Robert Roth
Robert Roth 13 timer siden
You think the artist in the Top-40 are the "most talented Artists" in the world? That's like saying that a Big Mac is the finest food in the world, that Dr Phil is the wisest person and Donald Trump is a classy man with good taste. Meritocracy is equally bullshit as "everyone gets a trophy". My thirteen year old gets this, but most of you posting here don't. $$ makes this country go around and in mainstream Americas and Boomer Bill's eye's $$ must mean your'e good. There is not one institution in this country in this new Century where it's not the majority those who are successful got there in a largely because of who they're related to, where they grew up and under what kind of economics circumstance and not because they were the cream that rose to the top. Most of the musicians I know, some of them will be remembered for a longer time than the one hit wonders and auto tuned Divas, can't stand %99 of what's in the top 40. Were the artist that were shoved down our throat via the Mafia's decades long payola scheme "the very best"? Fuck no. I thought you were a deep thinker Bill?
Paul's Treehouse
Paul's Treehouse 13 timer siden
Nice to see the body snatchers haven't gotten to Bill yet.
Fairness ForChinese
Fairness ForChinese 13 timer siden
BabyBang17datruth 13 timer siden
I live in Georgia, and the main issue has been when election time comes around, it’s the long voting lines that arise in mainly black districts.
Harry Renner
Harry Renner 13 timer siden
Communism isn't so bad when you look at China they shit done. we have a a democracy look how much we get done. but we still have freedom I guess.
j v
j v 13 timer siden
Theres a debate that should be happening but this wasn't it, Bill Maher. In this clip, some people talked past each other in unconvincing ways. We need better.
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 13 timer siden
Nothing inherently wrong with any of these films, but the spotlight being put solely on things of this category can definitely cause this type of reaction, which I definitely also understand. Minari was a wonderful experience for myself and those I know who have seen it, but not every film can be like it, or Nomadland, or any other one discussed here. Like we learn as kids, variety is the spice of life, and we need to shine the spotlight not only on stories that are deep, but dare I say it, the ones like Godzilla vs. Kong as well. I won't be watching it, but someone will!
Ray Chang
Ray Chang 14 timer siden
Really, Oprah for president? You really are smoking something.
Ginger Grant
Ginger Grant 14 timer siden
Really sick of the constant liberal bashing. Is Bill a fucking red???
Nerdacus 14 timer siden
Bill got Teabaged and it's all over his face.
Sam Beach
Sam Beach 14 timer siden
Prince Philip, even in his nineties was sharper than your current Prez, and smarter than your last one.
Maribel Caudillo
Maribel Caudillo 14 timer siden
gaetz the role model of the evangelists and so called "conservatives" my God!
Keith Carter
Keith Carter 14 timer siden
If you want to see a movie thats worth watching, find an international movie - some of the best film do not come from Hollywood.
Skoll _
Skoll _ 14 timer siden
Luke would’ve been bucking the trend with a black father. “So where’d you adopt a white boy?”
Elizabeth Calef
Elizabeth Calef 14 timer siden
No way. Butthead is better looking. And smarter.
YOGESH SINGH 14 timer siden
Polarisation in America society is a lesson for all democracies around the world.
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly 14 timer siden
I hate sellers show
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly 14 timer siden
saurabh 14 timer siden
Which one is the bad guy...its you 🤣
Edge 14 timer siden
Also Bill: Marvel hero movies are stupid. It’s always about shiny something.
Baracus Obamus
Baracus Obamus 14 timer siden
This was absolutely spot on. They have also dumbed down period piece dramas and made them all into soap operas for women.
Don Jones
Don Jones 14 timer siden
Living the good life in China 👍👍
Edge 14 timer siden
“I still see a lot of white people, but that is going to change.” - Bill Maher Careful Bill. Things that you say can be taken out of context.
Philip Berry
Philip Berry 14 timer siden
Guess the claim of systemic racism is correct; it is being taught and entrenched instead of being given a meaningful education.
Pere Chias
Pere Chias 14 timer siden
QUICK! Give Bill some low brow entertainment he might just start thinking.
Stella patchouli
Stella patchouli 14 timer siden
Cowardice...to compare 2 acts of horror, Hunting elephants, or bangging prostitutes when on drugs from cartels crossing US borders...and vilifying one, lessening the devious act of the other. Simply cowardice act, Maher style. Honor is lost in America, so ís comedy. As a Vegan, I'm against all anima) criellty. I'm equally against advertising pornography. They make money that way. Hikes.
Vote to Count
Vote to Count 14 timer siden
Georgia Gov. Kemp cheated by removing 250,000 people of color from voting roles, and closed most of the locations to vote! Lines flooded the streets of Georgia as its primaries entered a state of mayhem! Georgia’s statewide primary sees voting machine malfunctions, absentee ballot delays, and long lines, especially in largely minority areas. The Supreme Court under Roberts gutted the Voting Rights Act! The Supreme Court needs term limits! Also, Georgia Gov. Kemp needs to be RECALLED ASAP! Now there is a boycott against Delta, Bank of America, Home Depot, and Coke with their home bases in Georgia! This caused those companies to denounce the awful racist bills! There are 360 restrictive bills introduced in 47 states! Corporations that support Republicans will have to have boycotts against them to have Republicans kill those bills! Texas is next!
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas 14 timer siden
"This isn't social justice. It's voting" yeah that's social justice. Stop using it as a pejorative, old man ranting at a cloud.
Harry Renner
Harry Renner 14 timer siden
That's not a very good analogy on that arm wrestling thing. I've seen people come back from there.
SiriusMined 14 timer siden
Bill, when we make uplifting movies, you piss on them if they are based on superhero characters.
Harry Renner
Harry Renner 14 timer siden
I have to pay some of my bills by mail pal
SiriusMined 14 timer siden
Sorry that history is sad, Bill. But we can change the past by ignoring it or whitewashing it though, right?
Earl Gray
Earl Gray 14 timer siden
"Retards For Reparations".
Edward Miller
Edward Miller 14 timer siden
Bill. Hey. How are you bro. Do me a favor. Remind people that inflation caused by endless printing of money and quantitative easing forever, is a tax on everyone including the poor.
Earl Gray
Earl Gray 14 timer siden
It's the reason why most movies starring black people are about slavery or up to the civil rights movement. White liberals love suffering porn, and white liberals don't get off on anything else as much as black suffering movies. Certainly black people don't want to always see themselves portrayed in that manner.
Sean Merisier
Sean Merisier 14 timer siden
Naa Bill, #1 herpes distributor is Florida We have Matt Gaetz and South Beach
Emmet Power
Emmet Power 15 timer siden
Bill relies on accusing trump inceset , how low can he go for a cheap laugh.
Paul Cerniuk
Paul Cerniuk 15 timer siden
So now you're against woke? When are you going to apologize for calling Sarah Palin a dumb See You Next Tuesday on national television?
Emmet Power
Emmet Power 15 timer siden
Have the insight to quit before you destroy your legacy. Jon Stewart had the IQ , not so sure if William does
Nancy Fox
Nancy Fox 15 timer siden
We need to realize what the end game is which is to legally steal the 2024 election and reinstall Donald Trump as the authoritarian ruler like Putin. He will give the favors to the rich and empower white supremacy’s dialogue toward suppression for all minorities. The USA will be over as a democracy and will become a third world country except for the wealthy. So sad.
Alice's Rabbit
Alice's Rabbit 15 timer siden
LMFAO. I'm an idiot who clicked on this shit when I just purchased Promising Young Woman but haven't had time to watch it yet. BE WARNED. 🤦‍♀️
buddacafe 15 timer siden
The best part of this vid is that i know the viewers don't know Bill is sick of liberal ideology and way of thinking. He knows they caused this mess.
Nancy Fox
Nancy Fox 15 timer siden
Beevis and Butthead. Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz. Lol
CribNotes 15 timer siden
It's good to see now that Trump's gone.....I can watch Bill Maher again.
sam_well 15 timer siden
Bill Maher, democrats are against minimum wage, healthcare and everything you said they were for it. Democrats are republicans that’s why people don’t vote.
sam_well 15 timer siden
Barack fucked up everything.
Chaz 84
Chaz 84 15 timer siden
Showing an ID = White Supremacy WTF
Jeffrey Book
Jeffrey Book 15 timer siden
No I no one in my family owes any black person other than equality and the Mexican people the past can't be compensated for only corrected I'm sure your opinions run deep but your kind of a whiner a lot of races built this country don't blow it out of what it really was. A terrible thing that my ansesters died to help abolish. Should we be compensated no it's the past we have to move forward no back
Chaz 84
Chaz 84 15 timer siden
It’s always RACISM when it doesn’t go the liberals way. Atlanta is not the worst in the nation, this is about dividing the country. Atlanta 60-70% black people working/owning in the service industry, Denver 6% WOW talk about hurting POC
AdamWho 15 timer siden
Does he think those were the only movies made last year?
Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris 15 timer siden
Fuck.... I don't have a single friend that I know of but I don't go out to buy a gun & go to my nearest Wal-Mart on afternoon to blow-away 30 or 40 people just because I'm lonely.
Marc Evan
Marc Evan 15 timer siden
I can't help wondering if Maher actually saw any of these films. Were they all lousy in the same way? It's doubtful. I've only seen one of the films so far -"Promising Young Woman"-and I hated it but not for the reasons Maher cites.
scott mcfadyen
scott mcfadyen 15 timer siden
It's official : i'm from florida gets you on the FBI's most wanted list. (and not for a good time)
David Y
David Y 15 timer siden
Once again struggling to be funny And using the pettiest And stupidest old tricks to demonise people in the process
andy morgan
andy morgan 15 timer siden
Alot of commenters think its just about IDs. It's also about the georgia legislature being able to suspend county election officials and put their own officials in their place. Taking the Sec of State off the state election board. Reducing number of drop boxes. They admitted that the laws are in response to Rudy Gs lies about election fraud. The legislature expanded absentee ballot access in the last session then changed it again to make it more restrictive. No water or food to people waiting in line to vote except by poll workers and you can bet the legislature is going to try and reduce number of voting locations in neigborhoods of color to make the lines even longer than they already are.
Idatex 15 timer siden
Leave us the movies help us escape, help us feel good. And i just want to add cannot watch a movie whereby the scenes are shaky. Honestly i dont have to feel like i am running with the actor or camera man. I dont want to go into a seizure or come out nauseous or a blazing migraine. If i wanted to watch a shaky movie scene in movies and now some tv shows I'd rent the Blaire Witch Project
llook05 15 timer siden
Yet Bill was one of the biggest critics of Trump’s efforts to regain our footing in the trade deficit with China. Which is it
Pablo Calderon
Pablo Calderon 15 timer siden
F*ck off Bill. These films are great and entertaining. Feel free to stick to stories from 25 years ago, the rest of us enjoy films that are new, tell different stories and support a diverse group of filmmakers. Not just the movies that old dudes wanting to get richer allowed to be made. 💅🏼
Amanita Muscaria
Amanita Muscaria 15 timer siden
Democrat extacy works bit different, you do hug the flag but it makes you f*** your self in the A**
dMoca 15 timer siden
last :15 sec
JM HARRIS 15 timer siden
Jean Seaberg 1974 murdered for supporting the Black Panthers. CIA, FBI said it was a suicide. yes, sure.
Kawasaki GPS Argentina
Kawasaki GPS Argentina 15 timer siden
Ismael Aguilar
Ismael Aguilar 15 timer siden
And to think that now he is "straight" , what a loss for the gay community lol
Mar Vil
Mar Vil 15 timer siden
Long live the Blockchain!
Sir Reptitious
Sir Reptitious 15 timer siden
Daniel Ring
Daniel Ring 15 timer siden
Matt Gaetz looks like Butthead.
Rudy Zamora
Rudy Zamora 15 timer siden
It's crazy seeing Worf on Real time with Bill Maher!
Dave Man
Dave Man 15 timer siden
So the homeless, have no place to live except a shabby smelly tent, or an cardboard box, or maybe some kind of tin can. So why not give them a decent 12x12 Mod Pod?,,, At a cost of about $1,000 per Pod. At least they would have decent shelter from the elements,,, and far clear from city limits!!!
Shay Boogie
Shay Boogie 15 timer siden
Salam’s aggressive eyebrows make me uncomfortable- I’m glad I’m not the only one... 😂
R. morris
R. morris 15 timer siden
and the winner is..... all of us, no one can be in second place.
J McKinstry
J McKinstry 16 timer siden
"they are finally getting it" ... "there's a guy who gets it" or perhaps you are just not as funny tonight as other nights? we all understand the jokes, we just do not find them as funny as you think we should.
Yetizod1 16 timer siden
So tired of the lies about this law. Showing ID to vote is literally the most obvious standard.
pdfico 16 timer siden
He’s left of center and the crowd Still doesn’t know when to applaud
Steven Shumate
Steven Shumate 16 timer siden
Says the man with a room full of paid laughter and applause.
J C 16 timer siden
"First attempt at whittling a puppet." Had to stop the video, I was laughing so hard!
claude bigler
claude bigler 16 timer siden
You’re the best
FoxBro 16 timer siden
How about Hunter Biden? These hypocritic liberals....
tae oh
tae oh 16 timer siden
The three crayfish evolutionarily radiate because green unlikely point against a cumbersome spaghetti. beneficial, stimulating knife
Tito Mamaru
Tito Mamaru 16 timer siden
Hilarious!!! While I get the point against QAnon, why big tech overreacts by banning any QAnon-related stuff online? Such actions against freedom of speech, in the eyes of who believe in QAnon, validates what they believe about QAnon.