Charlie 19 timer siden
This is the only good thing on the series
Wakeel Ahmad99
Wakeel Ahmad99 19 timer siden
Black panther II is Wakanda forever, right?
Joshua Sebastin.L
Joshua Sebastin.L 19 timer siden
0:35 I love when he says "Wedneadays are the new Fridays" Reffering to Falcon and the Winter Solider
Raja gopal
Raja gopal 19 timer siden
Now give this man a shield.....!!!
J R 19 timer siden
Why have I not heard about this until right now, this was great!
Nruthyan S
Nruthyan S 19 timer siden
Even the animators and editors behind these VFX breakdowns are underrated 😂💣💥
Anusha Jain
Anusha Jain 19 timer siden
I literally watched almost every video including Iron Man of Civil War. I never knew that it existed
ALANDROID 19 timer siden
Dhruv Saxena
Dhruv Saxena 19 timer siden
When the series will come.
Spider Man Spider Man Can Do Anything A Spider Can
Spider Man Spider Man Can Do Anything A Spider Can 19 timer siden
The budget for this show is literally so much better than most movies these days
Bovine 19 timer siden
Vfx artist 🙏
Smile With Khushi
Smile With Khushi 19 timer siden
Feels like it's already been a long journey, and you don't want this journey to end for lifetime.❤️
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar 19 timer siden
Op Friday = op Wednesday
Puspa Vellai
Puspa Vellai 19 timer siden
"Loki's magical abilities include astral projection, shape-shifting, hypnosis, molecular rearrangement, energy blasts, levitating, conjuration, ... telekinesis and teleportation" Late to the 'info' :) Well, Loki's *the* god of mischief, "burdened with glorious purpose!" - Okay, so, I feel his effects on Wakanda Forever lol!
Moetres Sarkar
Moetres Sarkar 19 timer siden
100M in 4 days!
Taylor Price
Taylor Price 19 timer siden
Is it just me or I'm having a crush on Jessica or sum. XD
Just Leo
Just Leo 19 timer siden
Mischievous Achiever
Mischievous Achiever 19 timer siden
I thought captain america would also be included in this film. He returned the stones lol. There should be a part here somewhere
Mark Xenic
Mark Xenic 19 timer siden
Just wanted to see if they'd give Anthony Mackie's stuntman credit. I guess not.
CGI Future
CGI Future 19 timer siden
"Dc is better then marvel" You mean the studio the released justice league just without the cringe
est frt
est frt 19 timer siden
bruh there is 2 YEARS for the films to come out i cant wait
Entertainment Overloaded
Entertainment Overloaded 19 timer siden
Not interested in karate films
Azka Rusydan
Azka Rusydan 19 timer siden
Its wednesday my dudes!
G4 19 timer siden
마지막에 웅장한 바이프로스트 뭔데 ㅋㅋ
Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta 19 timer siden
This Trailer really hits me different.... The theme of the song really brings me goosebumps
Tarra Oldaker
Tarra Oldaker 19 timer siden
Spider Man Spider Man Can Do Anything A Spider Can
Spider Man Spider Man Can Do Anything A Spider Can 19 timer siden
Lol I thought from 0:49 to 0:57 that Wenwu said I trained you so the most dangerous people couldn't kill you S I K E instead of son
Ricardo Siahaan
Ricardo Siahaan 19 timer siden
Revanth sriraj
Revanth sriraj 20 timer siden
They say "VFX secrets" but just randomly post them on NOpost!
CGI Future
CGI Future 20 timer siden
Am I the only one who is interested in the coming ms marvel show that gonna be about a super hero teenager
BEAST MODE 20 timer siden
Thanks to support me 💘😊
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Why is the algorithm showing me this from five years ago, but I have to press a certain setting of a certain button to see videos from channels I've actually subscribed to?
Vivekanand Lodhi
Vivekanand Lodhi 20 timer siden
Love from 🇮🇳❤️
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights 20 timer siden
I love these VFX breakdowns. VFX artists don't get enough credit sometimes. They work so hard.
Shanthi kumar B
Shanthi kumar B 20 timer siden
We need Telugu Audi please
Lisa 20 timer siden
Loki 🖤
Harsh 2K19_CO_147
Harsh 2K19_CO_147 20 timer siden
Recommend after 5 years
BRAND NEW - DAY 20 timer siden
season 2 want🙏🙏🙏🙏
Pub Runner
Pub Runner 20 timer siden
Ya think he would get tired. Or is he really a super soldier?
20ECO0004 Alang M Konyak
20ECO0004 Alang M Konyak 20 timer siden
😭 please God, don't take me before watching all of these movies.
vihaan badheka
vihaan badheka 20 timer siden
Is this a movie or series
Tech relation
Tech relation 20 timer siden
आंखों, में नींद बहुत है पर सोना नहीं है, यही समय है कुछ करने का इसे खोना नहीं है। 💪👉✍️👍-#2 अगर मेहनत आदत बन जाय तो कामयाबी 'मुकद्दर' बन जाती है।
DoodleBopGames 20 timer siden
lmao kim convinence haha lol XD
Pranav Prasad
Pranav Prasad 20 timer siden
best marvel movie 🔥
Koyena Ghosh
Koyena Ghosh 20 timer siden
I would erase my memory to watch it again
MRINMOY JANA 20 timer siden
Sir , you are copy of jatin sapru 😁🙏
Vignesh M
Vignesh M 20 timer siden
Super.thank you for the video.
Ira Ford
Ira Ford 20 timer siden
Cool deadpool ongoing title.
Riya Meena
Riya Meena 20 timer siden
Now I''m Watching It From Another Channel. 😍😍
Uriel7623 20 timer siden
R.I.P. Stan Lee
Roger Harsh
Roger Harsh 20 timer siden
I they require bunch of render farms ( 2 - 10) for rendering that scenes ಠ﹏ಠ
Shlok Patni 9B 1 2 0 8 7
Shlok Patni 9B 1 2 0 8 7 20 timer siden
The ending when the camera zooms in to Elizabeth Olsen 😍
Him A You N
Him A You N 20 timer siden
Now it is recommended by NOpost because of new series "Loki"
MITCH BRAUN 20 timer siden
Hearing Awkwafina scream like that sealed the deal. Wont be seeing this steaming pile of human excrement.
Steven Rogers
Steven Rogers 20 timer siden
Op 😎
Akash Sourav
Akash Sourav 20 timer siden
This show LOKI looks hella good :')
Madridista_Till_Die💗 20 timer siden
Covid happened because of thanos snap...who agree???😂😂
Andry Ushka
Andry Ushka 20 timer siden
I was moving on NOpost...🤡
Ira Ford
Ira Ford 20 timer siden
Amazing vfx.
The H
The H 20 timer siden
Awesome 👀
Philip Barron
Philip Barron 20 timer siden
Shame that WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier weren’t included.
Philip Barron
Philip Barron 20 timer siden
@yolol I consider the MCU to be a singular series and WV and F&WS to just be its miniseries.
yolol 20 timer siden
Because its series not movie
Mox 20 timer siden
You can tell how much they've aged.
jash maniar
jash maniar 20 timer siden
Robb stark to Jon snow: "next time I see you ,you will be all in black" Now kit harrington as black knight. And Richard Madden as Ikaris
Koushik Saha
Koushik Saha 20 timer siden
So, now Loki will complete the mysteries of my world.
Koushik Saha
Koushik Saha 20 timer siden
Loki cooper
Ultra Saber
Ultra Saber 20 timer siden
The future generation will never understand the hype around endgame and this NEVER
Aakash Prajapati
Aakash Prajapati 20 timer siden
Who loves loki 👇
That Blue Pikmin
That Blue Pikmin 20 timer siden
Pov: Loki comes out on your birthday
KFXG 20 timer siden
Such a great game and great voice actors. Just a love letter to Spider-Man's past iterations. Chris Barnes will forever be my favourite Spidey, but they're all good, even the ones who aren't in this game.
Mousumi Barua
Mousumi Barua 20 timer siden
Please make a movie on miles morales of spider man and in this movie miles' girlfriend will be spider gwen
Aloysios Anto
Aloysios Anto 20 timer siden
Is taskmaster Hawkeye?!
Builder Sixxer
Builder Sixxer 20 timer siden
Falcon is the new, CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!
Deep Gajjar
Deep Gajjar 20 timer siden
Are you telling me he wasn’t actually flying with a jet pack??!!😨😆
Brittaney wilson
Brittaney wilson 20 timer siden
I honestly dont get it I keep saying she should have gotten this movie before she died in endgame now I'm thinking did she actually die and if she didn't what happened I'm so confused these people are so crazy
Scarlett Olsen
Scarlett Olsen 20 timer siden
Enough. I have been crying over Tony Stark for 2 years now. Marvel you really need to bring him back before I die due to depression. Please we need him. We need the great RDJ.
Deashrein 865 Number 2
Deashrein 865 Number 2 20 timer siden
This brung back memories for me
xXMairusuXx 20 timer siden
Not suprised they spent time thinking about how to make Sam's flight feel different. I think it paid off!
Hinomoto Lanka
Hinomoto Lanka 20 timer siden
I wish I have a marvel buddy so I can discuss marvel things with her. All my friends are k pop fans😩
Andre DV
Andre DV 20 timer siden
if Tell it Animated was working for Marvel