10 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs

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10 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs
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This Among Us Video is based around 15 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs, For more among us tips & tricks, among us secrets, among us best moments & more subscribe.

T5G Måned siden
only real T5G OG's know about this channel
Dany DAQUIOAG 22 dager siden
henry stickman collection posterii saw it
SlowMiki Måned siden
Not true
ItzKing xD v3.0
ItzKing xD v3.0 Måned siden
@laura vickery yeas I am
ItzKing xD v3.0
ItzKing xD v3.0 Måned siden
Ur sus
Emoji xd
Emoji xd Måned siden
KYRIE MCDONALD 10 minutter siden
There is another Easter egg in the mirror HQ so if you saw that picture that is the same picture of Henry stick man spoiler alert right
KYRIE MCDONALD 7 minutter siden
And even the diamond is a knock off from Henry stick man part to steal the diamond
Cusue AJ
Cusue AJ Time siden
Him: iF yOu DoNt LiKee RIGHT nOw yOu WiLl SpEnD 30714973740979407590507597543 mInUtEs On CaRd sWipe!!11!!1! Me: *gets it first try*
Riley TV
Riley TV Time siden
There is 1 more henry stickman reference in there...
Kona Dumont
Kona Dumont Time siden
I’m not idiot you are
Kona Dumont
Kona Dumont Time siden
No I’m fine I know how to card so I know lieing
Emma Bell
Emma Bell Time siden
yes!!! i knew that was a korok!!!
Katherine Fitzgerald (student)
Katherine Fitzgerald (student) 3 timer siden
he very first time, i saw him do it and i laughed. I saw the thumbs up
jahin my craft PRO
jahin my craft PRO 8 timer siden
I have svmsung
VietnamBall Playz
VietnamBall Playz 13 timer siden
Thumbnail:99% will not notice Yes, there would always be that one person who notices
Rayyan Fahlevi
Rayyan Fahlevi 18 timer siden
Zayden Rodriguez
Zayden Rodriguez Dag siden
this vid is epic! it helps me out in school
Afifah Ahsan
Afifah Ahsan Dag siden
7:04 look at the yellow color item it looks like a bird but if you play minecraft you know it look like Totem of undying
Adam the Gamer
Adam the Gamer Dag siden
0:13 i thought it said Ssundee not subscribe lol
Hamza Alkhouri
Hamza Alkhouri Dag siden
There is a stick man poster in the office beside the other computer
Ehtesham Akhtar
Ehtesham Akhtar Dag siden
i know every thing you said in your video that's i will dislike
Yaeshaun Fahd
Yaeshaun Fahd Dag siden
Anushka Van Der Merwe
Anushka Van Der Merwe Dag siden
I knew that
Lillie Bell
Lillie Bell Dag siden
This is awesome
Kawaii SparkleKitten
Kawaii SparkleKitten Dag siden
I subscribed :)
Awesome Content Just 4 U!
Awesome Content Just 4 U! Dag siden
I wish the QR code was a rickroll
Isaiah Mccoy
Isaiah Mccoy 2 dager siden
love video t5g
Mohammed Altamimi
Mohammed Altamimi 2 dager siden
1:16 this is for spoiling a movie nopost.info/throw/ys3Oa6vM06Oim9k/video
savrina rivera
savrina rivera 2 dager siden
the one with the furterama the tings that stick to peoples head are like the pets in amoung us
purple among us player
purple among us player 2 dager siden
i saw the snow body
Jayden Mendez
Jayden Mendez 2 dager siden
what bro look at 0:04 so that bad game is now good
Rhea Raharja
Rhea Raharja 2 dager siden
Simsung @samsung
Nedj the gamer
Nedj the gamer 2 dager siden
0:01 i tought it was an add for fall guys android
Evelyn Foley
Evelyn Foley 2 dager siden
Oh I Saw that
Helen Yin Lee
Helen Yin Lee 2 dager siden
Why did you just call Arnold terminator T5G
Stacy Kenny
Stacy Kenny 2 dager siden
I no a secrets in Mira HQ it’s a Henry Stickmin One
Leif Anderson
Leif Anderson 2 dager siden
Stop saying things like sub or do admin card for 20mins but your kidding t56 exposed
epicc gamer
epicc gamer 2 dager siden
epicc gamer
epicc gamer 2 dager siden
Make sure to subscribe or else you won’t be able to do the card swipe
Fowler Youth Cheerleading
Fowler Youth Cheerleading 2 dager siden
Card swipe is so easy I never do it a second time because it is too easy
Zjacorey Chisholm
Zjacorey Chisholm 2 dager siden
I’m good at card but. Ok I sub
Janice calilung
Janice calilung 2 dager siden
I saw one win I wus a live
typicalusername6287 2 dager siden
Ive seen all of these and this isnt original skip the tutorial did this first -_-
Oshun World
Oshun World 3 dager siden
I wasn’t there and I could still see the dead body in the snow in the snow
Bunzulu Buzz
Bunzulu Buzz 3 dager siden
What 😎
Lyka Pecate
Lyka Pecate 3 dager siden
i see it
Lyka Pecate
Lyka Pecate 3 dager siden
Lyka Pecate
Lyka Pecate 3 dager siden
i no
Mae Ramirez
Mae Ramirez 3 dager siden
0:04 what the hell do you mean “even fortnite” that died in 2019
Md. Asraful Asad
Md. Asraful Asad 3 dager siden
La Mikha
La Mikha 3 dager siden
The new map is like Henry stickmin
Gacha lily playz
Gacha lily playz 3 dager siden
The people who made among us made Henry stickman
Diah Ariestyana
Diah Ariestyana 3 dager siden
In the polus toilet, there is a crewmate pee
Stacey West
Stacey West 3 dager siden
I knew the first one and the the qr code one and the super Mario one and the computer monitor one
sonic Fan 100
sonic Fan 100 3 dager siden
Adrian Campos
Adrian Campos 3 dager siden
The dead snow body is NOT an easter egg I’ve seen it before
Christa Spirit
Christa Spirit 4 dager siden
there's another easter egg. there's a poster with henry the stickman in the office in MirahHQ
Teuku Zhafran Ravi R._7A_31
Teuku Zhafran Ravi R._7A_31 4 dager siden
Hmmmm..... 99% percent didnt notice?
L.Cee Haddon
L.Cee Haddon 4 dager siden
My mum has a Samsung phone and a Samsung tablet
Adventures with Elie
Adventures with Elie 4 dager siden
when he said barly anyone knows that elmer fuds hats in the game thats the first thing my bro and i said we were like this is elemers hat from loony toons me:how do people not know
Geri Lovato
Geri Lovato 4 dager siden
Make more among us videos please
raeesah roushana
raeesah roushana 4 dager siden
Henry stickmin is my favourite character
Ian's candy galaxy
Ian's candy galaxy 4 dager siden
Peter Kung
Peter Kung 4 dager siden
Also a Henry Stickmin reference is the ellie and Henry stickman pet in Amung us
Avery Hamilton
Avery Hamilton 4 dager siden
did you know: Henry stickmen and Amoung us is by the same people :)
TDZ5 X5H0 4 dager siden
I noticed the killed snowcrewmate.
Gladys Delima
Gladys Delima 4 dager siden
I justo subscirbt
Dot Plays ÙwÚ
Dot Plays ÙwÚ 5 dager siden
lol so i went to colorado springs and made among us snowmen with snow XD
theoppositewayer gmail,com
theoppositewayer gmail,com 5 dager siden
Where's your second Channel that is T5G 2
Airtech Analysis
Airtech Analysis 5 dager siden
:O I'm Using A Samsung Tablet
Laura Bowden
Laura Bowden 5 dager siden
i love walle
Julianna Francis
Julianna Francis 5 dager siden
I’ve only played police map once before, cuz since it’s so big, it’s rlly confusing
Amruta Upadhye
Amruta Upadhye 5 dager siden
I saw the snowmen dead body when lm alive
dalina gashi
dalina gashi 5 dager siden
So cool but i wanna know how you did that computer thing in cafeteria so you can be imposter
Mya Browning
Mya Browning 5 dager siden
As away the wins the devil number aaAaaaAAAAH
Kimberly W
Kimberly W 5 dager siden
I love futurerama
Kimberly W
Kimberly W 5 dager siden
I noticed all of these when I first started playing
Danny Hanacek
Danny Hanacek 5 dager siden
you have 666K subscribers :/
Nathan Borasca
Nathan Borasca 5 dager siden
the new map is henry stickmin collection in innersloth
Zakia Sultana
Zakia Sultana 5 dager siden
I found the two Easter eggs
Hurburts 1
Hurburts 1 5 dager siden
You forgot Henry stickmans eyebrows as one of the hats
Luz Guzman
Luz Guzman 5 dager siden
funny scripto
funny scripto 5 dager siden
Alex Reece
Alex Reece 5 dager siden
I found the first one whilst alive.
Shaider _HD
Shaider _HD 6 dager siden
( I didint subscribed and I do the card task for first try
Harlina Zaki
Harlina Zaki 6 dager siden
There is another secret...go to polus, be a crewmate and go to the bathroom above the specimen room and you will see a crewmate behind the door
Harlina Zaki
Harlina Zaki 6 dager siden
Oh wait, another thing is thecrewmate is beside the vent
Floogull Playz
Floogull Playz 6 dager siden
The fish fossil in Mira HQ is a latimeria or coelacanth fossil.
Tri Tran
Tri Tran 6 dager siden
Me: **See the thumbnail** Also me: I’m in 1% people notice that
Minnie G
Minnie G 6 dager siden
Dragon Ball ZSHM
Dragon Ball ZSHM 6 dager siden
4:07 you miss the Henry stick man Easter egg
Rajul _pvp
Rajul _pvp 6 dager siden
Dum Dum I saw a stupid snow dead body I killed
Hyper Syn
Hyper Syn 6 dager siden
Only those who could do card swipe in 'one' go can like here.
Sumit Negi
Sumit Negi 6 dager siden
Among us the best game!
Judith Silva
Judith Silva 6 dager siden
Do you know someone in Henry Stickman was named after a planet Pollis fun fact about polis do you know those tubes filled with interesting stuff in them and when you go to med bay there’s one broken those are actually the impostors the crew mates have been doing test on them and one of them broke free and infected one of the crew mates
Charlotte Hmel
Charlotte Hmel 6 dager siden
as soon as i heard "if you don't subscribe you'll have trouble on the admin swipe" ha ha lucky for you i have a HACK on that and i won't reveal it until this comment gets pinned >:3
Generic enclave soldier 0158
Generic enclave soldier 0158 6 dager siden
You forgot the green GPS in the trash task.
Trayaurus_the_pro 6 dager siden
Then: few secrets / easter eggs on Henery Stickmin Now: INFILTRATING THE AIRSHIP IS A MAP BIGGEST EASTER EGG EVER
Jr Barrientes
Jr Barrientes 6 dager siden
I love your videos
RaspBerry Tea
RaspBerry Tea 6 dager siden
Are 99% blind / dumb?
sanjay Rana
sanjay Rana 7 dager siden
Lol my dad deleted my among us account haha
Shila Das
Shila Das 7 dager siden
I notice
Trent Cabais
Trent Cabais 7 dager siden
Sam didn't want to sing but samsung
Bobbie Bailey
Bobbie Bailey 7 dager siden
Did you know that the creators are among us is the same creators as Henry Stickman!!
Mischa Mikayla Wibowo
Mischa Mikayla Wibowo 7 dager siden
The purple mask from among us is from Henry stickman!
Levi Traianidis
Levi Traianidis 7 dager siden
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