Why 4231 is the most META formation to give you wins (TACTICS) - FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

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Why 4231 is the most META formation to give you wins (TACTICS) - FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
In today's video we go over the META 4231 tactics which includes the actual formation and tactics. I explain how to use the 4231 and the best meta tactic and formations for the 4231 for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

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Graphics by GJP MEDIA
Animations by Maxim
Edited, Analysed & Directed by Neal

NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides 3 måneder siden
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Silvio conceicao
Silvio conceicao 2 måneder siden
Thank so much since I did this formation I've been winning alot of games in weekend league
S 2 måneder siden
it @WhatsTheChanseysOfThat cccccv
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm 2 måneder siden
@WhatsTheChanseysOfThat d
Power Fam
Power Fam 2 måneder siden
Are you offering PTSD Therapy too mate? Cuz I’m sick of Mbappe
Alex West
Alex West 2 måneder siden
This formation made my opponent do own goals the whole match after I scored a goal😂
painful1978 14 timer siden
4141 is my jam.. Giving the side back to join the attack and the cd goes back to support the defense Or 4132 is best for counter attacks and against teams with strong wings. Especially those who play 433
Siddharth Mitra
Siddharth Mitra 2 dager siden
I started losing all my games with France Online after applying these tactics
hey hey
hey hey 2 dager siden
Can this formation out play ay 442 cause i always strugle against a 442 flat whuch formation should i yous?❤
Darren Lynch
Darren Lynch 3 dager siden
Would this work on fifa 19? Xbox 360?
Dragos SQ
Dragos SQ 5 dager siden
I've been looking to find the best formation for me in FIFA 21 for a long time and this helped me a lot. In FIFA 20 I was operating a sort of 4231 with 1 CDM and 2 CM's but this was not working in 21 the same as it did before. So major props! I have a follow-up question: Does it really matter performance wise if I use a LW and RW in the positions of LM and RM? Would they perform any better (positioning for attacks, reactions to counters and so on) if I converted them to LM and RM?
Giacomo Volo
Giacomo Volo 6 dager siden
Hey Nealguides did you happen to do a video on 4-3-2-1(2)
Roni 77
Roni 77 7 dager siden
I do have a high speed internet connection but my players or the game is too slow when I do any skills take me forever passing the ball same and my opponent players too fast I can’t keep up with them all this in fut chmp on ps5
ukgamerable 9 dager siden
is it the 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-3-1 (2) thanks for the help anyone :)
Mohammad S.
Mohammad S. 9 dager siden
These tactics are terrible.. if you like your hand held through everything in life then maybe these are for you but I'll fall asleep playing this cookie cutter way smh. I have my own tactics which work for my style of play.. figure out how you like to play and set your tactics accordingly. Long ball is terrible, no one wants to sit back and counter attack with 30% possession.
Arman Falahati
Arman Falahati 6 dager siden
I have at least 50% possessions with these tactics man
Tee Kay
Tee Kay 10 dager siden
Thanks for sharing these tips
Kristóf Kaszás
Kristóf Kaszás 12 dager siden
Came back after I tried it and just wanted to say thanks :D
Alvin Igric
Alvin Igric 13 dager siden
Thank you so much for this video. I can not believe how much of a difference it has made.
Phil 15 dager siden
4321 with fast attack is much better for fun though 😊
richieesco 21 dag siden
How come when I try and use 4-2-3-1 I can’t get a ram and a Lam and it’s super narrow. Your formation here looks like 4-2-3-1(2). Am I doing something wrong?
Hasan Mo
Hasan Mo 25 dager siden
Isn’t it bad that left mids and right mids lose chem as they play as CAMS
mrcaveman 26 dager siden
Still to this day best tactics. First game, I was a little shaky and then the next to games I won with a 5-0 margin. Brilliant
Gustavo Liryco official
Gustavo Liryco official 27 dager siden
This people forget this game is created to be the most realistic to real soccer and real soccer is very tactical. You need to actually need to know soccer to understand some of the this. I see a lot of you tubers refer players and make videos and I’ve play with them and they suck they look at rating and shit like that. Theirs a lot a good players that move very good to the realistic.
KIN0_0P _
KIN0_0P _ Måned siden
I be using 4-2-4
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Måned siden
So you just put it on defensive right away?
Rob Kwanten
Rob Kwanten Måned siden
Excellent video. Won 17 of my last 18 games using this tactic. Very balanced. Using Griezmann as central attacking mid and he is scoring for fun!
Morris Holmlund
Morris Holmlund Måned siden
These tactics are AMAZING!! I went down from div 4 (after placement matches) all the way down to div 6 (cuz I suck) but with this one I've already made it back up to div 5 after a 6-1-0. Thank you so much. 10/10 would recommend!
kurtis vowles
kurtis vowles Måned siden
I was using this formation and tactics last week on rivals and was on a massive win streak and ended up with a record of 17-3 by friday and enjoyed actually playing for the first time in weeks. Go into FUT champs and end up with only 10 wins this weekend. Anyone know what I could change??
Ken Mooney
Ken Mooney Måned siden
This formation (with LAM CAM and RAM is not in FIFA 21 X/S) I am using the 4-2-3-1 with LM CAM RM...hope this works.
Living Earth
Living Earth Måned siden
I would like to buy fifa 21. Want to play online, that's it. Which package is better?
Matt Måned siden
Defensively these tactics are great. Except on the counter they will score goals. Offensively this its shit. I had 70% possession and 1 goal in 5 games. I lost all the games because they hit me on the counter I lost by 1 goal every time. The goal I scored was a penalty. This formation and tactics arent good for me. People should try it tho because it did help me keep possession in the opponents half. I just couldn’t score any goals.Maybe I’m just shit but I’m a gold 1 player trying to hit Elite.
Shook One
Shook One Måned siden
Fantastic. I’ll give it a go.
Juan Patricio Lara
Juan Patricio Lara Måned siden
what a great video, congrats!
Peter McCrory
Peter McCrory Måned siden
Struggled 2 weekend leagues in a row only finishing silver 1. watched this video changed from 41212 to 4231 finished gold 2.. thanks bro
Steven Landers
Steven Landers Måned siden
Have to say since I changed to these tactics my win rate has went up.
ruddy j
ruddy j Måned siden
I use this and i came back to win 6-2
Michael Quesada
Michael Quesada Måned siden
Ty Bro, I've given a great step
SkyDreamer Måned siden
wtf theres no lam position
Rednight - AYT
Rednight - AYT Måned siden
Bro these tactics are just amazing fabulous fantastic 🖤
Marco Rojas-Vazquez
Marco Rojas-Vazquez Måned siden
truth is there is no real meta in FIFA. People only suggest that there is so they can keep videos coming out and when one world class fifa player does something everyone copies. traore is good in some aspects but you can make him pay with his horrid passing. Honestly just use a style you enjoy and stop following everyone on youtube. I play a 433 (5) with Jouaqin in rw Suarex in the middle and some really slow players in the center and Im pretty successful in division one. Just find your own play style without forcing something your not because your favorite youtuber likes i
Josh XD
Josh XD Måned siden
What custom tactics is reccomend if you have a middle CAM as De Bruyne
Just iLL
Just iLL Måned siden
Anyone else notice how dry his mouth is?
Hoosam Meray
Hoosam Meray Måned siden
This formation make you feel like The Queen Gambit 😅
Vizit Praditthakorn
Vizit Praditthakorn Måned siden
Similar to my most favourite one which is 4-1-2-3 (4D-1CDM-1CM-1CAM-2WF-1ST)
Chris Bush
Chris Bush Måned siden
Best fifa NOpostr out there
Bograt Måned siden
How do i move the CAM to a RAM and a LAM? cant see where i can edit the postion of the player to do that
Shrimp Gang Squad
Shrimp Gang Squad Måned siden
What about the CB and LB?
David Francis
David Francis Måned siden
My 4-2-3-1 options either have 3 CAMs or 1 CAM with a LM and a RM....no RAM or LAM. Anyone know how I change this ?
iKing Gamming
iKing Gamming 2 måneder siden
Is 4231(2) as good?
Wertix 2 måneder siden
Or just buy mbappe
Arabinking 2 måneder siden
you didnt say if its the 4231 narrow or wide ?
Nikman Shah
Nikman Shah 2 måneder siden
I wholeheartedly agree with these tactics. Thanks @NealGuides for sharing this with us! I've been using 352 settings from FUT20 that was shared by @NealGuides last year but they don't work well in FUT21 - I kept getting counter-attacked! This formation and player instructions worked superbly for me last night. Haven't lost at all in the roughly 4 Div 4 games I played so far (won 3 drew 1... Let's see how it goes in WL. But all in all, definitely a balanced formation that's both attacking minded and compact enough to defend properly. I really recommend this formation and its associated instructions. Thanks!
PeteKJ 2 måneder siden
Can it be 4231(2) as well so I can use RM and LM instead of 3 CAMs?
Luke Critchley
Luke Critchley 2 måneder siden
I done these tactics and they improved my game massively. Would recommend
Atlantis Reef
Atlantis Reef 2 måneder siden
Does this tactic work with the new update that came out the other day?
igor4246 2 måneder siden
And that's how 99% of people play. Same formation, same tactics, same players and same overpowered handball, basketball mechanicals. FIFA is not football, it's an arcade game disguised as football.
Hamza Baig
Hamza Baig 2 måneder siden
I lost all my games yesterday. Today I tried this and won them all. Amazing how well this works!
Hamza Elsawaf
Hamza Elsawaf 2 måneder siden
Man ur the best I was playing so bad had only 5 wins and had 7 matches left then I used ur tactics and I won 6 of them to get me silver 1 Thank u so much
sh0wmemagic 2 måneder siden
I'm struggling with my wingers being on 2 - 3 chem when put into CAM roles? Maybe being a bit noob, but I'd love to fit rashford as striker, so it's hard to fit Ben Yedder, Gelson Martins and somebody else in. Any tips?
sh0wmemagic 2 måneder siden
@Michael Bird thank you so much, I was a bit confused watching the video! I had a suspicion people were doing something like this but wasn't quite sure.
Michael Bird
Michael Bird 2 måneder siden
For example, I start using the 4321 with Son and Salah out wide and then switch to 4231 in game with them in the wide CAM roles.
Michael Bird
Michael Bird 2 måneder siden
You need to start off in a formation where everyone is on decent chem, doesn’t matter what formation it is. Create this formation (or any formation you like) on custom tactics and switch to it in game. Your players won’t lose chemistry during the game, it only applies for the menus.
Jonathan Vasquez
Jonathan Vasquez 2 måneder siden
Can same tactics be used with same formation but with LM and RM? 4-3-2-1 (2)
Jaymooz 2 måneder siden
Anyway I could use a winger in this or a similar formation ? I have an unreadable Mane and figure I'm best to use him
Guru 2 måneder siden
anyone else having issues with cdm in the formation? they literally stay static for me. They don't come back to defend at all. (i've got rodri and ndidi). pls help
Cyrille Mehdi Pardonnez moi
Cyrille Mehdi Pardonnez moi 2 måneder siden
Good vidéo and Good explications. I Will go to try your formation. Thank you.
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 2 måneder siden
I’ll be back with a like once it works for me but I’m confident it will work
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 2 måneder siden
@Kwaku Amprako yes my gameplay improved a lot I’m winning more games now specially with that last ea patch this is the tactics to use
Kwaku Amprako
Kwaku Amprako 2 måneder siden
did it work?
Tristan Lwkns
Tristan Lwkns 2 måneder siden
jesus cervantes
jesus cervantes 2 måneder siden
is it just regular 4-2-3-1, because i’m having troubles with my chemistry. i have only 4 chem on my rm and lm because they are in the cam spots in the regular 4-2-3-1
Job Kluvers
Job Kluvers 2 måneder siden
Change the in game formation of your defensive/attacking tactics, and switch to them at the start of the game.
Kwaku Amprako
Kwaku Amprako 2 måneder siden
Dhsisjdixjdnjxjdjdhakaoakzn Aushsbuzksjizksjsiwjsjd
Dhsisjdixjdnjxjdjdhakaoakzn Aushsbuzksjizksjsiwjsjd 2 måneder siden
What work rates are good for these tactics?
Sigurd Walther
Sigurd Walther 2 måneder siden
What's the skill move called where you drag the ball counter clockwise
CaptainSnuggles 2 måneder siden
As a welshman, i take offence to the words Ram Lam
Joel embiid 7
Joel embiid 7 2 måneder siden
I was on a 15 game losing streak and was ready to break my ps4 . After I put these tactics and combined it with my team I’m on an 11 game winning streak. Love you man💙
Salva Rafaele
Salva Rafaele Måned siden
I lost like 20 games ☹️☹️😞😞
GomiCatTV 2 måneder siden
Alfonso Barajas
Alfonso Barajas 2 måneder siden
I'll beat anyone in a 4-3-3 keep it simple mate
Sam Van Zijl
Sam Van Zijl 2 måneder siden
imma use this, ill let it know
Wutta Beast
Wutta Beast 2 måneder siden
Not to be a grammar nazi but META means Most Efficient Tactic Available, so putting 'most META' doesn't make sense lel
Dan 2 måneder siden
Another anti football guide. It’s all about the winning and not playing football. EA do a pretty rough job of making these games but videos like this breed everything wrong with the FIFA series. Front 4 (st and 3 cams) average pace 92. Midfield average pace 75 but with the 3 cams helping it raises this. Defence average 87 pace and notice the two RB’s at CB. Every chump who says it’s not about pace always sits behind a pacey team. You mention Berkamp but your team has as much elegance as Gemma Collins on ice. Your formation and team is the equivalent of holding down and smashing punch button with Blanka or button mashing with Eddy Gordo. No skill just reliance on pace.
Okanxo Måned siden
@Dan i‘m on your side i hate that everybody plays like a sweat and does the Same thing has the Same Team every Team in fut champs has the Same 4 Players in defence its really Not fun to Never See any variety in the oponnents Teams
Dan 2 måneder siden
Hello. I’m not sure I understand your question. During the video I see Mbappe, Dembélé, Ben Yedder and G. Martins which is my point. I don’t see Hazard, Costa and Oscar. Guides like this influences others to use the same tactics, formations along with the same players which means whenever you play, either as a causal player or not, you come up against the same. People complain that FIFA is the same year on year yet will do the same as everybody else. To me, the question you maybe should ask is ‘is EA ruining the franchise or is it the FIFA (mainly Ultimate Team) community?’ Guides like this swing it towards the FIFA community for me. Thanks for the offer of assistance. I’ve been playing FIFA since FIFA International on the Sega Mega Drive (apart from an 8 year hiatus to play the much better, at the time, ISS Pro/Pro Evo) so I think I’m alright. Maybe I’m alone in this but it would be nice to come up against a good player who doesn’t rely on ‘meta’ formations, tactics or pacey players. This is football after all.
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides 2 måneder siden
Mplayed 4231, with Hazard, Costa, Oscar and all those players along the top what did he use? I think you seek for some assistance, if you need anything just send me a message I am here!
Kuuku Ampah
Kuuku Ampah 2 måneder siden
Hope this works
Brad Mihai
Brad Mihai 2 måneder siden
The biggest idi ots on this planet gather around fifa and shooters
Nick Collins
Nick Collins 2 måneder siden
This guy changed my entire game! I'm winning back to back Rivals in Division 1 thanks to this guy! Like & subscribed if you haven't already! P.s. I'm using Kane as a Target Man with Saint Maximin, IF Rashford and Lucas joining the attack
Drown Em
Drown Em 2 måneder siden
You are a ginus, thank you! Wish I found this before Friday though haha.
ryan s
ryan s 2 måneder siden
this tactic no longer works on the new update. i was 34-3-8 before patch and now 37-7-22. the game is fucked
Pac Shakur
Pac Shakur 2 måneder siden
Huge dislike, dont ever take these bullshit tactics
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides 2 måneder siden
@Pac Shakur Still waiting for you to aware me on how these tactics dont make sense, was it the subtitles? Do you speak another language, let me know I can maybe translate it for you so you get a better understanding
Pac Shakur
Pac Shakur 2 måneder siden
@NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides what are you talking about? Im getting elite 2 every WL with my bullshit team it doesnt change the fact that these tactics doesnt make sense
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides 2 måneder siden
I understand the feeling, sometimes when your bad you blame everyone, but dont worry, keep practicing you will get there one day my friend 👍
Sean 2 måneder siden
How did you get to play Martins & Dembele with proper chemistry when played out of position? In 4231 you have to use them as CAM instead of LM & RM with 4231 (2)?
Fábio Castro
Fábio Castro Måned siden
It’s easy bro, just start with a formation that gave u 100 chem them u do a tactical formation and U change for 4231 in game
Jay 2 måneder siden
What about other than defensive you have 2 videos only showing defensive in this formation I can’t find any others
Lewis Slater
Lewis Slater 2 måneder siden
was doing okay in champs but not great so thought I would try these out. 10 out of 10 do not recommend. completely over run in midfield and can not stop conceeding due to this
Dan Willott
Dan Willott 2 måneder siden
3 wins in a row insane highly recommended it Edit: Make that six👌
Robert King
Robert King 2 måneder siden
I dont think these 'tactics' do a good enough job to mask how bad the AI and gameplay are.
Hoang Le
Hoang Le 2 måneder siden
hello mate, can you make a team build for this formation? i've tried your tactics and it worked so lit, but i still need a suggestion for players building
Catastrophe Hope
Catastrophe Hope 2 måneder siden
Good tactics 🤜🏻🤛🏻
Aldin Hodzic
Aldin Hodzic 2 måneder siden
Do I do the same tactics for the left back as the right back?
FELIX MOBUTU 2 måneder siden
I use 'free roam' on my CAM🚶‍♂️being original
david23 2 måneder siden
I will give it a try this weekend, although I was playing 4-2-2-2, I think this formation looks very goog, I always felt more secure with 4-2-3-1 but this year is like harder to attack with it.
KingQuraish 2 måneder siden
Any advice on here about this formation do I have to change the 3 att mid players to CAM? Has anyone tried it without?
cr bale
cr bale 2 måneder siden
Total garbage I went to losing more and more with an 800k squad Tried ur other tactics and formation too they are all garbage Big big dislike mate
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides
NealGuides - FIFA 21 Tutorials & in-depth Guides 2 måneder siden
dont worry, it seems like 99% other people like it, its like putting a chicken in a driver seat, what can you do if they are clueless and dont know how to drive
Samuel Lian
Samuel Lian 2 måneder siden
4222 is the thing guys, one of your strikers on target man and the other on get in behind.
Joaquin A
Joaquin A 2 måneder siden
Is it to different if i use 4-2-3-1 (2)??
Laimnesis 2 måneder siden
So i just convert any of my formations in custom tactics into this and then when match starts i need instantly switch to def for this to work ? :D
callan gaffney
callan gaffney 4 dager siden
@Jason iOS do I have to change it to defensive or can I keep it on balanced ?
Jason iOS
Jason iOS 2 måneder siden
Chris O
Chris O 2 måneder siden
Well done mate great vid and explanations
Dante Lathouwers
Dante Lathouwers 2 måneder siden
Is this 4231 or 4231(2) ??
Opcelo 2 måneder siden
This is a very good laid out video cheers mate 👍🏽
Katie Katie
Katie Katie 2 måneder siden
Every time I edit the instructions it puts me on a 4231 but with 3 cams but if I switch it to a different formation will the instructions still save? And when I go into game it dosent save
DeadShot Panda
DeadShot Panda 2 måneder siden
This formation sucks chemistry fu*ked up
WardleNorthEast 2 måneder siden
What number formation is this on ultimate team
Cuo7 Ten
Cuo7 Ten 2 måneder siden
So De Bruyne isn‘t that good in CAM?
Aricho Tr
Aricho Tr 2 måneder siden
Insane video 🔥😧👍👍
Gary Molina Mejia
Gary Molina Mejia 2 måneder siden
I use this formation by as Wide does that still count as a good formation? let me know so that I can be ready for this weekend.
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