scoolzdevries 23 timer siden
I take it George Floyd missed out on "the talk" and that's why he didn't do anything the police said. That's why the guy is dead now because he missed out on the talk. Such a shame. He should've watched Trevor Noah and maybe he'd be alive today.
J Garbo
J Garbo 23 timer siden
Dr Mesmer had a word for it...
Tara McMahon
Tara McMahon 23 timer siden
“The Trumpinator” 😂😂😂
Ellie R
Ellie R 23 timer siden
Ok, Asians help me out: I have 50% Dai ancestry, 37% Chinese ancestry, 10% Vietnamese and 3% broadly Chinese and Southeast Asian. I was born in Guangdong, so like at the very bottom of China near Vietnam. I can’t tell if I’m East Asian or southeast Asian or both. I have light skin in the winter but in the summer I become 3 skin tones darker and get mistaken for Filipina.
Smith Ed
Smith Ed 23 timer siden
It takes a certain kind of person to come to america become a mulit millionaire live in the richest whitest safest hoods on the planet and pretend you don't he's a fraud
Family Hillebrand
Family Hillebrand 23 timer siden
Oh, look--343 tRumpers!
Kimberly Christine
Kimberly Christine 23 timer siden
This is what happens when you let people languish intellectually after completing high school. We need to have free university education. This is terrible.
Jeff McMann
Jeff McMann 23 timer siden
Trump is destroying our democracy and the USA
Andreas Hakim
Andreas Hakim 23 timer siden
Jordan klepper looks better with beard
JabTrill 23 timer siden
There’s really no normal looking Trump supporters
Jeff McMann
Jeff McMann 23 timer siden
This is not what America is about
Smith Ed
Smith Ed 23 timer siden
Trevor lives in the richest whitest hoods in the world pretending he doesn't he's a complete fraud the hoodie is part of the act
Zachary Glatt
Zachary Glatt 23 timer siden
I want her to narrorate my life
Jaxson Worley
Jaxson Worley 23 timer siden
For those wondering, Ronny Chieng is playing Jon Jon in the upcoming Shang Chi movie
michellejean11 23 timer siden
Jordan got to meet a lot of real "polite" lady's and gents, all very "Christian". LOL
Bree Collazo
Bree Collazo 23 timer siden
Bro the “ Guys we’re trying” at the end is priceless 😂🤣
BadGuyKryptonite 23 timer siden
Civil conversation guy gave me hope.
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman Dag siden
I'm not sheeple -_-
Stain Akagoru
Stain Akagoru Dag siden
As beautiful as this is, I just don't feel the pain in it like billie holiday. She had seen it, she lived it and I just don't feel like she brought that to the table.
Hawkeye Ras
Hawkeye Ras Dag siden
"Frankly I'm pretty jealous of these mouth-breathers". Bahaha, this comment made my day!!
big spoon
big spoon Dag siden
C'mon - these people are bad actors.
Macy V
Macy V Dag siden
Trevor get ready to say goodbye to your career in a couple years bro!
Finally someone famous talks about south africa especially soweto and talks Zulu
michellejean11 Dag siden
This will be a study in mass delusions for years to come. How so many people believe lies are truth and trust the biggest liar in the U.S. presidency. trump never told a lie he didn't convince himself and his insane followers to believe
Johan Newaz
Johan Newaz Dag siden
Tucker Carlson Jesus and Trump the new Trinity of the GOP.
emilia chirita
emilia chirita Dag siden
In all honesty, 'Hungary and Roma Population' is really really strange. Like there is a population of Roma people in Romania (Romanian citizens with Romani descent), as well as in Hungary (Hungarian citizens of Romani descent) and some several other countries; so why point to the whole country of Romania when you could just say something like 'Hungary and Romania' (if u meant the country of Romania and all of its citizens) or 'Hungary and every single country in Europe that has Roma populations including Hungary itself" (if u actually meant what you said by Roma population) and move on? If you're going to be that ignorant and demean ppl like that, try at least to be correct idk.
Alberto Mendonça
Alberto Mendonça Dag siden
Equality fraternity freedom... under iron hands of Paris control. Even older europeans cultures and languages are not allowed in french laws.
vospecv Dag siden
So many families in lines at the food bank and the white debt collector had such a great time with Trump he got fangs...
philiphied Dag siden
Jordans the best. Miss his show.
Smith Ed
Smith Ed Dag siden
Immigrant to america multi millionaire living in the richest whitest safest hoods in the world pretending he dont trevor is a fraud
deborah anderson
deborah anderson Dag siden
Cache D
Cache D Dag siden
The level of hypocrisy & irony is astounding
Kiran Blon
Kiran Blon Dag siden
This is scary
Obi1KenobiB0bby Dag siden
just to make an idea about the current french "connections" with quite a few countries in Africa: nopost.info/throw/mZjAYHaxsqyghdE/video . Cheers!
Josh Quivey
Josh Quivey Dag siden
Brilliant segment. I'd love to see him catch up with other people he interviewed.
Samej Nnoc
Samej Nnoc Dag siden
Hard to describe how disturbing this is! THEY WALK AMONG US!
James West
James West Dag siden
Amazing abilities you have Sir, you can savage Tf out of someone and they don't even realize it.
Johan Newaz
Johan Newaz Dag siden
What kind of jacket would you call what he's wearing? In the beginning in the parking lot.
Chris Magnussen
Chris Magnussen Dag siden
TL;DR: Trump supporters are epic morons.
Sergio Melo
Sergio Melo Dag siden
Ahhhh! Come on! there's so much stuff to make fun about. And being the human stupidity your preference... well it hasn't ended with Trump.
Marias Josan
Marias Josan Dag siden
So philosophical, humble, genial, determined, confident & wise human being...!! Saluuuuut!!!
Mephistopheles Count Caliostro
Mephistopheles Count Caliostro Dag siden
Hate immigrants hate demonstrators don't mind, favouring one man over all else then north Korea is the place for you
Instinct 77
Instinct 77 Dag siden
Oh come on, if you keep talking about him you’re on his side, it’s time to stop grabbing for money.
william elijah
william elijah Dag siden
Looking for the rest of the arrest. They’ve slowed down.
Jesus - it's all so . . boring.
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Dag siden
This people actually exist waooo....
Chee Nou Lo
Chee Nou Lo Dag siden
Smith Ed
Smith Ed Dag siden
Trevor lives in the richest whitest hoods in the world the hoodie is worn on purpose to look like he's not living in a 30 million dallors home
Mike Marchelletta
Mike Marchelletta Dag siden
Hoping I’m right ... I like the Bob’s Burgers reference in the title haha
Sergio Melo
Sergio Melo Dag siden
Your camera guys are astonishing. Lots of being in the right spot.
FactsOver Fiction
FactsOver Fiction Dag siden
Keeping the Trump brand alive .... STOP saying his name. Ffs!
Jay Jacobs
Jay Jacobs Dag siden
Great Jobe Jordan, I will miss your wit at the t...p supporters rally.
stormca1972 Dag siden
Not a sheep... 😷🤦‍♀️. Not a genius either.
Sally Bowles
Sally Bowles Dag siden
In case anybody has any doubt about the average IQ of Dump supporters, this clears it
sandrasea3 Dag siden
Az is doing a recount! Check it out!
mplsgrrl 2021
mplsgrrl 2021 Dag siden
Trailer trash.
mplsgrrl 2021
mplsgrrl 2021 Dag siden
Trailer trash.
Smith Ed
Smith Ed Dag siden
Trevor lives in the richest whitest hoods in the world multi millionaire pretending he don't what a joke
mr blue
mr blue Dag siden
id laugh it was a bob big boy underneath the gold and they cheap XD
Tttyuh Bbb
Tttyuh Bbb Dag siden
Tiffani Floyd
Tiffani Floyd Dag siden
Spot on Trev!!!
Smith Ed
Smith Ed Dag siden
Policy wasn't a question I'm guessing wouldn't want to bore that viewers
mplsgrrl 2021
mplsgrrl 2021 Dag siden
Democrats are 1000 times smarter than these dildoes
PAvS Official
PAvS Official Dag siden
I unsub to trevor, 2.16 when he did the same thing as tucker carlson did i feel im done with this channel both of them are the same in my book. Guys i come in a country where there are the majority are not white but i dont want to mention the details. This method is not the right way. We can have better policies which only measure GPA's obtained not race, gender or etc. But when we give this kind of we want 50 percent of some race and this and that. It will create the same problem the whites made. Remove Race,gender and religion from those forms ur problem is solved
Zachary Chayette
Zachary Chayette Dag siden
I've got one word for you guys... have a great 420! :D
Kelly Burket
Kelly Burket Dag siden
Can we force these people into mental health care facilities?
Wanuby Dag siden
If I could go back in time, I would go back to that day and do 2 things: 1) Encourage him to stay longer, to be a part of dark history. At the very least, the footage would help the FBI catch more of those traitors who attempted a coup at the Trump Riot. 2) Show up wearing a Cobra Commander outfit to mock the Trump Idiots.
Tonia Randell
Tonia Randell Dag siden
The movie makes a powerful statement. Travon Free is Black Excellence. You become Carter and feel his excitement to see his dog, his fear, and frustrations. I felt the brilliant portrayal of the emotions boiling over of confusion, and desperation before our resilience and hope burst through. Bravo Sir. Bravo
April Calhoun
April Calhoun Dag siden
The moment where a comedian (without any intention) becomes an eye witness.
fuzzy Parker
fuzzy Parker Dag siden
You and your crew are very brave and thank you for all that you went through. I would never have been that brave🥰
Alvario Permana
Alvario Permana Dag siden
I love how he terribly mispronounced sepak takraw
Wanuby Dag siden
They should do an update for how much Trumps till owes for those rallies