Luke Peterson
Luke Peterson 33 minutter siden
What a awesome ending, had never seen it before, amazing playthrough man, thanks so much for this!😎🙌🏽💯👏🏽
princessmagical 3 timer siden
This game has some cool sidequests like the chocobo ranch in Calm Lands and Via Infinito in Bevelle.
Assassin 1 Actual
Assassin 1 Actual 3 timer siden
I remember growing up and every fight from the second Seymour battle on was a living nightmare taking on average an hour. Spent two hours grinding on my current playthrough (okay probably more) and I took out yunalesca in like 8 minutes or something ridiculous like that
princessmagical 3 timer siden
Did you ever do the Via Infinito which is in Bevelle?
Sharky-YT 4 timer siden
I swear piranhas are cute UWU
Ford 5 timer siden
You can see bits of Joel on the golf club.
WanderlustZero 7 timer siden
Rip everyone inside Zone Eater :(
Jonathan Richmond
Jonathan Richmond 8 timer siden
I am very concerned about where dina and the baby is. I love these type of videos and I'd love to see more but I'm very concerned I need information about it pleassseee I'm begging anyone
Sylveon 9 timer siden
i got mag sisters by mistake verry early after calm lands i got yoj first 1 gil instna kill 1 try just for the laughs
heartsresolve 9 timer siden
Finally..a version WITHOUT subs..This'll be great for making edits! TYSM!!!
Cool Beans
Cool Beans 10 timer siden
Is it possible to win the battle
Jacob Wolinsky
Jacob Wolinsky 11 timer siden
This episode is. Nice.
Daniel Mazahreh
Daniel Mazahreh 11 timer siden
No need to play this game. The cutscenes are far worse and have less depth than FFX.
K C 11 timer siden
Now play some Undertale! Ask for some tips for that game. You'll be all about it, trust me.
kingshiloni1 11 timer siden
gustavo 12 timer siden
Were they singing the first part of the chorus of "One Winged Angel" in the first seconds "Enstuans Interius..." "Ira Vehementi..."
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie 12 timer siden
I am silently hoping you give them some aim for the berserk and provoke. Maybe the HNA you just used (as i was typing this) solves that- I can’t remember.
LuckyLucyHi 12 timer siden
It's not often that I think the world would be better off without a particular game...but this is certainly an exception.
Riqan Saliba
Riqan Saliba 13 timer siden
Am I just hearing Lightening is Liara from Mass Effect after all this time?
rusoX 13 timer siden
Id swear that you cant use your Aeons as a shield vs Judgment day. Correct me if Im wrong but I remember trying to use an Aeon vs that move and it just showed the game over screen right after.
Dylan Guzman
Dylan Guzman 14 timer siden
This franchise is beautiful.
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas 14 timer siden
The worm is under berserk
Walamonga 1313
Walamonga 1313 14 timer siden
Bruhhh that moogle didn't give me the bell so I went out and got annihilated
BlackWingedSeraph 15 timer siden
Shulda used Celes' Runic ability more, fam!
Joel Girard
Joel Girard 15 timer siden
Can someone give me a time stamp as to where remake part 1 ends in the original?
clearspira 15 timer siden
I liked this mod to begin with as there were some imaginative innovations that made it a fun way to experience the game again. Now it just seems like a repetitive slog of resource farming and fake difficulty from all of the gameplay changes. And imo, its taken way too long for this mod to come out. Two years now is it? I just have no enthusiasm to play it any more. Sorry.
Joshua Peppars
Joshua Peppars 16 timer siden
That was disappointing how weak Kefka was compared to the Bosses on the way up to him.. nevertheless congrats Dansgo8!!
Jared Schumaker
Jared Schumaker 16 timer siden
I think the developers took inspiration from the Demon Boss here when designing Sinspawn Gui. I mean they kind of look similar.
Tim Vanderspek
Tim Vanderspek 17 timer siden
ROFL! Man that was a close call! That was truly pulling out a victory from the jaws of defeat. Can't wait to see the battle with Kefka coming up!
Suzana Matos
Suzana Matos 17 timer siden
I only watch this series to see him petting the dog!!! (Saw on Instagram!!)
Kevin Brouwer
Kevin Brouwer 18 timer siden
You can throw the atma sword and kill Kefka with 1 hit. If I remember correctly you can also steal an atma sword from Kefka as well but I could be wrong
Lackadal F.K.
Lackadal F.K. 19 timer siden
"is there gonna be an attack called idiot sandwich" hahahahahaha, genius
Fernicus Maximus
Fernicus Maximus 20 timer siden
Now on to FF5!!! Hopefully the PC version.
Fernicus Maximus
Fernicus Maximus 17 timer siden
@Nikolai Kolev Well I haven't seen the PC version it will be kind of a new experience for me. I only played the SNES one.
Nikolai Kolev
Nikolai Kolev 18 timer siden
Why that? The pc one is bad.
migaDbr 20 timer siden
Honestly, the modding done to the battle against the Hornet is as realistic as it gets. I, too, get provoked when a bug stings me, but I sadly never have remedies on me. :P Great work on this one!
Miranda Stephens
Miranda Stephens 18 timer siden
JaimeDeLasMontañas 20 timer siden
what a heartbreaking game, storywise it's interesting from beginning to end but it's one of those games that while is good, you probably won't want to experience again
Ewan Taylor
Ewan Taylor 21 time siden
Could you have cast shell on Fafnir to reduce curaja?
jera ruin
jera ruin 19 timer siden
@Ewan Taylor mine is also just a theory, so you might be right. but there's no way to know for now
Ewan Taylor
Ewan Taylor 19 timer siden
@jera ruin fair enough, just a thought!
jera ruin
jera ruin 19 timer siden
Fafnir is most likely made immune to status moves, also beneficial ones
Twisted Scarlett
Twisted Scarlett 21 time siden
Fuck me, One Eye is so gigantic it's giving me motion sickness just looking at it
Efraim Abednego
Efraim Abednego 21 time siden
4:02:02 GTA SA easter egg yall.. Song: Ice cube - today was a good day
Bricks Everywhere
Bricks Everywhere 21 time siden
danget I was really hoping the oaka shop dude was going to be the final boss...
alarsenal10 21 time siden
Good thing you read online about Ragnarok; Otherwise, without Ultima, you'd be toasted. Great battle nonetheless!
Enclosure1440p 22 timer siden
draeqoon 22 timer siden
Japanese is so much better *_*
Enclosure1440p 22 timer siden
Hope you liked one of the best FF games to date.
Now It's So Vivid
Now It's So Vivid 22 timer siden
"Tidus hasn't been swallowed like this since his Zanarkand Abes days" Loooool
rasput1n6 23 timer siden
Dude, even if i've not watch every episode, just want you to know that we apreciate a lot all the dedication is going into both the mod and the playthough :)
Free Freak
Free Freak 23 timer siden
The gameplay makes me wanna jump off a bridge or something
Jeff Urbz
Jeff Urbz 23 timer siden
James Versil
James Versil 23 timer siden
Guy's underrated
handoyo margono
handoyo margono Dag siden
who is here in 2021
Geoffrey Okrongly
Geoffrey Okrongly Dag siden
You helped me platinum this game with your walkthrough. Very thorough, very simple, and the best FFX walkthrough on the internet! You are the king of FFX, long may you reign.
dansg08 Dag siden
This will be the final battle I do with these stats. As of the next episode, the road to stat maxing and defeating the most difficult bosses of the mod begins! ►Twitter & Instagram @dansg08 ► 24/7 Final Fantasy Stream: nopost.info/throw/q8e5mGyxsGqGh7c/video ► Support on Patreon: www.patreon.com/dansg08 - A HUGE thank you to all my Patrons on Patreon for the support they provide to the channel which help me to keep making LPs such as this one, a special thank you to the highest tier Patrons: ► Josh Murphy ► j85norway ► Caleb Mott ► Jay_Wotw ► Matt C ► Casey W ► Jesse F ► CityMorgue ► Hedgelord42 ► S.Wenzel ► Lukas B ► Mailouuuz ► El No ► Tevura ► Gabriel R ► Paul R ► Jackie L
Rebeca Araújo
Rebeca Araújo Dag siden
This is the best final boss theme in existence!
Crono Luminara
Crono Luminara 14 timer siden
Dancing mad is the best lol
alarsenal10 21 time siden
One-Winged Angel would like to have a word with you
Tim Vanderspek
Tim Vanderspek Dag siden
Lol yeah those three can be a pain. You can avoid the throwing weapons with the Vanish spell or summoning Golem or Phantom.
Vaan Dag siden
No help thanks
princessmagical Dag siden
By the time I get to killing the Tonberry, the karma is hitting my characters over 70,000 hp. I like to battle a lot and be overlevelled.
msadids Dag siden
This is so great Walktrough , love it
keito-kun Dag siden
i havent played the game, just watched all cutscenes... but dang... i wish they made ffxiii story a series or a movie coz the designs, story and english dub are so fantastic!!!
Stardust Dag siden
Amazing final battle.
Seth Fulmer
Seth Fulmer Dag siden
You get chests in battle SOMETIMES in FFX - Esp in the battles with Zus in the Sanubia Sands and the battles along the road to Guadosalam.
Seth Fulmer
Seth Fulmer Dag siden
I know it's a while for you but you NEVER have to worry about the king bomb at least blowing up on you unlike traditional bombs in Final Fantasy and the other bombs - The king bomb only blows up at the very end and doesn't hurt you at all when he does.
Noony Dag siden
Almost time for it to join the others up in lights on the stream eh! 😉
Efraim Abednego
Efraim Abednego Dag siden
Man, I wish there's subtitle on this so I can read all of the conversation.. But you already did an all amazing job to capture this game to be like an actual fucking movie
Jadesage Dag siden
29:20 when the perc finally hit
Jade Calvert
Jade Calvert Dag siden
If I'd known these bosses had the strongest weapons in the game
Vegesther Dag siden
Which I never bothered to do so even on the SNES and PS1 where you can't keep the stolen equipment I still chose the Ragnarok sword I never stole from Fiend or Goddess at all either Demon however may not have anything to steal at all.
Jade Calvert
Jade Calvert Dag siden
@AkaiAzul I didn't have Locke in the party,I assumed that Kefka would be extremely strong,I also planned since there were 4 boss including Kefka I would die after each tier with the old party that I had then defeat Kefka using my final party which had Locke,did not go so well and I only found out after looking at the bestiary
AkaiAzul Dag siden
You can steal the Ragnarok sword from either the Mary or Jesus enemy here.