giant M&M in hospital
Ann's Amazing Cakes
What's Inside this Egg?
tania gatfield
tania gatfield 11 timer siden
Yummy 😋
10paws 11 timer siden
The fact you debunk things knowing they don't work, I can't imagine it feels great doing it, but great to show those who follow the unfortunate videos that need to be shown that shouldn't even be on youtube: Meaning alot of them can be dangerous or break your stuff. On a slightly seperate topic about google. I lived in Aus all my life and haven't even heard of that yet, although, for years i already thought google to be greedy, the fact they own 3 massive sites is annoying enough for smaller businesses. (ps) I feel bad for Dave's taste buds lol.
Sheila Peterson
Sheila Peterson 12 timer siden
Hold my celiac and diabetes
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 12 timer siden
#Dave Gang
Kunj Patel
Kunj Patel 12 timer siden
2 is real
Michael Harto
Michael Harto 12 timer siden
The amount of subscribers those hack channels have remind you of how gullible the general population is.
Dawn Gardiner
Dawn Gardiner 12 timer siden
I’ve watched that site....never again!
Magic Bayonet
Magic Bayonet 12 timer siden
I think 2 and 4 are fake Edit: man, halfway there!
NocturnSerenade 12 timer siden
I'm pretty sure the burnt brownie will give you cancer....
Pandora & Friends
Pandora & Friends 12 timer siden
nice, this pops up in my reccomendation during spooktober and im already freaked out by the thicc spiderweb by my bed, dont think we get tunnel webs in the uk but that doesnt stop me from being afraid of them.
Craft Kingdom
Craft Kingdom 12 timer siden
the oreo recipe works I have tried it and it turns into a delicious have to crush the Oreos add milk and mix it well into a batter and microwave it only for 30 to 45 seconds and it will be done... I even made this cake for my birthday. please try again as I said it will surely work.
Tommy 12 timer siden
I think they have 800million views from those channels
Tommy 12 timer siden
Guess I was work by a lot
alderfae 12 timer siden
I freaked out bc they were on the left side of the road before I remembered that I'm American and we had to be the weirdos of the world and drive on the right.
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin 12 timer siden
i LOVE your videos! i HATE kids....
TheRoyaleCookie 12 timer siden
See why can’t people make these? XD not blow up cars
Aurochs hunter
Aurochs hunter 12 timer siden
That graphite in the microwave one is rather irresponsible, what if someone really gullible had tried it, if you hadn’t been here to explain it doesn’t work?
xhthepikachu Gaming
xhthepikachu Gaming 12 timer siden
She doenst just PAINT like Bob Ross, she has the soft tone like him
Vollie Espérer
Vollie Espérer 12 timer siden
The end was so amazing and cute
NocturnSerenade 12 timer siden
Why do ppl make fake hacks? Wasting everyones time
Moose Velaquez
Moose Velaquez 12 timer siden
can u watch tasty i dont know if its good or bad
MCBuilder101 12 timer siden
Blossom: rIcE haS pLAsTiC biTS Asians and the farmers that work their asses off: *YES OFFICER, THEY’RE IS SPOUTING SHITFUCKERY*
ThenAgain,ButMaybeNot 12 timer siden
I watch Bondi Vet and I'm wondering if THAT is the reptile farm that is coming to milk the spider 🤔🤔
luna 12 timer siden
He should see this
Akira Minerva
Akira Minerva 12 timer siden
Welcome to Australia
britegrl03 12 timer siden
That picture of Johnny Depp us from the movie "Bennie and Joon". The main character makes grilled cheese this way. Totally recommend this movie.
wolffie UwU
wolffie UwU 13 timer siden
hi ann, i know you dont usually do things that arent cooking, but could you please check this video out? it looks fake in some parts and real in others. i want to make sure its safe andd okay first before seeing for myself. here is the vido:
Ilhaam Foster
Ilhaam Foster 13 timer siden
I know i clicked on the video for the debunking but the Google matter you covered at the end was BRILLIANT
Poefeathyr 13 timer siden
A good thing for cutting onions is to cut them when they are very cold, keep them in the fridge or put them in a bowl of ice water. Another good thing is to chew mint gum while cutting them
The Young Amateur Artist
The Young Amateur Artist 13 timer siden
is no one gonna talk about the fact that 5 minute crafts expects ppl to have dry ice and activated charcoal in their house? if im not mistaken these are supposed to be life hacks...
jon ruxton
jon ruxton 13 timer siden
Ann, I love your debunking videos.
William W
William W 13 timer siden
Ann: I am a food scientist, so I am going to challenge production farms for their content accuracy, and Eminem for rapping skills 5:48 ;)
LemonChan is Random
LemonChan is Random 13 timer siden
I want to shake it to death
MarchMallowz 13 timer siden
Asking if 5 minute crafts is the worst NOpost channel is like asking if sana is gay the answer is pretty obvious
Janina Peters
Janina Peters 13 timer siden
Ann your dedication to put yourself through these videos let alone try it being a food scientist I applaud it 😘 not to mention cleaning the microwave after, you take a lot for the team
Jayne Eisan
Jayne Eisan 13 timer siden
I had no idea chocolate was so high maintenence.
Amber Marie
Amber Marie 13 timer siden
Marie Kline
Marie Kline 13 timer siden
Not sure why I watched this, I am very allergic to eggs.
TheRoyaleCookie 13 timer siden
I actually thought of Dominican Republic lol and my animal was a white owl
Agentmae 13 timer siden
If you actually use the grape’s juice it can be used as quite an effective dye :D when I pick wild grapes, it always looks like I murdered a Danganronpa character
Sarah 13 timer siden
Can you show us how you do open a geod
Noah Beltran
Noah Beltran 13 timer siden
1: real 2: fake 3: real 4: fake
Anime Weeb
Anime Weeb 14 timer siden
Your son is cuter than my cousin Fyi my cousin is 6yrs old
_ 14 timer siden
Ever After WHATEVER 14 timer siden
I love her accent!!!!😆😆😆😂😍
Specimen 2
Specimen 2 14 timer siden
Technically _Ann just figured out how to cook fire in her microwave_ This is a dumb joke please dont attack me Also Dont put pencil lead in your microwave You will start a fire
Red NailPolish
Red NailPolish 14 timer siden
The spider just wanted to learn how to cook that..
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 14 timer siden
If i saw a spider no hesitation i am stepping on it
Ever After WHATEVER 14 timer siden
Love ya accent!!😍😍
Kat Storm
Kat Storm 14 timer siden
So I'm guessing you also need a balloon pump? I don't think my guests would appreciate finding out I used my breath to create their dessert.
leahllama99 14 timer siden
for all my GF friends Trader Joes has an amazing oreo that's GF you have to try it lol they have a toucan on the box
Everto Ashton
Everto Ashton 14 timer siden
Not for nothing, that noodle brownie thing did actually look good. 😅 I love making things I know no one else will eat... More for me!
KamCant Sleep
KamCant Sleep 14 timer siden
Real: 1, 2, 4. Fake: 3 Edit: wow I was way wrong-
Jasper&Clyde inSD
Jasper&Clyde inSD 14 timer siden
Me with 0% chance of ever attempting to make this: *Orders silicone dome mold from Amazon.*
Anyotta Roberts
Anyotta Roberts 14 timer siden
Poor Dave 😂
Agentmae 14 timer siden
I live in Michigan (hi from the Great Lakes) and the thing on the toaster that makes the toast go higher does not to my knowledge exist in anywhere in the US I’ve been. I personally use a fork to get the toast out or repop the toast up to make it higher(?) I wish we had those though :(
Shani Taylor
Shani Taylor 14 timer siden
No Dave test? You'd think tbis could make up for the disaster debunked foods....
jasminejo2424 14 timer siden
well done for catching it and getting it to the people who can use it to help make antivenom, i guess its difficult to collect as mature males dont live very long in most spider species so im assuming these are no different but at least they can milk him for the rest of his life and in exchange he gets a nice safe home with meals provided till he passes away he might even be provided with a lady friend if they breed them to get more males.
WolfDemonProductions 14 timer siden
I see the argument with Google on general, and agree it's a negative, but is it really a problem with NOpost videos? Videos still count watches from embedded sources, and Google owns NOpost. I'd expect them to be well integrated beyond the average embedding.
Amber Mikaela Infante
Amber Mikaela Infante 14 timer siden
I love it how she threw the "Skittles Popcorn" in the trash XD.
Kaitlyn Kruger
Kaitlyn Kruger 14 timer siden
I'm itchy
SLENDRINA DvLoPeR 15 timer siden
Thomas 15 timer siden
22:19 That thumb's looking a little... graphic.
WolfDemonProductions 15 timer siden
I'm very curious about the crepes on the underside of the pan. You couldn't get it to work well, but that's how I was always told was the proper way to do it if you didn't have a crepe maker, the reason given was that it's too difficult to get it thin enough on the inside of the pan, and the walls of the frying pan prevent you from removing the excess like you can on a crepe maker. That, and when I lived in SF, there used to be a stand with a guy making them that way using the underside of a small wok. I think the clip in this video of your crepe tutorial is the first time I've ever seen crepes made in the regular surface of a frying pan.
Amber Mikaela Infante
Amber Mikaela Infante 15 timer siden
The 1st cake fail oil kinda 0retty BC of it lighting
Matt S
Matt S 15 timer siden
You should lend this book to 5 minute crafts so they can start putting out wierd hacks that actually work.
Таганская Лиля
Таганская Лиля 15 timer siden
A number : 8 An adjective : viral An keyword: videos A promise : that will blow your mind Bonus stage : all the title in SCREAMING LIKE THIS ! MAJ ⬆️
ichigoeater 15 timer siden
Thank you for clarifying the google vs. news media problem. I haven't seen that add or heard anything about a feud yet, but I did know the internet in general placed newspapers and magazines in difficult positions. Somehow, I thought the featured result of a google search got payed in some way, since otherwise, google would essentially be stealing their content. I don't really know what the answer to the problem is, either. I think google should do away with the feature entirely if it's robbing the people who did the actual work. I've been guilty of looking at the search results, getting my answer from that alone, and clicking out without clicking on a site, and I know everyone else does it, too. Now that I know, I'll try to remember to click the link.
Faith Fearless
Faith Fearless 15 timer siden
welp all of this company are from russia and the CEO of youtube is also from russia so....
XxBlixa_ PlayzxX
XxBlixa_ PlayzxX 15 timer siden
that is the best mountain painting i have seen using chocolate-
Jonny Lizzul
Jonny Lizzul 15 timer siden
That was excellent.Fantastic
Trevor Flock
Trevor Flock 15 timer siden
it says kiwi cutter, you can cut the kiwi, kiwi fruit delicious etc
magamike 15 timer siden
Me watching the video: “nervously sweating and looking around”
Karu 15 timer siden
I say 2 and 3
Kermit Loves cats
Kermit Loves cats 15 timer siden
Now it's 201 year old. Who here from 2020,😂😭
i love how fancy is the vibe she gets me
Carrie Staggs
Carrie Staggs 15 timer siden
I’m addicted to your debunking videos lol