What if We Nuke the Moon?
4 måneder siden
The 12,021 Human Era Calendar
rickysmyth 18 timer siden
It wouldn't be as bad as this
Knives 21
Knives 21 18 timer siden
Mga nag imbento nyan doon nyo pasabugin sa bansa nyo.wag nyo idamay ang pilipiinas 🇵🇭
Gas Bag
Gas Bag 18 timer siden
What I love about these videos is it shows how Stupid Humanity really is :/
Varun mehta
Varun mehta 18 timer siden
*As if Covid wasn't enough*
Coolify 18 timer siden
nice video
Sresthi gaming
Sresthi gaming 18 timer siden
My dad drink Milk everday
Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones 18 timer siden
I'd love to see a video about dimensions. specifically dimensional existence.
Sway Magnus
Sway Magnus 18 timer siden
Pretty much every single machine can do it's task better than a person. The question is if the development cost is cheaper than you're lifelong enslavement to work.
Fizan Muhammed
Fizan Muhammed 18 timer siden
2:50 nice up reference
Billy Ireland
Billy Ireland 18 timer siden
it's 2021. Do we have (sub?)atomic components yet?
rejuiced _
rejuiced _ 18 timer siden
He sounds like david attenborough but just talking about space
Varun mehta
Varun mehta 18 timer siden
Long story short *Uranus is made of nuclear pasta*
eHekkie 18 timer siden
Si vis pacem, para bellum
M Landry
M Landry 18 timer siden
I of course prefer the bounce scenario. It also fits best with a lot of the other cyclical behaviours we observe in countless other things around us. Nature and reality seems to repeat the same patterns at all scales, so it would make sense if the universe as a whole behaved this way. I don’t find the universe’s total demise to be frightening. Haunting, yes, but moreso tragic and saddening. I can think of no greater sorrow than our entire universe coming to a cold, dark, silent and lonely end. Every bit as poignant and heartbreaking to me as the death of a loved one.
Ari Parker
Ari Parker 18 timer siden
Black holes aren’t holes in space they’re spheres of matter that spin so fast that they have gravity so strong that light can’t escape it
Salt and Vinegar Animations
Salt and Vinegar Animations 18 timer siden
A similar explosion happened in Lebanon
Seth Grissman
Seth Grissman 18 timer siden
I've used up 17.3 percent of my life. I am lucky.
Valentin Kozin
Valentin Kozin 19 timer siden
For some reason I secretly wish something like this to happen
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 19 timer siden
my project and based it off of facts and evidence from this video (my teacher will never know if i change the words)
Nicolas Inguanti
Nicolas Inguanti 19 timer siden
Faruq Hussain
Faruq Hussain 19 timer siden
It's good.
D.M.B.M DISANAYAKA 19 timer siden
Why cant we just kill the useless people.who doesnt do anything for the planet but mating.
Felix Pfeiffer
Felix Pfeiffer 19 timer siden
pls do a video on rocket mass heaters.
Superlenny 19 timer siden
It would be great to have more sober facts about atomic energy and everything that comes with it. The discussion in Germany for example is wild
Christopher Castellano
Christopher Castellano 19 timer siden
Who's to say we won't finally stop focusing on menial tasks and jobs? Instead we all work roughly part time rates in real innovative fields where the pay is enough to live on and we focus our free time on constantly educating ourselves and leisure. If we want, we can always work a little more in research fields to continually advance ourselves/society till work doesn't exist and the projects we take on are at choice.
Jim Le
Jim Le 19 timer siden
Called a spirit/soul. Otherwise our body is merely is just matter.
YOUR Channel
YOUR Channel 19 timer siden
Literally its earth on sun🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Princess Akira empire
Princess Akira empire 19 timer siden
Quasars video please
Dilshan Dasanayake
Dilshan Dasanayake 19 timer siden
Who saw the house of sponch bob at 4.20 😅
Axel Smith
Axel Smith 19 timer siden
By this logic that would mean that aligators would be giving birth to humans then giving birth to apes then giving birth to giraffs then giving birth to chipmunks. Yeah, you get the point. The atheist religion is such a joke.
Pam Rogers
Pam Rogers 19 timer siden
(Adventure time)
Gdot Savo Official
Gdot Savo Official 19 timer siden
All this did was scare me cus I'm completely alone, I smoke cigarettes, and my brain doesnt even function right anymore.
PogManTheBrave 19 timer siden
Guys just make vaults
Danil Kozyatnikov
Danil Kozyatnikov 19 timer siden
This was wonderful.
Yusuf Seran Doğmuş
Yusuf Seran Doğmuş 19 timer siden
4:58 stay at home, you are scareing me kurzgesagt
MinkMink 19 timer siden
what if there was a black hole in kirbys stomach? oh wait...
PogManTheBrave 19 timer siden
Dude, not everyone would be gone, there would be ghouls.
Commander Archives
Commander Archives 19 timer siden
Don't forget about photo copying a mirror.
Marc P.
Marc P. 19 timer siden
are people so scared to grow old and die?
Harshita Kaushik
Harshita Kaushik 19 timer siden
In my opinion, I'm just a voice. But, despite the fact that I'm just a voice, I control entire of my body. I tell my mind what to do, and what not to do. And that's how I control everything that I want to do. My body is just my address, and my mind is just my servant.
Ira 19 timer siden
There are things I dislike very strongly about the EU, especially the fact that we do not protect our way of life anymore, we do don't protect outer borders and foreign influence is destroying everything we have fought for in the past. I fear this will kill the EU eventually, kill the peaceful way of life we achieved. One is not racist by not approving hateful ideologies from less developed countries. Some countries are pretty much being colonized, this will inevitably lead to blood. The biggest enemy of the civilized world at the moment is very clear, our acceptance of Islam. Islam is at present akin to Christianity a few hundred years ago, being used by power hungry people as a tool of control to spread violence and death in the name of god. At present Islam should be banned in the EU because the ideology is against the constitution of all EU countries, Islam's very nature is against democracy, denying basic rights and freedoms to it's followers, mainly women of course. I will never respect a muslim, I will never turn a blind eye to the atrocities this religion commits on a daily basis just because someone will call me a racist because of it. If wanting to protect our peace and democracy is racist, then I'm the biggest racist there is. Also, since when does not supporting an ideology make one racist? I don't care about anyone's race, I don't care about anyone's skin color and not all Arabs are muslim.
もたたた 19 timer siden
Where can I find the script for this video? I'd like to print it out and read it aloud.
FiftyFifty 19 timer siden
This is one of my favorite videos. Just because how bizarre it is.
Rudy Jean
Rudy Jean 19 timer siden
Im declaring no mask weekend! Everyone, refuse to wear a mask for the whole weekend. Enough is enough. This plandemic is going overboard. I even seen idiots wearing 2 masks! I never wear a mask! Covid Survival Rate: 0-19 years old 99.997% 20-49 years old 99.98% 50-69 years old 99.50% 70+ years old 94.60%
Bayne Deaton
Bayne Deaton 19 timer siden
Did u guys see the monkey with toiletpapaer in the intro?
elmer lopez
elmer lopez 19 timer siden
@Kurzgesagt What did you mean by "You"
SALSA South African Lego Space Agency
SALSA South African Lego Space Agency 19 timer siden
I really hope aliens don't exist, there are already too many lifeforms in the universe!
Music Bot
Music Bot 19 timer siden
Is there an equivalent of a bacteriophage but against viruses
shahrina nasri
shahrina nasri 19 timer siden
Hey make a video about white holes
Kyler Nicosia
Kyler Nicosia 20 timer siden
They missed hydro power
John Lau
John Lau 20 timer siden
l learned that our science lessons are boring af
Steven Doolittle
Steven Doolittle 20 timer siden
Kurzgesagt is the best channel on NOpost.
Henry Price
Henry Price 20 timer siden
"we have a part of us that we cant see or measure" :( I know i do
water_bear11 20 timer siden
5:40 Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.
AugmentedGravity 20 timer siden
Damn this took me down memory lane. Some of these segments are the exact same as one of your pervious black hole related videos. Fantastic
Balwinder Kaur
Balwinder Kaur 20 timer siden
Elon : Time for starship mark 2
Yrael Hernandez
Yrael Hernandez 20 timer siden
they vilify nuclear energy because they don't want to lose money because of it
i'm np hi
i'm np hi 20 timer siden
This channel is always talking about nuke something 🤣
Ira 20 timer siden
Speaking up for democracy... tell that to Erdogan and other power hungry idiots that are returning their countries to the middle ages way of doing things...
wife-beater 20 timer siden
*6 SCIENTIFIC 🙄 PROOFS of globe* 🌏💥🌐🪐🌎: 1. School TEXT BOOK says so! 2. A Greek Neanderthal from stone-age ASSUMED AND IMAGINED ball-earth. 3. Outgoing ship seem to disappear over the horizon but if you use ZOOM, they come back. FYI NASA does not allow zoom cameras and magnifying telescopes by its personnel anywhere on earth, in the atmosphere or its faked space. 4. CGI's and fakes of very BIG globe are shown by ISS, Hollywood movies, and by NASA astronauts. 5. Your computer wall-paper has a CGI GLOBE on it. 6. Einstein, Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, Eratosthenes, all scientists, all students, all workers, all managers and all mainstream news stations APPARENTLY BELIEVE in globe 🌏 although they have no evidence for it.
Dark Gaming
Dark Gaming 20 timer siden
Was it me or there was magnemite in this vid😁😁
Risku Cal
Risku Cal 20 timer siden
"the dark energy push each local group further and further until there's nothing more" but what if everything was already sooo far and ...... in that "nothing" there would be another big bang , and our big bang just same happens repeatedly
Wayne Smiles
Wayne Smiles 20 timer siden
7:52 Me: No. USA Government:No. USA Military: No. Any country with nukes:No.
AugmentedGravity 20 timer siden
the creeper Gaming
the creeper Gaming 20 timer siden
USE IT TO KILL COVID NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW (and every other bactiria and other virus ) hospitals and laboratories : write that down right THAT DOWN NOW
the creeper Gaming
the creeper Gaming 19 timer siden
we could even make it so when anyone is born the first thing we do is inject The Bacteriophage into them and then eventully everyone would be immune to viruses and bacteria's