Why the US Government Has 5,915 Secret, Classified Patents

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Video written by Adam Chase
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Half as Interesting
Half as Interesting Måned siden
I’ll do a video about bricks if nobody asks for one for 24 hours. Unless you’re Bill Gates-we’re on retainer if he ever needs a bricks video.
Killian Holm
Killian Holm 24 dager siden
Bricks are bricks
SuperBobKing Måned siden
This may be your greatest joke yet.
Sihan Chen
Sihan Chen Måned siden
oh so this is a trailer
Sufyan Dam
Sufyan Dam Måned siden
You actually did it lol
Aditya Santosh
Aditya Santosh Måned siden
Blok 3 timer siden
Poluxs123 10 dager siden
Unsubd. Too many bad jokes in recent videos.
Angad Singh
Angad Singh 2 dager siden
fr why does he try so hard
Domingo F de F
Domingo F de F 14 dager siden
A world without solar panels would be a world without modern satellites!!!
ToyotaGuy1971 14 dager siden
Before you get yourself in a tizzy, just know that to get a patent, you don't really need to prove that your invention works. So if your goal is fear mongering; FAIL.
Ted Smith
Ted Smith 17 dager siden
My dyslexic ass read this as patient
John Doe
John Doe 18 dager siden
Corporations run the U.S. Government with an iron fist. All of America's resources are owned by corporations. Corporations dictate "science" narratives and own these, " secret patents"
shadowofthecandle 19 dager siden
Y'all the write up for the patent at 1:08 is HILARIOUS
Andrew Byron Loveshire
Andrew Byron Loveshire 19 dager siden
"Why the US Government Has 5,915 Secret, Classified Patients..." What a lie, not a hospital or patient in sight... Also please do a video on improving ones eyesight... thanks
Heika 19 dager siden
Just don't file your world-changing patent in the US. Give Europe first crack at it I guess. That'll teach them.
Dominik Sitarek
Dominik Sitarek 21 dag siden
The background music makes it really hard to watch these, it's a shame because the content is superb
LimeCyanizer 22 dager siden
This was the first time I cvlicked on one of these thinking it would be about bricks. I feel betrayed
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 22 dager siden
How did you find my patent fir the gizamazoo???
LeTtRrZ 22 dager siden
What happens if you happen to invent something that already has a secret patent but then you tell everyone about it before you patent it?
Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills 23 dager siden
Brick video
Amelia Brey
Amelia Brey 25 dager siden
wait what do you do with the roux
Megan Paulson
Megan Paulson 25 dager siden
Not the miscellaneous category 😱
Jinji Kisano
Jinji Kisano 25 dager siden
I never thought brick got that much inspiration behind it
Syriusz B
Syriusz B 25 dager siden
If a patent is secret, is it really a patent? Is someone ever sued for using secret patent? If so, on what legal grounds since no one can know if they breached secret patent since it is... secret? People reinvent the wheel several times a year, you know.
Samuel Weston
Samuel Weston 26 dager siden
I misread patents as patients, lol
Max P.
Max P. 26 dager siden
I mean... if they even wanted to suppress solar cells, I can't imagine what they are ACTUALLY suppressing.
Joseph Koehl
Joseph Koehl 26 dager siden
The map on the computer screen at 2:53 is of Cincinnati/NKY.
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 27 dager siden
I’m a bricklayer and to be honest I wouldn’t mind more videos about bricks
Kenny Budhwa
Kenny Budhwa 27 dager siden
Ugh another video about bricks can you please find a new topic
Foster Tiersky
Foster Tiersky 29 dager siden
BRICKS!!! Yeah good video once again
Space Fish Aviation
Space Fish Aviation 29 dager siden
For people who use dashlane , I say Google does it for u Suggested password is a thing, and it is safe, why would a multi billion dollar company nor be safe?
Moss 29 dager siden
Spoiler Alert: is about bricks
Bastian Kossmann
Bastian Kossmann 29 dager siden
Had I invented something that would potentially be classified, I'd first get a patent in a country without a law like the invention secrecy act before I try to patent it in the US. That way by the time the USPTO evaluates my invention, it will already be public knowledge and classifying it in the US would do little to suppress it, since the US cannot force another countries' patent office to keep something secret, or can they?
Nikola Gerginekov
Nikola Gerginekov 29 dager siden
Secret Bricks Video
RWallace514 Måned siden
You weren't this crazy before, right? A-are you OK?
Gabbashubba Måned siden
I read this as "Classified Patients". Fml i was mildly disappointed... but still interesting video
Gery 123
Gery 123 Måned siden
Rip bricks
no name
no name Måned siden
What the fuck is up with the comment section ??? So confused lol 😆
Fredrik S
Fredrik S Måned siden
Make a video about B.R.I.C.S.
offz Måned siden
I thought the video title said PATIENTS
Locutus Måned siden
Snoop dog, really high - hilarious! I did actually laugh out loud.
John Howard
John Howard Måned siden
Most annoying video of all time.
216 Måned siden
Bro I just watched a whole video about bricks and low key liked it
Miranda Stpierre
Miranda Stpierre Måned siden
What if the government made the patent secret for dashlane
Miranda Stpierre
Miranda Stpierre Måned siden
How hasn’t the fbi taken down all these vids
Mo n
Mo n Måned siden
Cumunist Måned siden
So basically someone invented faster than light travel but the government is keeping it a secret
Kyle Christopher
Kyle Christopher Måned siden
Kyle Christopher
Kyle Christopher Måned siden
Kyle Christopher
Kyle Christopher Måned siden
xBlueWolf Måned siden
Is that "thingy" an Up-N-Atomizer?
Zaheen Kenji
Zaheen Kenji Måned siden
but what if dashlane it self got hacked? :3
Nuovoswiss Måned siden
There's an easy work-around for inventors: Simply publish the details of your invention before applying for the patent. Inventors are allowed to publicly discuss an idea for a year prior to getting the patent, and in doing so there would be no point to try and classify the patent after the fact.
Aman Måned siden
Just make videos about bricks u would get a lot more subscribers and views and all of us will think u are great
red apol
red apol Måned siden
Again?!? Another video _not_ on bricks??? Disappointed 🤣
Richard Ciuca
Richard Ciuca Måned siden
Lol, snarky doesn't make for good conversation. Useless actually
Orri Måned siden
All these thumbnails and titles are very confusing. Lemme know when you do a bricks video.
Insipid Panda
Insipid Panda Måned siden
It would be cool if this channel focused on video ideas that aren't about bricks.
Timothy Devenport
Timothy Devenport Måned siden
So what happens if I re-invent something already secret patented? Do I get to go to cool secret patents parties too?
AJ Vasava
AJ Vasava Måned siden
0 0
0 0 Måned siden
Bricks 🧱
Q W Måned siden
He didn’t start off with bricks...
Jinx Dragon
Jinx Dragon Måned siden
Flagging this for NOpost Reveiw! How dare you bring up the ... Miscellaneous ... without a warning. I feel faint....
Dan Schwartz
Dan Schwartz Måned siden
If someone comes up with an invention that he thinks might get labeled secret, he would probably be better off not filing for a patent in the first place, and relying on "trade secret" protection instead.
Davie 719
Davie 719 Måned siden
This is a video about bricks they patented them
TheGoldisfun Måned siden
Ugh, another video about bricks. The ironic fact that he mention the video is not about bricks make it a video about bricks...
Gaming Canadian72
Gaming Canadian72 Måned siden
can you make a video about bricks
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith Måned siden
The feds are secretly covering up the ultimate brick recipe
Joshua Mehay
Joshua Mehay Måned siden
I am sick of brick videos, I stop 10 seconds in every time I see a new one with bricks.....Get some new material! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ayla Bennett
Ayla Bennett Måned siden
Ooh, do i love myself some paitent bricks
ky sputnik
ky sputnik Måned siden
So was General Patent hired because they didn't want the enemy to copy their military tactics?
Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang Måned siden
Patents don’t tell you exactly how to make a thing. They describe in excruciating detail what a thing is, but not how to make said thing. Important distinction.
Crazy Khespar
Crazy Khespar Måned siden
You know, the bricks thing is potentially to throw people off of the fact that the video is about bricks.
Crazy Khespar
Crazy Khespar Måned siden
.skcirB tuoba ton si oediv sihT
J Cout
J Cout Måned siden
Dashlane is horrible and corrupt. Find a new sponsor, dude!
MrMysteryman00 Måned siden
I’ve been laying bricks for 40 years and even I didn’t know this.
liam6nugget Måned siden
Say someone invents something, patents it and has it marked as secret, what happens if I then invent the same thing and choose not to patent it? Will the US Patent Office shoot me?
ali Sfaah
ali Sfaah Måned siden
Am trading bricks 📈
Rock Stone
Rock Stone Måned siden
Just don’t patent it
jamcdonald120 Måned siden
5:20 oooh, I have a smooth sponsor transition [clicks x button]
Alex Xander
Alex Xander Måned siden
"invisible laser bomb" styropyro has entered the chat
1 4
1 4 Måned siden
Subtitles was incorrect on 1:31, The video said World War II, but the subtitles is World War I.
Peter Lim
Peter Lim Måned siden
Is there any other channel that has similar content with this channel? Because I really do enjoy the information, but the presentation is too cringe for me
Undercooked Beans
Undercooked Beans Måned siden
Imma go patent a brick
Gravitas Måned siden
Can you stop joking for half a second and explain the video properly. What are you five years old.
M L Måned siden
Had no idea there was so much cool info about bricks 🧱 of all things. Keep up the great work!
Ines Joshua
Ines Joshua Måned siden
why does sam's voice sound like 30 in hai and wendover, but in videos that show his face he sounds 15
Matthew Saxman
Matthew Saxman Måned siden
The brick gag is stale by now, man...
HermitMegaStreak Måned siden
this video is secretly about bricks
Ayush Patel
Ayush Patel Måned siden
There goes my plan of mechanical cow Decepticon...
irisheyes6363 Måned siden
Pretty seamless my dude. Pretty seamless.
Steven Victor Neiman
Steven Victor Neiman Måned siden
Also, secrecy practically by definition means low oversight and therefore potential for abuse, and being able to simply ban public distribution of an invention has massive value to businesses. Considering that an invention which has been disruptive to one of the biggest and worst industries in the world (solar panels) already almost got onto that list, and I don't trust the government not to misuse that power sufficiently to cause more harm than the good it allegedly does.
MrFusion88 Måned siden
This is by far the best brick channel on youtube
Lord Hater
Lord Hater Måned siden
I read the title as “parents”
Kate Måned siden
unlistenable. what is happening with this narrator. is he okay.
Benedek Kovács
Benedek Kovács Måned siden
Good to know, I won't be patenting my bullet that shoots weapons in the US
Siraque Måned siden
Why tho plot twist telling us the video is not about Bricks, then making it about Bricks. Confusing
John Jackson
John Jackson Måned siden
You can guarantee they have classified patents for virtually free energy. Oil prices would bomb if that ever got in the public domain.
Corey Powers
Corey Powers Måned siden
Is Sam gaslighting us about brick videos in the beginning here? Cuz he definitely did NOT make an entire mockumentary on bricks on Nebula 😉
2000GHz Måned siden
I use SponsorBlock so 5:20 was even funnier
zIHaXSaWIz Måned siden
It doesn't stop you from making the thing does it? Just telling others about it
somerandomnification Måned siden
So generally speaking, one of the main reasons to patent an idea is so you can show the idea to potential investors and have a reasonable expectation that you can protect yourself from the theft of your intellectual property. That's the main reason for my patents, anyway. I'd be pretty angry if I went through the trouble and expense to get a patent on something only to be told by the government that I've got the patent but I can't show my idea to anyone. I understand that the intent is to protect weapons secrets so other governments can't benefit from the research done on things like the Manhattan Project (there were patents involved), but i don't think it's okay to trust the government to tell me that my solar panels can't be produced because I can't show potential investors how they work.
DoctorX17 Måned siden
Fun fact: they can't put a secrecy order on your invention if you don't tell them about it. That's what I do
David Simic
David Simic Måned siden
i read 5916 PARENTS not patents xD
AlvenGamers Måned siden
I liked this video about bricks
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