MyPillow Guy 2024
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I Was On Dr. Phil
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Trump Ruining Relationships
Ebony Nyle
Ebony Nyle 5 sekunder siden
Lisa B in Hawaii
Lisa B in Hawaii 40 sekunder siden
Every news and media outlet should stop covering Trump now. That's the only way to take away his power.
Blynky Land
Blynky Land 41 sekund siden
37:30 What the hell is the obnoxious blue static in the Trump video? O.o
darthmal2010 2 minutter siden
These people can't stop making fools of themselves! Like a bunch of kids in HS that can't get their way!
Jerry Ortiz
Jerry Ortiz 3 minutter siden
So we can see him finally release his taxes on his way to jail.
Linda Valentine
Linda Valentine 3 minutter siden
Its never too late to admit you're wrong. He deserves credit for speaking out, unlike his fellow followers of the cult known as trump
MrEdium 5 minutter siden
Tiago Salviatti
Tiago Salviatti 6 minutter siden
I agree with Trump that there was fraud. There's just no way in a cold day in hell he would get so many votes...
Christy Briggs
Christy Briggs 6 minutter siden
Is anyone going to mention that Trump is saying that Biden ran against OBAMA? When did Biden run against Obama??
Stochastic One
Stochastic One 6 minutter siden
Trump is 100% right saying "This is not a candidate getting 80 millions vote".....Trump is the candidate to motivate 80 million people vote against him....
mario van dijk
mario van dijk 6 minutter siden
IRRELEVANT, cough, cough,.....
Bo Mulder
Bo Mulder 8 minutter siden
My personal favorites: A video has been posted all over Twitter "proving" that Dominion was connected to the Internet in Germany. They only show this part of a question by a GOP Legislator to former Col Waldron: "Are you willing to say under oath that you've seen the connection to the internet (go) offshore to Frankfurt Germany? They cut off this part: Are these things that YOU have personally seen?" Colonel Waldron: "Yes. Our White hat hackers, they have that traffic and the packets” Truncated Answer: Yes. Our hackers have that traffic and packets. IN COURT UNDER OATH WALDRON WOULD HAVE TO VE CLEAR: "Yes. I personally saw the internet connection go offshore to Germany" BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT HE SAID. OOPS. There's more. An expert witness in Internet Security testified about the very Internet Packets the Colonel was talking about. Mr Giuliani asked the witness to explain in more detail Dominion's connection to the Internet in Germany. Answer: "We can't be sure it was Dominion." How does a Democratic Republic turn into a Dictatorship? When the country's President envies the power of Dictators around the world. He begins by perfecting the Ultimate Propaganda Technique: Truth Manipulation You can make millions of people believe ANYTHING you want, especially the OPPOSITE of what the truth is. In any position you take, lay out only those facts that back up your position & EXCLUDE any facts proving you're actually full of sh*t.
M Skallywagg
M Skallywagg 8 minutter siden
Her tongue is so brown
MrEdium 9 minutter siden
cassyasper 10 minutter siden
He is basically saying that the courts are telling lies, its in the court papers, the watchers were not kicked out, the man is dangerous and delusional
Michael Cosby
Michael Cosby 11 minutter siden
I just play the clips, I really dont like the dude that comes up in between the scenes
Theo Davis
Theo Davis 12 minutter siden
His hate is more important to him than the health and well-being of a whole nation; and the Republican Party is to blame .....
Galen Thurber
Galen Thurber 12 minutter siden
Whine Kampf Trump's playbook
Windsaw 13 minutter siden
4:53 Why did you insult smurfs?
John M
John M 13 minutter siden
The only massive dump was in his diaper
Felix 13 minutter siden
Don't insult the Smurfs David!!!
Mari Oka
Mari Oka 13 minutter siden
No daddy to bail him out of this loss and so he continues to lie and lie and lie. Pathetic!
Douglas Latham
Douglas Latham 14 minutter siden
Good to see this happening to Trump.....couldn't have happened to a more deserving prick. All he will be left with will be his non-sensical conspiracy theories. On another matter........I have taken notice of a recent "talk" of yours regards milk and the cruelly afforded cows in the process of getting milk to the fridge. After a lifetime of consuming milk, it is probably a bit late to start using other products now (I am over 70 y/o). But I thought, better late than never.....and have stopped using milk. Have tried Almond milk and Coconut milk, but found they were a weak product that didn't suit coffee (for one). They may be good for cereals and such. I have found Soy milk the best for coffee (at least). I might even try Coconut Cream for coffee as I did like the coconut taste in the coffee. Small difference to the cows my change will make, but hopefully many will see and be convinced by your video chat on the subject.
GinaCas525 15 minutter siden
If everyone did a shot (of your favorite drink 🍹🥳) every time the word FRAUD is said, I think we’d all feel better... or feel nothing 😂😂😂
Galen Thurber
Galen Thurber 15 minutter siden
Sacred pole watcher
Cream147player 15 minutter siden
Wait, you can pardon someone whose crime was conducted in the name of your own campaign? Isn’t that just textbook corruption?
Geoff Mower
Geoff Mower 16 minutter siden
If Trump was a ships captain and let his ship run aground killing 3.000 people on board he'd be locked up for gross negligence. So how the hell is he not in jail for ignoring medical advisers and allowing 300.000 people to die of covid while he happily played golf!
Ayoutube User
Ayoutube User 16 minutter siden
Loving all this schadenfreuder.....
C Kipp
C Kipp 18 minutter siden
Where are the trumpets now
TravelWell 18 minutter siden
When this is all over, can Donald please be committed and re-programmed so his madness doesn't continue.
Lucy Peedles
Lucy Peedles 18 minutter siden
SO you make more money discussing trump vs winning the senate? The media focu$ is why hillary lost.
GinaCas525 18 minutter siden
Chris Buesnell
Chris Buesnell 18 minutter siden
Trump and Bono. Both giant dumps. I saw a documentary on it. It was so true.
Malecho 18 minutter siden
Got to give drumpf supporters credit. You are losing 100-1 and you still think you have a chance.
RUSSIAN DRIVER 19 minutter siden
Donald Trump's hair has conceded
Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright 20 minutter siden
A facist party indeed. Great information.
Sandi Harrison
Sandi Harrison 21 minutt siden
I am so thankful to live in Australia and can watch this lunacy from a distance without having to live it.
Ian Gascoigne
Ian Gascoigne 21 minutt siden
Massive dumps. The Laxatives must have worked at last.
Geoff Mower
Geoff Mower 22 minutter siden
The only pole watching Trump really cares about involves a girl spinning around it!
Silence DoGood
Silence DoGood 22 minutter siden
What does recounting bogus Ballots achieve??? The integrity of the ballot system is lost completely now this election will be decided by the Supreme Court and then the House now
Carol Santangelo
Carol Santangelo 23 minutter siden
You're so jealous of Obama you can't take it and the reason why biden got 80 million votes and you only got 74 is because a little more than half of our country don't want to see your face anymore and the other 47% that you got 46% then people are going to think what was I thinking just give it time you will see and as for you running in 2024 you'll be in jail how can you
Hilda Wilson
Hilda Wilson 24 minutter siden
> who’s surviving 2020?
GinaCas525 24 minutter siden
Where are they pulling these numbers and STORIES from?!? MY GOD! This man is so f*cking delusional, there’s no way he should have ever been voted in in the first place. If there were a recount today, Biden would gain millions more votes because the Republicans with brains would see that what Trump is doing is psychotic, narcissistic, and sociopathic!
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis 24 minutter siden
splendide !!
Joe Graham
Joe Graham 25 minutter siden
When he said massive dumps!!!, we now know it was his own dumps he was referring to..Diaper Don is incontinent😂😂, the guy who used to clean him afterwards quit..He said when I took the job they warned me Trump was full of shit, but he said I didn't think they meant physically!🤣🤣🤣🤣
thetruhoss 25 minutter siden
Being a money grabber is hurting me. but please fucking stop your information is is better. It just feels like you’re becoming a sellout and what you say is fake
Kathleen Brewer
Kathleen Brewer 27 minutter siden
Those state's need to be paid upfront. Get paid first before you allow them to come. Hahahaha
Cheryle Grasby
Cheryle Grasby 27 minutter siden
When will he learn, it is what it is.
ignacio meteors
ignacio meteors 28 minutter siden
More the teacher giggles or nervous laughs more incompetent she seems. She comes out like a loon.
GinaCas525 28 minutter siden
Trump was a citizen who was elected to the office of the president of the United States. THAT IS IT!!! He is not a monarch, he is not above the people he governs in terms of commanding respect... THAT. IS. IT! And even that is too much for me!
Fri 13 ?
Fri 13 ? 28 minutter siden
It was the talking clock that phoned you and weres the proof of voter fraud because the talking clock dose not tell lise
Douglass Estates
Douglass Estates 29 minutter siden
Must suck to lose over and over again!
Kat Televised
Kat Televised 30 minutter siden
Education was defunded years ago
Kara Tyson
Kara Tyson 30 minutter siden
You have to love the Royal "we"
Frank Munoz
Frank Munoz 31 minutt siden
GiacomodellaSvezia 32 minutter siden
Now everyone knows who the actual sore losers are: Trump and his flock.
Stephen VanBuren
Stephen VanBuren 32 minutter siden
I'm taking a massive dump right now!
ed cherry
ed cherry 32 minutter siden
It seems to me that some of these laws and procedures in government need to seriously be changed or completely done away the pardon process after an election, term limits for Supreme Court judges, electoral college,etc. Also , what’s up with his sniffing?
Douglass Estates
Douglass Estates 33 minutter siden
Black communities want you ooooout, therefore those who didnt vote made sure they voted to get Trump out!
BlueHome 33 minutter siden
"It was tens of thousands....687000 to be exact"; just pulling numbers out of his ass like a boss:)
Donk 33 minutter siden
Biden is not much better than Trump morally, but he is not insane, big difference.
Fred G. Sanford
Fred G. Sanford 33 minutter siden
There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." Isaac Asimov
Frank Enstein
Frank Enstein 33 minutter siden
When your parents did meth, this is the result.........
Mona Estrada
Mona Estrada 33 minutter siden
Lying to the final end and we know what happened! He lost. Omg. Hes such a real loser!
Lukav 34 minutter siden
Trump can't face the fact that Biden got so many votes because people voted against him. Being the fraud that he is lost him the election. But his ego can't accept it.
LordZontar 34 minutter siden
It was actually Scotty in Star Trek III who coined that quip: "Aye. And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a wagon."
Douglass Estates
Douglass Estates 36 minutter siden
Who are these big people who called you?
Serenity Freedom
Serenity Freedom 36 minutter siden
He's like a bug who intended to bite but just got swatted away.
Totally OffTask
Totally OffTask 37 minutter siden
The Republican Party really bet all their chips on trump, and bent to each and every one of his wills, it was an unwise move and it’s led to their downfall, what a shame honestly, multiple parties, multiple voices leads to success, but their voice has been so twisted and corrupted by trump and other like him, pathetic
audition audition
audition audition 37 minutter siden
Worst interview in history!!!???? That's some claim. Clearly nobody has witnessed some of my job interviews as a young lad......
Vincent Franklin
Vincent Franklin 38 minutter siden
His ego is huge!! It's truly frightening.
Gregory Wright
Gregory Wright 39 minutter siden
Joe Bidens gun control is nothing less than a declaration of war against gun owners in America. After enough enough police officers are shot dead attempting to disarm the people the police and the national guard including the active duty military will completely turn on a president who starts that war and in the end there would be a genocide of a few million people.
And1 40 minutter siden
I lmfao when I heard this. God has a wonderful sense of humor.
Carol Kristian
Carol Kristian 41 minutt siden
Mass hysteria. It's the new thing.
Alexander Mueß
Alexander Mueß 43 minutter siden
He who must say: 'I am the king' is no true king. Trump acting like Jeoffrey over here
Elisabeth Cazenave
Elisabeth Cazenave 43 minutter siden
I would like to know how much Trump got from the rep donors ...
Mats - Ola Strand
Mats - Ola Strand 43 minutter siden
I like him better that way