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1961casey Time siden
I wonder how much those logs would be worth? I am pretty sure that there are some lumber mills in the Seattle area who would be glad to take them off your hands.
brandon dumont
brandon dumont Time siden
give or take around 100 years old
Ralph Mejia
Ralph Mejia Time siden
always been so interested in this kind of work any tips on stepping stones on how to get in without experience i’m a fast learner and pay very close attention to detail i’m hoping to get into lineman work someday so thought this would help me get some experience for pole work any suggestions are really appreciated thanks in advance ; SUBBED
Dwide Shrude
Dwide Shrude 2 timer siden
Every time I see a wood chipper I think of the movie Fargo.
Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson 3 timer siden
you should use a rated cordage loop as your break away on your positioning lanyard like 350 paracord.
A. Aggromonster
A. Aggromonster 3 timer siden
Great instructional video but riddled with interruptions due to ads every couple minutes. Gave up halfway through.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 4 timer siden
If you had to stand on other side of roof safety was not apply,,, safety line’s on both side of roof
Comfortable 4 timer siden
12:15 "cognitant"? That's a new word.
Comfortable 4 timer siden
Soory, boxes? No.
the Truth
the Truth 4 timer siden
7:10 most people say to atleast heat cycle a brand new engine. Meaning starting at a low rpm hold it there for awhile then go up a little hold it at that rpm and before leting go full throttle id let it idle for a little bit.
Marty Flipper
Marty Flipper 4 timer siden
If you wanna piss off a Arborist, call them a landscaper.
Dave Sanders
Dave Sanders 4 timer siden
Ohhhhh! I'm getting dizzy from the height!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce Carlson
Bruce Carlson 4 timer siden
I like all your content Jake. Just the way your crews mingle makes it look like a great work atmosphere. In central Wisconsin, as a kid 55 years ago, I worked in the woods during the summer pealing popple trees. I think they were the same as what is now called poplar. We were paid 6¢ per stick and would make $10 to a high as $20 per day. Good money for a 12 year old kid. I enjoy watching the more technical stuff where you are way up in a difficult tree where experts are definitely the order of the day. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.
PNW RC 5 timer siden
👀😮Is there a strange clicking sound as you walk? You've got balls of steel to go up there & ride the crane down with that piece! GEAT video!👍👍🏻
Krista B
Krista B 5 timer siden
its deffinatley entertaining
Joe Prince
Joe Prince 6 timer siden
Very professional. Excellent crew. Grouchy crane operator...
Jack Bourchier
Jack Bourchier 6 timer siden
"I'm trying to earn my place back as Jake's camera boy" *points camera directly at Brian's feet*
Carl White
Carl White 7 timer siden
That was pretty cool, Yall do really nice work.
Steven James
Steven James 7 timer siden
It’s a really bad idea to have your life line hanging over an open hook at the block. If you fall your rope will catch you, it will stretch, and it will bounce back up causing the rope to come off the hook. You know what happens then. Good luck
Cameron Weidert
Cameron Weidert 7 timer siden
Where are you located at
DigitalIP 7 timer siden
lol, that saw sounds like an RC car
Shaun O'toole
Shaun O'toole 7 timer siden
Where's inbred Jed?idk maybe I missed a video. Another beautiful job though
When I lived in Florida in the early 90s we hade a humongous oak tree in the front yard ten feet away from the house branches hanging over the house we called a tree Company had it taken down for $200 lol! ..Great video as always .... Stay safe !
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 8 timer siden
Great job guys!
Cary Sutherland
Cary Sutherland 8 timer siden
Nice job guys! Your service to homeowner is great! Like to see their comments.
Petra Mathena
Petra Mathena 9 timer siden
ive been whatching for about a year and a half now and havent got boared of whatching thanks for good content
guzin ya
guzin ya 9 timer siden
You’ve taught us well. I already knew how you were going to attack the problem before I saw the crane truck. You’ve managed to teach a dentist all about tree removal. I think I’ll move on to open heart surgery videos and become an expert on that too. Nice job getting that tree off that house cleanly!
Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell 9 timer siden
How much to cut that down lol
Tim Moline
Tim Moline 9 timer siden
My friend you are a badass
J FO 9 timer siden
I like their Rhododendrons
TheSoloAsylum 9 timer siden
nope, I'm not going up there.
SleepingJake 10 timer siden
New viewer here, just noticed that you folks use pactalks as communicators. I was wondering for a good part of the video how you folks were communicating. I use these for group rides, no wonder you were being so efficient!
SeaBasstian1 10 timer siden
Where is dead maple part twooooo
Jona V.
Jona V. 10 timer siden
Top 👍🏻
Great job, I think you nailed it!! Its much better not cutting corners, it's better to be safe and not sorry or risk an injury or property damage, Another great one as always,...keep the videos coming
Hamiltonville Farm
Hamiltonville Farm 12 timer siden
Nice.job y'all!
Awesome job guys.....Hats off !!! You Should be proud of your skill and achievements....God bless
Dan Powell
Dan Powell 13 timer siden
What a professional job. Roof patching? Who does that? Beautiful job guys.
The Rainman of Sharpening Chains !..Great job guys!!
rob Ip
rob Ip 13 timer siden
“Just subscribe” imagine watching hours of content and not just hitting a button to support it lol.
Jack Benson
Jack Benson 13 timer siden
Would water (like a creek) at the bottom of a tree make it more likely to fall? We had 3 fall in a big windstorm and they were all next to the creek.
Norman Rhone
Norman Rhone 13 timer siden
Really refreshing to see young people working safely and sensibly, and relating to each other respectfully. Real professional bunch you are. Oonu gwaan kip safe and tek care, and do a good job every time.
Elegast Boomverzorging
Elegast Boomverzorging 13 timer siden
Is that husqy blower any good? Which one is it? Love the vid!
Geoff Hill
Geoff Hill 14 timer siden
A question on RRP what setting you running and do you keep it the same for SRT 👊😎
Quietus Plus
Quietus Plus 14 timer siden
One thing that never ceases to amaze me is that shredder, just how big of logs/branches it takes.
Robbie Collins
Robbie Collins 14 timer siden
Man yall done a great job.
Samuel Asamoah
Samuel Asamoah 16 timer siden
How are you able to figure out the tree portion you cut, or the crane tells you?
Samuel Asamoah
Samuel Asamoah 12 timer siden
My bad, i mean the weight of the portion you cut.
Col Sinclair
Col Sinclair 16 timer siden
Ridding that first pick out was class. Hats off! & before I forget good job Brian 👍🏻
Arborist Donetsk
Arborist Donetsk 16 timer siden
Hello,i'm from Ukraine, how much can such work cost?
Mark Betty
Mark Betty 17 timer siden
Is the bark box make a big difference?
Nick Fishing
Nick Fishing 17 timer siden
Whoever thumbs down this video is a moron. Great vid guys
Alex Lund
Alex Lund 17 timer siden
I feel like Brian got a montage and Scott didn't 😂
Jeff Holland
Jeff Holland 17 timer siden
I have used many tree guys to take trees off of houses before, at least 40 , and by far the way you do it is superior. Great job to you and your crew.
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 17 timer siden
Amazing Video, what kind of knot did you use there?
footnotedrummer 18 timer siden
This is awesome! Jake... I think you need a bonus or pay increase. If people are selecting Eastside for tree removal because of your professional portrayal of the crew and company on NOpost... you deserve it. I love these videos, and I live in Michigan. Nowhere near you guys. However... I'd personally select your crew if I lived out there, simply because of the facts that I mentioned. Keep it up, brother.
RogueHeart 18 timer siden
awesome work as always!
footnotedrummer 18 timer siden
Dude!... You're insane, but in a good way. Some people are simply built for this type of work. There isn't snowball's chance in hell that I would be up in that tree, let alone ride the top down. Amazing.
Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas 18 timer siden
Caleb needs a beard
Elnur Rustam
Elnur Rustam 19 timer siden
Baku, Azerbaijan ❤️🤘
John Marko
John Marko 19 timer siden
Man the crane sure is nice to have! I’d have to be rigging that whole thing out to itself!
Robert Horton
Robert Horton 19 timer siden
I was fine until he said, "I'm going to ride this thing out." Hats off to a steely-eyed missile man.
BwrightAway 20 timer siden
Thanks for the video
Shane Gillespie
Shane Gillespie 21 time siden
Watching you ride the first cut down was incredible.
morgan4xl 21 time siden
I may be able to shed some light on breakin. As a racer, my crew noticed that if we broke in an engine with synthetic oil it would never achieve the rpm or performance that it would if it were to be broke in with a good quality mineral based oil. Maybe one or two tanks in your saw with mineral oil would help the rings seat, then move to a synthetic blend after that. After a short breakin, try it both ways sometime, synthetic and mineral oil, then do a leakdown test and you will see what I am talking about, there will be a noticeable difference. Possibly the synthetic is such a 'slippery' lube that it doesn't allow rings to properly seat. Now I better put on my flak jacket for this next comment. On a Stuska dynometer we saw INCREASED hp as we increased the oil ratio and tuned for it. With a gauge that monitors the crankcase compression only (it is a vacuum/pressure pulse) the charge pressure increased due to better sealing of the piston skirt which controls the crankcase pressure that builds the charge that is delivered to the cylinder. This is why racers "stuff" the crankcase to as little volume as possible to increase higher vacuum and positive pressure. A typical crankcase positive pressure is around 7.5 psi with manufactures recomended oil mix.We tested down to 8 to 1 fuel/oil mix and saw just under 9 psi and increased hp due to a bigger charge being forced into the cylinder. On a small hydroplane race engine, an increase from 16 to 1 developed 39 hp to 8 to 1 which saw 41 hp. At idle it is quite smokey and hitting the throttle also smokes but while running at full throttle smoke is hardly noticeable. Everything I have stated here is true for every two stoke I have tested, BUT I have never had a chainsaw engine on my dyno so take it from there. Model alcohol/nitro engines using castor oil run as heavy as 4 to 1 oil mix!
Plague 21 time siden
Most companies: Putting a tarp down is not our job, we cut trees. Eastside: Let's make sure the house is protected and clean before we leave.
mark Galandauer
mark Galandauer 22 timer siden
Absolutely love your video hoping next time u can do a ground video with the chopping and grinding of the tree
Silverspacewolf 7
Silverspacewolf 7 22 timer siden
Only on Canada
R Monkey
R Monkey 23 timer siden
The word for being aware of what is happening is ''cognizant'' not ''cognitent'' I'm not trying to be a douche bag just letting you know. Clearly you are a professional, no disrespect meant.
Dan Powell
Dan Powell 12 timer siden
English teachers don't ride trees.😒
Joe Raeside
Joe Raeside Dag siden
Nice pickin!
J J Dag siden
Any reason that you went with Husqvarna battery chainsaw instead of Stihl 220 MS?
Peter Nicholsonu
Peter Nicholsonu Dag siden
Anyone checkin for root rot on other nearby trees?
Cosmic Billy
Cosmic Billy Dag siden
How do i get into work like this??? This stuff is my dream
Kratos GodofWar
Kratos GodofWar Dag siden
Having so many big arse trees next to,around or in close proximity to your home, there's a pretty good chance one of them wants to get close and personal with your home.
Trapp007 Dag siden
I love how professionally fun and interesting he is!
Xrude7 Dag siden
i've been wondering when you was going to get a battery saw
Deek206 Dag siden
Was this work done in Bellevue or another place on the Eastside. You really have great vids. Many thx
Noah Sell
Noah Sell Dag siden
When Jake rappelled onto that roof all I could think of was that video of the swat team coming through a roof and proceeding to wreck the house and smash all the lamps lol
Odysseus Baltazar
Odysseus Baltazar Dag siden
How’s that electric Husqa working for you?
Blayk Richardson
Blayk Richardson Dag siden
I wanna say thank you, I’ve watched your videos for 3-5 months and it got me so interested in tree work I now work as a ground guy.. some day I would like to be a climber but I’m happy where I am.. also you should post more content
geoff charlton
geoff charlton Dag siden
you really have a great crew you must have been together a long time now every one knows their job great video