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Guilty of Treeson

11 måneder siden

In this video Inbred Jed and myself demonstrate 8 different ways to drop a tree and the different applications of the different cutting techniques.
we go over
The Humboldt- 1:26
Gapped Face- 7:23
Conventional Face Cut- 13:21
The Bore Cut- 19:27
The Sizwill- 24:57
Pulling one with a Rope- 29:17
Open Faced Notch- 35:32
Backcut First- 39:33

Charlie Marsh
Charlie Marsh 2 timer siden
Amazing work - thanks for posting
Gerard alain
Gerard alain 7 timer siden
Man this video is awesome ! I am from France and often have to cut trees to maintain family land forest . Usually it s oak or chestnut tree and it s rare that you hey would be straight like the ones you are cutting ( due to winds and proximity) it would be great to see how you approach some more complicated tree without having to climb and cut from the top .
Sascha Vogt
Sascha Vogt 8 timer siden
Probably I will never fell a tree in my life. But at least I will understand a litte bit more of things which have been done to the stumps I encounter.
chris beerad
chris beerad 9 timer siden
pretty casual . skid steers zippin round , old mate zz top goin for a stroll while somebody felling a140 ft tree . pretty confident
Ahmed M
Ahmed M Dag siden
Very educational! But I think I will stay with the conventional cut. Thanks for sharing the awesome expertise and showing your various ways of cutting trees!
CCBZRG Dag siden
These guys are legitimate professionals! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this as I am learning how to fall some tree!
gtdodgeviper Dag siden
You guys should put a camera where the tree is going to fall. I imagine it will look awesome. Don’t use an expensive camera just use an old phone or something that you wont mind if it breaks.
Hort Dag siden
Nice vid. The sizwill i have to try! And the backut first was amazing
David Haynes
David Haynes Dag siden
Nice video. Great teaching tutorial. Thanks
Şaban Seven
Şaban Seven Dag siden
i did subscribe and like. Because these people are goodfellas i think and you can be happy really like these people. Good frequencies. Greetings from Turkey and thank you all these premium quality infos
silverliteway 2 dager siden
As an aspiring tree surgeon... 1.Grow moustache 2.Hike a lot and get fit 3.Live in a rural location and eat from nature without needing a shop 4.Feel ready to join tree gang Loved every minute :)
Blue PVP
Blue PVP 2 dager siden
I can't decide if Jed is a hillbilly artist or hillbilly genius.
Bob Takealook
Bob Takealook 2 dager siden
Bought my first chain saw. Saw all the accidents people had dropping trees on houses. I wonder what went wrong for them. You make it look easy.
Subliminal 2 dager siden
That sizwell cut was CLEAN
mr big
mr big 2 dager siden
Zz top lol 8:19
Pandemonium 2 dager siden
you have so good team,very nice job to all of you,you are all humble and keep giving us information
Hobbit Habits
Hobbit Habits 2 dager siden
Awesome education here! Thanks!
Wheels Inc '17
Wheels Inc '17 2 dager siden
The best tutorial I have seen. Thank you- I will adjust my felling significantly up here in Montana. Felling most of my life starting in Minnesota, then Colorado and now in Montana. Outstanding stuff.
Tom P
Tom P 2 dager siden
why are there 1.7k dislikes
Daneil Moussa
Daneil Moussa 3 dager siden
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James W Brewer
James W Brewer 3 dager siden
I’m getting ready to by a stihl 880 with a 59 inch bar and 36 inch guide bar for a new tree removal business. Is there any sensible reason to go with any other different length bars besides those? I currently have a 25 inch bar on my 462 for smaller diameter trees... Thanks in advance for any recommendations!!
derpnerpwerp 3 dager siden
Great now how do I fell my house to put in a few of these magnificent trees. I feel like whatever is going where these trees used to be is gonna be a huge disappointment relative to the previous occupying structure
Koos Kansloos
Koos Kansloos 3 dager siden
Awesome video dudes. Learned so much from you guys. Greatings from the Netherlands.
Restoring Sanity to An Insane World.
Restoring Sanity to An Insane World. 3 dager siden
Excellent, entertaining and informative.
David Lee
David Lee 3 dager siden
Subscribed. What pros.
Rockhill farm and homes
Rockhill farm and homes 3 dager siden
I’m new to felling trees I think I’ve watch this video five or six times all the way through
Pwecko 3 dager siden
Is Chad in a ZZTop tribute band at weekends?
jake widdicombe
jake widdicombe 4 dager siden
Good job guys. You got lucky with the second tree coming into the fall which took the first tree with it.🙂 The great escape👍
bac kukudas
bac kukudas 4 dager siden
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Jeff Mallory
Jeff Mallory 2 dager siden
Jimmy Serafin
Jimmy Serafin 4 dager siden
Epstein didn't kill himself👍🏿 -dont forget
Guilty of Treeson
Guilty of Treeson 4 dager siden
💯 I’ll never forget!
kadoman65 4 dager siden
Thanks for that!
Kenny Gregoire
Kenny Gregoire 4 dager siden
Awesome video guy's !!
WTP 5 dager siden
Awesome video. Worth the watch at 1:45 a.m.
Frank Keenan
Frank Keenan 5 dager siden
Really enjoyed this video. Learned a lot. I've always tried to not overestimate myself when I have a chainsaw in my hands, and this video confirms that I was probably wise to exercise that kind of caution. Great stuff. At 74 I doubt I'll get to pull off a job like this but I did pick up a lot about how it's done right. Thanks!
jhonny bukit
jhonny bukit 6 dager siden
great im from asia
Mhauser94 6 dager siden
Very interesting
Aceghost 6 dager siden
Avionics craftsman. Live on base so don't even have any trees to cut. Just watched a tree felling video all the way through.
Ivan Timuli
Ivan Timuli 6 dager siden
iago yeabro
iago yeabro 6 dager siden
31:00 amezing
betobsbf 6 dager siden
05:00 He completely missed the start of the tree fall when he switched sides
DEVUNK88 7 dager siden
dont forget the triple hinge ;P
speedbuggy16v 7 dager siden
Great video! I have dropped a lot of trees in my 50 years, but I am still a rank amateur. Thanks for the information, but I think I will leave the leaners for the pros, and continue to always have ropes as insurance!
The80shilling 7 dager siden
You guys saved me $2,800 bucks! After watching this video at least 5 times, all the way through, I decided on a plan. We had been given a quote of $2,800 to take down two pine/Christmas trees, and a dead Madrone that had been planted by the former owners of our property, and I just couldn't stomach that price. Following your amazing, step-by-step tutorial here, I decided to cut my own trees down. First tree I started with, was around 40 feet tall, one of the pines. Made my face cuts, turned out pretty good; made my back cut and put my steel wedge in. A couple of big whacks with a small sledge hammer and down she went, right where I wanted it. Second tree was the dead 35 foot Madrone. Trimmed some of the lower branches; it had a slight lean in the wrong direction, so I took off as many limbs as I could on the "wrong" side. Made my face cuts, made a really good looking wedge, then REALLY carefully made my back cut and put the steel wedge in and hit it until I heard the cracking sound of the tree starting to go..... BINGO!! Right where I wanted it. Last tree, the tall Pine/Christmas tree. 85 feet tall and had to fall uphill along my driveway. It had to fall pretty precisely; 10 feet too far right and it would hit our deck, 10 feet too far to the left and it would hit a small tree and crush my neighbor's fence. I was sh***ing bricks quite honestly. Very carefully I made my face cuts; all looked good; Made my back cut until there was around 1 1/2" left, put two steel wedges in and hit them with the sledge, hoping it worked out, because if it didn't, I would be screwed. Heart rate was freaking sky-high as I kept pounding the wedges, and...... down she went..... hit the ground perfect!!!! Only about two feet from where I had hoped. I was shaking from the freaking adrenaline rush... My wife was screaming her head off, loving the fact that I hadn't destroyed anything. Thanks to you guys for such an amazing video.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 7 dager siden
Great video!
Alexander Potterton
Alexander Potterton 8 dager siden
Yall hiring?
Josh Flori
Josh Flori 8 dager siden
all this instruction but no hearing or eye protection??
DAVID CAMPBELL 8 dager siden
Best instructional video I ever watched and I've watched lots your explanation of the different cuts were very good thanks for your time to upload this video. It could save damage to buildings but more Importantly save injuries and potentially lost lives. AGAIN THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND EFFORT.
Popper Bare
Popper Bare 8 dager siden
This was awesome
Chuck Person
Chuck Person 8 dager siden
Can you plz do a step by step video on how to do a backslip?? Hotsaws101 has a video on NOpost but he never explains how to to do it😡
Robert Szachowicz
Robert Szachowicz 9 dager siden
What a wholesome company. I love how the pruning guy got props for doing a good job, so often You see people not giving a damn until something extreme happens. Thanks for all the info.
Karl The Fragr
Karl The Fragr 9 dager siden
One thing to note is that if you're new then don't hang around the tree when it starts falling like these guys are doing. Bad idea. These guys are experienced so they can make a judgement call on whether or not they think it's safe, but generally speaking at least when you're new you want to retreat diagonally backwards from the tree once it starts falling. This is because of kickback. If you botched the cut or if you didn't predict how the tree would fall properly, it can break off the hinge wood and kick the butt of the tree back at you or to the side once it starts falling or once it hits the ground. Plenty of people have gotten killed or seriously injured this way. What you want is to plan an "escape path" before you start cutting and make sure that it's clear of obstacles so you don't trip if you need to quickly escape. This escape path should not be directly behind the tree or directly to either side of the tree, since those are the directions that the tree are most likely to kick back if something goes wrong. Instead you want the escape path to be diagonally backwards from the tree, since that's where the tree is least likely to kick. If you're felling on a hill then then you want the escape path to be uphill, since the tree is the most likely to fall or roll downhill. Once the tree starts to go, you quickly check that it's going in the right direction. If yes then you retreat along the planned escape path to a safe distance as the tree falls so that you're not standing next to it once it touches the ground. If not, then you have a problem and you get the hell out of dodge in whatever direction is necessary to not have the tree land on top of you. Also don't try to rescue your saw if it get stuck in the cut. If your saw is stuck as the tree starts to fall, always leave the saw behind and get yourself to safety. Saws can be replaced. You can't. Other than that, great stuff! Definitely learned some new techniques from this video. Kinda makes me want to go into the tree business, and not just do it as a hobby... guess we'll have to see what the future holds. Keep up the good work!
Tom Porter
Tom Porter 9 dager siden
I want to see somebody spin the tree 90° as it falls basically you make a straight cut all the way through at 45° leaving one big pie shaped corner hinge little trickier than that but the guy who taught it to me in West Virginia said you're going to think I'm crazy. he said the best day in his life was when his dad bought it 450 John Deere dozer and he didn't have to get up in the morning and feed the horses I've been looking on NOpost for years and I've never seen anybody do it. basically starts to fall one way and sort of sweeps around to the side the hinges is holding from he didn't have a name for it but I wound up doing at least 30 times only out of thousands of trees cut it was for leaners that would hang if couldn't steer them to one side. with Oaks the heart wood is brittle so we cut the heart out from the open notch and leave a bigger hinge on one side
Tom Porter
Tom Porter 9 dager siden
The Humboldt guy didn't look up just a quick glance isn't enough! and didn't back away from the tree he's not gonna live long
Jeremy Cain
Jeremy Cain 10 dager siden
Freaking awesome video, you boys are some cool dudes!
Pierre Dragicevic
Pierre Dragicevic 10 dager siden
My 2 year old loves it.
John Roxbury
John Roxbury 10 dager siden
I counted 67 rings on the first tree.
old dave
old dave 10 dager siden
love the green and black check shirt, reminds me of the 40s--early 50s
Matt Buchholz
Matt Buchholz 11 dager siden
lotta confidence and massive stones to be sticking your face right up in there as the tree goes. Shows that you guys know exactly what you're doing. Very informative vid
Rick DeBacker
Rick DeBacker 11 dager siden
Outstanding and very informative video!
Chris 11 dager siden
Impressive on that last tree, seemed like that hinge wood was a little thin though to not rip off while the back was being wedged up! Also, seems that Mr. Pruning guy's beard is a liability in this line of work. Having that get caught would be mighty unpleasant!
Richard Baer
Richard Baer 11 dager siden
Am I the only one that wants to see ZZ Topps beard get caught in the chainsaw
Karl The Fragr
Karl The Fragr 9 dager siden
Yeah, i think that's only you buddy
Mr Smith
Mr Smith 11 dager siden
What about this skill...
Maple Ridge Farm
Maple Ridge Farm 12 dager siden
Very good video, all i would add is more explanation on the back cut with the humbolt and the conventional. Where and at what thickness should the cut be made.
Terry McGillicuddy
Terry McGillicuddy 12 dager siden
Best tree cutting video on NOpost. Thanks 👍
Blayk Richardson
Blayk Richardson 12 dager siden
Bro the 462 is ported and it’s a monster.. imagine how stupid the 500i would be ported lmfao west coast saw here we come
Noah Walsh
Noah Walsh 12 dager siden
Yk he kinda looks like Aaron Rodgers, anyways this work looks hella fun but idk where i would even start
Sheik Frank Ice Chibu
Sheik Frank Ice Chibu 13 dager siden
fuk how cool is that
Heytaco 14 dager siden
i love the second dude hes such a bad ass. no goggles either but hes skinny fella with some swag when it comes to trees son
Penguin Memer
Penguin Memer 14 dager siden
lets f e l l a tree!
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson 14 dager siden
Not going to lie. I come back and watch this about every other or so. Always good info.
Harry Ansah
Harry Ansah 14 dager siden
yes YOU'VE GOT VERY EXCELLENT SKILLS and EXPERIANCE in Trees Cutting . well done .
steveissexy 1967.
steveissexy 1967. 14 dager siden
yeah I'm sure it's a highly technical process ppffffff
7godmuzikVevo 14 dager siden
Is that man beard about to touch his belly at min. 24:03 secs 😁😆😆😆😆😀
7godmuzikVevo 14 dager siden
That was a big whole tree there on ur first cut 😲 your pretty awesome to drop that giant😆 but as they say " small axe , fall big tree " 😆😆😆😉😈
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson 15 dager siden
From 0:00 to 5:15 where he yells “Timber” , that is when I found out how experienced these guys are. Talk is truly cheap, but these guys are really about what they preach....experienced, knowledgeable, precise. worth the watch, and worth the instructions 👍👍
Forrest Milne
Forrest Milne 15 dager siden
No chaps 😒
Michael Ruckstuhl
Michael Ruckstuhl 15 dager siden
This video was so interesting and instructional that this retired pencil neck with his 20" Husqvarna is ready to head to the national park and fell the biggest of trees...SINGLEHANDEDLY. Fortunately, the voice in the back of my head tells me, "Yeah, right, fat boy. Try it and you'll be squashed like a bug." Alas, there's always tomorrow. :-) Great work, guys. You are good men and true professionals.
Roberto Pirmal
Roberto Pirmal 15 dager siden
Excellent vid !
John Akilli
John Akilli 15 dager siden
I want to see how you took out the root of the tree.
david humann
david humann 15 dager siden
The best video yet!!! True professionals. Looks like Washington state, which I was stationed in, and those are the biggest trees I ever seen!!! That was a boss move showing that up close shot of the tree pulling away!!! Thanks guys!!
TradeSmart John
TradeSmart John 15 dager siden
great video thanks guys
Peter Tranquillo
Peter Tranquillo 16 dager siden
That was awesome.
docmatt 16 dager siden
Could have done with a few more advertisements
Fully Invenomated
Fully Invenomated 17 dager siden
Best explanation of the sizwill I've seen. Thanks guys 🤙🤙
Luis C
Luis C 17 dager siden
Hey the pruner guy wasn't so bad LOL
Ton Anutin Yamrat
Ton Anutin Yamrat 17 dager siden
You are very professional Excellent wood cutting Your brain is excellent
John Law
John Law 18 dager siden
Get away from the stump once it starts its fall...set,click,walk...set ur brake click saw off walk tf away
linwood pond
linwood pond 18 dager siden
Excellent presentation❗️🦫Not too much- not too little. Info shared with Good intention and friendliness also! Thanks so much!
Ed Zachary
Ed Zachary 18 dager siden
Not sure how I got here I'm sure glad that I did that was super cool and informative
Sam Cunningham
Sam Cunningham 18 dager siden
18:11 skid steer dude is havin’ some fun.
Sonom J. dioks
Sonom J. dioks 18 dager siden
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jarkko borgström
jarkko borgström 18 dager siden
too laysi!!
allan hughes
allan hughes 18 dager siden
Good to see folk enjoy what they are doing Good to see folk that know what they are doing Sometimes its just good to watch Great Vid well done and thanks from all in the U.K. !!!!!
cliffy summers
cliffy summers 18 dager siden
"this is why i have a full wrap handle" then proceeds to cut using top handle lol decent video though.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 19 dager siden
Chad cut ur beard fore u get it caught in a power saw
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 19 dager siden
Jed ur the shizz
Matt Weech
Matt Weech 19 dager siden
Learned a ton!! Been cutting wood for years and you all just blew my mind 👍👍
john squires
john squires 19 dager siden
Excellent. I’m sure some of this will help me. Thanks
SUBPLOT 20 dager siden
this will only cost you 5k per tree. I love the videos, but man do these guys charge above premium for the average in the area
Mark Benson
Mark Benson 20 dager siden
Very best video I've ever seen on any subject. Thanks so much, I learned a lot!
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