Comedic Center
Comedic Center 6 timer siden
I'm not excited for all the one liners and quips but besides that stuff, this show looks pretty good!
Bradley Storm
Bradley Storm 6 timer siden
Maevel for the win marvel rules cant wait loved wanda and vison
Aisling O'Leary
Aisling O'Leary 6 timer siden
"We know each other! He's a friend from work."
Zyriae Ganapin
Zyriae Ganapin 6 timer siden
I hope people will set their expectations realistically this time. Y'all need to understand that the series is NOT supposed to have multiple major plot reveals because the movies still need to stand on their own. Not everyone has access to Disney+. Having too much major plot reveals might leave many movie-only audiences confused.
Nathaniel Vers.
Nathaniel Vers. 6 timer siden
TrailBlazer is basically Teenage Dora The Explorer
Angiethetankengine 17
Angiethetankengine 17 6 timer siden
YOOOOOOOO this looks so good
Andreas Nordvall
Andreas Nordvall 6 timer siden
80s buddy cop superheroes? I'm in.
Tobias Benedict Dräger
Tobias Benedict Dräger 6 timer siden
They should have Wanda let the tapes censor... Her cuts are smoother than the interferences in this video...
pickles 6 timer siden
I wait till everyone in my fam watches before talking about it
The Abyssinian
The Abyssinian 6 timer siden
The last times Marvel said do not spoil their Film (IW ). Half of Univers disapear
Mushroom Zero Art -
Mushroom Zero Art - 6 timer siden
Thoreo 6 timer siden
“We know each other! He’s a friend from work!”
gissneric 6 timer siden
Of all the Marvel shows announced, I was most excited for Loki and zero interest in Wandavision. Wow, things have dramatically turned. Love Wanda and looking forward to this.
BARELofMONKEYSS 6 timer siden
Anyone else here after the Wandavision finale?
Kayum Iman
Kayum Iman 6 timer siden
where vision go ??? :v if he memories has restored, why he not go back to wanda??
Tom Stein
Tom Stein 7 timer siden
Mark Pařízek
Mark Pařízek 7 timer siden
From here to Black Panter 2 Marvel is going good good ❤💯🙏
Viva King34
Viva King34 7 timer siden
Who even watches this garbage of a show?
Andrea Flamenco
Andrea Flamenco 7 timer siden
if you are reading this you youvE been wooooood by jimmy woooooooo
rafael anime
rafael anime 7 timer siden
This show go to be amazing, 0:25 is than person what I am thinking Its us agent right?
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis 7 timer siden
Disney/Marvel: March 19 Me: But Bucky's birthday is on March 10
tamil boi
tamil boi 7 timer siden
Ok marvel is unstoppable this year 😏
Agnes W.
Agnes W. 7 timer siden
As long as at one point they mention the haircut, I will be happy.
Batınsu Ayaz
Batınsu Ayaz 7 timer siden
❌ team ❌ partners 🤝 coworkers
Focus Scrub
Focus Scrub 7 timer siden
"you couldn't have done that earlier?"
Caps NZ
Caps NZ 7 timer siden
Bucky: he’s a nuisance from work
dred man
dred man 7 timer siden
Lol still waiting
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips 7 timer siden
Disney Plus: We have these great shows coming but we're going to make you wait a long time.
Sydney Dodge
Sydney Dodge 7 timer siden
Did anyone else have a heart attack while watching this? LOL
anakin 7 timer siden
a wandavision arg would've been pretty cool ngl
Dilster 7 timer siden
Will episodes come out weekly?
DeltaWolf86 7 timer siden
"We need new heroes." Bucky: "Bro, I've been around since WWII"
Lassannn 7 timer siden
Ferrigno is one mammoth human being.
Le Provokateur
Le Provokateur 7 timer siden
I loved Wanda vision except the past episode which was ngl pretty and actually, no big reveal and the cgi wasn’t actually that good, but this show is gonna be promising!! Man I just can’t wait in super hyped
MightyHealthy 7 timer siden
Falcon has NO SUPER POWERS WHATSOEVER. He should not be captain america
M3 7 timer siden
trash ending ,all the fan theories was way better marvel is gonna struggle with this lineup
cristal D
cristal D 7 timer siden
Anyone here after the final episode? ❣️♦️
Jeremy Barnes
Jeremy Barnes 7 timer siden
“It’s full of surprises” was actually *“he’s”* and it’s about Quicksilver!
M3 7 timer siden
wanavision lol is all fanboy hurt so evil devil at end?? so trash ending
Stranger Things
Stranger Things 7 timer siden
SirArnoldGrylls 7 timer siden
I'm getting winter soldier vibes
R 7 timer siden
I don’t think anything’s going to top WandaVision
optimus prime
optimus prime 7 timer siden
Still watching in 2021
Justin Fernandez
Justin Fernandez 7 timer siden
Spoiled, oh well dont like it, dont go seek for the spoilers. Instead of this video stating you should not spoil it should state. Those who haven't watched it yet.....DONT GO SEEK SPOILERS
Justin Fernandez
Justin Fernandez 7 timer siden
Vision vs Vision, yet one vision the actual vision turns the other vision away and he flies away. Wanda does BECOME the scarlet witch and she wears the suit fabulously. Even the crown looks amazing. The kids and Vision die kinda without the hex. I mean they do go away. But the kids at the end of the 2nd credit scene do reach out from "SOMEWHWRE"!!! Agatha gets to be the only one mind controlled to stay in westview as the ONLY person with being locked away from everyone else who was freed. We did see both boys use their powers.....so dope. Vision dies. The boys fade. Wanda leaves westview for some alone in the hills and forest cabin. Where we see her but not reality her as she walks into the cabin feet away we see the true Scarlet witch in what seems like astral form learning from the Darkhold. Also, Quicksilver is Ralph. No powers once Photon rips the power enchanted necklace giving power to him. The end.
The Science Guy
The Science Guy 7 timer siden
The Infinity Saga comes to a close, but the doors to the Multiverse have opened, and it's just the tip of the iceberg
Nouminey 7 timer siden
Hah i still like how funny the Ultron was even if he was villain
diego lucio
diego lucio 7 timer siden
hes a friend from work
DHARANI DHARAN 7 timer siden
Please release the whole episodes at the same time .
Joshua Fugate
Joshua Fugate 7 timer siden
One. More. Day.
Kid goku
Kid goku 7 timer siden
Everyone Dies!!
6gun Beauford III
6gun Beauford III 7 timer siden
I hope there are no spoilers for Black Widow because Black Widow was suppose to lead into Falcon & Winter Soldier
CPPower10Gamer -Norsk Gaming
CPPower10Gamer -Norsk Gaming 7 timer siden
Avengers: Endgame was not only a movie, it was a once in a lifetime experience, and I am forever grateful that I got to experience this cinematic masterpiece on the big screen. Thank you, Russos, Stan Lee, and all the actors on this movie for giving me and the huge fanbase this magical product
AN70N1014F 7 timer siden
Goodbye Wandavision! You will be missed
DaBeast34 7 timer siden
Cool animation at the very end
Sigma C
Sigma C 7 timer siden
not a whole lot to spoil
Lucy Vega
Lucy Vega 7 timer siden
This trailer is so fantastic! I am going to miss the Captain America!
Captain America
Captain America 7 timer siden
Is the stunt team from CA:WS is in this show too?
Ian 7 timer siden
It seems like they are hiding alot. We have seen these scenes before but some of them are in a different angle. I bet these scenes are from the first two episodes. There is probably alot more to this story than what is being shown here.
Louie 7 timer siden
He's a friend from work
Denise J.
Denise J. 7 timer siden
It doesn't matter what TV show it is! It's insane how this has to be explained to people in 2021!
alfrinscha 7 timer siden
like im still not over WandaVision but yeah bring it on!!!
Julio Santiago Aquise
Julio Santiago Aquise 7 timer siden
Aquí aparece Mephisto :V
Moon Joe
Moon Joe 7 timer siden
So..... I’m suppose to wait for 2 weeks? My 2 Fridays for nothing? I could dieeee
Big BB
Big BB 7 timer siden
watching whole full movie quality TV show ... god bless u Marvel
Pamela Casillas
Pamela Casillas 7 timer siden
Creative mastermind.
Sean McGall
Sean McGall 7 timer siden
how is falcon bucky's height?
Gulzaar bhai Ka bihari fan
Gulzaar bhai Ka bihari fan 7 timer siden
Waiting hardly
Ha Ter
Ha Ter 7 timer siden
This better not be all hype like WandaVision. Still can’t get over the rubbish finale
Thomas Vlogs
Thomas Vlogs 7 timer siden
Is his name captain falcon or falcon America or just cap America or falcon
LAS LOCURAS DE FABRI 7 timer siden
Who in 2021?
ShutUp and eat a cinnamon roll
ShutUp and eat a cinnamon roll 7 timer siden
in the last episode wanda dies
Irfan Haqim
Irfan Haqim 7 timer siden
Mdautkreix -
Mdautkreix - 7 timer siden
Marvel. Please have War Machine show up for a cameo. But make it Steve Stiffler played by Terrance Howard w/no explanation 😂
Fuzzy Movieclips
Fuzzy Movieclips 7 timer siden
Now that WandaVision is over, BRING ON THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER! Oh..Do subscribe to my channel I will be posting episodes from the falcon and winter soldier every weekday
Cowboy Max10
Cowboy Max10 7 timer siden
I wasn’t going too but now you’ve made me do it
RK Abogado
RK Abogado 7 timer siden
That's just Clarence!
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva 7 timer siden
To só por Loki !
Jason Finnegan
Jason Finnegan 7 timer siden
I love Marvel. But I cringe every time they say "Marvel Studios" before a title.
frog lover
frog lover 7 timer siden
Can y’all stop posting stuff with the exact same clips