Preserving the republic
The history of Section 230
Steve Hartman is talking turkey
It's a Long Way to Furudu
2 måneder siden
Living into your 90s
2 måneder siden
Jonathan Cook
Jonathan Cook 16 timer siden
That time God tried to stop them.
Stockton Noob
Stockton Noob 16 timer siden
every country should work for their people.
Sam Pride
Sam Pride 16 timer siden
Osama Barack laden
Cj Mustang12
Cj Mustang12 16 timer siden
Way don’t you ask Abiy ahemed Ethiopian dictator who’s making genocide right this moment Ask Ethiopian Tegaru around the world.
Jacques Smith
Jacques Smith 16 timer siden
Part of President Biden’s crime Bill which supplied funds for this operation back in the 90s ... lol and he got elected lol fools will never ever learn
Sam Pride
Sam Pride 16 timer siden
Was Obama the soldier that killed him
Victoria 16 timer siden
biden is a major idiot
mgusa92 16 timer siden
“The only thing I worry about is dying”
Mamba Mentality
Mamba Mentality 17 timer siden
We just witnessed one of the worst assassinations ever attempted
AkashaNova 17 timer siden
mgusa92 17 timer siden
Larry King was the past generations Joe Rogan
Leo Aguilar
Leo Aguilar 17 timer siden
I wonder how tears were shed when they know the election was fair and trump was banned on Twitter you love to see it
Dullbuilderman26 17 timer siden
holy moly there goes the treasury
Davy Jones
Davy Jones 17 timer siden
Elon Musk is on our side
ali bazzi
ali bazzi 17 timer siden
Oh the Irony! The murderer calls the savior a murderer, haha! DOWN WITH THE SAUDI DICTATORSHIP! FREE MECCA!
gregory Kelsey
gregory Kelsey 17 timer siden
He,s good...but even Bush jr. Would be refreshing. Trump is such a POS
rino rojas
rino rojas 17 timer siden
Alexey Navalny seems to be a real leader that is willing to sacrifice everything for a real good cause.
Dullbuilderman26 17 timer siden
americas basically gonna fall into a coma for the next 4 or 8 years
Bhawana 17 timer siden
Bravely IRON'ed ..... Irony of TRUTH 👍 🆓 Press 👍
topgrain 17 timer siden
He's gone now. COVID-19 and other stuff.
Lukeus Dodd
Lukeus Dodd 17 timer siden
The Bush administration found bin laden the only Obama did in 8 years was fine people that could not afford his healthcare program. 3 years olds have more intelligence than any of the Presidents in my lifetime...
hangming zheng
hangming zheng 17 timer siden
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applejuice76 17 timer siden
People will believe anything and I mean ANYTHING a white woman will say back in the 80’s.
G Doll
G Doll 17 timer siden
hangming zheng
hangming zheng 17 timer siden
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*MisS* *TriNiDaD*
*MisS* *TriNiDaD* 17 timer siden
Aaron Rossi
Aaron Rossi 17 timer siden
I'm guessing the life insurance skyrocketing
Aaron Rossi
Aaron Rossi 17 timer siden
If we only knew
Ernest R
Ernest R 17 timer siden
slide of hand my friend !
Darlene Goodwin
Darlene Goodwin 17 timer siden
Irina Smitt
Irina Smitt 17 timer siden
Lots of Kremlin bots are here
Emce Delicious
Emce Delicious 17 timer siden
The last honorable man alive.
Le Vieux Charles-54
Le Vieux Charles-54 18 timer siden
I will always remember him on 9/11 and the following week. R.I.P. sir.
Gaygle McGoogle
Gaygle McGoogle 18 timer siden
What's this guy's name?
Suzette Conte
Suzette Conte 18 timer siden
Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. The Don reinstated the 1776 Constitution July 4, 2020. America no longer belongs to the bankrupt Corporation. Tick Tock Oh!! Thank for all that 'personal' info. LoL
khalifakush 420
khalifakush 420 18 timer siden
I like that man. He's a professional and smart thinker. That's exactly how to use them; place them where they can provide security and show intimidation, while limiting the chances or opportunities that they have to make an engagement decision with a large mob. This guy has got good, clear thinking. Both for the men and women serving, and for the general public
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 18 timer siden
J C 18 timer siden
She was just stating the names who were there the last time she had sex
JAC 18 timer siden
Propaganda machine in full force! Keep driving the native. What they are saying, are you gonna believe your lying eyes or you gonna believe me?
Robert Delgado
Robert Delgado 18 timer siden
This is a super covert operation with the nickname my word
don smith
don smith 18 timer siden
love him or hate him, there is no disputing that he was a chess genius the likes of which the world had not known or ever will.........
Robert Delgado
Robert Delgado 18 timer siden
Let’s greet you
Donny gardner
Donny gardner 18 timer siden
If we started being american we will realize that the governments failure on both Democrat and Republican. The people have to change that and they can.
Chris Duhaime
Chris Duhaime 18 timer siden
In the beginning with NASA the red tape and bureaucracies wernt a major problem .as they have become . With a private sector company . That has taken a assembly line approach with out massive layers of dead whieght management . Anything with government takes 2 to 3 times as long plus in a lot of cases it's not the same personnel that are there at the finish. Other factors supply cost increases because it's dragging on a lot longer than it should . In house manufacturing from one end to the other will be more efficient and have better quality control . In the past with multiple sub contractors that has been a problem when it fails.
d 18 timer siden
I m sorry but harry potter reference was harsh😠 I will anyday prefer nimbus 2000 over dragon
Incognito Bitch
Incognito Bitch 18 timer siden
Instead of saying “Jesus Mary and Joseph”imagine she said “Satan, Baal, Ra”
studfindingball 18 timer siden
Two depraved elites more worried about misdemeanor trespass than a veto override that gave Army recruits a raise to $11 dollars an hour. Despicable. Time for an ice cream break, right Nancy???
Taco On Blitz
Taco On Blitz 18 timer siden
Hey can I have a house putin
Dillon Prinz
Dillon Prinz 18 timer siden
When 29.5 k of the 30k people who went are national guards hahaha
Dillon Prinz
Dillon Prinz 18 timer siden
National guard vetting for engagement: must never have liked Trump
Oliver Crangle
Oliver Crangle 18 timer siden
Don't take Gates' vaccine.Hank Aaron was in great health before he did so.Two weeks later,he was gone.
Peter Vladimirov
Peter Vladimirov 18 timer siden
Nado bilo s HE granade obgazit
Charles James
Charles James 18 timer siden
The truth will make you free There's nothing like the truth
Charles James
Charles James 18 timer siden
The truth will make you free There's nothing like the truth
Bony Mathew
Bony Mathew 18 timer siden
I don’t think this country will progress until and unless the greedy people are out. People will remain in poverty and the others will be more and more rich
tpeasetiger 18 timer siden
Depends on what your definition of foul language is. Some consider every word that comes out of her mouth as foul.
David Rosenthal
David Rosenthal 18 timer siden
Surprise this guy can walk with balls made of solid brass.
tpeasetiger 18 timer siden
Damn, even that light knew they were corrupt. Too bad it missed.
L Moore
L Moore 18 timer siden
I love your transparency Mrs. Viola Davis and also Love the support of your husband. God did something great when he allowed both of you to come together. ❣❤
Amilio 19 timer siden
Crime against humanity!
Centrist Philosopher
Centrist Philosopher 19 timer siden
What I find despicable is that Kremlin mouthpiece RT is allowed to operate in western countries spreading it's lies and conspiracy theories when Russia remains one of the riskiest countries to be an independent journalist
Narendra Lodhia
Narendra Lodhia 19 timer siden
These guys r like HONEY 🐝 They take NECTAR without disturbing the flower but sting when needed. There is a lot to learn from these 🐝.
Centrist Philosopher
Centrist Philosopher 19 timer siden
Navalny is one of the bravest people in the world
Narendra Lodhia
Narendra Lodhia 19 timer siden
No matter what one does : TRUTH ALWAYS WINS.
Erik Ashmarin
Erik Ashmarin 19 timer siden
This video is only 13 minutes long.
Robert Delgado
Robert Delgado 19 timer siden
So Officer Betty believes he deserved to die because because he didn’t COOPERATE?
Lolke Van de Witte
Lolke Van de Witte 19 timer siden
The main thing they’re fighting is obesity... And even that they lost. What a sad bunch.
LA Meth Witch
LA Meth Witch 19 timer siden
Craig Wright = Satoshi Nakamoto
Lahcen Chamor
Lahcen Chamor 19 timer siden
Pavarotti is a cool guy
MommyOf3! 19 timer siden
RIP Larry King! You will be missed 💔
Truther light
Truther light 19 timer siden
Elon musk a good chap down with sec
Truther light
Truther light 19 timer siden
Covid 19 is curable fake news
Truther light
Truther light 19 timer siden
What these people need to stop missing with us and stop charging Elon musk with bs
Betty Boop
Betty Boop 19 timer siden
President Biden will be a hoot to get this done watching trying get all Americans happy.
FloydofOz 19 timer siden
Have these people never told someone a secret? People cannot keep secrets. That alone is why you know this is bs
Joy Amin
Joy Amin 19 timer siden
disgusting killer
4chille 6rad
4chille 6rad 19 timer siden
Watched this guy with my grandfather. For some reason I was fascinated by the on live background 😭 This guy is dope
vinay sharma
vinay sharma 19 timer siden
JIMMIE SANTEE 19 timer siden
There are ways to solve this issue.
JIMMIE SANTEE 19 timer siden
That give Georgia a copy. But how many are changed by the machine from the time a voter pushes a button until it is recorded. It Ohio we can see our choices before the final cast of the vote but that still doesn't mean that the software cannot be changing the vote inside the machine. Software can be manipulated at any point which is what a lot of people are claiming.