Watch CNBC's Sorkin and Santelli's heated debate on restaurant restrictions
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CNBC's Rick Santelli and Andrew Ross Sorkin engaged in a heated debate Friday over some of the restrictions placed on ...
CNBC Awaaz Live | Aaj Ki Taja Khabar | Business News | Stock Market | Share Market Today
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CNBCAwaazLive #AajKaTajaKhabar #BusinessNewsLive #StockMarketLive #ShareMarketLive CNBC Awaaz is India's number ...
What Is Green Hydrogen And Will It Power The Future?
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Hydrogen is a clean-burning molecule, meaning that it can help to decarbonize a range of sectors that have proved hard to clean ...
Covid Vaccine Race Has U.S. States Scrambling For Funding: CNBC After Hours
Ganger 50 k 2 dager siden's MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day's top business news headlines. On today's show, CNBC's Ylan Mui reports ...
Jim Cramer: Apple is benefiting from the weakness of the U.S. dollar
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CNBC's Jim Cramer and David Faber discuss how the weakness of the U.S. dollar is impacting business, specifically Johnson ...
Buy, hold or sell J.P. Morgan? #AskHalftime
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The "Halftime Report" traders answer viewer questions in #AskHalftime. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC ...
Three high-flying stocks that may be doomed to fall back to earth: Damodaran
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Aswath Damodaran, NYU School of Finance and 'Dean of Valuation' on how the markets are valued right now. With CNBC's ...
Will Digital Payments Replace Cash In The U.S?
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Is cash still king? The coronavirus pandemic may cause a drastic decline in cash usage due to the risk of contamination.
The Rise Of Google Maps
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Google Maps has taken on competitors like MapQuest, Yahoo and Apple. But after a decade of investing, collecting data and ...
Why Pizza Hut Fell Behind In The Pizza Wars
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Before the pandemic, Pizza Hut was already falling behind its competitors. Pizza Hut was the largest pizza chain by global sales ...
Josh Brown: The top five stocks driving the market is gone
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Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO Josh Brown says FAANG stocks aren't doing anything as other sectors that were laggards ...
How Americans Waste Their Money On Premium Gas
Ganger 725 k 21 dag siden
Gas prices have been relatively low compared with the airy peaks they had seen roughly a decade ago; Americans are paying ...
Jim Cramer on Goldman Sachs taking Tesla to Street high of $780
Ganger 57 k 2 dager siden
Goldman Sachs upgraded Tesla, saying the stock could surge more than 30%. The firm upgraded the stock to buy from neutral ...
Airlines are begging business travelers to return - here's their pitch: CNBC After Hours
Ganger 164 k 4 dager siden's MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day's top business news headlines. On today's show, CNBC's Phil LeBeau breaks ...
Inside Lucid Motors' Plan To Take On Tesla
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Lucid Motors is the latest EV startup to enter the market. In September, it unveiled its Air luxury sedan to the world, and teased its ...
Tesla, GM, Rivian And The Electric Pickup Truck Race
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There are a slew of electric pickup trucks slated to hit the market next year. Tesla's Cybertruck, GM's Hummer EV, Rivian's R1T ...
Living On $100K A Year In Fairfax, VA | Millennial Money
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Kristina Truong, 24, lives in Fairfax, VA, and earns $100000 a year as a project manager for a tech firm. She also started a ...
Why Starbucks Failed In Australia
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Starbucks can be found all over the world, from Shanghai to Guantanamo Bay. But there is one continent that was uninterested in ...
Wealthy investors are loading up on bitcoin
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CNBC's Kate Rooney reports on why wealthier investors are loading up on bitcoin. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor ...
The Big Business Of Fighter Jets
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The U.S. defense industry wasn't spared from the economic crunch caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Despite this, fighter jets ...
How Costco Became A Massive "Members Only" Retailer
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Costco makes billions doing what in retail might once have been thought unthinkable: charge people to shop there. The company ...
PayPal CEO on why the company is getting into cryptocurrency
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PayPal is emerging as a big player and big buy on the Bitcoin market. The payment company is offering clients the ability to buy ...
Why this investor says the market is overbought, but buy anyways
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CNBC's "Halftime Report" team discusses how they view the markets and how they're investing amid the pandemic during the ...
NYT's Tom Friedman on his interview with Joe Biden and the need for stimulus
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As the debate for federal aid goes on and coronavirus cases rise, many Americans are looking to Congress to agree on a relief ...
How Spotify Dominates Apple, Google And Amazon In Music
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Streaming has become this decade's preferred way of listening to music. It's an $11 billion dollar industry, making up 47% of ...
How The U.S. Fell Behind China In The Fight Against Climate Change
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Ever since President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, China has played an increasingly large role in the ...
Why Americans Buy Cars From Dealerships
Ganger 929 k 3 måneder siden
Buying cars often feels like an anxiety-inducing ordeal that can last hours. Car dealers now face their challenges, including a ...
How The U.S. Plans To Distribute Covid-19 Vaccines
Ganger 1 mill 6 dager siden
The initial doses of Pfizer and BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccines could go out next month, if the FDA grants emergency authorization.
Why this investor is trimming Apple shares right now
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CNBC's "Halftime Report" team discusses their investment strategies in Apple, health care names and more. For access to live ...
Market's coronavirus rally looks 'so similar' to the dot-com bubble: Mark Cuban
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Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban joins CNBC's "Squawk Box" to discuss what he's seeing in the markets as investors follow ...
Can Nissan Survive Its Recent Troubles?
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Nissan was once regarded as one of the automotive world's great comeback stories. A scrappy Japanese manufacturer that had ...
When soufflé meets sledgehammer, and a pre-IPO bet
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Elon Musk isn't mincing words when it comes to Tesla employees cutting costs, and Atlantic Equities initiates coverage of Airbnb ...
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says bitcoin impacts the U.S. dollar
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CNBC's Seema Mody reports on BlackRock CEO Larry Fink's comments about bitcoin. For access to live and exclusive video from ...
Here's why bitcoin could disrupt gold: The Winklevoss twins
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The Winklevoss twins join "Squawk Box" to discuss bitcoin and where they see the cryptocurrency headed. For access to live and ...
CNBC Anchor JUST FREAKED over New Covid Lockdowns [LIVE]
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CNBC Freakout ⚠️Investing Program & NOpost Course Use Coupon 🤠BFMONTH🤠 🦠Life Insurance ...
Why SpaceX, Virgin, & Blue Origin Are Betting On Space Tourism
Ganger 284 k 2 måneder siden
Space tourism has been, almost, nonexistent in the past, but Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Blue Origin are looking to change that.