VINCE RAMDHANIE 12 timer siden
1 st time i see ben's footwork look so good.
ItsTwisted 12 timer siden
I love Ben. But his foot work needs some help. And his punch’s are slow and have no power behind them. He does have endurance like a MF. I can see Ben winning if he makes it past the first 5 rounds
Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson 12 timer siden
Did Ben say I don't wanna talk about that I wanna go cross dressing? 🤣
Daniel Frick
Daniel Frick 12 timer siden
I hate seeing mitt work where the padman won’t let the fighter extend his arms, really sets the fighter up for failure
Brian_s3 castro
Brian_s3 castro 12 timer siden
"You don't give advice to someone you're worse than" lol
SupremeDoggy 12 timer siden
After this fight logans little brother should man up and fight KSI
Adamq_ 12 timer siden
chleba chleba
Falcomtrust 12 timer siden
That curly boy stamina baby
sixpackbootsie 12 timer siden
Hah bah bah bah -Ben Askren
pixie dust
pixie dust 12 timer siden
If my trainer beat the shit out of me while training for a major tv fight , I think they would be missing the point of their job,. .. so yeah it maybe easy to beat someone that is not there to fight, what a twat
Kenneth Jensen
Kenneth Jensen 12 timer siden
He is so boring, troll or not.
CFC Cfc 13 timer siden
Hope he knocks the fight out of Paul & stay out the fight game ☘️
Karl Su'apaia
Karl Su'apaia 13 timer siden
Ben is spitting facts
Peter Getinard
Peter Getinard 13 timer siden
No head movement....he’d kick Jake’s ass in a all out fight, but when limited to hands only, he’s screwed!
Hello Losers
Hello Losers 13 timer siden
I can’t stand when he says “this game”. He’s not part of any game. He’s never fought a boxer to date. That won’t change on Saturday either lol.
Gurshan Bhullar
Gurshan Bhullar 13 timer siden
Hmmmmm hes so stiff
Lujan KLIPS 13 timer siden
He looks better than he has in the past I believe, but why are people hyping him up, it's literally only because he's going against Jake Paul. His hands are low as they return, there's no head movement from him and he's very stiff if not robotic when throwing the punches. Now don't get me wrong, I want Askren to win, but he's hardly looking like a decent amateur with these shots. The saying goes anyone can look good on pads, but he doesn't even look that good - unfortunately.
Lujan KLIPS 13 timer siden
Despite that, he is light on his feet, but the variation in his shots isn't there, he's not planting his feet for power shots, hip movement is minimal. I hate to just be negative and I really hope he gets the win. Positives would definitely be he's light on his feet and cardio is probably good, whether he can just tire Jake out by walking him down constantly is yet to be seen, hopefully he proves me completely wrong. - Edit - Also notice he's just throwing arm punches for hooks, there's no rotation in his hips or his feet to exert more power. Let hope that gofundme is up and he just slams Jake on his head.
Dante Marotta
Dante Marotta 13 timer siden
They going to earn alot of money, fair play to them.
James Atkins
James Atkins 13 timer siden
What interests me is jakes sparring partners and the intensity each one has brought into the sparring. If anyone has ever sparred in MMA at all; boxing, jiu jitsu, bjj, etc. Sparring is not 100%, if you go into sparring trying to knock out your opponent, it’s viewed as a bully mentality and no one is learning. The best thing I ever took from sparring was spar to learn, never spar to win. Jake is portraying he has sparred 250 guys, all who are better than Ben. Sparring doesn’t classify you as an elite fighter. Stating your an elite fighter based off of sparring is merely disrespectful to the fighters who have reached and sustained an elite level. I admire jakes confidence and willingness to win, I also admire his desire to prove everyone wrong. What I don’t admire is the pedestal he holds himself at, when he is so young into his fighting career.
Wunn Sen
Wunn Sen 13 timer siden
Soo glad they did them seperate! Ben actually got to speak and i didnt have to watch Logans little brother talk
Rhys Johnson
Rhys Johnson 13 timer siden
I have to agree with most people this does look very sensual but you got to give the brother props those legs must be strong AF to have JP relaxing on them like a hammock
David Power
David Power 13 timer siden
years of stamina will win
Guy Scott-Collier
Guy Scott-Collier 13 timer siden
Ben’s gonna smash his face in . Stamina is perfect. Relaxed . He’s in trouble that blonde kid
ted hicks
ted hicks 13 timer siden
boxing is the toughest sport in the world , closely followed by wrestling. elite wrestler ben showed he can learn boxing skills quickly becuase his body and mind are that of an elite wrestler
Zer0cool NINJA88
Zer0cool NINJA88 13 timer siden
😂 this dude throws like if its his first free week it a your local boxing gym this dude is done!!! Ben falls by k.o im putting a car note on this. Easiest way to double that stimmy
Brandon Arias
Brandon Arias 13 timer siden
Bruh i Hope he fucking beats Jake
Kidaa 13 timer siden
Jake is speaking facts tho, every one who jake decided to fight become huge until he beat them! atleast it have been this way
David Power
David Power 13 timer siden
that silly youtuber should quit now
Cal Wilson mtb
Cal Wilson mtb 13 timer siden
If Ben losses Jake should Tommy fury
b_mstfa 13 timer siden
Jake: “I’m going to prove millions and millions and millions and millions of people wrong” He is right, he will prove the 4 people that are backing him wrong
mahones jones
mahones jones 13 timer siden
Lol childsplay hes in real trouble he gonna get hurt bad
Bax Gnay
Bax Gnay 13 timer siden
Y not fight someone who really know how to fight. Even if Paul beat Ben. It’s like fighting a rookie in boxing. UFC is different compare to boxing
Soul [KD1978]
Soul [KD1978] 13 timer siden
Bruh, this fight is only BIG because people hate joke, he doesn't need to promote intentionally. Not because of bens promotion.
Gott 3n
Gott 3n 13 timer siden
Ben is going to fucking drop this clown! Y'all just don't know the humble ones you really need to worry about
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 13 timer siden
When’s the fight again
Boss Tweed
Boss Tweed 13 timer siden
He looks completely different lol, he's not as stiff
nooneknows 13 timer siden
Even if Jake wins no one is gonna like him xD
Importman2009 13 timer siden
Jake Paul is delusional and dim-witted. Quite the poster boy for the millennials.
Tyler Gregory
Tyler Gregory 13 timer siden
I fucking told you all he’s a professional fighter that was once an MMA champion. He doesn’t look amazing but he looks like he can learn
Callmenikee2x 13 timer siden
This gonna be a good fight
Mary Diaz
Mary Diaz 13 timer siden
Funny how Jake said he was gonna fight KSI but instead he ducked KSI and fighted nate
GUN METAL 13 timer siden
It ain't perfect but it looks like putting in the work at wildcard paid off!
Ijonas Kisselbach
Ijonas Kisselbach 13 timer siden
He's wearing leadboots and his hands are too low.
@costa azzura
@costa azzura 13 timer siden
Beast at least on the mitts
CLASSICK MORALES 13 timer siden
Fight a 8 point striking fight. Then talk mma.
Scandle68 13 timer siden
"Unleashes fast combinations" lol. Just ordinary left-right stuff thats slow with no power. The popping sounds on the mits make it seem like more. No head movement. Jake Paul's head is gonna be about two feet higher and 2 feet further back than those mits. He's doing nothing more than practicing punching someone's hands and making cool, popping noises. I will be rooting for Ben, but he's gonna be punching air as he walks straight into Jake Paul's punches. This mit stuff is silly and useless. Watch how badasa Ronda Rousey looked striking mits just before fighting Amanda Nunez, then watch how Ronda Rousey looked in the actual fight. She landed zero on Amanda and ate every punch Amanda threw. It was pitiful to watch, and Ronda Rousey literally hit mits with more power and speed than Ben. Again...I'm rooting for Ben, but my guess is that he's gonna get beaten senseless. I hope I'm wrong. We will see.
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 13 timer siden
Impressed with his stamina. If I was being picky I'd like him to point his jabbing shoulder a bit more, to add length to his jabs, plus be a little lighter on the back foot as not to block his hips coming through on the cross. On the whole though, he looks nice and sharp.
HAB YouTube
HAB YouTube 13 timer siden
Jake Paul: I’m a fighter But he’s never actually fought a boxer 😂
Grillinwinnin 13 timer siden
Imagine if ben wins what is jake’s excuse gonna be?
Gus Sanchez Sanchez
Gus Sanchez Sanchez 13 timer siden
Shout out to the pad holder who has to do it for 12 minutes 🤙🏾
Devin Therrien
Devin Therrien 13 timer siden
Jake Paul looks scared asf
Jake Inda Taurus
Jake Inda Taurus 13 timer siden
years later, boo boo 4 real
Bob Teveni
Bob Teveni 13 timer siden
Keep your hands up Ben, you'll do fine
Prem Labhaya
Prem Labhaya 13 timer siden
Everyone will love Ben after this fight, for giving this dude the slap he needs
Troll Bot33000
Troll Bot33000 13 timer siden
Wow he could actually lose. Its crazy someone that good at fighting can look that bad at boxing.
Jay Ali
Jay Ali 13 timer siden
This guy confusing the bible with boxing. Clearly his ego is affected.
danilo vergara
danilo vergara 13 timer siden
Amanda Nunes '! can beat clarissa Shield'!!! , i ' the Nunes the best fighter W.' In the World!!!#
LionLegal 13 timer siden
Ok, fine, I'm gonna watch this now. Can't wait for Jake Paul to take an early nap.
Andy cairns
Andy cairns 13 timer siden
Can you imagine the scenes if he loses though come on ben fucking hell do us all a favour and put that bellend too sleep
CLASSICK MORALES 13 timer siden
This kid is delusional. 3 pro fights where? 3 pro fights means you flight 3 pro fighters. That didn't happen. You fought with amateurs that weren't even legit amateurs. Stop it.
Jesse Winford
Jesse Winford 13 timer siden
I don't think he's a shitty amateur I think he's a decent amateur.
Nick Polizzi
Nick Polizzi 13 timer siden
Turned-off video when Jakers came-on. What a douche.
kag master
kag master 13 timer siden
Ben can't box! Rematch should be in mma
Everlasting 13 timer siden
I came here to listen to the beat not the person who’s punching the heavy bag. 🤣😂
Joseph Katalinas
Joseph Katalinas 13 timer siden
I would recognize Jake Paul as a fighter if he would fight Ben Askren in MMA or wrestling. If he wants to be seen as a boxer, he should fight boxers not people who don’t box. Facts not hate.
Chris 13 timer siden
"Maybe I'll throw an elbow" DO IT BEN !!!! FKIN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blackjack Dealer
Blackjack Dealer 13 timer siden
Jake Paul will prove nobody wrong ... whoo the Fook are talking toooooo You'll do Nutttin .... you'll do nuttin
Eiji Kun
Eiji Kun 13 timer siden
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jesse esquivel
jesse esquivel 13 timer siden
What if Ben was just trolling everyone before with the weak ass boxing videos just so we bought into the narrative he might lose and now is just showing us what he was actually doing behind closed doors
Camo Wise
Camo Wise 13 timer siden
17:01 *Reporter Question* : Hey Fake Paul, sorry jake paul... first off just wanna say are you so pale because you live in your brothers shadow? And more importantly, is it true you handle absolutely nothing like a man and cry when you don't get your way like a 3 year old who doesn't get there happy meal toy?
YouTube User
YouTube User 13 timer siden
I can't be the only one who just watches the fight for free on NOpost
Jho Seok
Jho Seok 13 timer siden
Oh I'm not paying for a shit fight. I'm right there with you brotha. I ain't giving the Paul's a penny.
Fraser T
Fraser T 13 timer siden
What would happen if you got a super cringey guy who is stuck in adolescence and surrounded him with fake gurus and yes men? Oh ok, good to know 😂
William Baker
William Baker 13 timer siden
Draws back his fists before he throws, splays out his elbows, hands low, doesn't cover his chin - slow. Absolute trash.
Ste Frequency
Ste Frequency 13 timer siden
Ben has trolled the biggest troll of all which means Ben is the goat troll
Mark Scanlon
Mark Scanlon 13 timer siden
Da fuck is with Jake Pauls hair?
Jennifer Newman
Jennifer Newman 13 timer siden
Early signs of CTE , Fights three bus drivers and talks like he’s been through wars anyway good luck man.
James Quick
James Quick 13 timer siden
That would be gold if he beats Jake then calls out a rematch to Jorge in the Octagon!! 😂😂💯
king fausia
king fausia 13 timer siden