Hermitcraft Recap Season 7 - week #34

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Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans

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JoeHillsTSD Måned siden
It’s slime time!
Duwang Måned siden
Indeed it is
yt channel
yt channel Måned siden
Yes it is time
Randomthings Måned siden
False shouldn’t have destroyed the mycelium farm and replaced it with grass because the war is on the shopping district not off it
Parthib Hayat
Parthib Hayat Måned siden
Howdy Joe
GameNinjaD Måned siden
@EvanTheDemon It makes sense if you think about it, he probably doesn't have time to watch all the other Hermits because of recording and editing his own episodes.
HagBoy's Studio's
HagBoy's Studio's 18 dager siden
Scar dressed as Sam Fisher is something I never knew I needed
Merfer Måned siden
Oh God, I have missed aton of episodes, and seeing the in loving memory made me think a hermit had died.
Mystic Z
Mystic Z Måned siden
There’s sheep agents to transform the shopping district to mycelium, the HYIEP wolves to kill the sheep, and now there are llamas to kill the HYIEP wolves
William Corvus
William Corvus Måned siden
This is going to be a very dirty war
just a random flowey on the internet
just a random flowey on the internet Måned siden
I don't even watch Vintage but I have now found my purpose... *May the Podzol Prevail*
Gameations Måned siden
Oh my, when I saw "In loving memory" I thought it was going to be Paranor
Bryan Fox
Bryan Fox Måned siden
Me when the latest pix vid is a Hermitcraft Recap: 😢😢
Zach Herman
Zach Herman Måned siden
I only watch 4 of them so this helps to keep track of everyone else
angry_eck Måned siden
where did you cover Grian? YES
Jcandy 534
Jcandy 534 Måned siden
Pixlriffs why dont you join the HermitCraft?
just a bean trying to get some sleep
just a bean trying to get some sleep Måned siden
Fun fact:iskall has started two seperate factions in two seperate seasons
Sean Kirby
Sean Kirby Måned siden
Who knew a dog catcher would actuary come in handy
Cam Måned siden
Head of farming... Grian ran out of posts didnt he
Punnamaraju Vinayaka Tejas
Punnamaraju Vinayaka Tejas Måned siden
"And then there's Grian! Who we covered in everyone else's segments. Bye!"
Zurek Måned siden
Warcrimes are being commit But to be honest, who cares?
ShippudenTreizer Måned siden
the way you covered and summed up grian made me laughed my butt off. good job again!
Da memes
Da memes Måned siden
Why you say cowmercial district
ParisJustPlayz Måned siden
Ah yes the best way to watch all the hermits.
Jack Marks
Jack Marks Måned siden
We need a coarse dirt coalition just to add to the chaos
Jeffdabmoose Måned siden
Mumbai should join the podzol gang
Lucas Xavier
Lucas Xavier Måned siden
He shall always be a puppet of the resistance
Smilee Smiles
Smilee Smiles Måned siden
These are great, always have been. But this is very useful as i'm extremely busy this week and can't watch hermitcraft. Thanks zloy and pixl
Smilee Smiles
Smilee Smiles Måned siden
These are great, always have been. But this is very useful as i'm extremely busy this week and can't watch hermitcraft. Thanks zloy and pixl
Yael Fierro
Yael Fierro Måned siden
When xB broke the bottle was hilarious, AMAZING
DaddyFreud Måned siden
I got this notification 39min ago but it’s a day old..
Sakana Kaizen
Sakana Kaizen Måned siden
xBCrafted: rip enchanted bottle. lol
StalxD Måned siden
diamond throne ? where
Jurre persijn
Jurre persijn Måned siden
LMAO i watched the whole video again and yes grian got mentioned alot and got more screen time than any of the other hermits lmao
clonetrooper1023 Måned siden
Too bad the diamond throne is already stolen.... again.
Fallen Angel09
Fallen Angel09 Måned siden
All in good time? GoodTimesWithScar?
Waffle Pelt
Waffle Pelt Måned siden
I love that Grian brings so much interaction that you can summarize an episode of his with snippets of other hermits’.
Tyler Ackman
Tyler Ackman Måned siden
anyone else here keralis call xsiumavoid "Josh"
Galarticuno Måned siden
Hermitcraft Recap: The throne has returned to its former glory Grain and the Resistance in his latest: no
David Stephenson
David Stephenson Måned siden
I hate how there's inevitably going to be more factions than grass, mycelium, and podzol
_CrunchyLeaf_ Måned siden
When i clicked on the video and saw :in loving memory of..." i seriously stopped breathing
Jhoezel Naguit
Jhoezel Naguit Måned siden
wait till you see the mycelium resistance secret weapon to counter the wolves
SavagE_ _
SavagE_ _ Måned siden
Why pixlriffs is not in hermitcraft ?
Leaves of Color
Leaves of Color Måned siden
I'm almost sure that the resistance HQ is under Scars base lol
SelectorOfSouls Måned siden
Grian? Is it all grian? *points gun* Always was.
Christopher Wadsworth
Christopher Wadsworth Måned siden
ya they no longer own the throne
Anvesh Kushwah
Anvesh Kushwah Måned siden
And the diamond throne is ...... once again GONE .😅
Jojo of Faraway
Jojo of Faraway Måned siden
Coming here after watching Grian's latest episode and hearing "the throne has been restored to its former glory" is hilarious.
Parthib Hayat
Parthib Hayat Måned siden
Is it me or the month went way faster than it should have
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Måned siden
johnatan hirschfeld
johnatan hirschfeld Måned siden
I gave a dislike to make it 69. Sorry
MrChickin Man
MrChickin Man Måned siden
im not sure of the resistance knows this, but all hep needs to do now is go to where the mooshroom and sheep fountain was, uncover it, amd find the resistance. i think the resistance messed up
Vishal Kashyap
Vishal Kashyap Måned siden
its OMEGA TREE OF DOOM not a tree house good sir
Anuj Neupane
Anuj Neupane Måned siden
Week 34 recap: Diamond Throne is back Week 35 recap: Diamond Throne is gone *again*
CoMuselk Måned siden
I thought ZloyXP died lol
Mark Watkins
Mark Watkins Måned siden
Ahem the throne has been bought from it's rightfull place lol.
OG RICHIE Måned siden
ngl i havent watched hermitcraft for months and when i saw the rip part in the beginning, my heart dropped for a sec until i saw a pig not a person
Thomas Herny
Thomas Herny Måned siden
Podzol resistance supporter
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Måned siden
*yeetus the fetus into the deletus*
Aditya Bhuyan
Aditya Bhuyan Måned siden
both the HEP and the Myceillium resistance has to stop . if the HEP kill all the mooshrooms and destroy the environment and they live in, it will result in their extinction. also if the myceillium resistance creates a mooshroom overpopulation, that can also result in the mooshrooms to become a dominating species. both the HEP and the resistance think that what they are doing is for the good for the environment, but they are actually making a huge mistake.
Joram Noel Clet
Joram Noel Clet Måned siden
Never thought we'll end up seeing a war between llamas and wolves.
Joram Noel Clet
Joram Noel Clet Måned siden
Rip Maple T Pig
Rohn Cabrera
Rohn Cabrera Måned siden
The problem is there are gonna be not allot will join because almost all the server has joined the other factions
Efren Arevalo
Efren Arevalo Måned siden
So we came to a point where people are now using glitches to speedrun decked out...
Seahicken Måned siden
Am I missing something who was Maple T Pig
TWIDGET89 Måned siden
Hermit recap: the throne is back to its rightful place.... Resistance: if we can't steal it we shall buy it.
Ice Neko
Ice Neko Måned siden
aldreen bautista
aldreen bautista Måned siden
Xisuma: * creates a game made out of doors Grian: * intense sweating
Minocorp Måned siden
Where did Docm77 go?
vroom vroom
vroom vroom Måned siden
Groans video just came out
Kitty Games
Kitty Games Måned siden
They toon the throne again
Alee Raza
Alee Raza Måned siden
I know were is the real myceliam hq
Leena A.
Leena A. Måned siden
Hold up, HEP is "Helping Environment Prosper"????? The original environment is mycelium so really, HEP are in fact the bad guys.
Penguin King
Penguin King Måned siden
Still waiting for Grian to cause another civil war.
Mishka Måned siden
Bootleg Tardis. That's why I love this channel.
Xavior Wegener
Xavior Wegener Måned siden
I find it funny hiw xb broke the XP bottle but dident even get XP from it
Gogatsu kun
Gogatsu kun Måned siden
3 way war? This is getting exciting haahhaha
Takisan111 Måned siden
Due to one bad sign, Maples death was in vain. Oh well. Also, RIP Matilda.
WesleyyIsMe Måned siden
You really can’t have HermitCraft without Grian
Abigail Wallis
Abigail Wallis Måned siden
*i mean they did for 5 seasons*
This Tree
This Tree Måned siden
The shulker boxes hermits delivered in Bernie are worth more than the diamond pile In the iskall85kkkk wins
Nicolas Peters
Nicolas Peters Måned siden
Dont forget how some of tje hermits are playing among us together now :P
Joshua Lu
Joshua Lu Måned siden
The segues are as smooth as always. Great video!
Alice Ayalin
Alice Ayalin Måned siden
RIP Maple T Pig
Icebat Måned siden
Diamond throne: *Returns* The Resistance: "Shouldn't have done that"
Taco Cat
Taco Cat Måned siden
As soon as it returned it was taken again
Kaelan Mick
Kaelan Mick Måned siden
This week has been one of the most jam-packed. While I am a resistance supporter, the vault heist was one of the most entertaining bits to watch.
Bros Numeral Dos
Bros Numeral Dos Måned siden
Sooryadev•S Måned siden
Pearl Exquisite
Pearl Exquisite Måned siden
"the diamond home has finally been restored" *Having seen Grians new video* heheheh.......
ECKtrain Måned siden
The throne was returned for all of two days... VIVE LA REVOLUTION!
Butterknight 123
Butterknight 123 Måned siden
"The diamond thrown is back in it's rightful place" that didn't age well
Divyam Goyal
Divyam Goyal Måned siden
Well zloy needs help for his pumpkin competition if you have a design give it to him.
Waylon Foreman
Waylon Foreman Måned siden
False did know that impulse only had to place one mycelium to reset the farm
Mitchell Rolling
Mitchell Rolling Måned siden
That's actually really cool that someone was able to make the guns n roses appetite for destruction cover art on a map
Stephen S
Stephen S Måned siden
Okay, so can we appreciate the irony of HEP introducing a foreign species into the SD to exterminate a bunch of Sheep (which were also introduces into the environment) and then claim that they are "Saving the Environment" since wolves aren't hunted by mobs (okay, while llamas will spit at wolves, they won't go so far as to seek them out). Okay, typing this out makes it seem less ironic, but not lacking in irony
Piano DNA - James
Piano DNA - James Måned siden
Mumbo should make another skin with a paper bag and some eye holes
HEY! You're beautiful!
HEY! You're beautiful! Måned siden
So the HQ is set under Iskall's shop?
Alucard Måned siden
It’s funny how I actually think Scar is the least radical of all the HEP members. He wants balance, the others are straight up destroyers (that’s literally Xisuma’s title).
Hero Gamlo
Hero Gamlo Måned siden
9:23 Grian: about that...
Legodesigner 03
Legodesigner 03 Måned siden
Grass path resistance!
Skye Hopper 16
Skye Hopper 16 Måned siden
Who's pig was that at the start? umm LOL?
Peggy Watson
Peggy Watson Måned siden
Oh no
HiDef02 Måned siden
Anyone else notice the mouse in the top-left during part of TangoTeks segment?
D Roddy
D Roddy Måned siden
So we're going to just annoy the fact that Waddles switch bodies with Mabel and she's died.
Beacon Blaster
Beacon Blaster Måned siden
KiliosAi Måned siden
This is pretty fun.
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