The Rise And Fall Of GameStop
The Rise And Fall Of Pier 1
The Rise And Fall Of Hertz
Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?
Dexter Speights
Dexter Speights 10 sekunder siden
Do as I say, not as I do my fellow high taxpaying patriot - This is how corrupt government officals for many years make millions or billions of dollars off an $1 per year salary and pay almost 0% in taxes legally!
That's_Mr_Ass_To_You 27 sekunder siden
7:48 "Noble-Cause Corruption", that's a good term for it. A lot of scammers have that. I listened to a podcast about a guy that had run a scam (not this big but in the millions), did some time, and is now going straight. He said that the mentality is that you know you're lying, cheating, and stealing but it's OK because the end will ultimately be good. The thought process on his financial scam is that he just needed to hit that one big deal, make that one big payday, pay everybody back, and then go straight. Of course it never goes like that.
Raphael Williams
Raphael Williams 48 sekunder siden
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Marcin Mucha
Marcin Mucha 3 minutter siden
Last week I went to see Greenland, I was alone there. After the show, I asked, how many tickets they sold this day - four during the whole day in multiplex, crazy times
Field Marshal
Field Marshal 7 minutter siden
So... What are the consequences of dumping the brine water into the desert?
9megir 7 minutter siden
dumb video
Naresh Bajracharya
Naresh Bajracharya 14 minutter siden
Even something called K-pop is one of the top export of south Korean with they say $ 37 billions on export tally with BTS boy band already own billions on dollors you know what's amount of total american pop export merely $ 150 million a mammoth top export of Korea K-pop and BTS called Korean wave of good for Korean economy and other accessories business too
Mount P
Mount P 16 minutter siden
Go Team
John Sarviss, FRAeS
John Sarviss, FRAeS 17 minutter siden
And lose fossil fuels and surround ourselves with plexiglass. Fossil fuels comprise virtually everything in everyday life. The man is deranged. >facts.
Jesutobiloba Davies
Jesutobiloba Davies 20 minutter siden
Dude laughed it off🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Real world
Real world 21 minutt siden
Every thing create pollution.. Even electric cars battery. Banning is not a solution
Shivani 27 minutter siden
All the people in this comment section are beggars.. who can’t even afford to spend a 200 rupees on a cup of tea. Yuck 🤢 poor fellows... you can go and beg in streets
LordOfNothingham 28 minutter siden
I’d rather have a GPS than use the phone.
male version of Karen
male version of Karen 29 minutter siden
only americans theirselfs believe they arent corrupt
Donna B.
Donna B. 30 minutter siden
The military is a form of socialism & the VA is socialism (& i'm not giving up my VA benefits). Also, Social Security, medicare is a form of socialism too.
Neenab Zamro
Neenab Zamro 32 minutter siden
gotta love those liberal moderators and how biased and stupid they look. whenever trump talks they interrupt him and gave enormous time to Hilary while trump was always interrupted and never given a chance to respond but also gotta love the results that came out and he will win the elections in 2020
Back to the Grindhouse
Back to the Grindhouse 33 minutter siden
If the facemask wearing does not stop after November 4th, I will end my life.
Phillip Carruthers
Phillip Carruthers 34 minutter siden
Anddddd Ev
Samdee Danau
Samdee Danau 34 minutter siden
Kamala hates whites but somehow married to white man..
Samdee Danau
Samdee Danau 36 minutter siden
Richest indian girl in America
wang rubo
wang rubo 40 minutter siden check HUNTER BIDEN S+E+X tape..m
udamnit 44 minutter siden
So they accept that it's illegal however the solution is a miriad of paid services that I now have to pay for?
Phil Healey
Phil Healey 51 minutt siden
How does a reported 285,000 (U.S.) gallons of Diesel oil saving equate to a stated 1.3 million tons of 'greenhouse' gas ? At 20.23 pounds of CO2 per gallon of B20, that's about 2,880 (short U.S) tons or 2,570 imperial tons.
Jordan Sage
Jordan Sage 51 minutt siden
Insurance policy good.
frio leo
frio leo 53 minutter siden
She black and makes millions locking up minorities and on purpose to not make it look racist its a scam this people are grifters
frio leo
frio leo 58 minutter siden
Sounds better than your tax fraud trump
Derek Mitchell
Derek Mitchell Time siden
Google should stick with what they know, search engines. Thats it.
Derek Mitchell
Derek Mitchell Time siden
I wouldn't touch stadia
Erika Maxwell
Erika Maxwell Time siden
Thanks for the video and great information, I am new in trading Bitcoin, it's a very nice thing, Do you know of a good Bitcoin expert who can guide me through trading and give me a mentorship tutorial.
Patrick Jeffrey
Patrick Jeffrey 58 minutter siden
How can I reach her?
Frank Jeff
Frank Jeff 59 minutter siden
Yes I do trade Bitcoin my first profit was $14,200 and my capital then was $5,000.
Jeffrey Rob
Jeffrey Rob Time siden
Do you trade forex?
Noah Shane
Noah Shane Time siden
Corey Andy
Corey Andy Time siden
Bitcoin is the future 📈 💰💰 👇
Mike Nino
Mike Nino Time siden
Ugly art
R P Time siden
CNBC could you be more CHINESE??
AP Wong
AP Wong Time siden
I am a Sydney Costco fan! My fav items are Kirkland Kitchen towels and toilet paper, Ladies Underwear, Sport bras, puma socks, American Bagels(Australian supermarket bagels are expensive and hard), smoke salmons, Milk, Eggs, Steaks, Mushrooms, Garlic from Mexico/Spain (90% of Garlic in Australia are from China). I am also very happy to see the variety of staffs in Costco, in Australia, you don't see a high majority of middle age / late 50s early 60s man, middle age housewife ladies, African American workers in major supermarket and I can see them all in Costco! Also, no uniform policy for office, cashiers and signup services also makes me happy! Love to see all worker can be comfortable when they work!!!
Niyati jadaun
Niyati jadaun Time siden
And also no chemical and plastic in the water... To actually let seaweed remain healthy. Secondly, u need to leave enough seaweed for other sea creatures and our ecosystem as well.
sheLovesG Time siden
No one makes that much money off selling books.
DominickS8 Time siden
2:00 Bullcrap, the Police has always used military grade equipment, since at least the 60's.
Michel H
Michel H Time siden
No ones gonna mention the difference in insurance costs? Bright cars that draw attention tend to have higher premiums as well as the additional cost of buying it.
50 Mrunal Jadav
50 Mrunal Jadav Time siden
Why should we pretend to be rich, Why should we spent 200₹ on a Weird donut
Pick Flick
Pick Flick Time siden
College is 100% worth it but NOT AT THAT PRICE. Wake up, America! Greetings from Germany where tuition fees of 500€ per semester existed between 2007 and 2012 and people went to the streets and erased it eventually in all 16 states xD
Michael Gamas
Michael Gamas Time siden
maybe in the US or first world countries, but poorer countries tells another story
Ben Chesterman
Ben Chesterman Time siden
Middle class and upper class screwed over in Sweden , that how you pay it
Ovidiu Acatinca
Ovidiu Acatinca Time siden
How about planting 40 million trees
fugitive88888 Time siden
From the laptop
Peter hatesJazz
Peter hatesJazz Time siden
in 6 days the impossible becomes finally possible
Jason Time siden
Folks really should start listening to the other side. Research this whole Biden scandal. They have real proof of this stuff. Sadly those files also came with sickening images and videos of his son involved in pedophilia. The files were turned over to the local Delaware police department. Biden is corrupt! WAKE UP AMERICA!! He sold us out!! Stop trusting a blood sucking politician. The media has convinced people that the regular guy Trump is the corrupt politician but the people that have a salary of 174k dollars a year are some how worth 10s of millions and are squeaky clean. They are not. You think Trump gave up a rich life to come to Washington to give up his salary to get lambasted 24 hours a day and for what? He was fine where he was. Think about it. Why do the politicians hate him? Because he's not in their club. Politicians lie and Trumps not a politician.
Back to the Grindhouse
Back to the Grindhouse Time siden
Watch the moderator tweak out after Trump criticizes Hillary Clinton.
Simmons1974 Time siden
The People of America should be Thanking TRUMP for representing them .He was the Best Pick to represent the People that you possibly could have made in these current times!.Thats why their so afraid!...They didn’t see this coming !
Simmons1974 Time siden
The People of America should be Thanking TRUMP for representing them .He was the Best Pick to represent the People that you possibly could have made in these current times!.Thats why their so afraid!...They didn’t see this coming !
Back to the Grindhouse
Back to the Grindhouse Time siden
Trump is saying I should have a drink. Amen to that, cheers!
Back to the Grindhouse
Back to the Grindhouse Time siden
Biden; "Control, control, conform, conform, obey!!
Bellathebear Time siden
Yes it Was institutionalized racism. Trump Abolished it.
lets raise taxes on the middle class wait...we dont have a middle class anymore
Laziness Socks
Laziness Socks Time siden
10:28 is this a movie character?
tobu 2 timer siden
Glad to be asian i guess...
uropy 2 timer siden
Not very far. He is the same nerd now. Money doesn’t solve all your problem
Adam A.
Adam A. 2 timer siden
Tbh, I don't want flying cars, sounds noisy and dangerous af.
Matthew Huszarik
Matthew Huszarik 2 timer siden
Easy Mercedes and BMW don’t make great cars they make great status symbols. A cheap car just isn’t much of a status symbol.
lambo2655 2 timer siden
Terrible trade-in value on your used games, even on fairly recent titles then they hike the price up big time on their used games.
William T
William T 2 timer siden
Joe pays his taxes? He makes money off books ? What’s the problem? Trump paid 2years of federal taxes after 10 years. Trump is in debt and doesn’t want to show it, he wanted to become president so his brand could be a luxury brand like it used to be but now it’s a stain in the country.
Medic311 2 timer siden
More like 10% of Hunter Biden's shady business dealings with the Chinese Community Party
Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia 2 timer siden
Blame your elected officials. They're the ones who should work with businesses and bring them there. Stop blaming big bad boogeyman white people.
Viktor ScruelberG
Viktor ScruelberG 2 timer siden
US ban fracking ? Well if you want to kills millions job,, I think you can do it 🤷🤔
Cane Ma
Cane Ma 2 timer siden
Good at lying
Dabasish Kundu Shento
Dabasish Kundu Shento 2 timer siden
starting lines for - Biden - C'mon folks. Trump- look (right hand straight to camera).
Graeme J2
Graeme J2 2 timer siden
We have great socialized medicine in Australia also. I am glad not to live in the US.
Sandor Varga.
Sandor Varga. 2 timer siden
Jothi LakshmiU
Jothi LakshmiU 2 timer siden
"To make the world a better place." every project proposal have this standard line.
Malisa R
Malisa R 2 timer siden
Is it sad that I’d rather die than be hospitalize because it’s cheaper?
Tonys ToolBox
Tonys ToolBox 2 timer siden
Looks dated with the stacked headlights. (09 Chevrolet)
zoedarc 2 timer siden
They really do need to have non-biased interviewers conduct these interviews.
malayan weed
malayan weed 2 timer siden
How about we burn the salt?
walker jane
walker jane 2 timer siden
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Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 2 timer siden
BIDEN 2020!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Save America!!!💙🌊🌊🌊
Party on Darth
Party on Darth 2 timer siden
Love Ford and their trucks but if they fail, we’ll they fail. A new better product will take its place.
Bridgette Candice
Bridgette Candice 2 timer siden 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)來調味食物煮的時候
Carba 2 timer siden
American people should stop money going to you.............You are just here for the money u can raking up
Rituraj Gautam
Rituraj Gautam 2 timer siden
Huh.. something happened to dell?
GARY YOUNG 2 timer siden
Do you think His Former BOSS, Make millions too ?
Ultra AL
Ultra AL 2 timer siden
when i go to the walmart in the "poorer area" the store is a mess, people just dmt care making a big mess, a million "go backs" scarered everywhere, security guards all around but theft still high. in the "nicer area" i actually see shelves stocked semi organized and just one security guard sometimes cheching my receipt. i can assume less theft. all these affected people should gather up money open their own "grocery business" and serve their "buyers."
Lorelai144 2 timer siden
Dw J
Dw J 2 timer siden
Mr president and mr candidate, please watch Ads called "don't be a sucker" from 1947. ( ). To all americans. Remember the message from this ads in link.
Clara Patten
Clara Patten 2 timer siden
Savannah, how do you still have a job in journalism after this? The fact that Trump still wants to be our president after almost 4 years of dealing with these ignorant and childish attacks, should tell you something.