The Robbery | PUBG Mobile Movie
Thank You PMSC 2019
BABY_DOLL 2 timer siden
😂 Sophie is just like me
DescentBanda - FF
DescentBanda - FF 2 timer siden
5:42 literally he was drinking cold drinks Like there is some party going on😂😂
Pilot LightningSword200
Pilot LightningSword200 2 timer siden
5:11 I think I saw this clip on PUMBA’S channel
Paul Andrei Magliba
Paul Andrei Magliba 2 timer siden
Wow! First, among us, now pubg, this is super amazing. Also protistic.
cho long
cho long 2 timer siden
If you’re the imposter and someone see you vent so they go to emergency meeting it will take 5 second to emergency meeting so quickly vent back and kill
Kownseelor Master Kiefer
Kownseelor Master Kiefer 2 timer siden
The best PUBG tips and tricks and also myth
FARUK Yılmaz
FARUK Yılmaz 2 timer siden
cho long
cho long 2 timer siden
If your the imposter and someone see you vented,they go to emergency meeting you need to quickly vent back and kill.
Ljubica Popović
Ljubica Popović 3 timer siden
I love your vids
master game survivor
master game survivor 3 timer siden
Everybody subscribe to akain Hussain channel this instant
༺ 千ㄖ尺匚乇千ㄖ乂Lol
༺ 千ㄖ尺匚乇千ㄖ乂Lol 3 timer siden
15:26 that might will probably banned becuz of glitch
GM_ JXNIOR 3 timer siden
who cares about among us
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 3 timer siden
i like your video
KRIMZZIEL 4 timer siden
Hey I have a myth for u... When u stand in the middle of the storage door it will allow u to walk through the walls, pls pick me, new subscriber here
Chloe C
Chloe C 4 timer siden
Myth:if someone goes to elecrical if he is gone he vented Now with two people if someone is dead in elecrical one of the imposter finished him
Yavana Rani
Yavana Rani 4 timer siden
1 tip is wrong who agrees
Sasha's Potato
Sasha's Potato 4 timer siden
Who else is here cuz someone just called them idiot for being a bad imposter? just me? oh ok...(=_=)
Lilium_ Serpens
Lilium_ Serpens 4 timer siden
It should be a rule to watch this video before playing. I don't know how many times I got voted out just because I used my brain.
Vishal Pawar
Vishal Pawar 4 timer siden
I scored 10 out of 10
IVAN_104-GAMING 5 timer siden
i pick a and d
shahzad anjum
shahzad anjum 5 timer siden
Umm what if your enemy more pro than you and already knew all about these cuz your enemies are also your buddies so they won't kill you and behave like noobs oof
Zoe Frew
Zoe Frew 5 timer siden
When someone finishes shields it lights up the lights
Zoe Frew
Zoe Frew 5 timer siden
I know one that u missed
Srujan K
Srujan K 5 timer siden
0:49 how did he came from vikendi to erangel🤣🤣😂
Gaming With Plant
Gaming With Plant 6 timer siden
If you are a imposter and example You are going to electrical and you killed somebody you vent in Then you want to vent to security you just need to see the blinking light over the corner is easy
BEEBI SANOONA 6 timer siden
Sorry Imposters. But Clash is finding you
Rabeeh GAMING 7 timer siden
Pagal kay dash engrazie kay bachay,😍😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😅😅
carlos chua
carlos chua 7 timer siden
Myth: if you found an crewmate glitch will it be (you saw the imposter vent) or (someone doing a task long you will know who the iposter is,.
Mehmood Khan
Mehmood Khan 7 timer siden
If you kill someone in the upper left corner of lower engine the body may be not seen
XxAbdullahxX 265
XxAbdullahxX 265 7 timer siden
Michel Carnet
Michel Carnet 7 timer siden
if you sabotage o2 and go in a vent wait for it to finish and then come out and you will be invisible
Umair Umairtahir
Umair Umairtahir 8 timer siden
Thats amazing
Subhasis Das
Subhasis Das 8 timer siden
When reactor meltdown starts then the reactor gets red in colour
Maw Maw
Maw Maw 8 timer siden
My username is ironThomasLynn
MRC DOCTOR GAMING 9 timer siden
Jean Savio
Jean Savio 9 timer siden
Karamvir 9 timer siden
It's great best i know it take lot of time to make this best movie you always make great video and now you make great movie you are best always clash universe best 😇
EgLe GAMER'S 9 timer siden
Aman Yati
Aman Yati 9 timer siden
Myth : if you are the host of the public or private server you have a better chance of being imposer
teena mendez
teena mendez 10 timer siden
Do a pubg Korean tips and tricks video
STELLA CHANNEL 10 timer siden
the bad guys are also watching this :O
NewT 10 timer siden
2:12 Music name plz???????
Kokoiios GT
Kokoiios GT 10 timer siden
1.30 shields task is too
Joey Khalil
Joey Khalil 11 timer siden
Nice tips helps 👍
Jaliah 11 timer siden
its 20 yes 20
Rajavel 11 timer siden
Happy Republic day brothers and sisters 🤩🤩 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Kownseelor Master Kiefer
Kownseelor Master Kiefer 11 timer siden
Myth: do a full auto of the m16
Ricoh Elijah Limboc
Ricoh Elijah Limboc 12 timer siden
Myth: you can see in the dark a open to close it means someone vented
Noah Yoseph
Noah Yoseph 13 timer siden
I like how his friends have the name of Naruto characters
Noah Yoseph
Noah Yoseph 13 timer siden
when cyan came out from medbay facing the right, there not sus, its them. IF no one is there then somone just comes out, they 100% imp
Diamond Frieza
Diamond Frieza 13 timer siden
is this proguides? logo seems similar
Charles Lecziel De Leon
Charles Lecziel De Leon 14 timer siden
I Always Forget The Trick Every Time I Playing😂
Bala Sankar M
Bala Sankar M 14 timer siden
I like your video so much
Liza Vigasina
Liza Vigasina 14 timer siden
your a liar I got the weather note task a lot of times but I never got the switch part after
WestReflex2017 Yt
WestReflex2017 Yt 14 timer siden
5:12-5:25 I've known that's since I've started playing But no hate
Johnwyn Quimson
Johnwyn Quimson 15 timer siden
19out of 20
Katara 15 timer siden
At polls if you go to that rectangle thing by the tree and lights turn of the top of your body is hidden
Nathan Calabrese
Nathan Calabrese 16 timer siden
I don’t know if you already did this but if you go to the download task and actually do the task, it takes 9 full seconds to complete the task. You can use this method to catch an imposter. if he/she stays there for a longer amount of time or a shorter amount of time, he/she is the imposter.
Gavinator705 Gaming
Gavinator705 Gaming 16 timer siden
On the pet task myth, when the imposter was doing asteroids, they were still shooting.
Lanna Fraire
Lanna Fraire 17 timer siden
Fun fact: you can’t use the name: “cocoa”
Teletubbyboi 69
Teletubbyboi 69 17 timer siden
My imposter strategy is turning off the lights and wait for a crewmate to fix but then kill it
Charles Daggett
Charles Daggett 17 timer siden
myth: if you stand in a doorway and the door closes your pet will be locked out until you walk away from the door
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt 17 timer siden
o2 can be completed with 1 person
Spaceflight Fox
Spaceflight Fox 17 timer siden
10000 IQ Tricks
Neeta Telang
Neeta Telang 18 timer siden
I like hacks for among us
Cathy Wang
Cathy Wang 18 timer siden
Hi Great Vid!
Chris Barnicoat
Chris Barnicoat 18 timer siden
The vent 1 is so good
draganica madalina
draganica madalina 18 timer siden
I have a problem I don't know how to calibrarate the distributor so I wanna know
GRIM REAPER 18 timer siden
Since u've started makin amg us vids u got fucked up
Umar Tanoli
Umar Tanoli 19 timer siden
U also have to make video on army public school attack in Pakistan
Syeda fatima zahra
Syeda fatima zahra 19 timer siden
Trick. In electrical, Stand near the fix light buttons then focus on the vent if it moves go see the color there and u can find the imposter
a r n
a r n 19 timer siden
Myth: all the people username was from naruto Edit:and covid
Baldi Basic
Baldi Basic 19 timer siden
Myth:Why Haven't You Post Pubg Mobile I Miss Those Videos 🙁
LyricGirl 20 timer siden
If u go into reactor and hide in the thing, when someone kills u, u get 100% hidden under it. I tried and found it myself. It works but if it does not, that means i explained it wrong :)
D Rivera
D Rivera 20 timer siden
I love your vids
mohid658 gf
mohid658 gf 21 time siden
Nithin Yadav
Nithin Yadav 21 time siden
Plz make videos on pubg 🙏
Mehzabin Mariam
Mehzabin Mariam 22 timer siden
Myth: if any ghost do any visual task like garbage or weapon task an impostor can take advantage to stand there if any crewmate was there the crewmate will vouch for you. That you did astroid or garbage task it's a great trick to be innocent.😊
TheM4Master 69
TheM4Master 69 22 timer siden
Can you upload a pubg tips and tricks video pls
Mehzabin Mariam
Mehzabin Mariam 22 timer siden
Myth: if any ghost do any visual task like garbage or weapon task an impostor can take advantage to stand there if any crewmate was there the crewmate will vouch for you. That you did astroid or garbage task it's a great trick to be innocent.😊