Doing Maya Jama’s Makeup!
£10 vs £1000 SEAFOOD Ft KSI
£10 VS £1000 BURGER ft AJ
8 måneder siden
dont lie
dont lie 5 timer siden
So happy for you bro. you're on point, the sins aint worth the temporary pleasures . ALLHAMDOLILAH
R35 5 timer siden
Ma sha allah
its Taheem
its Taheem 5 timer siden
Mash Allah you are true legend
Crypticzl 5 timer siden
Alhamdulillah Brother u should deleted also the music vids
M.Hanash 5 timer siden
what a legend, all respect for ur decision
LineOfSight 5 timer siden
Hanad Maow
Hanad Maow 5 timer siden
I’m a fan of you but no the music so thanks chunkz you did us a big favor! Love u bro aha
Abu Bakr
Abu Bakr 5 timer siden
Deen over Dunya ❤️
Itsuki Nakamura
Itsuki Nakamura 5 timer siden
Maria O Driscoll
Maria O Driscoll 5 timer siden
I don’t know if chunks is gonna see this but as an Ethiopian watching you do your thing is one of the most inspirational thing I have ever seen!! Period !! I believe everyone has the chance to change who they are and have chance in success and you my brother has done that so well and it sad that your not doing music no more because if you ask me your the best at it at the moment!! PS this is her bf on her page #samouelmakvell
Mr H 187
Mr H 187 5 timer siden
Ged Huffadine
Ged Huffadine 5 timer siden
Never heard of you fool
pf c
pf c 5 timer siden
I smiled throughout the whole thing 😊
Raj Singh
Raj Singh 5 timer siden
never knew you started
Just Pete
Just Pete 5 timer siden
Chunkz, you’ll do well with Reddit!
kalcha 5 timer siden
0:50 holding the fake cry😅😅😅
Mark Hobbs
Mark Hobbs 5 timer siden
Looking good bro!
Rupert Bear
Rupert Bear 5 timer siden
You should put it on hold
SUBHAN IFTIKHAR 5 timer siden
Sumaya Ali
Sumaya Ali 5 timer siden
Abdulrhman 5 timer siden
Everything you do for Allah Allah will give things 100 times better I love you man and I will always love you Allah bless my brother ❤️❤️❤️❤️
John Smith
John Smith 5 timer siden
Bro I can't say I understand it but i respect it big up chunkz
Savage Opress
Savage Opress 5 timer siden
Music doesn't decrease your faith. If you think that, its maybe because of the type of music? But anyone with musical talent like actual creative abilities realize that its a gift from God himself. Its a gift you explore to bring relativity among people and for individual expression. But music itself comes from Him. The industry could be another reason for quitting which makes sense because its all greed and corruption. Music can be gospel can be ultimately positive and therapeutic. And if youe allow your faith to decrease because of you creating it thats a problem. Your faith should never waiver. Thats the foundation and everything else follow.
Savage Opress
Savage Opress 5 timer siden
@A K not using Christianity nowhere did i even mention that. Faith and Christianity is different. Islam is a actionable practice of faith. But if your faith is being shaken by something that is naturalisticly human then there is dissonance. Humans didn't create music. God did for us to praise so either the music you're making is what is turning him away from his faith or the industry he has to make music for but not the music itself you get me?
A K 5 timer siden
It’s literally against Islam itself to listen to music. Don’t use Christianity as a standard of comparison for Islam. And music will take you away from the straight path and Allah has forbade us from it for a reason.
Anser Khan
Anser Khan 5 timer siden
Mashallah brother!!!!!!
Ize 5 timer siden
To get views on this video?
Deen Somally
Deen Somally 5 timer siden
Thanks for prioritising me Chunkz
N 5 timer siden
Ma Sha Allah
tree ladder
tree ladder 5 timer siden
He's not real
Jaafar Hani
Jaafar Hani 5 timer siden
bro im a muslim i understand where ur coming from but i dont really think that music is haram its just an enjoyment its not like ur saying bad stuff. nevertheless i have mad respect for u tho i mean lik 7 figures!!!! all love my broda
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith 5 timer siden
Chunkz makes music?
abdifatah okash
abdifatah okash 5 timer siden
Special!!! Much love.
Zack Abdi
Zack Abdi 5 timer siden
Sharky is Vladtv now loll
Edward Grass
Edward Grass 5 timer siden
Turn to Jesus
jamie T-jay
jamie T-jay 5 timer siden
If you quit anything.. Quit talking man 👋
thermalnegro 5 timer siden
@jamie T-jay ok
jamie T-jay
jamie T-jay 5 timer siden
@thermalnegro it help if I was tuned in for a start.. Literally randomly shuffled, clicked clicked off. Then clicked back on the reply to you... 😬
thermalnegro 5 timer siden
if you dont like his videos then just tune out 😂
Adam Ibrahim
Adam Ibrahim 5 timer siden
So proud to see a Aki brother coming from a Indian brother doing his things and striving towards success massive on massive respect for showing your true self don’t worry about the haters keep motivating us with your success and Inshallah we all get jannah (heaven) even the non muslims heaven is big enough to fit everyone on this universe can’t thankyou enough for the context you put on NOpost ain’t going to lie I watch it here and there I like the part when you slap each other on the back of the neck has me in stitches lastly be you and you will never go wrong.
shishi animates
shishi animates 5 timer siden
gonna hurt me to not listen to that music 😂. Mad respect tho
Success Has Enemies
Success Has Enemies 5 timer siden
*Allah Give You That Fantastic Voice Tho ❤ I Would Understand If You Was Chatting A Bag Of Shit On Drill Beats*
Fahad Zafar
Fahad Zafar 5 timer siden
Itz Viper
Itz Viper 5 timer siden
Respect Chunkz
Mukz 5 timer siden
Bro love u man u inspire me legit 💯❤️
word for word
word for word 5 timer siden
Adil Akram
Adil Akram 5 timer siden
Mashallah my brother I am very happy for you this is really big having a career you wanted to go into and that you enjoyed at the time but then doing the right thing and turning to Allah SWT and leting go of all the bad and evil sins. May Allah SWT grant you many happiness and keep you smiling always and may he forgive all your sins answer and accept all your prayers. May Allah guide you and grant you many more successful life in this dunya and the hearafter. May he grant you Jannah and keep your imman healthy. Wish you the best my brother. 🤲💙💯
Ariti Naomi
Ariti Naomi 5 timer siden
YOUDAAF ALI 5 timer siden
ox 5 timer siden
MashaAllah you will be rewarded for your sacrifices inshaAllah
Master Gaming2006
Master Gaming2006 5 timer siden
Make halal music
Logical Counsel
Logical Counsel 5 timer siden
That kind of decision requires maturity. Sometimes you can't accept the money. When you're really attuned to who you are, your spirit keeps you safe. This is perhaps the most inspiring video I've seen this year and I'm happy that Chunkz was the one to deliver it.
Ahmed Wael
Ahmed Wael 5 timer siden
Its not haram, or at least not all music. That is an extreme interpretation.
Jussi Raitoniemi
Jussi Raitoniemi 5 timer siden
Achievement unlocked: not poor 😂
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 5 timer siden
Collister vibes. Ratings bro, God over everything 🙏🏿🙌🏿
imbackandready2fight 5 timer siden
Though I disagree with the view that music is haram, best of luck in all that you do.
Kramburge R
Kramburge R 5 timer siden
What a king mashallah👑❤️
Koree Jade
Koree Jade 5 timer siden
Good for you, its not 'normal' in this society for this decision to be made. Proof that its possible to stay on your own path and be your own person. 👌🏽
Fauzaan Ahamed
Fauzaan Ahamed 5 timer siden
You can switch to nasheeds
Miniklin 5 timer siden
I just started watching your videos like in February and to give up such a huge opportunity because what you believe in takes a lot of strength. Trust me, you’ll be blessed even more for this ✊
Tier ___
Tier ___ 5 timer siden
thought u were Chunkzs long lost twin🤦🏿
PointleZ 5 timer siden
This is such a bop
heather 6 timer siden
Allahuma barik tuff tuff
Zee Khan
Zee Khan 6 timer siden
NUMBER 1 trending ♥️👏🏼 alhamdulillah
Uzzy_25 6 timer siden
How To Manifest Your Desires
How To Manifest Your Desires 6 timer siden
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ...💞
Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud 6 timer siden
Your quitting music because you suck at it
{K} ́
{K} ́ 6 timer siden
Chunkz, check out Mutah "Napoleon" Beale. You will find alot of common with him in terms of this wonderful decison of yours. I am sure.
MKAY 6 timer siden
Music is not haram! You can express your faith through music and give the money to the poor. Throwing your talent away in the hope to gain more in the afterlife or be loved more by your community is actually hidden greed. The way some wonderful Muslim musicians are being treated by extremist Islamic governments (e.g. in Iran) is heartbreaking. But you do you.
PLOFLO 6 timer siden
Omar Q
Omar Q 6 timer siden
Over 500,000 man have watched this, and counting , remember that chunkz
Mohammed Shafiqul Islam
Mohammed Shafiqul Islam 6 timer siden
I can't believe its no 1 trending
Cal Wardhil
Cal Wardhil 6 timer siden
Since when was you an artist anyway your just a fat youtuber with the biggest forehead music as ever seen
Yusef Al-Shamiri
Yusef Al-Shamiri 6 timer siden
Who hurt you
Hello and Goodbye
Hello and Goodbye 6 timer siden
Goodness me
Sabeeh Qureshi
Sabeeh Qureshi 6 timer siden
Ma sha Allah may Allah relieve all your stress fam giving up money for the akhirah. Mandem stay strong
stunnah B4,
stunnah B4, 6 timer siden
Deen over dunya 🙏🏾☪️
Joshua F1rst
Joshua F1rst 6 timer siden
This is why religon is terrible. A bright star can be dimmed due to incorrect translations and understandings. I agree with the heart of your descision..but you burden yourself with this "sin". Was not your voice a gift? Why don't you stop making youtube videos then...arent they sinful? Sin = unbelief in God not the breaking of 655 laws given to the Hebrews which you now follow. Use your voice for good...but that includes All things...but know you make mistakes... I see what your trying to do..but you wouldnt be able to keep all of them anyways. Sin is believing that God will burn you in hell if you go wrong in anywah
stunnah B4,
stunnah B4, 6 timer siden
Alhamdulillah he's blessed 💕🙏🏾 ✊🏾 to chunkz
GameGuy9100 6 timer siden
ummae taiba
ummae taiba 6 timer siden
Being following you since day 1, mashallah man your my inspiration, may allah bless you and your family. So proud of you for quitting music, so much respect man. 🥀🤍.
Alex Almeida
Alex Almeida 6 timer siden
Lol religion is trash 🤣 Forbidden to listen to music hahahah. Religion is so backwards
Mohammed Shafiqul Islam
Mohammed Shafiqul Islam 6 timer siden
I quit music too!!guitar playing!!portrait drawing!!many friends who encouraged me!! I am lonely but still i have peace in my heart
Ahmad Nehela
Ahmad Nehela 6 timer siden
Abu Qatadah reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, you will never leave anything for the sake of Allah Almighty but that Allah will replace it with something better.”
Omar Q
Omar Q 6 timer siden
Kitana Kahn
Kitana Kahn 6 timer siden
Mashallah fam As a muslim myself this guy is such a legend and such a role model to other young muslims so many celebs and youtubers who are muslim or religious lose their faith or drift far away from it and don’t respect it yet chunkz is still respectful and true to his faith and puts it first which is so humble and such a genuine thing to do he didn’t let the fame get to his head and always remembered his morals and values mashallah may Allah allow you to access Jannah Ramadan mubarak chunkz and everyone else also I hope everyone has a sick Eid ❤️