Trump Very Strongly Threatening to Humiliate Himself

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Måned siden

--Donald Trump continues to threaten to humiliate himself with the early release of his forthcoming 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl
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Trump Explodes, Walks Out of 60 Minutes Interview
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Broadcast on October 22, 2020
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Deonté Pretty Boy Senior
Deonté Pretty Boy Senior 21 dag siden
T C 29 dager siden
Just a few more days....just a few more days.... If I ever hear the Trump's name again, it would be too soon. Trump is a small, insignificant, angry, ugly old man. He can't leave too soon. Good riddance to him and his.
Stephen Woolfolk
Stephen Woolfolk Måned siden
A reporter always ask questions is she just to listen to lies.
IRONS Måned siden
The real man
EJ watcher
EJ watcher Måned siden
Why don't these reporters have an i pad ready to show him his quotes. Love to see him argue with it playing in his face.
Charles Desmond Nitrile
Charles Desmond Nitrile Måned siden
Life is a Gaussian distribution. At the outer edges of the curve, we can't tell the difference between really good and really bad.
Frances Slubik
Frances Slubik Måned siden
Why is Trump whining about the "pain" of Leslie Shals' standard questions, while showing no compassion for US citizens' deep an real suffering?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
We need another Jonathan Swan interview with Trump ? That will be priceless ✊
Chris Brand
Chris Brand Måned siden
Trump is a childish school yard bully. Please vote him away!
Sharon Ofner
Sharon Ofner Måned siden
trashy trump needs a padded cell. 😡
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel Måned siden
This was hilarious!! Love it!
Lin Yihsun
Lin Yihsun Måned siden
When facing the evil media, you don't need to be too polite! There are too many hypocrites in the world!!! Donald Trump can be himself! We only need to be polite to nice people! Facing evil people, we need to be tough! The world is not as gentle as you think, guys!
Lin Yihsun
Lin Yihsun Måned siden
@dcoog anml Well.... Biden is even worse....
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
Trump is a very sad human, keeps on shooting himself in the foot. This is your President folks. The world is laughing.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
Trump is such a pathetic fool. Prayers for Leslie Stahl’s reputation and feelings.
Igor S
Igor S Måned siden
In America they don't wear face masks because they already have horse blinkers on. Go showbizzz.
Lesley Thompson
Lesley Thompson Måned siden
"I've watched every minute, and then some." Some what? What is there beyond every minute?
alfred fanshaw
alfred fanshaw Måned siden
Vote trump send these hand wringing liberals to the scrap heap where they belong niente... .. . . niente... .. . . Måned siden
LMAO this Hypocrite Fake News Donkey Clown lesley sleazy stahl.
Top Cat
Top Cat Måned siden
How is the interview 'fake'? That would make him fake. OF COURSE!
denisg2000 Måned siden
It’s a book with one word per page. Easy reading for the Orange King.
Rachael Moore
Rachael Moore Måned siden
OMG. Trump just owned HIMSELF. His “Book of Accomplishments” is a book of blank pages. Which might be the most honest thing to come out of his administration. HILARIOUS.
Yvonne Goddyn
Yvonne Goddyn Måned siden
It was like a kid going to mom complaining his friend took one of his toys!
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis Måned siden
So mark looked at every single minute and then some? Like extra minutes from the 4th dimension? Now THATs real journalism
wize guy wize guy
wize guy wize guy Måned siden
Deception at the highest level. If you still believe the bullshit that is spilling from the democratic party, you are the problem.
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
Trump is a very sad human, keeps on shooting himself in the foot. This is your President folks. The world is laughing.
Cong T
Cong T Måned siden
You think you are so clever - but you are not.
BaelHellfire Måned siden
verb humiliate past tense: humiliated; past participle: humiliated make (someone) feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and pride. "you'll humiliate me in front of the whole school!" For him to be humiliated he should be able to feel humiliated, I do not see how this humiliates him just because of what this word means, and the implication that he would need to feel something :)
Dolyttle Måned siden
I guess fondle dump wants questions like they asked of that new fake Supreme court justice thats taking RBGs place... "Who does your laundry"? I mean these republicans are really through with the hard hitting questions and all...
Dolyttle Måned siden
@kolim jone agreed lol its early yet itll be here soon
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
Did he call Leslie Stahl overrated? Did he talk about 60 minutes falling ratings? If he hasn’t, he will.
Ralph Riffle
Ralph Riffle Måned siden
Trump 2020
Matthew Dobbs
Matthew Dobbs Måned siden
It was an embarrassing performance by trump, the worst yet.
William Albright
William Albright Måned siden
How about the punch line? I heard that Trump is going to get Covid, again. Can anyone fact check the first ☝️
William Albright
William Albright Måned siden
I know where he spent most of his 💰, 🦊
William Albright
William Albright Måned siden
Oh,... really! Wait a minute. How old is this . How old is Trump. Why are you fact checking news that is at least 70yrs. Old
Alt O.R.
Alt O.R. Måned siden
He is such a Drama Queen!!! 😂
Bradley Daniels
Bradley Daniels Måned siden
Vitamin B has no efficacy when taken by oral route.
Daniel Rotenberg
Daniel Rotenberg Måned siden
In what universe is whining strong? It’s so confusing to me how his “base” can still support this...
Joanne Miller
Joanne Miller Måned siden
Leslie humiliated herself! Her first question should been something like “ How r u feeling? How do u keep up with such a heavy schedule? Than to serious questions. U r really stupid if u see this in this light. Trump will win! Anyone even u would fold under the insults & lies that he has put up with. Only a very strong person could keep standing.
sitthapromwas phornsaran
sitthapromwas phornsaran Måned siden
It's Trump's normal behavior to walk away when he can't deal with the situation for his lack of intelligence. Here are examples: 1. Walk out from negotiation with Kim in Singapore. 2. Walk out from an interview with John ..... etc.
T S Måned siden
Trump has lost his mind a long time ago but NOW he can't control it whatsoever. Scary that this person has the codes to destroy the world and this man can't answer a question.
Miss Lee Hawthorne
Miss Lee Hawthorne Måned siden
How on earth did he think this was going to benefit him?
Edwin Luciano Frias
Edwin Luciano Frias Måned siden
Did he call Leslie Stahl overrated? Did he talk about 60 minutes falling ratings? If he hasn’t, he will.
blue fish
blue fish Måned siden
standards ! do not make me laugh!
Soozee Law
Soozee Law Måned siden
Lesley Stahl. One of the most respected, fair, and smart journalists in America. Did he think he was going to destroy her career and pull some cancel culture BS on her? Make people think she's not credible? She was respectful and didn't ask him anything off color. He's such a weak, insecure, little man. 🙄🙄🙄
Ginger Nightmare
Ginger Nightmare Måned siden
I saw it yesterday! It's everywhere.
HUGH MacFarlane
HUGH MacFarlane Måned siden
America in the hands of a Madman. FFS ....sort it out !
Carl Parish
Carl Parish Måned siden
I saw the whole interview and it is very clear Donald Trump can't handle serious questions. At times he was like a spoiled child with a persecution complex.
Mary Terry
Mary Terry Måned siden
The book is empty because he hasn't accomplished anything in 4 years.
Mary Terry
Mary Terry Måned siden
He's not an adult. He's a child.
Dianna Gostlin
Dianna Gostlin Måned siden
how about the book he gave her?? where is the book he gave her??
Emily Rivera-Lopez
Emily Rivera-Lopez Måned siden
I love your show! you know trump like a bad book
Snutrate Måned siden
this show sounds like a left wing infowars I love it
Anthony Evagelista
Anthony Evagelista Måned siden
they see the American people see Liar Liar your pants on fire
V Mrqs
V Mrqs Måned siden
Another tantrum from the “alpha male”.
Carol Coates
Carol Coates Måned siden
I'm English and not very politically inclined but this year, I've developed a passionate interest in US politics. It started when some crazy dude suggested swallowing bleach or disinfectant and shining a torch up your arse to cure covid. That grabbed my attention so I tried to keep up with this insane man who would drop a nuke into a tornado to scare it away. WHAT? Surely not?! Well, I did learn that covid is only flu and certainly not worth worrying about, "It'll go soon!' he said. It must be correct as he and everyone around him didn't need a face mask. I also noticed that while having a conversation with another gentleman on a platform, he was VERY rude and wouldn't let him speak. Terrible bad manners! I understand this fool is asking to run your country.........hahahahaha. Poor man, so deluded that he's up to the job. Anyone that votes for an idiot must also be an idiot. I do wish you well and the quiet gentleman will restore some sanity to your lovely country! Good luck x
William H. Baird
William H. Baird Måned siden
10 Day's people! Biden Wins!
Sandra Wiper
Sandra Wiper Måned siden
MM is another megalomaniac. Sad
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
He is the devil. All dramatics aside. I truly think he is Satan, himself.
Leon Brooks
Leon Brooks Måned siden
Did the interviewer actually just say “he didn’t walk out” of his 60 min interview followed by “he was there for 45 mins” I’m from the UK so don’t watch the show but that seems stupid from the start 🤣
Shaun Arledge
Shaun Arledge Måned siden
The interview IS that bad. Again, 0 substance and a bunch of lies. His reality is just different from the reality the rest of us experience.
Greg Warner
Greg Warner Måned siden
Trump does not need to work at humiliating himself. He has done that all his life. Starting with 'bone spurs' and fake college degrees and ending with a failed Presidency. Vote for BIDEN and HARRIS
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
Fool you yanks once shame on you fool you yanks twice and you will vote him in 🤣🤣
Lisa Ann Maccini
Lisa Ann Maccini Måned siden
He’s out of control- talk about fake! He’s not strong, he’s a baby that we all need to stop babysitting! Enough already!!! Geezzzzz
gary mathews
gary mathews Måned siden
we must stop him from hurting himself .nah ,let him fall down
Tarbaby Måned siden
You only hear about an air show when a plane goes down in flames, and really half the crowd is there just in case it does
Jose Huerta
Jose Huerta Måned siden
Trump is a tremendous loser..cry baby.
Kurtis Schwartz
Kurtis Schwartz Måned siden
Hey everyone look at my book of nothing! This is what I accomplished in 4 years! Aren't I just the greatest?
Dorien Wolfs
Dorien Wolfs Måned siden
Mark Maddows is as disgusting as Trump is and just as stupid. The journalist just did her work, something Trump never did!
grodhagen Måned siden
Seriously, America, daycare kids behave better than this UnPresident.
EcClair Mayo
EcClair Mayo Måned siden
The Book of Blank Pages strikes again! When will they learn that cameras can zoom in?!?
Susan Willmore
Susan Willmore Måned siden
Metaphor of trump’s presidency, BLANK
Con Shea
Con Shea Måned siden
What are they talking about opinioned reporter isnt that what all these so called journalists on Fox are give me a break the hypocrisy is
Con Shea
Con Shea Måned siden
Kash Zombi3
Kash Zombi3 Måned siden
Bet he had the empty book cause the conservatives thought it was so cool that Barrett had a blank notepad
answersquestioned Måned siden
Where can i order the book?
Jurgen Pinkpank
Jurgen Pinkpank Måned siden
Who pays for that plane that takes him to all these rallies? So sad. Vote blue and early. Vote Biden.
Steven Walker
Steven Walker Måned siden
Fool you yanks once shame on you fool you yanks twice and you will vote him in 🤣🤣
oburu andrew
oburu andrew Måned siden
If America was like Africa, Trump was not going to leave, let's hope that what he is doing now will not back fire to him in the feature
Robert Måned siden
Amazing how everyone who comes near Trump ends up being attacked.
Robert Måned siden
Maybe we need a standard for a President. Everyone else is held to standards and the Presidency is not? Lets talk about standards for Politicians - other than a popularity contest. We could have ended up with Kayne West and the Kardashians in office.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Måned siden
I bet 482 of your dislikes are because of these stupid commercial you put on
Julius Pekar
Julius Pekar Måned siden
Should be cut off all media that would hurt him more than anything else
nancy wutzke
nancy wutzke Måned siden
That book is like Trump's Soul. Totally empty.
Susanne Grabowski
Susanne Grabowski Måned siden
They are blank, that's why Leslie has a smirk on her face! (Edit) Leslie asked Trump WHY he kept be mouthing the news media/reporters, to which he basically said was so people won't believe them when HE FEELS they're being "mean" to him! BOOHOO!😢
Stanley Keith
Stanley Keith Måned siden
VOTE JOE BIDEN ! BACK THE BLUE ! Trump is like a Big BABY, I will Just Take Myself HOME ! BOO - WHO !
Russell Thompson
Russell Thompson Måned siden
The book should be the corner stone of the trump library. We can put it in the Smithsonian. The library can be the reutilized space where the phone booth used to be.
maria nelson
maria nelson Måned siden
john lyon
john lyon Måned siden
Mark Meadows is a finger puppet... Love the book of accomplishments, though! LMAO!
Farmer Jones
Farmer Jones Måned siden
IWILLVOTE.COM. Let's change the channel.
Venus M Brown
Venus M Brown Måned siden
That thang is crazy as BETSY BUG!!!
Rondatto Mayes
Rondatto Mayes Måned siden
His book of accomplishments are BIG & BEAUTIFUL. What a clown
tsunamis82 Måned siden
Trump was in the interview for 38 minutes, he must have looked at a blank screen for 17 mins and some
Malicious Clouds
Malicious Clouds Måned siden
The soy is strong on this channel.
Shawn White
Shawn White Måned siden
I recommend shutting down Twitter until after the election.
Bob Hutchings
Bob Hutchings Måned siden
lmfao..Meadows complaining about "opinion journalists" while appearing on Fox News's Mornings With Maria Show who happens to be the biggest "opinion journalist" & Trump kiss ass there is just priceless lol
Shaun Arledge
Shaun Arledge Måned siden
Nothing new here. He regularly has his foot in his ass! The continuing saga gets more and more bizarre. + how can you talk about responsible reporting and you relish and rely on Fox news. Leslie Stahl should consider this a win.
Karaoke Star
Karaoke Star Måned siden
Here is the tape of the final cut of the interview
John Fabiano
John Fabiano Måned siden
Such an FN FN LYING FOOL!!!!!!!!!!! GO JOE!!! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!
R C Måned siden
Trump keeps punching himself in the face!! 🎺👊🏻😵. 🤣
Diveru2 Måned siden
blank pages are an accurate description of trums plan!
Ned T.01
Ned T.01 Måned siden
"Opinion reporters aren't journalists." Well, Fox News should just end itself then since they don't have any "journalists" there anyways. By the standard the Trump administration is applying to Leslie Stahl. ALL Fox News anchors and reporters "opinion" reporters.
Hijabi 4Life
Hijabi 4Life Måned siden
Let him run himself right off the rails what a loser, vote BidenHarris for the sanity of the world,yes yet again blank pages and the Presidency should have standards well it use to
22santa Måned siden
Let's all see the pages of the bible he waved in Lafayette Square.
Nancy Blair
Nancy Blair Måned siden
JOBS --- NOT MOBS!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️VOTE TRUMP!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😜😘😘
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