The Future of Diablo
Behind The Necromancer
Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson 6 timer siden
i wanna see the remastered cows! MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD 7 timer siden
I've been ready to wipe my tears, pick up my sticks and play some Diablo for years. Please please please don't Actiblizz this up. NGL, "ON PC" lingering there for a couple seconds felt like an apology for the thing that came before
DD 8 timer siden
Only 1.4 mil views? Bliz's reputation has taken huge nose dive. Took your players for granted much? While it's true there are other outlets. It's still very low.
badastig 9 timer siden
I'm so excited
Vadim Noir
Vadim Noir 9 timer siden
Map hack please! Sockets in rings and amulets More pace in STASH and in a CHEST MORE MONSTERS ADD MORE CHALLENGING DUNGEONS ! ADD SERYNGES FOR RARELY USED SKILLS ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE
Ole Jakob Aune
Ole Jakob Aune 9 timer siden
Its time for Imperius to become the villain and turn Malthael from death.
Peter Designificance
Peter Designificance 11 timer siden
P L E A S E - R E M O V E - T H E - S T A M I N A - B A R (no one needs this, really)
Alexander 11 timer siden
I hope that dodge roll we saw was an intrinsic part of the class' kit rather than one out of 6 abilities to choose from. It'd be cool if each class had a unique ability like that which remains baseline.
jankerzone 12 timer siden
my childhood heree
Timothy Hill
Timothy Hill 13 timer siden
I would like to play a good, M rated RPG. Gibbing and Elder Realms are usually limited to FPS titles. Hopefully D4 can fill that void. D3 came out in 2012, that was 9 years ago. It doesn't seem like that long ago but it has been some time. It would also be nice if we could play at 240+ FPS consistently, even with monsters filling up the screen.
Yanko Choynev
Yanko Choynev 13 timer siden
the staff of kings!!!
BlazingDeath420 14 timer siden
I just played it last year because I hadn't played it in like 15 years lol shoulda waited for this
林喵喵 14 timer siden
JorgeLiYoO 15 timer siden
Frédéric Trudel
Frédéric Trudel 15 timer siden
Just fix the character models for the heroes, especially the Amazon and we're set. This project almost looks perfect. I'm so excited to play this!
Tom Loon
Tom Loon 16 timer siden
Please let long time players of D2 play this game before releasing any versions..... please...
Ruslan Kadiev
Ruslan Kadiev 16 timer siden
You know .... Ammm you know.. you know.....
koila maoh
koila maoh 16 timer siden
Wow can't wait, I'll buy several copies.. Hopefullly we can run ABOVE Monitor resolutions properly lol. AnD FPS can keep up.
adrenaline 16 timer siden
Well my life is over.
adrenaline 16 timer siden
Please keep it the same. PVP/hostiling/everything else. The stash change is cool to help muling but please nothing else. Thank you.
NOOOKevin 18 timer siden
meh wake me up once its got a release date
Syeed Ali
Syeed Ali 18 timer siden
Smyrtuś 21 time siden
Make Auction Hause in D2
Merrick Miller
Merrick Miller 22 timer siden
Only thing worth doing in Diablo is gathering the shards of the black soulstone, reassembling it and invading it. Fighting all of the lords of Sin at the same time and rescuing Leah.
KEK W 22 timer siden
Oh yeah you tapped into the core of the class so hard , you gave it combo points that never existed in Diablo games .
jon arbuckle
jon arbuckle Dag siden
mugly manish broad. guess all those activists from DC comics had to wind up somewhere
J V Dag siden
THE REAL COW LEVEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REMASTERED
J V Dag siden
One word ...... Enigma
SIRA063 Dag siden
If this version is more woke im gonna burn my blizzard account
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Dag siden
i usually turn game volume down to 5%... this is one of few games ill be listening to ; TURNT UP
Madness?.. Dag siden
Do you guys not have Path of exile?
Madness?.. Dag siden
When El Diablo achieved Resurrección...
Johnny Watson
Johnny Watson Dag siden
Characters' movements don't seem as natural as the original to me...
A F Dag siden
No I wont buy this game! as a Roman Catholic I hate to see this unholy reference to the Holy Eucharist and Tabernaculum, it's just so jewish and so masonic to use it in the game that it borders on blasphemy. Why don't you go with mosques or synagogues instead???
NeuRofreak Dag siden
rogue looking very cool cant wait to play it!
Imtygaming Dag siden
Why waste more than 10 years on a mobile game instead of Diablo 4?
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. Dag siden
torrents !!!!
Imtygaming Dag siden
Cmon you are 5 years behind. D4 not even close to release.....
Ricardo Moran
Ricardo Moran Dag siden
Please blizzard do the same with Diablo 1
Wacho Dag siden
They screwed up with the game cell phone and now they come with this horrendous cinematic and feminazi character to sell to basics possers gaymersgirls.
Caleb B
Caleb B Dag siden
This better not be digital only across the board. Please give us a boxed cartridge at least for switch.
Raul M.
Raul M. Dag siden
Get this right, Blizzard. You have to. You simply HAVE TO.
พี่ เอก
พี่ เอก Dag siden
So Cool D2Res
Rawi1986 Dag siden
We are going to need more cows please.
Nick Bunich
Nick Bunich Dag siden
Please do not pre-order it. Let it be good.
StrikerXL Dag siden
Don't forget your macOS fandom please, thank you!
TheGameBadz Dag siden
Release date?
Facundo Batista
Facundo Batista Dag siden
I'll buy it out of respect for the original Diablo II, but I don't have any expectations about this new blizzard team
김민승 Dag siden
블리자드 오버워치 개꿀잼!!
StirbMensch Dag siden
Just had this slightly crazy idea of a feature on the wish-list... just add the Cube recipes in-game, as droppable loot (scrolls); just implement a separate menu from which you can view in-game the recipes collected so far. I know that they are available for everyone @ Arreat Summit - but why not do the right thing and also make them visible in-game? Would also add a nice activity of collecting every Cube recipe.
Michael unicorn
Michael unicorn Dag siden
diablo4 = diablo3+new ui
zener pabalan
zener pabalan Dag siden
Can't wait, i want to play it as soon as possible :) release the CBT :) ahaha soon the OBT
fgh fgh
fgh fgh Dag siden
at least they still know how to make awesome cinematics.
Sword of Evil's Bane
Sword of Evil's Bane Dag siden
This remake will ensure Blizzard's survival in terms of business and money. We all been loving and playing and replaying over and over this masterpiece of a game for twenty years. I can't wait to see how it goes. Imma buy it as soon as it's released.
Billy Mercury
Billy Mercury Dag siden
Not even a fan of Diablo but I'll do everyone a favor and dislike this piece of filth
도구로 2 dager siden
D2R censorship is stupid. Going to request refund if that doesn't change.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 dager siden
I have goosebumps, this was my childhood, IM SO PUMPED 😍
TrancoTechnizer 2 dager siden
This is already a failure
Камен Горанов
Камен Горанов 2 dager siden
Cheeki Breeki i v Damki
Cheeki Breeki i v Damki 2 dager siden
If they censored any of those corpses, especially those in torture chambers or that pile lying on a pool in Andariel's Boss Chamber, I call it bullcrap.
bArood '
bArood ' 2 dager siden
Diablo 3.5 best game
Zretral the Wandering Bard
Zretral the Wandering Bard 2 dager siden
Can’t wait to suffer to Duriel once more!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 dager siden
Why Amazon has to be this ugly? Why it is so expensive? Will not buy
Tom Perry
Tom Perry 2 dager siden
will we start fresh? as in buy the new version and start from scratch and/or can we merge old accounts or sign into old accounts? i use to have 10 or more accounts mostly for mules. Played since release. all my accounts expired after keeping them alive for years
Tom Perry
Tom Perry 2 dager siden
Also, what about the BOTS and the SCAMMING?
Eye Sore
Eye Sore 2 dager siden
Wyatt Cheng is such a douche. Why does he act that way? As if he's .. egh.. Keep him behind the scenes.
David Lo
David Lo 2 dager siden
who here is excited about D2 pvp?
Kiano Uy
Kiano Uy 2 dager siden
I just started playing D2, and this Duriel fellow people are talking about is making me nervous.
Hazhadal K
Hazhadal K 2 dager siden
Are you guys ready to see the hype train falling in less than a week just like it happened in diablo 3?
K K 2 dager siden
Huge FPS drop 1:06
911 2 dager siden
mike tyson?
Josh Mears
Josh Mears 2 dager siden
Would be good if we could give recommendations on things to add/change, I for one would think it'd be cool if when you create a rune word in an item that it changes the appearance of the item giving it a more unique look. But either way, I'm 32 and still play D2, so I'm super excited about the launch of this game
djvapid 2 dager siden
I seem to recall this same thing not too long ago. What was it? Warcraft: Reforged? And we all know how that turned out. I won't get my hopes up.
David Aceves
David Aceves 2 dager siden
Would love to see a mini-doc of what it took to make this game.
Eric Larson
Eric Larson 2 dager siden
Nothing like an annoying old coot that talks incessantly... and like most others I "stayed a while and listened" for over 20+ years too. I was happy to have Cain gone though it left a gap in the game for me (kind of like losing an Uncle or Grandpa who always told the same stories but when they were gone you missed them), but like most people, it was not his "death" that was the problem, it was HOW he died and the fact that is was a stinking minor MOTH character that did him. Not even a beautiful butterfly, though that would have been only slightly better.
Michaela Grabner
Michaela Grabner 2 dager siden
Goosebumps... <3
KevinGame3 2 dager siden
I am Imagine overwatch 2 is releasing in early 2022 to like around March in for Diablo 4 it’s out in as late as 2022 or early 2023