Poullet Kavuvi
Poullet Kavuvi 17 timer siden
Straight outta compton.!
F__u__c__k___YouGoogle 17 timer siden
If a "news broadcaster" is going partisan 100%...they will never recover from this...nevertheles I hope for you that you will get a new job in another business later after CNN crashed. Perhaps a job where you can be more honest and humble.
Canadian IRONMAN
Canadian IRONMAN 17 timer siden
P T 17 timer siden
! We know of the existence of Hunter Biden's laptop, Archiving deals with Ukrainian, Russian, and Chinese businesses payments to Hunter for Introductions and "help with politically motivated investigations" With actual meetings with VP Biden in the White House? Do you know what this means, Undeniable Corruption. Hunter even complained to his daughter about having to give his father HALF of his salary for years. What Joe Biden is doing to his Son is a CRIME. What the Media is doing to this country is a CRIME. I think part of him Wanted it to be found. The (CCP) Chinese Communist Party after canceling all travel within their country. Then Released the COVID Virus on the WORLD, Now several Hostile countries have all this material to Control JOE BIDEN Please Check It Out Please Wake Up nopost.info/throw/y9LRapywy2p3ZKc/video
LibtardsAre Retards
LibtardsAre Retards 17 timer siden
Piers Morgan is a TOOL
Henry Gee
Henry Gee 17 timer siden
Why headlock the solution. Once they get in office they are the same where is the compassion to the nation we are in an pandemic.
Moses Serukwaya
Moses Serukwaya 17 timer siden
At least Obama never gave America Covid19
Dennis Margate
Dennis Margate 17 timer siden
Trump needs to go people.
Sylvena Mattress
Sylvena Mattress 17 timer siden
She really don’t care about the American people
Craig McKnight
Craig McKnight 17 timer siden
What does it mean running for president he is the the president
Allan Caudill0
Allan Caudill0 17 timer siden
harris is so out of line she is a traitor
atheist28403 17 timer siden
I have yet to hear how Trump was responsible for her husband's death. More feelings over facts from CNN.
Manuel Correa
Manuel Correa 17 timer siden
Hunter Biden emails. Why are you not covering this? New partner to Hunter just came out and confirmed Joe was in on the China conspiracy. Taking Millions
Don Gilliam
Don Gilliam 17 timer siden
As usual, utter LIES from crooked CNN. They pretend that Biden's laptop doesn't exist, when it PROVES that Biden is as crooked as are CNN. And yet the bitter lemmings who watch CNN don't care. Now.... Who said these quotes about Joe Biden? "Never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to screw things up!" Answer: Barrack Obama NEXT "Joe was LITERALLY the dumbest student in his law school class. He cheated his way through, and even then he barely made it" Answer: A fellow student in Joe's law school class. NEXT "Joe Biden is a crook. All of us in the (intelligence) community know this. He's been corrupt for over 40 years, and has sold out America to China for a few pennies in his own pocket on NUMEROUS occasions" Answer: A current serving member of one of the world's major intelligence services whom I know PERSONALLY. And now we can add clinically-diagnosed senility to Joe's many "benefits" But go ahead, vote for him. Please cut and paste this and share it with your email list. God Bless.
Lt Dan 1969
Lt Dan 1969 17 timer siden
Obama said in Oct 2016 that there was no way Russia could interfere in the American election, and he recommends Trump stop whining and go out and find some more votes. Then when Trump wins, he claims Russian interference.
Richard Robertson
Richard Robertson 17 timer siden
Civil war around Xmas
Jason Potapenko
Jason Potapenko 17 timer siden
More like Obama makes futile attempt to hold Biden campaign together as Biden hides from the media as his corruption is exposed on a massive scale...🤡🤡🤡🤡
Brian Burleigh
Brian Burleigh 17 timer siden
Obama is legally allowed to be VP; Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as VP. Damn, what a ticket Biden/Obama would have made! Not because of sexism, but because O pulls WAY more cred than Kamala, not to take anything away from her. I don't *love* the Biden ticket (Bernie) but I'll take it over jackassery every day of the week. Thank you AGAIN, President Obama, for being the voice, the reason, and the way we want to see America be.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 17 timer siden
Way to be more divisive...
Tim French
Tim French 17 timer siden
As a Canadian I was so in to this speech I wanted to move, then I realized you have not voted yet. So maybe if you make the smart choice then I can move.
Liza Ratliff
Liza Ratliff 17 timer siden
The people have already voted Trump is in office we get her in now we don't wait till after someone else is elected or Trump is elected again.. The people have already spoken...
Bona Fide Abstracting MN
Bona Fide Abstracting MN 17 timer siden
Chris is an A hole. Are you capable of just asking questions "jourmalist"?
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger 17 timer siden
Obama is full of crap and knows nothing about business.. Obama was sleeping while Biden was lining his and his family's pockets from China, Russia , and Iraq during his term in office.
P.J. Woods
P.J. Woods 17 timer siden
Trump has been Viscously ATTACKED for 4 years. No one would just sit back & take that bs. He is the strongest man I know.
Janet Rae
Janet Rae 17 timer siden
“The presidency doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are “
Andrew Dojlido
Andrew Dojlido 17 timer siden
see - this is what is just plain needed - nice concise logic. put out the facts let them decide. This is what being "woke" is about.
Sunday Drive
Sunday Drive 17 timer siden
Q: What did little Barron Trump say when he was told he wasn't going to live in the White House anymore? A: Oh, the crying, screaming and pouting went on for hours until little Barron said: "Knock it off Dad!"
Pradipto Ghosh
Pradipto Ghosh 17 timer siden
Paula Aasland
Paula Aasland 17 timer siden
Leslie scared him
Leticia Gorgona
Leticia Gorgona 17 timer siden
Snow wonder
Snow wonder 17 timer siden
Wow, I wish I could say crap about these people that is not true. Oh wait, no I don't, I am human.
Danielle Cook
Danielle Cook 17 timer siden
The China virus is not from him Biden did not have a plan for virus you did not have any materials you did not anything..joe you can stop the virus from China what you done put fear on people you done nothing. you Credut other countries because you use them to worship but are not there if you think is so good. The lust the Biden will do is what President is doing and done. You can not even create your own job. Went you get the virus you still will blame Trump but do not do good to no one is not a solutions you speak the problem to hate and sit up hate and mske people worse. The virus will not go away what you going to do more abuse to the ones the live? People want to live work z as Nd mske money you want them to put a cover and no work and give the same from the workers you want to steel President plan for Biden to do that is no his plan is president trump we all ore responsible to the self care not all like you say to put fear all will die from smarting your hate does not work you be ready to love and let the hate go.
Jessica Antony
Jessica Antony 17 timer siden
Dang I'm actually crying. I miss him so much. I miss having a president that could actually deliver a message without telling lies.
Mark Schmidt
Mark Schmidt 17 timer siden
J Mass
J Mass 17 timer siden
Haha! Thats awesome. Trump is exactly right. All CNN wants to do is spread fear. The world is not going to end folks. What about all the deaths from overdoses, suicides, murders, car wrecks etc. Stop politicizing the China virus
Nilesh Dusane
Nilesh Dusane 17 timer siden
the time when president bullsh*ted everyone knew it was a joke
Monika Herschfus
Monika Herschfus 17 timer siden
Chris Cuomo nopost.info/throw/zdLHe4yVpXiKpMk/video
Joe Merkel
Joe Merkel 17 timer siden
“The problem is the money”... no self accountability within the community... just give us more money and we’ll be alright
Andrea Marino
Andrea Marino 17 timer siden
M 17 timer siden
Maybe CNN should play the meltdown of Hilary and the media how Trump wasn’t elected fairly hahaha...Media are goons
David Hammer
David Hammer 17 timer siden
I miss you Barrack. This last 4 years have been the most exhausting of my life. I’m looking so forward to some positive change and just a general sense of normalcy again. I really hope the Republican Party goes through a positive rebirth after this debacle.
Loretta Lewis
Loretta Lewis 17 timer siden
CNN is ridiculous. He is so rude to Ice Cube. He kept putting words in his mouth and then kept saying the dems are the only ones associated with blacks in the country. Wow, pretty sad when "journalism" is so crooked and doesn't care about the hard-core facts. The first amendment does not cover slanted, dishonest fake news. Honest journalism needs to come back and this shit needs to disappear. Money and wealth are not the same. CNN get your shit straight or go home. All you do is spread lies, hate, fake news and crooked persuasive corruption. Ugh, you have no souls, especially when kids die on the streets and you support those doing the killing. I love Ice Cube and you took everything he said and twisted it so bad. Karma is a bitch man and she will find you. I heard you Ice Cube. My sister is dark as night and anything affecting blacks obviously affects my family. The point you were trying to make about bringing a voice to economic problems is so important. But Don't let these clowns put words in your mouth. You are epic Ice and you are being heard. Keep being that voice!!!
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore 17 timer siden
Great job Cube! Stay independent, and continue to think independently. No box! Much respect.
Chi Chi
Chi Chi 17 timer siden
President Trump has done more in his sleep than Obama has done during his presidency. Obama was ruining our country!!! Worst President !!! Wake up America vote Trump!!!
Alex D
Alex D 17 timer siden
WHAT THE POPE ACTUALLY SAID : (In caps, the sentences that were kept in the documentary) Once I was asked a question on a flight-it made me angry afterwards, it made me angry because of how the media reported it-about the family integration of people with homosexual orientation, and I said: HOMOSEXUAL PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE PART OF A FAMILY, people with homosexual orientation have a right to be in a family and the parents have the right to recognize this son as homosexual, this daughter as homosexual. NOBODY SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OR BE MISERIBLE BECAUSE OF IT. Another thing-I said-when we see some sign in children that are growing, and then you send them… I should have said to a ‘professional’, but I said ‘psychiatrist’. I wanted to say a professional, because sometimes there are signs in adolescence or pre-adolescence where they don’t know if it is a homosexual tendency or if the thymus gland atrophied with time-I don’t know, a thousand things, no? So, a professional. The headline of the newspaper: ‘The Pope sends homosexuals to the psychiatrist’. It is not true! They asked me a question and I repeated again: ‘THEY ARE SONS OF GOD, THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO A FAMILY, and so forth’. Another thing is… and I explained: I was wrong in using that word, but wanted to say this: ‘When you notice something str’… “Ah, it’s strange…”. No, it’s not strange. It’s something out of the ordinary. In other words, they took a small word to nullify the context. There, what I said was: ‘they have a right to a family’. And that does not mean approving homosexual acts, not in the least.” Now about the "civil unions", the director Afineevsky had to get his hands on footage that was edited out of the interview and add it to the bold words cited here. How he rearranges the order of those sentences should at least make us pause. Is it really what the pope said or what Afineevsky try to make him say? The Holy Father uses the Spanish term “CONVIVENCIA CIVIL,” which can be either “civil union” or “civil coexistence.” If he means the latter, he may well be referring to laws that protect the human rights of homosexuals. Note that he mentions that “this way, they can be legally covered.” In that interview, pope Francis is complaining how he has been misquoted, how his words were taken out of context... and yet again... To read the whole story : wherepeteris.com/those-pope-francis-quotes-video-editing-and-media-controversy/?fbclid=IwAR3Gud1eoYYhKirkAOSbyz1qTZvEasOGTFShSNyBZBgSKDPCMsTPZBa6-nY
Bailey Alana Martel
Bailey Alana Martel 17 timer siden
Jocko Adams
Jocko Adams 17 timer siden
"Brother, how you doin?" Cuomo exemplifies the pandering, disingenuous nature of Democrats.
Алиса Ключевская
Алиса Ключевская 17 timer siden
I just realized, Trump was a Putin condom for 4 years, now he is useless. Hope US will win this fight.
Bri Berg
Bri Berg 17 timer siden
I’ve never been a big wolf fan but shoutout to him for staying calm in an interview where most people would have lost their ish 😂.
qanon pub
qanon pub 17 timer siden
Obama wanted the Muslim to win
D0llie Moore
D0llie Moore 17 timer siden
Cube do that shit. You are showing that you are still the one strong enough and sharp enough. Thanks cube. P Moore
harleymaneddie 17 timer siden
hey bill gates just shut up and build computers
Tim Nsdg
Tim Nsdg 17 timer siden
It should be about Americans not only about certain group of people. Trump is for America first. He isn’t a racist like Biden and his resume shows the truth. Donald Trump will go down as the Greatest President of our lifetime. Keep America Great.
Clinton Kildepsteen
Clinton Kildepsteen 17 timer siden
Trump was supposed to do a 60 min interview, he left after 48 mins... it's not like he left after 3 mins
allan bujanda
allan bujanda 17 timer siden
I like that guys hair its pretty cool looking
Jamie Bailey
Jamie Bailey 17 timer siden
Ahhh..... the Instigation News Networks..... its like I'm watching a satirical cable TV show. Have to eat paint chips to take CNN seriously.
john doe
john doe 17 timer siden
U get enough gucking adds in
Rick Gabriél in RickGabéSound
Rick Gabriél in RickGabéSound 17 timer siden
16:18 - 16:27 I laughed out loud in l👏🏿 real👏🏿 life👏🏿!
Jones Jackson
Jones Jackson 17 timer siden
God is going to send us too hell I don't believe in same sex marriage Because it's against the Bible. God created Adam and Eve ..
Daniel Perry
Daniel Perry 17 timer siden
What a joke, Obama you can't hide or protect your boy Biden anymore, LAPTOP PEOPLE...
Kritikal 317
Kritikal 317 17 timer siden
"Dont throw people in jail just because you don't agree with them" ...umm didnt obama try to put Eric Snowden in jail because he didnt agree with him?
Moses Serukwaya
Moses Serukwaya 17 timer siden
At least Obama never gave covid19 to America
barry Powell
barry Powell 17 timer siden
Obama did a great job helping terror groups to become very powerful. Trump crushed them with lightning speed
Micha EL
Micha EL 17 timer siden
Tf she has to giggle about
Johnny Five
Johnny Five 17 timer siden
Why doesn't the democratic party have this in their ranks instead they have a bunch of nothing
Jack Bohm
Jack Bohm 17 timer siden
I haven’t felt this moved by a presidential speaker since well... Obama.
_Kawaii Sai_
_Kawaii Sai_ 17 timer siden
Trump 2020
Chris 3.1416
Chris 3.1416 17 timer siden
Toobin beating himself? Now that is a good story
F__u__c__k___YouGoogle 17 timer siden
CNN...least trusted news worldwide...creating conspiracy theories all day long...censoring facts...simply simping for a certain political ideology...pathetic
Mason James
Mason James 17 timer siden
nopost.info/throw/uqi6Z57Mm4iAnZo/video BREAKING NEWS
Sunnishine 2019
Sunnishine 2019 17 timer siden
Telling him to hold on when he was being spoken over needs to happen more! Love Ice Cube! No bullshit, just straight facts! So glad he put it all out on the who wants to hear from him now. Not falling in line or getting combative. Much respect!
art huang
art huang 17 timer siden
Obama is the worst president in the history, a disaster
Skyismify 17 timer siden
Lmao, I love Ice Cube. He made Chris look like constipated old man. And he sounds like a little kid on a playground trying to act tough so he won't feel left out. CNN just doesn't know how to handle an intelligent, self thinking man takes over their won set. I guess they will say that Ice is the threat now because he was never riding the bandwagon anyway. Chris was rude AF, I was kinda surprised he felt confident enough to do that.
Mason James
Mason James 17 timer siden
nopost.info/throw/uqi6Z57Mm4iAnZo/video BREAKING NEWS
G.I. Bro
G.I. Bro 17 timer siden
So what the hell are bisexuals supposed to marry? 😳
Rick Morty
Rick Morty 17 timer siden
Worst president ever biggest liar. Obummer The great divider!
Mile Akin
Mile Akin 17 timer siden
This criminal will be arrested and tied for treason after Trump crushes Biden in November, Obutthead better pray that Trump loses.
Evan Moore
Evan Moore 17 timer siden
That’s what you get for keeping them captive
Blair B
Blair B 17 timer siden
Beijing Barry! OMG 😂👍 Obama would have been ripped if he did what Trump has done. It's like people are brainwashed?
alex dc
alex dc 17 timer siden
President Obama dropped the hammer on Trump’s hideous head. Just smashed it into dust. Vote America. Vote the orange loser out. Vote!