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The Fall of Bleach: 4 Years Later
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smievil 38 minutter siden
controller suddenly breaks sonic starts looking and me, tapping his feet and eventually just lies down WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DOO??
Divya Mehra
Divya Mehra 42 minutter siden
Luan Kayro
Luan Kayro 43 minutter siden
I never played the game but already know that the little plant is evil. It kinda ruined the experience for me. I'll never be able to do a pure unbiased gameplay.
Mondo Prime
Mondo Prime 46 minutter siden
Genuinely think if they'd done the sequel in the original clunky Dreamcast style graphics, using the original engine, people would have been a lot kinder to this game.
Lovin’ Sims
Lovin’ Sims Time siden
Are you from anywhere near Middlesborough?
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall Time siden
Isnt wresteling just like fake? I mean its all acting right so does this even count as fighting or a martial art or what ever?
。Name 。
。Name 。 Time siden
The only thing everyone can agree, is that the illustrations are consistently beautiful.
Szymon Piotrowski
Szymon Piotrowski Time siden
Man once a big bug was flying after me (i was 13 and im scared od em) and i just zoomed 30km/h to a random house and told them to let me in, my lungs hurt so much and i couldnt move for 20 minuted lol
Szymon Piotrowski
Szymon Piotrowski Time siden
Ana Lazarescu
Ana Lazarescu Time siden
man, that was good. really good.
Lovin’ Sims
Lovin’ Sims Time siden
I dint find the shining that scary.....
duckcluck123 Time siden
im not even 7 minutes in and im already crying
Theis Rønhede
Theis Rønhede Time siden
17:11 I mean that's pretty cool as well tbh
Life of A Geek
Life of A Geek Time siden
I don’t think ill ever watch bleach so I may want to check this video out since spoilers aren’t an issue here
Life of A Geek
Life of A Geek Time siden
I loved doing a reaction to this video!! Would love to get some tips from you for my channel bro!
Jacopo Cesselli
Jacopo Cesselli Time siden
The most outrageous and hypocritical side to Xu’s story is that nowadays it’s actually hard as hell to find legitimate, Traditional Martial Arts in China, as the all the best masters of Martial Arts were systematically persecuted, sent to work the dirtiest farm jobs handling pig shit to shame them, interned in Laogai to be “re-educated”, and especially KILLED OFF by the Chinese Communist Party from 1949 onwards until well into the mid-1980s! Now, if anybody thinks that the CCP has even ONCE apologized for brutally destroying the same “traditional Chinese Culture” they now claim to uphold, I have a long and wide bridge to sell to you.
I am AZm
I am AZm Time siden
after almost a decade of being an anime fan it always infuriates me the fact that I was being seen as weird and nerdy. Anime is so much more, they're philosophical and deep.
Darklink536 Time siden
Can't wait to go to war with a country practicing this and we get decimated by goddamn Force users
Woody Scholz
Woody Scholz 2 timer siden
All we missing now is Homestuck and you will have basically covered the 4 great Internet Fandoms.
Tony F
Tony F Time siden
you forgot My Little Pony also furries, arguably. I think both of those fandoms are forces on the internet that help to define what "the internet" looks like.
Sans 2 timer siden
wow, im the 19000th coment, well congrats me i guess
Celeste E
Celeste E 2 timer siden
The whole multiuniverse section left me perplexed. Views are one thing, but the quality and reach of the AUs makes one realize just how big the community is. You can glimpse the vastness of the fandom when you realize the various levels of dedication and professionalism of each one of these AUs. It involves not only a certain demographic, but hundreds of thousands of people of different skills and backgrounds collaborating together into semiconcise pieces of work that, while derivative of an original game, still kind of stand of their own because of a newfound identity and execution of their premises. Bonkers.
NODA_Republic 2 timer siden
This is a fucking kickass video.
C F 2 timer siden
FFVII is the rare moment where severe limitations and unknown novel technologies combined to force the developer to focus on story telling through the game's mechanics. I do not think we will see this combination of factors come together as successfully for a very long time.
Szymon Piotrowski
Szymon Piotrowski 2 timer siden
Birusys 2 timer siden
bullshit fan fictions
john love
john love 2 timer siden
Now that dark horse is releasing the beautiful omnibooks berserk books its the best time to start the series
Wampty 2 timer siden
I thought it was Je-nos not Geh-nos
Steve Curcuru
Steve Curcuru 2 timer siden
Great rundown of this epic classic! Saw it on an un-subbed bootleg Japanese vhs in 88; couldn’t tell what they were saying but I watched it over and over. Even after seeing it with subtitles I still don’t understand some things - how did Neo Tokyo spring up again so fast? How did Tetsuo become a street kid if he was in that secret program? Why doesn’t he look old like the other psychic kids? Going to read the manga now.
Aidan Bell
Aidan Bell 2 timer siden
Atleast we can all agree the undertale community is better than the Steven universe community
Mamoun Da Silva
Mamoun Da Silva 2 timer siden
It feels like the cheap version of sleeping dogs
Buff McLargeHuge
Buff McLargeHuge 2 timer siden
Shenmue, known in certain circles as "Yakuza, but garbage"
Cynthia Nguyen
Cynthia Nguyen 2 timer siden
I knew that the rabbit hole was deep but when he got into the AU where AUs are made? Damn
javier mauricio
javier mauricio 3 timer siden
I think Red Line is too good of a movie, I think is awesome. The weird thing is that I don't really like car race movies, I think Fast and Furious is a stupid movie franchise, it has it's moments but for the majority of it is just stupid. But with red lo e there was something that captivated me, I think is the fact that the movie doesn't meses around, it immediately starts with action, we see how they race and just how dangerous it can get, we also get to see the level of speed that the different "cars" can achieve and it's insane, we also are introduced to the idea that rules is a concept they don't even know about so everything goes. I Also like the idea that the main characters personality and back ground is explained thrughout the movie while all the preparations for the race are being taken care of, that way we don't have to spend a lot of time hearing about the tragic story of the characters and learning how that affected their lives, is not that I don't like well define characters with a great story behind them, is just that sometimes I want to see a movie just for the action without spending a huge portion of the movie learning about seven different background stories. I think that's why I like this movie, it has a fast and decent pace, you learn just about enough to understand the motivation of the different characters, and that music, is just FREAKING amazing
C.p.2.0 3 timer siden
I feel like an example of a really good anime adaptation that maintains and elevates the source material manga is Gakkou Gurashi/School Live!. The addition of music, framing, and certain plot points/character introductions really add to the manga's horror and plot/themes. Obviously, trying to compare the GG manga with one of the best horror manga of all time is a fools errand from start to finish, but I still think that seeing what can be done with the tools of anime vs the restrictions of manga (and vice versa!) makes GG worth checking out if you're interested it it.
Dim-J 3 timer siden
Frisk i got spoiled and I didn't even realized it I was almost at the ENDDD
ピピヅヅカカ 3 timer siden
12:08 "Disbelief that I've just been struck by another human." _Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this._
Brai The Kai killer
Brai The Kai killer 3 timer siden
Wait wait wait.... claud's name is that cause of his memory? Claudy memory? Damn this is the weirdest revelation i got in 2021 soo far
TK Wong
TK Wong 3 timer siden
Shenmue 1 was overhyped thrash that killed SEGA and the Dreamcast. I hated it then, and same now. If SEGA have spent that 45millions(rumoured Shenmue development budget) on something else instead, Dreamcast might not be SEGA's last console. I can't believe there are still people believing in this overhyped thrash today. The game was just pure hype and NO GAME. Endless walking around in a world with nothing much to do, and the fights are are so short and far between. Gameplay in the game was simply non-existent. It was just endless walking and opening empty drawers. Wake up people! If you want a "real" Shenmue, play the Yakuza series instead. If the 45 millions was spent on a Yakuza game then, we might still have SEGA in the console business today. I am sad Suzuki-san still can't move on with life with this crap that destroyed his legacy. He should be remember for all the fine Arcades he created with the pinnacle being the Virtua Fighter series. He used to be at a godly rock star status equivalent to Miyamoto of Nintendo. Now he is just a shadow of his former self.
Canned Bread
Canned Bread 3 timer siden
remember Yakuza is a serious crime drama
Katherine Small Bean
Katherine Small Bean 4 timer siden
One anime which, although it didn't scare me, made me feel a lot of dread was _Made in Abyss._ Early on it sets the stakes for what kinds of dangers the two starry eyed main characters are getting thenselves into. Throughout their journey, matter how calm or cute the moments were there was always a feeling of dread remembering the dangers which were listed at the start. You grow to love the characters, and as they travel farther into the abyss you grow more fearful for their lives. The show lures you into a false sense of security where, although it all looks okay, you know in the back of your mind that their journey probably wont have a happy ending. (btw watch this show if you haven't it is an underrated masterpiece)
ink 4 timer siden
I don't feel like it was the backer's faults for this game being the way it is. You were one of them and you expected the game to have modernised somewhat - wanting a story finished isn't the same as wanting the old gameplay again with no real refinements. I don't want to blame Mr. Suzuki either, though, he certainly wanted to put this game out earlier and that would've certainly softened the blow. I hope that Shenmue 4 is good and how you want it, I could imagine it being made from scratch as 3 was always loosely made throughout these 19 years, so 4 could be a new start.
Brai The Kai killer
Brai The Kai killer 4 timer siden
Im glad for dbza for giving me a 2nd chance of watching dbz in a new way on the anime that i grew up with, i still dont like vegeta that much tho
Зоя Паничкина
Зоя Паничкина 4 timer siden
Fantastic. Thanks you for that.
Ya2 4 timer siden
"Attack on titan is a series of moments. It's not something you watch to see characters slightly develop". Well... This statement hasn't aged well
Misaki Inuko
Misaki Inuko 4 timer siden
Oh how I agree with you! The old seasons still holds a special place in my heart especially thanks to the Italian dub, which made it unique and funny as hell. This until it has been changed due to lots of resigns and losses (Homer's Italian voice actor passed away few years ago)... I have tried to watch the latest seasons so I could at least know why I don't like it and damn, I couldn't even watch one episode till the very end - I can only last 10 minutes before stopping it due to the cringe. It's sad to see how this show is going downhill but as you said, we were lucky to be graced by the very first seasons. :c (also I remember the Simpsons-mania here as well - used to read the comics back in the day)
Zheid X97
Zheid X97 4 timer siden
Read "Kami no Kodomo" if you want to puke after reading this masterpiece !!
Dnote147 4 timer siden
This is why I am so in love with the Undertale fandom and community.....but am also terrified of it.
Jinxiao Fu
Jinxiao Fu 4 timer siden
I was in fifth grade and found a manga lying on the track field, at first I was full of joy, little did I know it was a Junji Ito collection... And The Window Next Door scarred me for so long... T_T
Lance Camposano
Lance Camposano 4 timer siden
0:14 what part of the game is this? I never encountered this Is this from kiwami 1 or 2?
Perfect Jelly1
Perfect Jelly1 4 timer siden
All this fanfic is garbage and sincerely disgusting and depressing, it's even worse than zombie simpsons
Cartooonykitten 3265
Cartooonykitten 3265 4 timer siden
But I’ve already watched it I’m on to the manga where jolyne is at
Connor O
Connor O 5 timer siden
11:26 12 years old and you were watching wicked city? What kind of slumber parties did you have?
Scott's Shining Winter
Scott's Shining Winter 5 timer siden
So how again do you go in such a bloody rant from a 53 seconds of a still image?
vv pp
vv pp 5 timer siden
There is à fact, comedy séries ages very fast. And that's why they have to stop it when the audience is at his best, for leaving à good memory to the public But the producers or the Chanel want the opposite, and for this reason we had the really bad seasons of Simpson, family Guy, south park, américan dad, that s 70 show, my wife and Kids etc Very few comedies have been funny during à long time, friends was taking this road in the final seasons but thank god they stop in the right time
Zeldris 5 timer siden
Pls make a new one
Phrog 5 timer siden
I like how putting Kira in the thumbnail destroyed this comment section
notBrian 5 timer siden
i think that it would be so weird but facinating to see that film with the enedited sonic. how werid it would seem but aslo how intresting if would seem
Nam Đỗ Lê
Nam Đỗ Lê 5 timer siden
I see Kaguya-sama, I click
Marc Diaz
Marc Diaz 6 timer siden
Shelly Duvall isn’t the worst actor and Kubrick isn’t the worst director the 1997 one looks very bad Nicholson and Duvall are the best!
dio152 6 timer siden
Me: reads manga **Dies**
Zeke Lance
Zeke Lance 6 timer siden
So in a literal sense, undertale fanfiction is cancer... like its unexpected and uncontrollable growing and mutating and splitting that does not stop. Not meant as hate to anyone, just a joke comparison.
Paul Willhelm
Paul Willhelm 6 timer siden
What is with nsfw toriel.
Tony F
Tony F Time siden
Top 10 Questions Science STILL Can't Answer
Zehi 6 timer siden
Does anyone know which video it was where he talked about Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress? I would appreciate any help
henrietta jenlion
henrietta jenlion 6 timer siden
I only recently got into undertale because I purposely didn't want to be part of the crazy fandom
Yessica Corona
Yessica Corona 6 timer siden
I haven't thought about this since like middle school. It always did have some sort of lost media feel to it.
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson 6 timer siden
Not all long things that started good will end well... it's a very painful and terrible reality
Raynor Yudha Akbar
Raynor Yudha Akbar 7 timer siden
I only need 2 reasons to watch part 2 : Seeing my guy say "your next line is ..." And *bloody stream*
willan williams
willan williams 7 timer siden
You my friend. Are a gift to this world. Its been years since i shed tears and you did it. You made me feel something... Although just one isn't much when ot come to subs. But you have won a subscriber. Although this was basically about undertale's journey. You brought me through just a great a emotional trip as undertale itself. Thank you. Although you might not see this. I wanted to just say..... Thank you
Misogi Kumagawa
Misogi Kumagawa 7 timer siden
Idk if batman is a fair comparison in the case of where to start, because batman doesn't having a single through line of a series. For example, the detective comics themselves arent continued in the modern batman. Baki is
Leonardo Oppi
Leonardo Oppi 7 timer siden
I'm wondering what Matt groening ever see this video..
Anagram Confirmed
Anagram Confirmed 7 timer siden
Plus I guarantee if it's after 2010ish, it's woke af and nauseating.
Kim Le
Kim Le 8 timer siden
Someone who hates being called Pooh...
FoxYin_11 8 timer siden
how society would look like is there were no undertale?
Conner Campbell
Conner Campbell 8 timer siden
Those FPS shots are like if Gaspar Noe shot The Tales From The Crypt opening.
Ellis 47
Ellis 47 9 timer siden
We are all so isolated and lonely somehow. I salute you, fellow wanderers
Rrruby 9 timer siden
dear god it looks like "tokko" the anime. me and my friend laughed so hard because it was so trashy q_q
Fin Infinite
Fin Infinite 10 timer siden
Wow. This video was a journey of its own.