Gabriela Kafková
Gabriela Kafková 22 timer siden
I think that Jordan is bastard.
SharResist45 !
SharResist45 ! 22 timer siden
The difference between the left vs. right is vast. I love what Jordan said, “the guys with the pitchforks are usually the bad guys.” Amen!
D. Cee
D. Cee 22 timer siden
The takeaway: So Much for Dry January!!!
Mehosh Commercial Photography Studio
Mehosh Commercial Photography Studio 22 timer siden
Traitors to Democracy
David Sader
David Sader 22 timer siden
The aspiring accountant transmurally flap because zoo intrinsically chew sans a ultra helmet. superb, messy bridge
Gerard Kean
Gerard Kean 22 timer siden
I'll miss these videos
tudorjason 22 timer siden
These people are so delusional. Just like their dear leader.
at5840 22 timer siden
Fox news is the cancer of america
PAW 22 timer siden
LOL. "I educated myself about this". Was that Trump University?
Peter Garcia
Peter Garcia 22 timer siden
You got admit Trump is gonna go down as the most entertaining President of his time.
Harry J
Harry J 22 timer siden
Where are all the black trump supporters?
Just MY Opinion
Just MY Opinion 22 timer siden
Guess what FOX and Friends...YOU LOST!
Hayde S
Hayde S 22 timer siden
So screwed up...that sad idiot on the Segway was hilarious!
Uncle G
Uncle G 22 timer siden
They're no longer in white robes. They are in police uniforms.
Lic Studio
Lic Studio 22 timer siden
Liars and Losers have no shames, look at those pigs.
Thomas McKenzie
Thomas McKenzie 22 timer siden
I'm surprised this got a single thumbs down. Democrats are laughing at this while the Trump supporters are saying, "Fn right he is the greatest president in the history of all time."
Harry J
Harry J 22 timer siden
He meant “live on your knees, or die on your feet” ijs
Ppr Prabhakar
Ppr Prabhakar 22 timer siden
First u know the difference between dictator and Capitolist
James Rushmoore
James Rushmoore 22 timer siden
Godwin John
Godwin John 22 timer siden
Thanks to @incredable_hacker for helping me recover my Facebook account, you can contact him on Instagram @incredable_hacker God bless America 🇺🇸
Drayton Williams
Drayton Williams 22 timer siden
I have trouble enjoying 100% one-sided "journalism." I have never been one for safe spaces.
Mountain N
Mountain N 22 timer siden
This video should be sent to the Fox News crew and make them watch themselves all over again. They are disgusting humans.
JB 22 timer siden
Man this was the most entertaining and frightening report I've ever seen.
Zozo Pearl
Zozo Pearl 22 timer siden
Come to Nigeria and try this nonsense they did😪not all of you will go home 😪 America is so patient.
Just MY Opinion
Just MY Opinion 22 timer siden
Ole Trumpy has just a few more days in the spotlight and then he'll fade into obscurity on a beach in Florida...if they let him on the beach or back in the State
aLeX 22 timer siden
He somehowe hypnotizes people into rage
AUGUSTO CESAR 22 timer siden
M 2
M 2 22 timer siden
Oh how right he was huh?
Tonio Grande
Tonio Grande 22 timer siden
"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?" Trump remarked at a campaign stop at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. "It's, like, incredible." What he said was disgusting. It was an insult to the intelligence. Unfortunately, more than 70 millions people are blind and fanatics.
Esmeralda Paniora
Esmeralda Paniora 22 timer siden
Maybe those people that won’t live under Biden should find an island...possibly in Florida next to the Trump compound and live there!🤣🤣😂 bet ya he doesn’t want them either!😡😡😡
Apiromrat Frauchiger
Apiromrat Frauchiger 22 timer siden
If you would read or listen to anything Jordan Peterson wrote or said you would know he couldn't be possible the leader of a so called Canadian branch of alt right. This is just sad seriously, I've never been that disappointed by the daily show. Didn't you guys make so much fun of biased reporting?!?
Carlosinfinite 22 timer siden
but but but but but antifa
Who knows U
Who knows U 22 timer siden
What's a slang word for white people or the most frequently used slang word for white people? What race/religion has been the victim of the worst acts of racism that we have records of? Is there slavery still in the world today?
sulou bell
sulou bell 22 timer siden
I almost died of laughter when he asked the two women about Hugo Chavez!!😅😅 They reminded me of Vilma and Betty from the Flintstones.
R.A. Monigold
R.A. Monigold 22 timer siden
SIMPLE - EVERY adult who legally lives in America (Green Cards too) has to PASS the Citizenship Test (re-test until you pass). Fail and no matter your job you get minimum wage, no Tax deductions, NO driver license and can't vote. This is not punishment, it's THE incentive to understanding our NATION. BTW - why is this not a REQUIREMENT in order to run for Public Office
Godwin John
Godwin John 22 timer siden
Thanks to @incredable_hacker for helping me recover my Facebook account, you can contact him on Instagram @incredable_hacker
Doosh Beagge
Doosh Beagge 22 timer siden
There is never a need for neutral when reporting facts. LIFE SUCKS SND THINGS FROM TIME TO TIME HURT AND NO ONE ALIVE NEEDS TO BE SHIELDED FROM IT!!!
samantha moon
samantha moon 22 timer siden
Why does that guy at 16:19 look so familiar
offbrand 22 timer siden
uh mr. trevor noah, i think I’ve got another for the list
insidious 123
insidious 123 22 timer siden
Come and take it has nothing to do with trump,disgraceful to our fellow Americans that fought for the Alamo and under Sam Houston
xzayi 22 timer siden
Jail all this domestic terrorist
Kenneth Soto
Kenneth Soto 22 timer siden
D. Cee
D. Cee 22 timer siden
Hey Jordan hope you had some security you took some risks, that was great!!!!!!!
andres perez
andres perez 22 timer siden
The hoc zipper consquentially rhyme because prosecution joly rely concerning a wretched sunflower. spotted, blue sale
Liz Mowrey
Liz Mowrey 22 timer siden
I wish they didn't censor the faces
Dazey Duke
Dazey Duke 22 timer siden
The domestic terrorists are broken people who thought trump would save them. But what they didn't realize, trump is broken too.
Hubie Maddox
Hubie Maddox 22 timer siden
WoW This reporter just Exposed how Dumb Trump Supporters Really Are. Hollywood should Make a RIGHT MOVIE to Expose the Trump Truths Problem is, Everybody will be Laughing at Themselves 😂 And the Title Should Be “The Right Movie”
mihai 123
mihai 123 22 timer siden
this guy is brilliant but he has it easy interviewing these dim minds
K WILLIAMS 22 timer siden
The dominant race. Yea, Ok.
Teresia W Person
Teresia W Person 22 timer siden
And the Truth is not the Best Policy! Its the only Policy that will never let you down!!!!
Patsy Castillo
Patsy Castillo 22 timer siden
Cassandra Goosby
Cassandra Goosby 22 timer siden
Why are they chanting “antifa “?
Braden Ayers
Braden Ayers 22 timer siden
There is a clear difference in an NFL player getting angry and a tennis player getting angry
omygussshhh 22 timer siden
Anony Mustly
Anony Mustly 22 timer siden
When might we expect some new material?
Paul Ferrell
Paul Ferrell 22 timer siden
HERE'S A BRILLIANT IDEA NOAH. Did i spell Noah right? My spell check doesn't work when I use all caps -- and it deeply troubles me. (I've been laying on this couch since last March) Please use the latest Daily Show technology or CGI or whatever you have, to re-create my dream: I awake from the couch, looked at the TV and see two African-American cops leading the handcuffed Donald Trump down the steps of the White House. They opened the backdoor of the DC Police cruiserBBQ
Gaby Osegueda
Gaby Osegueda 22 timer siden
These idiots don't realize that Democrats own guns too...... 🙄
- Totembot -
- Totembot - 22 timer siden
Just wait until tomorrow.
insidious 123
insidious 123 22 timer siden
Act of treason
Zade K
Zade K 22 timer siden
Wow!!!! These people will always repeat what the fascist dictator is pushing no matter what the lie is
Mary Cynthia
Mary Cynthia 22 timer siden
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Sage Oldmann
Sage Oldmann 22 timer siden
Trump is literally Biff from back to the future
Topher Hoffmann
Topher Hoffmann 22 timer siden
Absolutely damning.
Mandy Bissell
Mandy Bissell 22 timer siden
I would never want the enormous responsibility it takes to be president. Some do it better than others. I believe, having been through several presidents, from Bush to Clinton to Obama to trump, as an adult, some are definitely better than others in the respect of putting country first. I think self actualization or the ongoing attempt to have some self actualization is the first step. I think Obama is the first one in my lifetime that exhibited that. Let’s realize that the office of president, no matter what they say in their campaigns, once in office have an inordinate amount of red tape && bipartisanship to go through. The presidents I’ve lived through, I respect those that actually feel true disappointment in themselves for it not having been accomplished. Obama exudes this full weight && feeling of responsibility.
Kelvin Keme
Kelvin Keme 22 timer siden
Wow, so unreal... Can't believe this is happening.
Chris Deleon
Chris Deleon 22 timer siden
Was the guy in the maga hoodie at 1:03 trying to sound like Shapiro
Scott Shields
Scott Shields 22 timer siden
You sense the fact those guys seem like they have a 20 ton elephant off their back and are just generally at peace ... shocker how not being an angry racist makes your life better (in addition to everyone else’s)
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson 23 timer siden
Greatest shit show
mandy moore
mandy moore 23 timer siden
I’m confused! Who the fuuuuuuuck thinks these animals are hero’s?!
Ty Smoke
Ty Smoke 23 timer siden
Everyone who found this video funny is special ed bro
Ty Smoke
Ty Smoke 23 timer siden
This guy had no reason to add trump to the thumbnail he just did it for clout
Mathy Don
Mathy Don 23 timer siden
The MAGA Qanon Terrorists are fighting for a tyrant named Dornald Turmp
Mae Gary
Mae Gary 23 timer siden
What is a fine racieses
Tie My Shoe
Tie My Shoe 23 timer siden
It’s sad that these are actual people lol... but they were good sports at least lol
bananagonz 23 timer siden
that man with the confederate flag should know that a fuck ton of those flags were taken