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Two hundred years have passed since the events of the Oblivion Crisis, and it is now 4E 201. The High King of Skyrim has been killed, and the threat of Civil War looms over the land of Skyrim. One side wishes to secede from the weakened Third Empire, while the other wishes to remain a part of it. To make matters worse, this schism is the final event in a prophecy foretold by the Elder Scrolls that will lead to the return of the dragons under Alduin, the Nordic god of destruction.

0:00 - From Past to Present
5:02 - Unbroken Road
11:26 - Ancient Stones
16:09 - The City Gates
19:56 - Silent Footsteps
22:47 - Dragonsreach
25:06 - Under an Ancient Sun
28:41 - Masser
34:46 - Distant Horizon
38:39 - Dawn
42:37 - The Jerall Mountains
45:55 - Unnamed Cave music piece (not present on the OST album)
48:30 - Secunda
50:35 - Imperial Throne
52:51 - Frostfall
56:15 - Into Darkness
59:07 - Kyne’s Peace
1:02:56 - Unbound (not present in the game)
1:04:27 - Far Horizon
1:09:53 - A Winter’s Tale
1:13:13 - The Bannered Mare
1:15:45 - The Streets of Whiterun
1:19:50 - The White River
1:23:17 - Silence Unbroken
1:25:39 - Standing Stones
1:32:16 - Beneath the Ice
1:36:25 - Tundra
1:40:14 - Journey’s End
1:44:20 - A Chance Meeting
1:47:32 - Out of the Cold
1:50:34 - Around the Fire
1:53:48 - Shadows and Echoes
1:56:06 - Aurora
2:03:26 - Towers and Shadows
2:05:49 - Solitude
2:08:00 - The Gathering Storm
2:10:53 - Sky Above, Voice Within
2:14:48 - Death in the Darkness
2:17:21 - Shattered Shields
2:20:01 - Wind Guide You

Composed by Jeremy Soule.
Original thumbnail artwork based on a matte painting by Daniel Kvasznicza:
© 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Bethesda, Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte 4 timer siden
I am here to listen for something while doing homework, not to cry😭
AceBalistic 1
AceBalistic 1 4 timer siden
now i want to go slaughter the garrison of Riften again.
Dragon龙 4 timer siden
my music teacher assigned me this o__o
AceBalistic 1
AceBalistic 1 4 timer siden
well tell that teacher thankyou, ITS GOOD MUSIC. also probably play Skyrim but its up to you
Dr. Schniedel
Dr. Schniedel 12 timer siden
Fun fact: this is not how Skyrim looked when it came out. I remember being pissed off by the ridiculous bad console looking textures. It was disgusting. Especially in the intro scene. Even maxed out everything in PC. This must be the years later texture pack and or a mod. Trust me, the textures where horrifyingly bad, just so every Xbox kiddy could play it...
Dr. Schniedel
Dr. Schniedel 12 timer siden
Who would have known that video games died after this title.
AceBalistic 1
AceBalistic 1 4 timer siden
i mean they are making elder scrolls 6 so i hope it revives.
Vinícius Vyller
Vinícius Vyller 21 time siden
From Dragonsreach to the city gates, "wind guide you" says the people in the streets of Whiterun. Strolling out of the the city into an unbroken road, adventure starts, and as the solitude of the wild greets the wanderer, Kyne's peace reigns. Chasing far horizons past standing ancient stones near thriving villages, going from past to present. Under an ancient Sun, the noon reveals the Jerall Mountains as the road goes on, taking side of the White River, running strong into the distant tundra, flowy from the last frostfall. A roaring gathering storm comes from the south, clouding sky above and shutting voice within, evening promises a night without stars. Rain falls and goes west, swiftly, dark skies gave way to Masser and Secunda as the night glows with aurora. The journey ends for the day, it is the hour of rest, at dawn, wayfaring resumes when time comes to be finally awake.
Philip Bruchman
Philip Bruchman Dag siden
still one of the best games ever made in history. i still play this a lot as well as fallout 4. Bethesda is best off just taking its time to make all games as great as this or as close to it as possible.
Peaceful & Relaxing
Peaceful & Relaxing Dag siden
I don't want much for my birthday. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a good day.
AceBalistic 1
AceBalistic 1 4 timer siden
:D (also happy birthday)
sherri moore
sherri moore Dag siden
I've never been a gamer, I know me, I would never be able to stop and join the real world. But, this game would be amazing in VR. This is the sort of thing that VR was invented for.
AceBalistic 1
AceBalistic 1 4 timer siden
yes. only problem is its SO massive that current VR sets may not have the needed processing power or storage.
Misha Nomore
Misha Nomore Dag siden
You know, humans we're so weird. I always was a kid which could passing hours in front of his pc playing games and trying to evade the real problems like low self esteem and a mind fully charged with insecurities and shit. I found in games what i desired the most in real life. When this game came out i was on my late 16 and I could spend (or waste, as most people used to told me) hours and hours exploring, speaking with everyone i was able to, or simply staying in a wonderfull place (like the first image with the waterfall) to peace my mind and just chill while hearing the music. Also I was trying to figure out how would be my life in the future, how and most important (for me in that moment) when i was going to find the person i will spend the rest of my life with. I was in that mood until i turned 21, and i stopped playing for a while. Finally, when i was 22 i found my half orange (it's a spanish saying which means that you found the missing piece from the puzzle of love). One year and a half ago (on my 24) i had a baby with her (and also she has a daughter that is 6 years old) and i must confess that i love them with the biggest love that i have and beyond, but when i saw this video for the first time a couple weeks ago, a HUGE nostalgic waterfall fell above me and soaked my heart and filled my eyes with tears. I just remembered all those years when life was just so easy, so fucking damn easy when i didn't have any responsability, i had nothing else to do than just enjoy life and go to my half time job. Back to these days i was so happy but i was too worried about what i was missing that i didn't realize. Nowdays, i have a family to take care of, and a lot of responsabilities to fulfill and i love all that, but a small part of me misses the "easy life". What i said that humans are weird is because "sadly", imo, we're only able to fully understand and enjoy things when it's not their time. The only thing i can say is that fortunately i do not regret of nothing, and of course, if i had a chance i wouldn't change absolutely nothing of my past or current life.
Clarisa 2 dager siden
this kinda breaks my heart
Reza Nabavi
Reza Nabavi 2 dager siden
game is 10 years old. current steam stat: 21,235 In-Game
AceBalistic 1
AceBalistic 1 4 timer siden
thats not taking into account the massive Xbox community. also quick question have you downloaded or discovered the Cyrodiil mod?
Kamil O
Kamil O 2 dager siden
man this is so awesome, I had to start downloading skyrim again...
Ondrej Vojta
Ondrej Vojta 2 dager siden
Michał Górecki
Michał Górecki 2 dager siden
this has to be the best part of youtube
Jack Savercool
Jack Savercool 2 dager siden
Imperial Throne has always been my favorite.
Evan May
Evan May 3 dager siden
Kris Schoonmaker
Kris Schoonmaker 3 dager siden
I play skyrim vr and what my ears hear and my eyes see my mind believes! Skyrim is just as real as any other consciousness in my opinion :) cheers
Titan Man
Titan Man 3 dager siden
"Heard of you and your honey'd words"
Maddy Olson
Maddy Olson 3 dager siden
There are SO many birds in Solitude i never noticed...
Plasma Glow Music
Plasma Glow Music 3 dager siden
The Streets of Whiterun is probably the most beautiful song I've ever heard... Reminds me of a wonderful woman I used to love
DS Epic Music
DS Epic Music 4 dager siden
I left too long but when back in a second I feel all it back.
Senjougahara Sama
Senjougahara Sama 4 dager siden
how sad... how sad... to think that i had so much fun back then,,, how sad..
itsaguinness 4 dager siden
ever go back to reality and get confused when you cant fast travel?
lawrence worrell
lawrence worrell 5 dager siden
Fucking running across from some cold winter steppes to finding the hot pools and then seeing a bunch of people chillin there. I was like fuck, this is how you make a game ambient and so real. I remember playing this the first time, just gave me chills. Just having an epic battle at night, falling off a small hill and landing in the middle of a secret midnight necromantic ritual. I still play to this day, and I still haven't seen everything. Oh my god one of the best bugs. So I get into a fight with a dragon. Im hacking away, then my fucking horse rides up, the classic dragon fight music has just kicked off. He rides up the dragons tail, onto his head. The dragon takes off. Im like where the hell have they gone. Then the dragon and my horse fall out of the sky. My horse dead, the dragon dead. I'll never forget her sacrifice.
jake duff
jake duff 5 dager siden
only started playing the game for the first time like a moth ago. Now i realise how lucky i am to be able to play this for the first time and still have those cherished vibes with me before they slowly disappear. By far the best game ive played.
Eze Heins
Eze Heins 6 dager siden
i feel happy
raph 6 dager siden
I never really got into skyrim but damn the music is fantastic.
Pedro Barbani
Pedro Barbani 6 dager siden
This sounds like home to me.
CandyCornKing 6 dager siden
Good backround music for online schoolwork, but is distracting a little. 8/10 would recommend, but not to any fellow procrastinators.
Indigosumo 6 dager siden
Far horizons hits different ;}
J T 6 dager siden
MineFord 6 dager siden
All games a masterpieces :D
Dylan Corder
Dylan Corder 7 dager siden
skyrim is one of the most perfect games sure it has bugs but those make funny moments and then there's just everything else there's just nothing wring with it
Resident red Gaming
Resident red Gaming 7 dager siden
As a crusader my self this, this beautiful.
andrea renner
andrea renner 7 dager siden
Absolutely beautiful music, I've been working from home and listening to this, it's lovely and easy to concentrate to.
BigBody Simp
BigBody Simp 7 dager siden
Bruh this shit so beautiful 😭😭 So many memories
Gabriel Xzavier
Gabriel Xzavier 7 dager siden
In my apple music charts Jeremy Soule (composer of the soundtrack) was my most listened too artist and this soundtrack was my most listened to album for 2020.
Caleb VanderMaas
Caleb VanderMaas 8 dager siden
The Bannered Mare sounds a lot like Greensleeves.
Ranger Cole
Ranger Cole 8 dager siden
skyrimis like a whole other dimention
Suat Şengün
Suat Şengün 8 dager siden
0:54 very very beautiful...❤
NOMASAN 9 dager siden
I'm just listenin to this while doin homework tbh.. good music, relaxed vibes... helps me with the insanity of life
edqwedqw _
edqwedqw _ 9 dager siden
sometimes in games where a NPC thinks theyre better then me, ill say to myself "were you a dragonborn? were you a speaker for a cult? Yeah I didnt think so, try again." to make myself feel better.
bmlugo 9 dager siden
11:26 Listen closely. You can hear the clanging of an anvil.
John Oakley
John Oakley Dag siden
@Donnie Xiong all i ask is a fair chance
Donnie Xiong
Donnie Xiong 6 dager siden
I don't claim to be the best blacksmith in Skyrim! And I forgot the last part something about a guy named Gray Mane I think.
Kakaowy Pejcz
Kakaowy Pejcz 10 dager siden
Well that was an unexpected nostalgia attack
Streicher 10 dager siden
Game is trash, but the music is tight
Chad Lilly
Chad Lilly 10 dager siden
Great in peace sweet prince
Salih Aydın
Salih Aydın 11 dager siden
abi harika ya. bazen skyrim dünyasının içinde olsaydım diyosun
AS Roma
AS Roma 11 dager siden
Hi, Bethesda, I know it may be too early, but please take my money for Elder scroll 6
AceBalistic 1
AceBalistic 1 4 timer siden
good news is they're already making it, bad news is the release date is currently sometime 2026
Sam Clark
Sam Clark 11 dager siden
Oh the cheats and the mods just doesn't fit in with these beautys 😔
Gimmereason 11 dager siden
patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter, wait a minute
Zomaxツ 3 dager siden
Strolling thou Skyrim may make you yearn for a beautifully cold winter
Niopilopo 12 dager siden
Holy crap, i want to replay this buggy game so bad but it's so welcoming
Steven Ellis
Steven Ellis 12 dager siden
This is and always will be more than just a game. Truly one of the greatest of all time.
Justice Hill
Justice Hill 10 dager siden
for as many issues and bad armor, weapon designs the game had it was still a fun game. for some reason very few games seem to have the same magical effect as the very first time I played it. it truly felt like you jumped into a fantasy story not just oh a bunch of shit is going on have fun kind of feeling I get from a lot of games. idk if that makes any sense. I will say the best replication I got of it so far is to replay it after a long time and add a bunch of immersion mods for dialoge and to make the civil war or other parts feel more complete.
Pepito Puntazo
Pepito Puntazo 12 dager siden
We need Jeremy Soule in TES VI
Amy Beeman
Amy Beeman 12 dager siden
Dogan Bee
Dogan Bee 12 dager siden
I am glad I am part of the Elder Scrolls generation :)
RGgaming 12 dager siden
1:11:49 guy gets up from his bench to go sit down again.
Cody Thornton
Cody Thornton 12 dager siden
anyone else notice the dancing plate of cheese at around 1:45:00
Dr4kk0nnys Inc
Dr4kk0nnys Inc 13 dager siden
What a fucking masterpiece
ns3v3n 13 dager siden
This is much more enjoyable than just listening to the sound track on Spotify. It is something special when you have the background to go with the music.
S U C C E S S 13 dager siden
25:10 Hits hard with nostalgia
JayyBoi 13 dager siden
"Either I'm drunk, or you're naked. Possibly both." - Brenvin from Skyrim
jurian Barendrecht
jurian Barendrecht 13 dager siden
Need something?
djswaleswritesbooks 13 dager siden
Thanks for the inspiration while I wrote my Baratanac Trilogy and Fitzmarbury Witches novels. Such beautiful music which clearly, from the comments, provides peace and a sense of community to so many. I'm back listening today while I write a new prologue. Good luck to everyone!
Nisse 14 dager siden
Skyrim and Mass Effect best OST.
Stephen Harrod
Stephen Harrod 15 dager siden
I downloaded Skyrim on Gamepass and you forget it was a full immersive world that had a few glitches. Little did you know when you've just escaped nearly losing your head how many hours of game play you would have in front of you. It's still amazing now as it was back in 2008. Loving it.
drippy.Jordan 15 dager siden
"you been a good friend to me that means something"
Peter Siegfried Krug
Peter Siegfried Krug 15 dager siden
home office
he he boi
he he boi 15 dager siden
if ever done again it would look so much better with an enb in the scenery just my opinion
Spectrosity 15 dager siden
1:50:40 *Hello and welcome to Brodual*
PegenWaukegan 15 dager siden
This is a top 5 video on all NOpost
Shouen 16 dager siden
Just nostalgia
Timm Wh
Timm Wh 16 dager siden
Wie würde man dieses Genre nennen? Whats the name of this genre?
AceBalistic 1
AceBalistic 1 4 timer siden
not a genre, this is just the soundtrack to a game called Elder Scrolls 5, aka Skyrim.
Yusuf Windfuchs
Yusuf Windfuchs 16 dager siden
best music to spend homeschooling
bmlugo 16 dager siden
I used to play Skyrim very frequently. But then, I discovered Minecraft and I avoided Skyrim for a while (a mistake). I played it today for the first time in months and this song came on: 1:04:27. It brought back many memories.
Crafty Virgo
Crafty Virgo 16 dager siden
I'm looking forward to the re-release of Skyrim on Playstation 7! :D
FLeeeD 17 dager siden
If any 40, 50, 60 year old would ask me: "These young people playing games all the time, i wanna know whats so special about games, sitting infront of your computer for hours and hours?" I would just answer: "Play Skyrim for a while, and you will know..."
sophie 17 dager siden
"ah so you're an alchemist then" - that bitch from the apothecary shop
Painchannel Gaming
Painchannel Gaming 17 dager siden
What enb is this?
joshua Fox
joshua Fox 17 dager siden
Skyrim was my first introduction to the rpg genre, and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I was young age 7-8 I was obsessed with the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, so when I found this game it basically became my life for a few months. This music reminds me of the times of big box TV's and nothing to worry about but what enchantments I want on my Deadric Swords. I've moved on to other fantasy worlds like the Witcher and such, but the world of Nirn will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Bethesda for making the first game I was happy to buy twice.
Moshuh Nanren
Moshuh Nanren 17 dager siden
"This will just take a second" - Chief Orc who now resides in the cloud district
King of Oxydents
King of Oxydents 18 dager siden
From past to present, ancient stones and far horizon will always be my favourites. The nostalgia is extreme.
Ridge 18 dager siden
dang, this makes me want to play this game!
Pontiff Sullyvan
Pontiff Sullyvan 18 dager siden
"I need to ask you to stop that... shouting.. is making people nervous"
Pontiff Sullyvan
Pontiff Sullyvan 18 dager siden
I was thinking of what's my favorite game until I realized that Skyrim was the game that had been with me for 10 years.
Jacob Duqutte
Jacob Duqutte 18 dager siden
All these comments, the way so many people feel this way about a game, its truly breathtaking. I haven't had the chance to play the game, but these comments bring me to tears.
G Jacques
G Jacques 15 dager siden
i cry for humanity as well. the dysfunctional extremes of autism exhibited here are immense! nerds.
Daniel Ivo
Daniel Ivo 18 dager siden
There was nothing more magical than that first time when you set out to explore the world after Helgen.
Валерия Пожарова
Валерия Пожарова 18 dager siden
Кто здесь в 2021? :D
lilyblueharsh 19 dager siden
Did you install any mods to get these ambience shots or is this just the default game at highest settings?
Loth-wolf 19 dager siden
I started this up thinking I'd make it 5 or 10 minutes while mindlessly doing some other browsing, now more than halfway through it with no plans to stop.
DoctorSykes 19 dager siden
absolut legend ... i think thi is #1 in game history ..
Goo Gle
Goo Gle 19 dager siden
I wonder if Elder Scrolls 6 in development...
SCP-079 19 dager siden
I have over 400 hours on this game and the music feels like a fresh new experience every time
Alix Silver
Alix Silver 19 dager siden
Come to the Wind District often?
Mantis 19 dager siden
Man, the common humanity that one can find in youtube comment sections like under this video is just baffling. I'm sure if everybody in here were required to write their political orientation next to his name everybody would be at each others throat, but these memories and emotions that we share unify us as human beings. The internet can truly be magical sometimes.
Mantis 12 dager siden
@RandallWindle Official same to you man, stay healthy.
RandallWindle Official
RandallWindle Official 12 dager siden
I wish you all the best
Leksykon 19 dager siden
There is a huge difference between the music in Skyrim and The Witcher
J WW 19 dager siden
The food always looks like it would be great, cooked with a fire. IDK why it makes my food look boring, and too easy. I'd love top go to a pub in Skyrim
NoNeighbourforOldMen 20 dager siden
this playlist was a perfect companion to write my thesis. thank you
Ginger Mollica
Ginger Mollica 20 dager siden
I loved RPG because of this game. I played this game for 6 years, every year month or two.
Turtleskinrwo 21 dag siden
my favorites are 00:00 to 2:28:58
J Scott
J Scott 21 dag siden
This Music is Beautiful
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