Shirley Wong
Shirley Wong 9 timer siden
I need a Ms. Kay in my lifeeee 🥺
FayePuffJams 9 timer siden
That “I skip showering” got me laughing 🤣🤣🤣 dont go at me but that was a mood 😆😆😆
Karina 9 timer siden
I love miss Kay 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ such a beautiful soul ❤️
Sierra Amber
Sierra Amber 9 timer siden
Kay during Mae’s photoshoot is amazing!!!!!!! 🥰
Maria Hermocilla
Maria Hermocilla 9 timer siden
Ms K! We love you!!!!
zaying Hui
zaying Hui 9 timer siden
None of these girls can kiss. I see why their gay 😂
iz 9 timer siden
Cathlaine Nova Araula
Cathlaine Nova Araula 9 timer siden
Another entertaining episode.
Joi White
Joi White 9 timer siden
Keifer is so supportive and loving. I love Princess.
lauren J
lauren J 9 timer siden
This should be on cable MTV. It’s really good.
China B
China B 9 timer siden
I feel like Mae and Miss Kay confide in each other more rather than Bret. He's kinda mean lol
Crisali Castro
Crisali Castro 9 timer siden
we love you because ya’ll being real as in 100%
Rhyennah Seiuli Papalii
Rhyennah Seiuli Papalii 9 timer siden
Chloe Roque
Chloe Roque 9 timer siden
I love Miss Kay!!!
lynne fara
lynne fara 9 timer siden
I love telepathy so much 💜 Good job Min PD. And happy birthday 🎂🎊
Ria Marie Rosaseña
Ria Marie Rosaseña 9 timer siden
I sooooo love Miss K during Princess's photoshoot!!!
Susana Gallion
Susana Gallion 9 timer siden
Miss Kay has always been my favorite! And now seeing this show makes me love him more!!!
Hawaiian Warrior
Hawaiian Warrior 9 timer siden
She need to realize that her size is unhealthy and does not look pretty! Loose weight
Anggie Nicoline
Anggie Nicoline 9 timer siden
Chloe 9 timer siden
Caro Pereira Gomes
Caro Pereira Gomes 9 timer siden
Madison wearing that jacket reminds me of the Born to Die Era where Lana Del Rey used to wear a racing jacket everyday, and it makes me really happy <3
Arts and Hearts
Arts and Hearts 9 timer siden
19:06 thoooough! 😂😂😂
manisha mukhia
manisha mukhia 9 timer siden
Fly away from BM sister nest Nd speaking of fly away go home 😂😂😂😂
dan estadilla
dan estadilla 9 timer siden
miss Kay is a life coach that we need when we are down and doubting! :)
Mariana Hernandez
Mariana Hernandez 9 timer siden
i love ms kay
Edelrose Iris
Edelrose Iris 9 timer siden
we all need a kiefer in our lives b
Meny 9 timer siden
Idk Bretman is really turning me off with his attitude towards all 3 of them... 🥴 like, it’s making me cringe with how mean he is even if he is kinda joking
Daniza Azarce
Daniza Azarce 9 timer siden
I love how miss K hyping up Princess ❤❤
Abegail Eunice Hernando
Abegail Eunice Hernando 9 timer siden
Miss kay is so Amazing like, i'd kill to have a friend like her✨
rah reyes
rah reyes 9 timer siden
we need ms kay in our lives 😭😭🤍
Erika Robiños
Erika Robiños 9 timer siden
ms. kay❤️
Eggy 9 timer siden
23:10 Larry is so practical! I luv him!!!
Olympus 'da Loomer
Olympus 'da Loomer 9 timer siden
Olivia Tolentino
Olivia Tolentino 9 timer siden
Princess’s size type is SExY! She has boobs and butt! I have the same problem but i have no boobs and butt... I only have a muffin top... its not sexy.
Jha0601 9 timer siden
Lol I'm not even a blink but I know more than the BP fan here esp the last question, that was in their documentary.
usernotfound404 9 timer siden
I need ms. K in my life.
MariaRud23 9 timer siden
Miss Kay a whole mutha fuckin vibeeeeee! Love this show so much!
Missy 9 timer siden
Miss K is life!!!
Hello Po
Hello Po 9 timer siden
Can we have keifer in our life? but not bretman’s keifer
TrulyYours 9 timer siden
Give me fish in the sea but I'm the rainbow fish vibe! -Ms. Kay!
Lise Sua
Lise Sua 9 timer siden
Eggy 9 timer siden
“Yelling and screaming is not supporting” after 5 seconds bitch be like “ayyuhhhhhyuhhh”
Joemarie Patino
Joemarie Patino 9 timer siden
I love kiefer!!!!
melisalwayshere 9 timer siden
Kardashians: got air time for eating salads and being self absorbed for an hour bretman rock: literally started from nothing, build a a huge youtube career, has a reality show based around his family and praises them all throughout! gets 30 minutes?! not mad or anything BUT still.... he needs more airtime
Chris Juztine Baldogo
Chris Juztine Baldogo 9 timer siden
14:10 😂😂Lmaooo just Always Princes this is accurate in my sister too!
Valery Rivas
Valery Rivas 9 timer siden
everyone needs a miss kay in their lives
This Social Life
This Social Life 9 timer siden
Kieffer!!! ❤️
Meena k
Meena k 9 timer siden
This girl needs a reality fucken check!
Rosie Montoya
Rosie Montoya 9 timer siden
I love brettman and his crew. Please keep the seasons coming mtv
Spotify Premium
Spotify Premium 9 timer siden
Wanna be friends with Ms. Kay. The friend we all need!
Lucila Rivas
Lucila Rivas 9 timer siden
I need a Miss K in my life!!
RobotechSp 9 timer siden
Larry is so cute lol
Aeria Cross
Aeria Cross 9 timer siden
Kiefer be the breakout star of this show ❤️
Julissa Flores
Julissa Flores 9 timer siden
I love Bretman but he’s so mean to princess sometimes & he expects everyone to do stuff for him.
Gwen Montero
Gwen Montero 9 timer siden
MS. KAYYYY ❤️❤️❤️❤️
cutepinksocks 9 timer siden
Antonio D.
Antonio D. 9 timer siden
Idk if it’s a sibling thing but bretman seems kind of obnoxious and stuck up towards his older sister most of the time. I have 5 siblings and the way they communicate doesnt seem affectionate, but then again families are different
cutepinksocks 9 timer siden
She said Turtle not tortoise 🐢😂
Alysa Vang
Alysa Vang 9 timer siden
I love Ms.K's energy!!!!
fropati 10
fropati 10 9 timer siden
I love Keiffer 🤣 I need a Keiffer at my side 24/7 💋💟
Katherine Altares
Katherine Altares 9 timer siden
Let’s just appreciate Miss Kayyyy! ❤️
Angel Edilo
Angel Edilo 9 timer siden
Happy International Womens Month Princess 💖🎉
park soyeon
park soyeon 9 timer siden
IntRbEn 9 timer siden
Bretman.... Hook your cousin up and get her teeth done. Make a video on it - it'll be dope. Love her but she needs some teeth love
Yvette Ramirez
Yvette Ramirez 9 timer siden
Everyone NEEDS a miss Kay in their life. She is life 👌💯. I love how she was hyping princess up during her photo shoot. Miss Kay a real one 💪
Dylan M
Dylan M 9 timer siden
The story lines are so over produced, but I love it anyway
Kathy C.
Kathy C. 9 timer siden
“She said turtle not tortoise “😂💀
cutepinksocks 9 timer siden
I need a kieffer in my life
Esther Maina
Esther Maina 9 timer siden
So sad that this turned into Drake confessing his love to Riri and not Riri winning an amazing award, as it should have been.
Rhyennah Seiuli Papalii
Rhyennah Seiuli Papalii 9 timer siden
SEASON 2 pleasssssssse
Sonia Ruiz
Sonia Ruiz 9 timer siden
i feel so bad for keeper 😢 I LOVE YOU KEEPER
camomille saladino
camomille saladino 9 timer siden
Lurvyew kiefer! 😂😂💜💜
Rosa Tovar
Rosa Tovar 9 timer siden
Miss K, love her 💕
harvey cooper
harvey cooper 9 timer siden
That damn tooth. Y’all know
John Paul Riego
John Paul Riego 9 timer siden
Don't give me painting ideas like that my mom's gonna get mad🤣🤣
ali griffin
ali griffin 9 timer siden
Trixie Mattel next
Cameron Boyce
Cameron Boyce 9 timer siden
Jimin & Tae como los amo