameras!."
tx flips
tx flips 3 timer siden
Apple: Releases new iPhones Charging brick and high refresh rate: Are we a joke to you?!? Nah but seriously...who would buy such an expensive phone with 60 Hz like what haha
Jamie McKaye
Jamie McKaye 3 timer siden
Same phone that’s had a fucking haircut. Woo
Salih Özdemir
Salih Özdemir 3 timer siden
People won’t buy these phones just because no one will want to pay extra money for the charger bricks. If they would have just release the phone with a higher price tag, they could’ve easily sell more of it.
Just Some Guy Without A Penis
Just Some Guy Without A Penis 3 timer siden
My iphone 7 takes 5 hours to charge and 30 mins to lose all its battery....
Kaden Gatherum
Kaden Gatherum 3 timer siden
They might as well give a pair of AirPods with each iPhone 😂
YENKO DAVI 3 timer siden
when they remove that stupid notch include charger and headphones ill upgrade!!
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 3 timer siden
This guy is trying to be Marques.
Marc Charlton
Marc Charlton 3 timer siden
The worse phone of 2020
sumanth sai
sumanth sai 3 timer siden
everyone's saying saving planet by not giving charger but none of em r explaining how they'd save environment by selling charger individually (by paying extra )
James Madison
James Madison 3 timer siden
Old lg v20. No apple! Too woke joke.
veloc123 3 timer siden
Next iPhone will have the battery sold separately because Apple custards are gullible twats....
Mario Siric
Mario Siric 4 timer siden
2:20 That's 300%, not 400%
Dart Zark
Dart Zark 4 timer siden
Apple instantly wins if it has Among Us pre installed
C C 4 timer siden
I like my iphone 8 plus design. I don’t want notch snd want my touch id. and the price is too much anyway. The 8 plus was the best in terms of design speed size and price now it is impossible to buy it cost most than an highend notebook computer. Also ios is not compatible with microsoft gamepass. It is a pass for me
Wayne Zahra
Wayne Zahra 4 timer siden
It’s amazing how so many people have different opinions. Some like it and some don’t for whatever reason. As speaking I’m a iPhone user. The only thing I don’t like is why Apple keeps removing things from the box. I personally think Tim Crook take Apples loyal fans for a ride. Yes, I know Steve isn’t here with us any longer but their visions couldn’t be any different. Steve was about Innovation, he was giving us things that the world hasn’t seen before. We all know that crook= 💰 . Android users must be lol when it comes to Apple as they have had it all before ...Years ago. Nowadays you speak about Nike, Adidas, Amani and Apple. It’s a brand. You’re paying for the name. Where NB (new balance) Hugo boss can offer you much more but people prefer to stick to the popular brand. My iPhone does what I want it to do (XR).
Skip Trace
Skip Trace 4 timer siden
Why have you not answered my question: Why no Fold 2 review?
SPOe Gamers Production
SPOe Gamers Production 4 timer siden
MoistMaster 4 timer siden
IPhones are too expensive.
Pascariu Cosmin
Pascariu Cosmin 4 timer siden
the big quastion for apple is WHERE THE FK ITS THE DIFERENCE ?
Nedeli 4 timer siden
I want the iPhone 11 more than the new iPhone 12 but I’m scared to buy it in case it gets slow immediately. Thoughts? 😔
Kabi P
Kabi P 4 timer siden
The white framing and bezel looks really sick in the thumbnail even if its fake
Ishan Sinha
Ishan Sinha 4 timer siden
Lets see how far android goes before been completely taken over.
Jumbi_hasbo 4 timer siden
Apple:We shall give you the same phone but it has been through quarantine and hasn't gone anywhere so its gained a little weight
M. Rohit
M. Rohit 5 timer siden
Me:oh nice ot has magnets but i can't afford it Rich people:ok buy it Very rich people : nice magnets for my refregirator
Kulibob CZ
Kulibob CZ 5 timer siden
I'm so glad they still have the Mini version. Could have been 4.5", instead of 5.4", but nowadays I'm gratefull for everything that starts the screen size with 5.
Neal Hasan
Neal Hasan 5 timer siden
Buddy, take a real iphone 12, unbox it and speak the details then....
B M 5 timer siden
Apple just doesn't care anymore what their customers and you guys think. Higher prices, less technique, less attachments: You will buy it anyways so it works. It's absolutely genius!
Rigo Projectz
Rigo Projectz 5 timer siden
Yo first they took the earbuds now they taking the charger well Ig we not getting a phone next time
fatima almaskari
fatima almaskari 5 timer siden
The whole time is me watching his shirt then seeing his channel name like WHATTT?? BTW I still can’t read you channel name
nigel strawder
nigel strawder 5 timer siden
Where he get that chair from
alecboi777 6 timer siden
the normal iphone 12 is cheaper than the iphone 11 which is cheaper than the iphone 10 wtf
MEGHA PAWAR 6 timer siden
daves1412 6 timer siden
I think they will do really well. You don't need more than one charger for all your devices. Get a USB-C charger and that will drive your laptop, phone and everything else. The phone looks good, but of course the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.
BensGames 6 timer siden
Iphone 15: Just electronic parts and instruction manual. Each sold separately (including instruction manual).
Lnv Tablet
Lnv Tablet 7 timer siden
11% thinner 15% smaller 16% lighter 58% easy to break
Abhi mishra
Abhi mishra 7 timer siden
I am so done with iphones. Wifi does not work more than 5 meters away from my home hub; it's fine on my pixel2 or ipad for reference. The charger which came in with the box takes almost 3 hours to charge the phone. Never buying an iPhone or macbook in near future. They were great devices till 3 years back as compared to peers, but overpriced bloatwares now.
Alienkid007 7 timer siden
Arun's videos are techinally the best!
Poetry In Death
Poetry In Death 7 timer siden
Iphone sucks
Anonymously Yours
Anonymously Yours 7 timer siden
Apple's bogus excuse of "environmental purpose to avoid e-waste" is exposed before even they made that claim, why don't they care about e-waste when they are still forcing their users to use the lightening port as they like to call it, the same lightening port which is just a trick to make sure people can't use easily available wires of just anyone apple knows on world wide scale their business is pretty limited thanks to their government's bad reputation and their behind from competition overexpensive products they just do it in greed type c is now in entry level devices but apple still stubborn to use lightening port so no one can just use a type c and not bother buying a new one. Which create more waste compared to chargers as cables get damaged quite easily and quite often.
Epic Gamer From Epic Games
Epic Gamer From Epic Games 7 timer siden
0:30 did u see the Easter egg
Nahum Shoin
Nahum Shoin 7 timer siden
jerryrifeverything: and like all time the thing called saffire glass straches at level 6
Dirty Lizard
Dirty Lizard 7 timer siden
Still waiting for iPrivacy feature.
Meta11axis 7 timer siden
"The way Apple's business model works is based on not overpromising" That must be the most ridiculous claim I've heard this year, and it's 2020!
ALOÏS PIECK 8 timer siden
Samsung better
Kelyan othniel Edou engone
Kelyan othniel Edou engone 8 timer siden
Honestly I would prefer a 1099$ highest hand flagship with no charger, than a 1300$ flagship with one.
Victor Gan
Victor Gan 8 timer siden
With all these comments about how iphone made a dumb decision, people are still gonna buy it...just saying 🤷‍♂️
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal 8 timer siden
Pramod 😂😂😂
Kirill Trandin
Kirill Trandin 8 timer siden
They didn't include charger coz they want to sell you one instead of giving it for free
usaid khan
usaid khan 8 timer siden
Pls make a gaming channel and do you play among us
Aashish Mittal
Aashish Mittal 8 timer siden
Sounded like a paid review !!! 👎🏽
Good Guy
Good Guy 8 timer siden
Apple launch iPhone.: Le kidney jokes : I'm in you son of a bitch.
Tenzin Rigdol
Tenzin Rigdol 8 timer siden
You missed iPad Pro power bricks
gamingglory 8 timer siden
Lol were talking about new phones and my broke ass is stuck with an iPhone 5
Herschelle Datt
Herschelle Datt 8 timer siden
I think your content is exhausting FAST! not a hater comment
Cassandra Dean
Cassandra Dean 8 timer siden
1:53 Yess i learned to get cash via *DollarTod.com* $700 in a month is easy එය සැමට වැඩ කරයි
Shreyas K.a
Shreyas K.a 9 timer siden
Using an iPhone 11 from 3 months, I know why people love the iPhone. Cause what iphone offers, it keeps up to its promise and as advertised. Maybe even better over time with software updates. I don't care what android fanboys say, cau I know I'm having a better experience with the iPhone.
Mariachee Bandidos
Mariachee Bandidos 9 timer siden
4:35 predicting "iPhones are gonna sell well" something that's never happened before. talk about going out on a limb
KARATE 9 timer siden
Summary: iPhone 12 pro max added and 12 series of iPhones are just reworked iPhone 4 with new cameras
EliteNerd Gaming
EliteNerd Gaming 9 timer siden
When I Unboxed A $599 Phone Me: Im Arun And This Is mrwhosetheboss
jason gurung
jason gurung 9 timer siden
I broke phones and i broke girl's so they are similar
Ean Elijah De Guzman
Ean Elijah De Guzman 9 timer siden
The Android fanboys are already waging war.
Felix Kurniawan
Felix Kurniawan 9 timer siden
"Absolutely EPIC" Is that intentional? 😂
Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons 9 timer siden
Yes, what WERE Apple thinking??
Mohammad Rahim Mohammadi
Mohammad Rahim Mohammadi 10 timer siden
A very honest video of the coming new iphones, thanks for your honesty, unlike NKBHD
Moonshine Star
Moonshine Star 10 timer siden
I picked up a a sale price Samusung S10e and my wife has a new apple se and her camera and simplicity is much better I did have an old oppo the camera was great but small battery life once I used what's app a bit. Apple seems to have a more point and shoot and get a great result stills and video.
arthur minecraft
arthur minecraft 10 timer siden
Among us in the thumbnail
Jonathan :D
Jonathan :D 10 timer siden
Did anyone else notice that among us was one of the apps on the phone in the thumbnail
IC1101 10 timer siden
Apple keeps its promise. That’s relaxing.
KK 10 timer siden
No one use cables anymore, I always wireless charge
Mr. Garden
Mr. Garden 10 timer siden
Do you talk about 5G saying that 5G is bad
guus .p.h
guus .p.h 10 timer siden
Hey are u a smartphone, cause youre pp is also 5 nanometer
Hourglass Entertainment
Hourglass Entertainment 10 timer siden
Although the iPhone has quite outdated hardware compared to most android phones, I’m always going to go the iPhone because of the software and apps.
KK 10 timer siden
Love the new design
Eagleoneradiogod 10 timer siden
Yeah more iphone poooop, introducing the new iphone 6969 it will cost 2,000,000 AND DOSE NOT COME WITH A CHARGER. It will turn in all your secrets to the fbi and NSA. It will also categorize and send all your secret emails directly to the fbi along with your location. Warning this phone is not scratch resistant nore can you take it into the rain, warning phone may explode in the rain. If this occurs we here at apple can replace your phone with a windows phone we here at apple directley send all your porn videos directley to your local police . So please enjoy the new iphone snitch phone. It even knowes when you are masterbaiting and reports live masterbation updates to your local police all about your masterbation habits and exaztley what you wank tooo.
R Kurnia
R Kurnia 10 timer siden
Did I hear you sighing as your video opener? Sounds so unspirited.
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