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The Complete Legend of Zelda Timeline - Legend Of Zelda to Breath Of The Wild
Ganger 3,1 mill År siden
The Legend of Zelda franchise has told the tale of Link, Zelda, and Ganon countless times and fans have speculated on whether ...
The Entire Zelda Timeline Explained (in seven minutes)
Ganger 1,5 mill 7 måneder siden
Skyward Sword was a good game fight me. If you have a game or series that you would like to see me cover then be sure to leave ...
Solving the Zelda Timeline in 15 Minutes | Unraveled
Ganger 3,5 mill 2 år siden
Everyone knows the Zelda timeline is pretty incomprehensible. So in this episode of Unraveled, Brian David Gilbert puts every ...
Legend of Zelda Timeline with Link’s Awakening Switch
Ganger 172 k År siden
The Legend of Zelda Timeline and the eternal conflict of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf / Ganon constantly changes as seen most ...
The Legend of Zelda - Timeline
Ganger 855 k 7 år siden
Ever confused about the Zelda Timeline? Here is an in-depth look on how the Legend of Zelda was created and infused into the ...
Game Theory: Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! (Zelda)
Ganger 4,5 mill År siden
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ▻ bit.ly/1qV8fd6 I've been theorizing about Zelda for a LONG time! Since the beginning of ...
The Entire Zelda Timeline Finally Explained
Ganger 33 k År siden
From Skyward Sword to Breath of the Wild, this is Hyrule's history - at least until the next Zelda game comes out, and Nintendo ...
How Age of Calamity Fits Into The Zelda Timeline
Ganger 8 k 2 dager siden
Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity is a bold take on the Great Calamity 100 years before the evens of Breath of the Wild, here is how ...
Legend of Zelda Timeline (With Breath of the Wild)
Ganger 2,5 mill 3 år siden
The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Timeline Video! With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the update in Hyrule ...
Game Theory: How Zelda Breath of the Wild SOLVES The Zelda Timeline!
Ganger 7 mill 3 år siden
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories ▻▻ bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Why the Zelda Timeline is WRONG! ▻▻ goo.gl/wqD7Cu ...
The Legend of Zelda Timeline - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)
Ganger 6 mill 11 år siden
The Nerd tries to make sense of the chronology behind the timeline for one of Nintendo's well-known video game series - The ...
The NEW Timeline Theory (Zelda Ocarina of Time)
Ganger 196 k 5 måneder siden
Zelda's timeline split of Ocarina of Time has notoriously been a problematic mess for fans to explain for many, many years and ...
The COMPLETE Breath of the Wild Timeline
Ganger 1,2 mill 2 år siden
This is a complete timeline of all the important events related to the story and game. After plenty of research, they have been put in ...
Timeline: The Legend of Zelda - Part 1
Ganger 2,1 mill 7 år siden
GameTrailers takes you on a visually stunning guide through the mythology of The Legend of Zelda. See how one of the most ...
The Legend of Zelda Timeline (Official Breath of the Wild Placement)
Ganger 956 k 2 år siden
The Ultimate, Final and Official Legend of Zelda Timeline Video! With all updates from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, ...
ZELDA Timeline According to Quantum Mechanics | Because Science
Ganger 68 k 8 måneder siden
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 2/26/2015] Is there a real way we can have three separate Zelda universes? Kyle makes sense of the ...
The Legend of Zelda Timeline Part 1: Creation of the Timeline - Button Smash (Reupload)
Ganger 64 k 3 år siden
Welcome to an epic GamerThumbTV presentation of the Legend of Zelda! From the creation of the world, to the future of the ...
The Legend of Zelda Timeline Part 4: Link's Failure - Button Smash
Ganger 37 k 4 år siden
Welcome back for the next part of The Legend of Zelda Timeline! Part 4 explores what happens when the Link, the Hero of Time, ...
The Legend of Zelda Timeline EXPLAINED (in 12 Minutes)
Ganger 479 k 4 år siden
This is a remastering of my Zelda Timeline Explained series. This puts those three episodes into one video, updates and corrects ...
Breath of the Wild: Why the TIMELINE Placement Makes SENSE (Part 1)
Ganger 522 k 2 år siden
Check out the PC37X Gaming Headset! dro.ps/nintendoblackcrises-pc37x With Nintendo coming forward with an "official" ...
Did Matpat FIX the Zelda TIMELINE? - ft. HMK (Game Theory Response)
Ganger 249 k År siden
Is Hyrule Warriors the missing Link to solving the Zelda Timeline? HMK and I try to answer this question by watching a recent ...
Zelda Theory: Gerudo Timeline and History
Ganger 639 k År siden
The Legend of Zelda Timeline is full of magical Races and In this Theory we go over the Gerudo with Ganondorf from Skyward ...
ZELDA Timeline According to Quantum Mechanics (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)
Ganger 253 k 5 år siden
SURPRISE BECAUSE SCIENCE CHANNEL! Subscribe now and click the shiny notifications bell so you don't miss out on all ...
Game Theory: Why the Official Zelda Timeline is Wrong
Ganger 8 mill 8 år siden
All video games share one universe. But not all video game universes are the same. The official Zelda timeline released by ...
The Legend of Zelda Timeline Doesn't Need Fixing
Ganger 25 k 11 måneder siden
The Legend of Zelda's Timeline has been a debate among fans since Nintendo first confirmed it around Skyward Sword's release.
How BotW 2 will CHANGE the Zelda Timeline!! || Breath of the Wild Theory
Ganger 40 k År siden
Back when Breath of the Wild was first released, fans could never quite figure out where exactly this game placed on the Zelda ...
Breath of the Wild - The Timeline Dilemma and Placement
Ganger 348 k 4 år siden
Why is it so difficult to place Breath of the Wild in the Zelda timeline? I go through all the evidence for all timeline placements, and ...
Every Zelda Game Explained In One Timeline (In Under 5 Minutes)
Ganger 203 k 2 år siden
We all know Zelda's the girl, but did you know Link dies in the official timeline? Credits: ...
The Zelda Timeline Doesn't Matter! - Nintendrone
Ganger 26 k 3 år siden
Some of the most trivial discussions I've ever heard are those revolving around the Zelda Timeline. The conversation delves deep ...
Breath of the Wild: How Nintendo Will FIX The Zelda TIMELINE (Part 2)
Ganger 282 k 2 år siden
PART 1 - nopost.info/throw/vquXapm6zWp7ltU/video We've gone over the evidence pointing Breath of the Wild to a possible ...
Zelda: Age of Calamity Full Story Explained (SPOILERS)
Ganger 226 k 8 dager siden
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity's story explained. ▻Follow me on Twitter! Zeltik or Instagram: @zeltikinsta ...
Zelda Theory: The Complete Legend of Zelda Timeline (30th anniversary)
Ganger 549 k 4 år siden
We celebrate the release of Twilight Princess HD by taking on The Legend of Zelda Timeline in its entirety! Amino Apps (Narvii inc ...
Zelda Villain Timeline and History
Ganger 611 k 2 år siden
The Legend of Zelda Timeline is full of Villains and In this Theory we go over all of them from Skyward Sword to Breath of the Wild!
Four Swords Adventures' DEFINITIVE Timeline Placement? (Zelda Theory)
Ganger 57 k 10 måneder siden
What is the definitive timeline placement of the Four Swords Adventures? The answer may surprise you as we delve deep into this ...
New Timeline Split in Age of Calamity? (Zelda Theory)
Ganger 48 k Måned siden
Did Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity's Demo Reveal a New Split in the Legend of Zelda Timeline? And is the game set it in a ...
Zelda Theory: The Multiverse and the Timeline | Gnoggin
Ganger 251 k 4 år siden
The Legend of Zelda is split into 3 timelines, but then where do Termina and Lorule fit into the picture? When did those parallel ...
Ganger 38 k 2 år siden
Nintendo has finally confirmed the placement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the official Zelda timeline! Let's see ...
Link to the Future: Zelda Timeline Fan Film
Ganger 199 k 9 år siden
Check out this hilarious explanation of the Zelda series timeline in this fan film "Link to the Future," created by GMS Films. Credits: ...
MBT - The Zelda Timeline EXPLAINED and IMPROVED - Zelda
Ganger 90 k 4 år siden
The Zelda Timeline entirely explained and improved to add a maximum of theories that the community proved over those last 5 ...