minecraft egg
minecraft egg 56 minutter siden
<----- Minecraft egg
Mohammed Akram
Mohammed Akram 57 minutter siden
Here I can't even find him
James Yee
James Yee 59 minutter siden
You seriously need to walk more. Check out JTValor and Trainerclubb, these guys are out there grinding it out everyday. They don’t play in their cars. You have damaged the environment with your car. Get up and get out there, use your legs!!!
Oliver Hessington
Oliver Hessington Time siden
Same my first raid and got a shiny
Jakob Habjanic
Jakob Habjanic Time siden
i got a shundo giratina to
Adam Malik
Adam Malik Time siden
Great video! Quite remarkable. BrandonTan91, I have a question for you, as you were saying in the beginning of the video, you stated how Shadow Mewtwo is most effective against Mega Gengar. How does this make a difference rather than a Purified or Regular Mewtwo?
Adam Malik
Adam Malik Time siden
@Boom Chacka Thanks, this really helps and is good to know for future reference.
Boom Chacka
Boom Chacka Time siden
Shadow mewtwo does 20% more damage but has 20% less defence. It is the highest attack pokemon in the game, and is a lot stronger than purified mewtwo. Never purify a shadow, they're rare and really strong, even a 50iv shadow is stronger than a 100iv purified mewtwo
PandaGamer Time siden
1:12 I said in myself ‘pls heal mewtwo’
OliwieroniX Time siden
8909 9360 7280
1Henzar1 Time siden
No one: Brandon: OOOOOOOO
Gaming Discreet
Gaming Discreet Time siden
I managed to catch a SHINY DRIFLOON on my first catch. (BrandonTan91 is the best)
"0:23"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *D A D Y A P P . C O M* and it worked perfectly for me
Stefan Birk
Stefan Birk Time siden
Can i have your friendscode?
Aung Lwin
Aung Lwin Time siden
Christina dorkova
Christina dorkova Time siden
"0:23"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *𝗗𝗔𝗗𝗬𝗔𝗣𝗣.𝗖𝗢𝗠* and it worked perfectly for me
eglee zapata
eglee zapata Time siden
"0:23"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *𝘿𝘼𝘿𝙔𝘼𝙋𝙋.𝘾𝙊𝙈* and it worked perfectly for me
Luis K
Luis K Time siden
Can you made a vlog with Dubryn, MelihMorgan or Trainertips?
Madlyn Jackson
Madlyn Jackson Time siden
"0:28"The only working one is *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂0𝐌*
xXTye GachaXx
xXTye GachaXx 2 timer siden
Bro He Must Be a Millionaire
Tomasz Marciszewski
Tomasz Marciszewski 2 timer siden
7854 9268 8365
Milan Klčo
Milan Klčo 2 timer siden
awesome video from awesome player :) you are great Brandon :P great entertaining :D
Ali D
Ali D 2 timer siden
Gengar is the best pokemon in existence
Gulab Chand Dehariya
Gulab Chand Dehariya 2 timer siden
Your entry is best
TM MEMES 2 timer siden
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S.a.d clothing store
S.a.d clothing store 2 timer siden
Love you’re videos! Keep it up!..
M4levolence 2 timer siden
mega gengar was pretty nice to use, but damn 65,000 raid :D
Reekid2.0SSB 2 timer siden
His glasses make him look like he's wearing makeup lol
TM MEMES 2 timer siden
Me envia presente por favor aqui perto de casa NN tem pokestop 7622 3388 7215 pls
Gabe The Dog
Gabe The Dog 2 timer siden
What is the best?
SEAN CHIA YEE CHEN Moe 2 timer siden
anyone here that plays pokemon go can u add me as fren my code is 5043 2352 9093 i want mor frens to battle darkrai
zuma _sth
zuma _sth 2 timer siden
2053 3309 3988
zuma _sth
zuma _sth 2 timer siden
2053 3309 3988
Kshitij Ballaya
Kshitij Ballaya 2 timer siden
Mine galarian yamask was a hundo
Adberg 106
Adberg 106 2 timer siden
Brandon you should use psychic on your mega gengar when battling an opposing mega gengar because psychic is super effective against poison and ghost so 4x effective against mega gengar
ThatOneGamer285 3 timer siden
I mega evolved 2 gengars. A 14 14 14 shiny party hat gengar and a hundo gengar. Bye bye 400 energy
eden allen-johnson
eden allen-johnson 3 timer siden
love how he hardly uses zangoose
ManolisGR 3 timer siden
I love u Brandon! Keep up the good work ✨💯
Xand 3 timer siden
Today i had my first lucky trade and it was a haunter that turned into a 2350cp gengar :)
Fernando Zuvela
Fernando Zuvela 3 timer siden
I got a hundo galarian yamask
Colby Seaton
Colby Seaton 3 timer siden
When can I elite charge tm my shadow mewtwo I got from the most recent event for him
Adi B
Adi B 3 timer siden
can i have a shiny
Sun Bin Lee
Sun Bin Lee 3 timer siden
8232 1888 8904
Nikolai Lh
Nikolai Lh 3 timer siden
i got a shiny mewtwo on my first raid
THE PIKACHU GAMER 3 timer siden
‘Brandon talks very fast at the end of the vid’ Advertisement companies: Get me that man!
Seabastiannnn 3 timer siden
Nothing is fat about you Brandon, but the passion you have for PoGo :)
Da Banny Gaming
Da Banny Gaming 3 timer siden
Jeff BS
Jeff BS 3 timer siden
do you have purpel make-up on your eys
Treks got Pants
Treks got Pants 3 timer siden
How u got so many rare I'm on level 22 but still got no rare pokemon
C _fold
C _fold 3 timer siden
I was surprised how much free mega gengar energy was able to get. There should be a research for every mega even it just a small one. Cuz come on, I'm not going to use my daily raid pass to catch a houndoom, when could use it on darkari forget that.
Giovanni H
Giovanni H 4 timer siden
thank you for wearing your mask when you r outside so we can get this stupid covid over with unlike some people
Henry Shu
Henry Shu 4 timer siden
I would have kept that 96% Gengar. RIP 96% Gengar.
SUJAY KUMAR ROY 4 timer siden
2334 5703 3580 need a few pokemon lovers as my friends.
Lucas Muniz
Lucas Muniz 4 timer siden
Fortalece lá 0493 1422 6916
csgo player pet forever
csgo player pet forever 4 timer siden
I caught two shiny driftfloon I was so happy
Alan Einstien
Alan Einstien 4 timer siden
8000th view and 800th like
Jathin Harish
Jathin Harish 4 timer siden
Bro trainer code
FISH ARMY 4 timer siden
Shiny Rayquaza Hundo Metagross Shundo witch hat Pichu
Sethu Bharathi
Sethu Bharathi 4 timer siden
How is the 1600 CP gengar mega evolved into 4500 CP mega????
Haridwari Verma
Haridwari Verma 4 timer siden
Previously in our class group, some people said that white gengar was a clone reversal pokemon. (This does not mean anything) but last night I evolved my shiny gengar, I was stunned and amazed to see this bomb shiny mega pokemon. My friend were were humiliated for their false knowledge,. 🦇🦇🦇🦇
Pierre Maman
Pierre Maman 4 timer siden
Brandon, go to leekduck.com/shiny/ and fill out all the shinies you have! We wanna see!
Dominik Horns
Dominik Horns 4 timer siden
Trainer Code : 0421 2870 2727
Freddie Arizo
Freddie Arizo 4 timer siden
No one: His eyes are pink in the outside 2:38.
Deatheater 120
Deatheater 120 5 timer siden
My first drifloom check was a hundo so I’m very happy
BB GANESH KUMAR 5 timer siden
Just hatched a gible and it is 84% IV (13/10/15). It is far by the best gible. Shall I evolve it? I know this sounds crazy but Gible is very hard to get.
Starbgm YT
Starbgm YT 5 timer siden
PHILIP the fish
PHILIP the fish 5 timer siden
Why suicune
Chrystophir GO
Chrystophir GO 5 timer siden
Love shiny mega gengar! Much better than any of its regular form shiny. ✨
Jasbir Moore
Jasbir Moore 5 timer siden
Omg mega gengar
Vyas Vedant
Vyas Vedant 5 timer siden
Hi if you are reading my comment pls give me a heart and your trainer code I do not miss your one also vedio pls give a heart and trainer code
R.M. 5 timer siden
We just love the four of you :D
farhan azmee
farhan azmee 5 timer siden
How do you fast catch ?
Unknown Bhav
Unknown Bhav 5 timer siden
Sigi Soltau
Sigi Soltau 5 timer siden
Mega pokemon raids are still a thing? I thought they ended the raids weeks ago since no one is doing them.
The _WerteX
The _WerteX 5 timer siden
trainercode: 6184 5088 6852
Vaibhav Laxman
Vaibhav Laxman 5 timer siden
Brandon please come in live in NOpost. At one time.
Jasmine Foo
Jasmine Foo 5 timer siden
Hi just wanna say I got a Hundo gengar on my 3rd raid yesterday yay
Israel Torres
Israel Torres 5 timer siden
No one: Brandon in every video:WOOOOOO no one: Me and my friends when we watch his videos:WOOOO
Michael Smallwood
Michael Smallwood 5 timer siden
Dude me and my 5 year old son love you. He knows more about pokemon go than i do because of you!
Kevman 0610
Kevman 0610 5 timer siden
The maxed out hundo Gengar with 2878 turns into a 4614 CP Gengar The (i believe) level 15 Gengar with 1618 CP turns into a 4554 CP Gengar?! 😂
Kevman 0610
Kevman 0610 4 timer siden
@Jakob Hi achso 😂
Jakob Hi
Jakob Hi 4 timer siden
Bin auf dein Kanal gegangen 😅
Kevman 0610
Kevman 0610 4 timer siden
@Jakob Hi Woher weißt du das? 😂
Jakob Hi
Jakob Hi 5 timer siden
Ich sehe ich kann auch deutsch schreiben weil du Deutsch sprichst
Jakob Hi
Jakob Hi 5 timer siden
My Gengar have 2200 cp and mega Gengar 4610 cp 😅
Joe Cao
Joe Cao 5 timer siden
I was doing so much mega Gangar raids today and got non shiny :( And I recently got back to Pokémon because of you I never knew that there was so much Pokémon’s in Singapore. So thank. Because of you I caught so many more Pokémon’s
Gaming beast tv
Gaming beast tv 5 timer siden
So boring