Overpopulation & Africa
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An Antidote to Dissatisfaction
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Optimistic Nihilism
What Are You?
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What Is Something?
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What Is Light?
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Pearl 17 timer siden
For the people who are confused when they said “almost all your cells are replaced during your lifetime” human egg cells stay in a woman’s body for her entire life. She starts with some and dies (usually) with some. Those and I think neurons
rune4220 17 timer siden
it can open doors to Demons influence in your life. I've been smoking A sick amount of Hash almost every day for the last 14 years. Jesus can set you free of everything. God Bless.
Saäf 17 timer siden
Can't we just do the Warhammer 40k thing? Just genocide any aliens, less resources wasted on finding other life, more resources for us.
Jonas Radionovas
Jonas Radionovas 17 timer siden
Kurzgesagt please please watch the video of film theory about the bee movie
TopSecret2028 17 timer siden
Why does the Great Filter gives me chills?
Mathieu Grenier
Mathieu Grenier 17 timer siden
Detroit, becoming human
beefyo 17 timer siden
extending "it's gonna kill u" to 8 minutes and 36 seconds
YuJeh Puaa
YuJeh Puaa 17 timer siden
We as a fetus of the creator is sort of like a creator simulating a creation, to create a mature creator. If there exists already other like the creator, it means we are going to grow and create when we have the capacity to understand the meaning of life. What a fond way of living and remembering life.
Ronn 17 timer siden
Why we even named our own Galaxy to Milky Way if the majority is lactose intolerant?
FDA Approved707
FDA Approved707 17 timer siden
*dies to ebola* Cells: this guy is probably hacking
Erick Flores
Erick Flores 17 timer siden
*Wow I didn’t know there was a video of me on NOpost!*
George Eduard
George Eduard 17 timer siden
It's impossible to simulate the soul, it's created by God, the Omnipotent. God is so powerful everything created is nothing compared to the Creator...
DiasCharu Madushan
DiasCharu Madushan 17 timer siden
Buddhism said exactly the same thing in this video... Buddhism is the. Only True Religion on Planet
Lordlouckster 17 timer siden
The only video with contour lines.
mad snom
mad snom 17 timer siden
the weak germ is SO ADORABLE
David Shin
David Shin 17 timer siden
They made this youtube channel to create this video to make us think its not a simulation by making us think its a simulation which makes us think if its actually a simulation and if the simulation is making us think its real but its actually a simulation to make us think it is which in fact we argue it isn’t but we... My brain hurts, try writing what I intend to write.
Niraj kumar
Niraj kumar 18 timer siden
If this truth know the whole world then there are place for pain and suffering for anyone because "I'm you".😊
Sans dance
Sans dance 18 timer siden
Bird: Gets crushed under a mirror and fucking dies The other birds: I'll ignore that
Garv Sharma
Garv Sharma 18 timer siden
Soo....how you get the money from shares?
Robespiery Gonzales Jr.
Robespiery Gonzales Jr. 18 timer siden
Guess I'll die early.
itzybitzyspyder tv
itzybitzyspyder tv 18 timer siden
Unplugging stuff make zero difference.
Evodex- gacha
Evodex- gacha 18 timer siden
When part 4 will come ??? ( i love so much )
Yuul Selv
Yuul Selv 18 timer siden
just stop... YOU DON'T KNOW AND ARE NOT and WERE NEVER close
C Durham
C Durham 18 timer siden
Me: so I'm my mother? God: and your father. Me: (👀)
Geam HT
Geam HT 18 timer siden
The Watchman
The Watchman 18 timer siden
Go to (Anthony Patch at NOpost) for the breakdown of the( Covid mark of the Beast Vaccine )which also will change your DNA...
Evan Bookout
Evan Bookout 18 timer siden
how did I get here from bill wurtz "content"
Mamokete Mavis Chona
Mamokete Mavis Chona 18 timer siden
Wow I have learned something new here thank you
Nate Hurst
Nate Hurst 18 timer siden
What a positive horror film, this is.
Nguyen hung
Nguyen hung 18 timer siden
Manhattan to Banghattan. LOL😂🤣😂🤣
Gloweye 18 timer siden
Perhaps all aliens thought of the Fermi paradox, decided it wasn't worth it, and just stayed on their home planet.
Juju Marine
Juju Marine 18 timer siden
im dead but alive?
Estefany Mindiolaza
Estefany Mindiolaza 18 timer siden
Barabimbara bom bom bom
Estefany Mindiolaza
Estefany Mindiolaza 18 timer siden
How you like that?
Juju Marine
Juju Marine 18 timer siden
is somebody else controlling me and making this exact comment but im not but i am?
Rezgar Palani
Rezgar Palani 18 timer siden
You should do a video about a quantum battery
Tuppy 18 timer siden
The problem: SUNLIGHT No more vitamin D folks.
Juju Marine
Juju Marine 18 timer siden
"I'm the video creator?" "And everybody who commented?"
Soo Ah
Soo Ah 18 timer siden
Nossa que legal cara, eu me sinto mais burra a cada video desse canal kskskskskskksskksksskskk
Dave Hedric
Dave Hedric 18 timer siden
I'm definitely "Anti-Nihilistic" but this was pretty heartfelt.
Yash Kumar
Yash Kumar 18 timer siden
I like to live for 5000 years without aging
Marshmallow And Friends
Marshmallow And Friends 18 timer siden
“How do you own energy?” Step 1: buy a battery Step 2: you own energy
Alonzo Ervin
Alonzo Ervin 18 timer siden
The multiplying sound of the cells is disgusting
Aastha Shukla
Aastha Shukla 18 timer siden
thanku so much for this fantastic ride
Sword and Shield Previews
Sword and Shield Previews 18 timer siden
Juju Marine
Juju Marine 18 timer siden
"I'm Albert Einstein" "And the dumbest person in the world?"
Captain Joy
Captain Joy 18 timer siden
7:54 Bird: I don’t want to die :( Dog: *uNdErStAnDaBlE hAvE a NiCe DaY*
Temporary Name
Temporary Name 18 timer siden
The 2.6k dislikes are all from Facebook
Alonzo Ervin
Alonzo Ervin 18 timer siden
What in the what in the what in the what in the what in the what in the wh_________________________________________
MarWer007 18 timer siden
Great intro 👍
언오금혈 18 timer siden
한국어 번역 왜 적다 말았노
Atlas Unchained
Atlas Unchained 18 timer siden
I am large, I am multitudes
Jahcube blbeCZek
Jahcube blbeCZek 19 timer siden
Titulky opět dělal retard? Video is greate and informative, but czech subs sucks!
Devin Holt
Devin Holt 19 timer siden
What if we nuke a city? Nobody there are over 1,000 nuke that are not all was the same.
Guy Marshall
Guy Marshall 19 timer siden
What nobody asks is should we be broadcasting radio waves at all? And are other alien species quiet because just like birds in a tree go quiet when there is a hawk nearby, the loud noisy bird at the floor gets eaten by the eagle easily. We may be that loud ignorant bird that knows no better.
ActsRelax 19 timer siden
So this is like a war, very interesting
Darth Backstabber
Darth Backstabber 19 timer siden
"One day you're gonna look around and you're gonna realize that everybody loves you! But nobody likes you. And that is the loneliest feeling in the world."
문성훈 19 timer siden
Thanks, Kurzgesagt. This video gives me relief everytime when I watch it. :)
Vince B
Vince B 19 timer siden
being in the aging treatment control group is probably the most risk-free any mouse has ever lived
Lalit 19 timer siden
you can make a religion out of this
Lordlouckster 19 timer siden
7:15 Interesting transition...
Ramagopal reddy lingareddy
Ramagopal reddy lingareddy 19 timer siden
Do we have supper powers
Ramagopal reddy lingareddy
Ramagopal reddy lingareddy 19 timer siden
Or do we get supper powers
Narwhal Gamer
Narwhal Gamer 19 timer siden
Its nice watching what could have been
Mr Solo Dolo
Mr Solo Dolo 19 timer siden
Haha, lots will be convinced, there were hints of truth in what he was saying, then he talks about rockets 🤭
Elnelyn Hernandez
Elnelyn Hernandez 19 timer siden
Why not use phages to fight coronavirus haha lol
Niko Candra Wijaya
Niko Candra Wijaya 19 timer siden
all broken
Esak Kahsai
Esak Kahsai 19 timer siden
please make more of these
Stacy Harn
Stacy Harn 19 timer siden
trigger studios
trigger studios 19 timer siden
Andy weir has some real talent in his mind
Tuấn Khải Phạm Gia
Tuấn Khải Phạm Gia 19 timer siden
It's kinda odd that this short film actually reminds me of Interstellar
Roel 19 timer siden
Son:"dad who came first? The chicken or the egg?" Dad:"neither son as they were one in the same after all...."
Alonzo Ervin
Alonzo Ervin 19 timer siden
Roel 19 timer siden
Ill give the person that can guess what god the person in this story is 5 cookies
Tony Hakston
Tony Hakston 19 timer siden
Infinite multiprocessing!
The Man Who Speaks
The Man Who Speaks 19 timer siden
k i l l e r. q u e e n. has already touched that protein
Alonzo Ervin
Alonzo Ervin 19 timer siden
What in the wh_______________________
Carlos Fernandez Carrasco
Carlos Fernandez Carrasco 19 timer siden
The fact that the title is 3 reasons to not legalise marijuana and the conclusion is that the best idea is legalise it is amazing 😂
Carlos Fernandez Carrasco
Carlos Fernandez Carrasco 19 timer siden
But I liked the video, it was great
Andrei Lopes
Andrei Lopes 19 timer siden
The video is not subtitled from 4:59 to 5:56 And I'm also the one who subtitled And I'm also all the people that is seeing this comment And I'm also all the people that is replying this comment And I'm also all the people that is liking this comment
HGST 19 timer siden
Good video to explain it all. I looked all over for this info but so far this is the best one to explain it
Kurt Lapp
Kurt Lapp 19 timer siden
Big bang: i created all of this. Tiny bang: i deleted all of this.