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Guilty of Treeson

8 måneder siden

In this video Inbred Jed and myself demonstrate 8 different ways to drop a tree and the different applications of the different cutting techniques.
we go over
The Humboldt- 1:26
Gapped Face- 7:23
Conventional Face Cut- 13:21
The Bore Cut- 19:27
The Sizwill- 24:57
Pulling one with a Rope- 29:17
Open Faced Notch- 35:32
Backcut First- 39:33

berner 6 måneder siden
If you fell a really tall tree, are you guilty of high treeson?
fire surfer
fire surfer 13 dager siden
@mike Lazembie That's awfully punny.
Chris W
Chris W 16 dager siden
@Peter J Mallia OMG hittin my pipe as I read this. :-P mighta taken a bit of Psilocybin also..... just a microdose...
Kiwihouse2005 B.
Kiwihouse2005 B. 26 dager siden
Comey's quiet tall......he's about to be taken down :). Corn ready for to be cut :). Enjoy the show.
alex mattyspac
alex mattyspac Måned siden
Yeah there is a name for people without beards.... women.
Alex Haste
Alex Haste Måned siden
May Tronix
May Tronix Time siden
Best saw vid I've ever seen. You guys are a class act.
Mark Stroud
Mark Stroud 6 timer siden
Thanks for the great video guys! It was full of information that I needed as I have never cut down a tree.
out of the loop
out of the loop 6 timer siden
When I was wildfire fighting wished I learned these tricks but really our game was trying to cut quickly and get a fire line in .. but this video is very educational
travbroncos 7 timer siden
Thanks for the video! Very helpful.
gary akin
gary akin 9 timer siden
If a tree is leaning away from the direction you want it to there a way to know if it is just too much to overcome with hinges and ropes? I am referring to a 30’ tall by 12-14” diameter tree, nothing like those huge firs. Also, how small a tree can barber chair and cause serious injury or death?
Patrick 13 timer siden
Diameter is different than the circumference.
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson 14 timer siden
so nice. this cut is the right way to do it
1000yrd308 GBA
1000yrd308 GBA 15 timer siden
Very informative guys, probably the best falling video I have seen. You have an amazing crew! Great job guys.
Rodney Pugh
Rodney Pugh 16 timer siden
Excellent video! Thank you for explaining this so well and demonstrating each cut and their advantages!
Jacob Godinez
Jacob Godinez 22 timer siden
Bowlin on a bite, is the same knot for your bullring rope. Thats was cool to see. I sell firewood these cuts are awesome.
Rethink Science
Rethink Science 23 timer siden
Nice timber
h s
h s Dag siden
no eye protection for Jed.
Bill Chunko
Bill Chunko Dag siden
When I was much younger I worked on a crew clearing road right of way. I was given maybe 10 minutes worth of training and then sent out to fell a few trees. Probably the only reason I didn't end up killing myself was pure dumb luck! Thanks for a very informative video.
Terri Stauffer
Terri Stauffer Dag siden
Just watched 45 minutes of tree felling techniques and am not felling trees. Just like learning and watching the skill involved, Great tutorial.
Life Saving Defense
Life Saving Defense Dag siden
GREAT video. Education is key to success. Too many times we think things are just simple but you have to understand mechanics and natural response to things. I'm a retired firefighter and I love it when people just think "spray water on it and it'll go out". Like tree felling it is a science and an art. You can direct fire where you want it to go and where you want it to stop if you pay attention to what already burned, what's burning now, what's on the other side, weather etc. If you do it wrong you can push fire the wrong direction and you turn a salvagable building or forest into ashes. TRUE story: I was clearing downed trees in my yard after a hurricane in 2004. Chain saw broke (can't remember what was wrong so "broke" works)(Dang,,, gettinng old) Friend of a friend drove up behind me and said "I can finish it. Do you want to move your car"? That last question should have told me to move the car but it was just @ 15-18' healthy magnolia that happened to be in the way of a future driveway so I decided to cut it while I was there clearing a huge downed oak. I'm working on my chainsaw and it dawns on me this guy is still cutting on a tree that should have been down in @ 30 secs. I turned around and I see @ 4 differernt cuts on the wrong side of the tree which is starting to fall. I watched it fall onto my 77 volare which was on the opposite side of where tree should have fallen. (The car was being used a generator for the house and it was a simple cut which is why I didn't move it.) Fortunately unlike cars today I just pulled the tree off and the car sprung back up with a dented fender ready to go. I don't let other people cut my trees anymore except my son who I taught not to let other people cut his trees.......
Fr8TraiN *
Fr8TraiN * Dag siden
Awesome video. Nice to see someone showing the different arborist techniques! Many different cuts out there but there are the most commonly used ones
Odds and Ends
Odds and Ends 2 dager siden
Rip trees I hate when people cut healthy trees down and don't plan to new ones
Aj 549
Aj 549 2 dager siden
Outstanding video. Well done, nice audio. Who in their right mind would give this a thumbs down?
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander 2 dager siden
Them boys is badass
chuck summerlin
chuck summerlin 2 dager siden
The sizwill was amazing. It all clicked on compression, tension, pull, twist, swing, etc when I saw that. Learned a couple good knots too. Great video! Not sure how you cut without safety glasses or a shield though 😎
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 dager siden
Safety glasses and ear protection. Come on
Joel Mitchell
Joel Mitchell 2 dager siden
Thanks man really learnt alot from you! 🙏🏾
Vedat Sözen
Vedat Sözen 2 dager siden
I choose to cut like ; Firstly 70 degree pie slice for direction we want tree to fall down and later behind of the tree cutting a little bit from upside of the first line of front side of the tree. I think this is the most popular cutting way to fall a tree.
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 2 dager siden
The Humboldt is also good for climbers because the wedge tends to fall out, so there’s no need to manually push it out or use your saw chain to spit it out.
Brandon Christopher
Brandon Christopher 2 dager siden
Never been this entertained while learning! keep up the amazing work guys! The dream team!
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 2 dager siden
Wow, so good
Bryant Jones
Bryant Jones 3 dager siden
I've gained a ton of knowledge. Job well done. PPE??🤷🏽‍♂️
B. Nunn.
B. Nunn. 3 dager siden
Methodical, precise, and patient, a recipe for success! You guys are super knowledgeable to be so young! Great video, Great job!
eric theoret
eric theoret 3 dager siden
In my neighborhood you would go to jail for cutting down healthy trees like those. Just sayin.
Drops O Sense
Drops O Sense 3 dager siden
I thought for sure number 8 would be "hire a beaver cut". Your number 8 was almost as tricky.
K. Moran
K. Moran 3 dager siden
Great teaching video guys.
Mike Rasmussen
Mike Rasmussen 3 dager siden
Do you have a deathwish, because it sure looks that way...?
Clarence McGregor
Clarence McGregor 3 dager siden
Perhaps you could do a session discussing felling dead, diseased and otherwise damaged trees which can be much more dangerous and unpredictable than solid healthy trees.
Ron Woodman
Ron Woodman 3 dager siden
that shot of the hinge at 18:00 though
00SecretAgent 3 dager siden
Thanks, guys... Great teachers and video..!
Phil Parrott
Phil Parrott 3 dager siden
Great informative video, well done!
Donald A
Donald A 3 dager siden
Speaking of furniture, I hope to God you didn't haul that away to a dump. I understand if that's what they paid you for but that's a different subject. Every time I see one of these guys faces, all I think of is Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers.
Bolt Action
Bolt Action 4 dager siden
Amazing skills displayed here... great video
Christian Armor
Christian Armor 4 dager siden
Fabulous tutorial. Feels really satisfying. Excellent treetment of the subject.
John Kelley
John Kelley 4 dager siden
This is better than the grammar in this video title and description.
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis 4 dager siden
No Swanson? ;)
Abdallah Morgan
Abdallah Morgan 4 dager siden
Were did you get the tree saw from?
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis 4 dager siden
White oak is really strong, but if it's leaning heavy and you do a conventional? Barber-chair. It's not just a weak wood thing ;)
zucar9 hamid
zucar9 hamid 4 dager siden
Thanks sir, all your video got alot of education, thanks.. plz like n subscribe my video to
David Lawrence
David Lawrence 4 dager siden
Hell yea guys! Thanks for the info!
Fais Farid
Fais Farid 4 dager siden
Michael Fee
Michael Fee 4 dager siden
Awesome info gentlemen! I work for Timberline tree service in Des Moines Iowa. My bosses son turned me onto you guys. Thank you.
Mr. Joey
Mr. Joey 4 dager siden
Brush Saint E
Brush Saint E 5 dager siden
I don't even need to fell a tree, just saw a fails compilation and wanted to see someone who actually knows what they're doing.
Johnathan Bach
Johnathan Bach 5 dager siden
Excellent teamwork! Thanks for a very instructive video. I really appreciate the fact your video wasn't full of profanity. Keeping it family friendly. Much appreciated!
Johnathan Bach
Johnathan Bach 5 dager siden
Up in Canada, they call it "falling".
Gerald Pipher
Gerald Pipher 5 dager siden
Very good instructional video...
Bob Morton
Bob Morton 5 dager siden
No triple hinge then?
K&J Chick
K&J Chick 5 dager siden
Great Video and I learned a lot - My only wish is that inbred Jed used his PPE more . I'm an older dude and had accidents . Life is not as fun when you lose eye sight. Again great video and Thanks for sharing ........
Dom Hawtin
Dom Hawtin 5 dager siden
The Sizwill was beyond impressive. Did exactly what he said it would...just like a door”.
Judy Berrey
Judy Berrey 6 dager siden
Got back problems aey
Công Trình Nông Thôn
Công Trình Nông Thôn 6 dager siden
You are a very well trained sawmill, I am very pleased to meet you 👍🔔❤️
Adam Hann
Adam Hann 6 dager siden
That final cut was absolutely out of this world and carried out to perfection
Billster1955 6 dager siden
Thank you so much. I've never learned so much in one video. I'll be watching this over and over to burn this into my old brain.
lee Watts L Hopeless
lee Watts L Hopeless 6 dager siden
Well done
W C 6 dager siden
I just love how you hype each other up
Steve donttrip
Steve donttrip 6 dager siden
First day doing tree service as a groundsman in Washington State. I start in 2 hours can't sleep I'm so excited.
Michael Cooney
Michael Cooney 7 dager siden
Great demo... especially that last backleaner that “inbred Jed” wedged over centre to fall right on target... awesome 😳😍😎
David Loter
David Loter 7 dager siden
Effing Love your Channel. Keeping The Trees in Check. Proud Of You Broheim. 🌲🌲🌲🪚🪚🪚
Thang Knowa
Thang Knowa 7 dager siden
When finished, I bet somebody there lit a doobie and enjoyed a cold beer or 2 or 3.
Mr. G
Mr. G 7 dager siden
Absolutely a terrific, thoroughly explained, and executed instructional video. Your work was clean, safe, and shows you were prepared for the tasks. My family owned and operated a tree service company for over 30+ years ( which makes me no expert whatsoever!) however, Great job again, thank you for your time, explanation and kindness! Be well, stay safe!!!
CA B 7 dager siden
no safety goggles for poor ol' inbred jed?
SJ YARD WORKS 7 dager siden
Good tips, thanks for sharing
Sanguinarium 7 dager siden
Two decades ago, while researching her doctoral thesis, Doctor Suzanne Simard discovered that trees communicate their needs and send each other nutrients via a network of latticed fungi buried in the soil - in other words, she found, they “talk” to each other. They have memory, they can feel pain, respond to stimuli. So, my question is: How do you feel when you KILL a tree?
Tomas Peprica
Tomas Peprica 7 dager siden
and how much tree you plants ?
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers 7 dager siden
Excellent, explanations, well done.
Hank Randall
Hank Randall 7 dager siden
It's a pleasure watching young men share their knowledge and skill set. Thank you for teaching an "Old Dog" the correct way!
Tu Guy
Tu Guy 8 dager siden
Where’s the PPE
Plaudenir Boni Silva
Plaudenir Boni Silva 8 dager siden
Then they keep pissing Brazilians off about the Amazon.
Freddy Warren
Freddy Warren 8 dager siden
Great tutorial you blokes 💪 thanks.
Cyn Harmon
Cyn Harmon 8 dager siden
I went back to school at 45 and entered a forestry natural resource program. I spent a season as a wildland firefighter at 19 and ran a chain saw just enough to be dangerous lol. I almost killed myself on campus dropping a large (30+") dead from beetles pine (probably Ponderosa but can't remember) as I cut my holding wood on one side. My professor had the tree cabled up with the tractor, but it still spun on us and went exactly where I was standing (once we realized I eff'ed up he took over to try and get it down safely), he had me stand in the 45* escape zone behind the tree but it spun and landed right where I had been standing.. I saw it coming and bailed down the hill thru the very thick brush. He started hollering my name as it appeared that I was squashed.. taught me to take my time and I very much respect how trees will do what they want, especially if rotten in middle, which can be hard to judge from the outside on an apparently healthy tree. I then went on to spend almost 2 years in a conservation corp teaching saw to young people, and I still run my Stihl on the side for extra money. I will not do anything like this video, no homes or powerlines for me. I know my limitations.. I REALLY wish I saw this a couple of years ago, would have assisted my teaching for sure!! EXCELLENT video, I would feel comfortable working on a crew like yours!! No attitudes, and loved the variety of safety equipment being sported!! By the way I am a woman. I do saw work ( mostly shaded fuel break sort of stuff- not glamorous, but very necessary) for women who have had bad experiences with (male) tree crews, if more were like yours I would be out of work.. ;)
Performance Cycle
Performance Cycle 8 dager siden
As a girl who just got her first chainsaw, I know I’m not there yet, but watching your video on the basics is extremely helpful in my journey. Thank you all
Chris Braid
Chris Braid 8 dager siden
I liked it. An excellent example of how to drop large trees with a chainsaw .....
RICHY MARK NORMAN 9 dager siden
Thanks for sharing fellas.Good stuff mate.....Cheers from Australia.
David Northam
David Northam 9 dager siden
thanks , good skills, great safety
Van Arsdale
Van Arsdale 9 dager siden
Awesome!! These guys make it look like a piece of cake. I wonder how many sheds were smashed to get this good? Thanks for the lessons.
French Frys
French Frys 9 dager siden
“Pro red wood fallers” - ha, they deserve to be jailed
French Frys
French Frys 9 dager siden
Shame seeing these trees felled on this property. The property looked so nice before. These where really large healthy legend trees that added massive appeal and character to your property
Oby-1 9 dager siden
The house was never in better hands.
David Skog
David Skog 9 dager siden
It’s so cool 😎 to watch the fall
Eduardo Rosales A
Eduardo Rosales A 9 dager siden
This the first time I see an explanation of the technique. Got to see the very best.
Rio97621 9 dager siden
Nice work, fellers!
Louise Parks
Louise Parks 9 dager siden
I would love to do this type of work but I can’t grow a good enough beard
RichardofOz 9 dager siden
Your explanations are not always clear or audible. I'd suggest preceding the demo with a diagram to illustrate the principles.
Inigo Javaloyes
Inigo Javaloyes 10 dager siden
I learned a ton. Thanks guys!
Paul MCCarthy
Paul MCCarthy 10 dager siden
Great to watch experts at work. I think I made all those errors years ago when I was doing forestry work plus a few nose dives out of trees, but still here. Much love from England
Bart Kost
Bart Kost 10 dager siden
What I learned: get a pro to do it. (just been watching a lot of NOpost videos where people think they know how and crush their house, or their neighbors')
Texas texas
Texas texas 10 dager siden
They talk to much stupid video
tapio 10 dager siden
If you watch this with automatic subtitles. Whenever chainsaw is doing chainsaw-magic - the subtitles say [Music] - Which is highly appropriate
lewis post
lewis post 10 dager siden
This was awesome!!
MattyP 10 dager siden
Too many ads
Kirk Morris
Kirk Morris 10 dager siden
Great team!
Joe Lavigne
Joe Lavigne 10 dager siden
Hell ya!!!....u.....r..a badass
budlvr 11 dager siden
Watched a LOT of logging videos and have seen all but the Plunge Cut method, but the Back-Cut-First cut was really filmed well and showed the wedge power pushing over the lean. So many time on YT, the actual lean of the tree is distorted by the camera (optical illusion) or being too far away. Great filming and Great Instructional content !
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