A Bold New Look for NASA-JPL
Addy Sidhu
Addy Sidhu 22 timer siden
Is that real landing? Or graphics?
SV Barry Duckworth
SV Barry Duckworth 23 timer siden
" "mars" "
Ninja Boy Channel
Ninja Boy Channel 23 timer siden
Why go to mars when we have mars yard.
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan 23 timer siden
I also made mars rover. You can check it interested
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan 23 timer siden
I also made mars rover by my self . You can check if interested
stevenARTify 23 timer siden
They need send a new probe with better cameras
Hyperthesis 23 timer siden
Can you upload a surface operations animation, like you did with Curiosity?
Hyperthesis Dag siden
Man the new Ratchet and Clank trailer is lit.
Bill Bright
Bill Bright Dag siden
Take my helicopter 🚁 Bond Son,, that can only be a toy.
ronald lorang
ronald lorang Dag siden
Who cares
Delano Ahononga
Delano Ahononga Dag siden
No prints of its wheels on the ground. 🤔
Ligia Chaunce
Ligia Chaunce Dag siden
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Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar Dag siden
This place looks like my neighbourhood.
congratulations perseverance!
Martin Evaristo Cairo
Martin Evaristo Cairo Dag siden
Gonona Van
Gonona Van Dag siden
If you can't make it, just fake it.
Vishu Dasari
Vishu Dasari Dag siden
We can see dry grass in the visual's
lil taco neko
lil taco neko Dag siden
I was just thinking that myself @Austin571....It's nice to see all of the College aged kids having a great acting job in these, SO CALLED, dire times though, right? God Bless them. Um, we know what NASA really looks like, and this isn't it! What a joke!!
Yonaso Henry
Yonaso Henry Dag siden
This is amazing
Faraz Ghani
Faraz Ghani Dag siden
During testing, we test rover on earth's sand or particles. so my question is, if some sand particles went on Mars with rover then it effects on tests.. if we test Mars sands. how we think our result is 100% correct.
Punit M.
Punit M. 23 timer siden
@Faraz Ghani it is not a possibility it is certain .why do you think they wear full body suit when working on the rover? this is just the test environment.
Faraz Ghani
Faraz Ghani 23 timer siden
@Punit M. Yes these are some possibilities.. I hope Nasa Publis some articles or video on it.. it's not a important but after watching the video these thoughts is in my mind.. so I type a question.
Punit M.
Punit M. 23 timer siden
You think they just send this one? this is probably the test model built for testing on earth or if this is the actual one they probably replace the equipment on it. You don't think that this thought wouldn't have occured to thousands of scientist who have been working for decades ?
Mahmoodshah Mahmood
Mahmoodshah Mahmood Dag siden
Ted F
Ted F Dag siden
Will Perseverance be recording its sound?
Erik Dag siden
what is this, a scoop for ants?!
LANBros Dag siden
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Uzay Galaksi
Uzay Galaksi Dag siden
Fake fake vıdeos
Uzay Galaksi
Uzay Galaksi Dag siden
Fake vıdeos
Moon 23 timer siden
Fake brain
Tose Kb
Tose Kb Dag siden
How did theyake this video
Leigh Duncan
Leigh Duncan Dag siden
AAAAA SHE DIED SO YOUNG! 💔 *hecc I’ve outlived her even, we were the same age*
Παναγιωτης Γεωργοσοπουλος
Παναγιωτης Γεωργοσοπουλος Dag siden
Vaanarasam Dag siden
ok,thanks for march sky ..but.what about jupiter ,mercury conjunction march 5 morning?
Rutilo Alvarez
Rutilo Alvarez Dag siden
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Rutilo Alvarez
Rutilo Alvarez Dag siden
Cómo nos siguen mintiendo la nada tu crees que esa cosa tan censilla podría llegar a Marte yo no son puras mentiras habrán los ojos están en cualquier desierto pero en Marte jamás todo es manipulación nada y todos sus ingenieros son unos mentirosos es hora de abrir los ojos y no cree más en estas historias ya basta nada y gibierno
MCDance Flow
MCDance Flow Dag siden
This Images is from earth fakers !!!:)) These images are from Earth, Liars ..., the question is this; - In what place on earth did you find this area where you can play like little children with some embarrassing toys ..., lying to Humanity that these images are from Mars ? Aren't you ashamed .....?, as if you were children adults, lying to other children !!! :)) I'm also amused ...., when I see you with "those chicken coops" that you from Pinochio N.A.S.A boast about leaving the Planetary Protection Space !!! :)) You are weaker on Directing ... than the Hollywood Directors who created the Star Trek series and not only, Their visions about the Cosmos are much more Realistic than, Your hilarious Scenarios !!! Be healthy ....... and, lie less, you leave your Cosmos alone ...., end the nonsense ...... !!! The cosmos is not made for Us to explore, it is too dangerous for the tiny Biological being called Man, or for their embarrassing and Tiny toys ..., on the scale of Extreme Cosmic Radiation and Temperatures !!! Let the Hollywood people make SciFi Movies :)), because they make them much more Realistic ..., like Fictions !!! :))
Luna Mondo
Luna Mondo Dag siden
What if rovers get damaged on mars? How are you gonna retrieve it? I mean will it be retrieved? Pls just for more info
Виктор Златопольев
Виктор Златопольев Dag siden
Wait Snickers, or Twix
turiq Kerei
turiq Kerei Dag siden
Как земля!))
김재웅 Dag siden
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Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith Dag siden
The circus called, they want their clowns back.. Nasa pssshhhhh lol mars pssshhh lol moon landing bwahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Cpt. Davis
Cpt. Davis Dag siden
Worst case scenario: the parachute land in the exact location of the perseverance due to unexpected winds.
Akhilesh laad
Akhilesh laad Dag siden
Wow the background music suites the video perfectly.
SwedishLeo Dag siden
yall better go past opportunity and the curiousity rovers and atleast find them and let us see them one last time
David D
David D Dag siden
What a joke they show your CGI pictures of the helicopter flying in a fake Mars atmosphere and people think that that's the real helicopter. Who's taking that above ground shot? It looks real doesn't it? Just like the fake Mars mission that you think is real.
webba80 Dag siden
Looks like my backyard..I don't know what to believe anymore
Anthony Maughan
Anthony Maughan Dag siden
this is an island North of Canada ????
sajjad abidi
sajjad abidi Dag siden
People are dying of hungers and bombs on earth . I don’t know why are searching for life on Mars when they are destroying it on earth ? Nothing just waste of money and resources. If they are so serious about life then give to those who need it on earth please.
David D
David D Dag siden
Mars' atmosphere is 1% as thick as Earth. Yet they want you to believe they're using a helicopter now? Why not just use it in actual space for crying out loud???? #FAKE a regular helicopter spins 500 times a minute so this spinning four times as fast can compensate for an atmosphere 99 x thinner???? #Fake Using fractions. Something most people don't know how to do nowadays. It doesn't add up.
Subjects A to Z
Subjects A to Z Dag siden
Fedor Lepota
Fedor Lepota Dag siden
А что с катком? what happened to the wheel?
AwesomeBlackDude Dag siden
Fun facts if your phone has gyroscope you don't need to use your hands to view the 360 video. 😬
Shobbot Goyim
Shobbot Goyim Dag siden
Is this the episode of Bubbles in space? Just like that episode where they lost all the Telemetry Data.
Ang Walker and Travelling Jack
Ang Walker and Travelling Jack Dag siden
Niki Mc
Niki Mc Dag siden
We can go to the Mars in minutes these guys are liars
mr.GALAHAD Dag siden
Zahra Tazani
Zahra Tazani Dag siden
Cmon, we all know earth is FLAT, and if you dont believe it, you will believe it soon trust me. (21, March)
Tracy W
Tracy W Dag siden
Looks like New Mexico to me.
teotwaki Dag siden
Mimi is the best!! I miss working with her.
Saber Chou
Saber Chou Dag siden
South of Algeria... hahaha....hhmm
Toby Zweig
Toby Zweig Dag siden
Okay maybe I'm being picky since this is fricken nasa going to mars but come on- this is 180, not 360
Rick Jeanes
Rick Jeanes Dag siden
NASA stop playing around build a space ship. Let's go.
Justin carl Muñez
Justin carl Muñez Dag siden
We gonna see you again oppy😢
G Philip C
G Philip C Dag siden
Please speak in feet and yards for us AMERICANS.
Hay gran diferencia en la superficie del planeta Marte con respecto a la superficie de la tierra que se puede fijar el pie en todo el planeta Marte y en la tierra no se puede fijar el pie en toda su superficie!.
Галактика / Galaxy
Галактика / Galaxy Dag siden
я там уже был
Lucas Cabral
Lucas Cabral Dag siden
Algum Br aqui?
Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T Dag siden
Cool 👍😚
wadood syed abul
wadood syed abul Dag siden
Omg! Mars Surface Resembles Earth's Surface. 🤔🇮🇳💐
Emaan Academy
Emaan Academy Dag siden
Its very Helpful thanks for shearing
Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla Dag siden
I was always under the impression that the atmosphere gave earth its blue glow. What makes Mars glow red???
MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE
MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE Dag siden
fake cgi
jkj TV
jkj TV Dag siden
Very beatiful Congratuins Nasa
REXX Dag siden
I think We should sent a machine that can make clouds on Mars
THE ZerO History
THE ZerO History Dag siden
I m going to living there😀
Bong Bong
Bong Bong Dag siden
Nothing special. I've see this landscape in Utah and Arizona.
WiresTheRobot Dag siden
Everybody gansta until you realize your name is in a box on the back of the rover.
Sun Temple
Sun Temple Dag siden
" This is Ground Control to Major Tom You've really made the grade And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare "This is Major Tom to Ground Control I'm stepping through the door And I'm floating in a most peculiar way And the stars look very different today For here Am I sitting in a tin can Far above the world Planet Earth is blue And there's nothing I can do "
ClockFormed Dag siden
sohrab roshan
sohrab roshan Dag siden
Tester Account
Tester Account Dag siden
best option: Jezero Crater = Nice science by the "used to be a delta"
George Bailey
George Bailey Dag siden
weight being a problem on mars?? what help would be helium gas deridgable with helicopter aided blades and stability
disbelievers are in a desert in Chile or Morocco
Idkplayer Fan
Idkplayer Fan Dag siden
3 years later it’s still sad to see Cassini burn up #salutecassini