Joe Smo
Joe Smo 17 timer siden
Agenda 21.
Chris N
Chris N 17 timer siden
So wearing masks are not working
Donna Cooper
Donna Cooper 17 timer siden
Get a life Shep. Find Something to do on your new position with the fake media other than continue to scare the beeJeebies out of the American public. you guys try talking about something positive about the new therapies and the vaccines that are on their way. You are so morbid About everything. Shame on you. This is an effort by the media to control the American public. You know a lot of this is political propaganda by the democrat socialist party. Life in Florida is amazing. I am 73 years old and I have not contracted the illness and I have been a registered nurse for 52 years. We cannot panic our way out of this. We have to hit it head on now that we know the medications that we can use and the therapies and the vaccines on the way. But you would rather concentrate on the morbid. Get a life. Come to Florida we Are living our lives and protecting our elderly in the nursing homes.
B.B. Colonial
B.B. Colonial 17 timer siden
We’ve heard enough of your sht.
Will Lopez
Will Lopez 17 timer siden
Democrats will lead the early votes until Republicans get off work to vote.
Wayne Lu
Wayne Lu 17 timer siden
The price is too high!
Ben Frank Kennels
Ben Frank Kennels 17 timer siden
The Big T
Barry Goldwater
Barry Goldwater 17 timer siden
What a breakthrough. Hydration and steroids. Sounds pretty standard to me
Allen Adams
Allen Adams 17 timer siden
People have been wearing their masks and we still have an alleged spike. If it's seasonal why did it continue to spread in the summer as "viruses" don't do. This is all just made up along the way.
Janet Ware
Janet Ware 17 timer siden
We love you, President Trump! You're the best! We thank you for four more years in the White House, soon to be known as the Lighthouse! Trump/Pence 2020 Landslide! 😘🇺🇸💕🇺🇸💞
Nemo perception7
Nemo perception7 17 timer siden
Careless people in the woods stay out of our Colorado
master yap
master yap 17 timer siden
Ian Shepherson made some interesting observation and predictions. Biden will win based on the pollsters because they made "adjustments" to their "mathodalogy" since 2016 and we're right in 2018! The best scenario for the market would be a Democratic sweep because they would spend more to stimulate the economy. Absolutely true! I fervently his right.
Ricardo Carranza
Ricardo Carranza 17 timer siden
The mortality rate has dropped MORE than half and you have more dislikes. WTF isn't this a sign of good news? Can someone explain to me how fewer deaths is bad?
Eric Clift
Eric Clift 17 timer siden
What about all the flu deaths? How are you gonna get this down??????
That Guy
That Guy 17 timer siden
Antifa in Colorado i see
Ariel TaylorMO
Ariel TaylorMO 17 timer siden
Not a Youtuber
Not a Youtuber 17 timer siden
itZ gOiNg tO bE a DaRk WiNTER-Biden
Marc-André Jacques
Marc-André Jacques 17 timer siden
2020 Q3 results and Tesla Insurance future revenues (near future?) Think about a Tesla Insurance future (WITHOUT FSD robotaxis) ...where: ___FDS has 10x less accidents per mile (10x less payouts made by Tesla) than miles driven by humans ___But inside FSD capable cars, Tesla charges 0,7x the insurance rate of human driven miles ! (30% discount compared to "Warren Buffett's Geico-type Insurance"____AND____30% discount rate COMPARED to miles driven by a human inside a FSD capable Tesla car) NOW make FSD that has 100x or 1000x less accidents...then add robotaxi
Aidan Daniels
Aidan Daniels 17 timer siden
You have no heart you phony. You’re going to cut social security and Medicare.🖕🏻
Clint Harlin
Clint Harlin 17 timer siden
The [ d/$ ] distracts from Fake media Colludes with World Bank/World Health Org. To EXTORT $BILLION$ IN LOANS FRIM EVERY COUNTRY THROUGH cov19 HYSTERIA.
Night Train
Night Train 17 timer siden
Boy so much Covid content I've never seen a dead horse beat so much. Vote Trump and ram it right up their asses.
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan 17 timer siden
No one asked me and I'm voteing trump I never voted in my 40 years on this earth
Pierre 17 timer siden
Trump still salty after the 60 minutes interview and debate fails
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan 17 timer siden
Trying to controlling publick
Dru Reeve
Dru Reeve 17 timer siden
So, all these valuable skills and companies are going to leave America to get a Tax Break. They will go to Canada 😹 Great way to scare skilled workers and business owners.
Ibig Dog
Ibig Dog 17 timer siden
You guys are so full of crap???Just like the fake totals you are giving? I know families of 6 and 8, one family member gets it and all have to be tested even though they didn't have it...And they retest each family member until they one does not have it sny longer...This one family had to go through it twice which means 64 tests were done for 1 family member being sick...The other feamily maybe 48 tests...And if I am correct as corrupt fake medis and Demonrats are they are counting them as individual people being sick and then again padded totals...We will never know totals of any of this since we have been lied too so much...Like a snowball on a hill, it is now an avalanche...People need to wake up and stop believing your crap...All you guys know what to do is spread fear?
Tom Troller
Tom Troller 17 timer siden
I wear a mask on my balls to protect them and still got crabs
666sigma 17 timer siden
You don’t want to catch the virus? TAKE VITAMIN D AVOID INDOOR SPACES, ESPECIALLY CROWDED ONES. Wear a mask, distance yourself and wash your hands. Open your windows at home when you get the chance. Fresh Air.
Olivia Green
Olivia Green 17 timer siden
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo self
daveusaz1218 17 timer siden
If we as Americans work together we can make a smooth transition away from fossil fuel. If we let the oil company lobbyists continue to bribe our politicians we will never get away from it
Robert Longmire
Robert Longmire 17 timer siden
Trump's going to be your president four more years
TwinGunsLLP 17 timer siden
He’s been wrong about everything, but yeah...follow him sheep.
Republic United
Republic United 17 timer siden
You mean arsonist terrorist groups, not wildfires?
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister 17 timer siden
These fires are deliberately set.
MrFluffysteel 17 timer siden
I suspect half the people there are too high to notice....
Jimmy Kimmel In BlackFace
Jimmy Kimmel In BlackFace 17 timer siden
UTTER NONSENSE. We will have a clear picture of who won that evening, although probably pretty late at night. The American people also deserve a concession speech that evening as well REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS. No more of this "wait till tomorrow", or "wait till next week" junk.
bkjetsfan1 17 timer siden
please, elections are coming. VOTE THEM OUT.
Lori Smith
Lori Smith 17 timer siden
Mitch McConell is making trump lose, he should have gave people a stimulus package. Your president and you have Congress.,they know who is in charge, very bad move, that is why you will lose.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson 17 timer siden
Covid-19 is leaving our state guys I believe what this man is saying
Sexy Dee
Sexy Dee 17 timer siden
Where is your President? My bad, he doesn't care about the American people.
Ross Harris
Ross Harris 17 timer siden
If masks worked, there wouldn't be a spike, increase in any bad viruses. Since 2010 in Switzerland and other countries, they found out they donot need to wear masks in surgery. And the percentage of infection dropped 50%. Masks are a breeding area for germs and bacteria. Similar to breathing masks for those with Sleep Apnea; and in hospital use. Genesis 2:7 the "breath of life" is Oxygen. The faulty test for coronavirus detection, detects minute particles of *dead* virus/non-infectious. But they still mark it down as positive. The Covid19 test is in a manual. And there it describes the proper test. They use the faulty test, because it gives them many many numbers for "Scare Media"; to keep the masses scared unthinking, so they can push, for illegal unauthorized restrictions by Corporate groups who will use illegal military police actions against the people.
Christian 17 timer siden
Glad to hear you guys are pushing fear mongering
AmericanRelic2hear 17 timer siden
It's obvious those fires are set intentionally.
Paul danne Lachica
Paul danne Lachica 17 timer siden
TESLA is a software company battery and solar storage company electric vehicle A.I .Tesla is group of startup company that innovate the future
666sigma 17 timer siden
Remdesivir is a crap. It’s failed EVERY trial. It improved symptoms, but not outcomes.
BlaccTony69 17 timer siden
Trump keep saying he has done more for Blacks than Abraham Lincoln; BS. Actually Lyndon B Johnson has done more for Blacks than Abraham Lincoln, because he helped pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Trump is very similar to former President Herbert Hoover, who kept lying to the American people about how the Great Depression is getting better, and he put all the responsibilities on the States & Local Governments to fix the Great Depression. Trump is doing the same thing with the Coronavirus; lying to the American people about how it is improving, and putting the responsibilities on State Government to fix this COVID19 Pandemic. It took FDR to come along and get voted as president and fix the Great Depression. This is why it is very important to learn from our history, because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat history.
Sinatra OG
Sinatra OG 17 timer siden
Ahh not that bad only 100s evacuating. Get back to us when its 1000s evacuating.
Pe6ek 17 timer siden
Man, if Shepard Smith didn't tell me at the end I wouldn't have known what I was watching or where I was watching it.
Spike Elwood
Spike Elwood 17 timer siden
Operation Dark Winter.
B 17 timer siden
Stay home until 2024 if you're scared. Very simple
1angrykoala 17 timer siden
When everyone is having one of the worst years of their lives, and the media is having the BEST year...... Maybe we all should think about that.
i control my thoughts
i control my thoughts 17 timer siden
Fires started by those associated with this network ?
ehhemmer 17 timer siden
Awesome response from a president who has balls!
SnipieDogX 17 timer siden
Came to dislike the video and read the comments.. Thank you i'm out.
Tyrone 17 timer siden
This used to be funny, now it’s sad.
James Morgan
James Morgan 17 timer siden
Food&Love 17 timer siden
Do you think cnbc Americans buy your cr....p they had enough all this years of presidents doing more for other country’s then For their own. That time is gone Trump again 2020
woke folk
woke folk 17 timer siden
Democracy is vulnerable and wasteful, and worse, can be hijacked. Mandatory protection of a third party may be a way to go. Like in a divorce there must be an arbitrary. This is the topic for another discussion. My friend asks me: which candidate gets your approval? Some suggest to vote for perfect man. But that will be difficult. We all know that. Others suggest ideological preference. But we know ideological fight does not solve street violence, does not stop cancel culture and does not bring food to the kitchen tables. My answer: vote for the right man. But who is the right one? As early as when there were only 5 covid cases in the US in January Trump ordered travel ban, while WHO, Fauci and Biden were all opposing the ban. It was slated in the record book of history. Trump is not a scientist nor a politician, how could he get it right? He cares for this country and he is not afraid of making hard decisions. What’s behind the best economy? It’s the jobs, tax incentives and increase of operation efficiency and energy independence. The money is saved and goes to your pocket. What is behind international peace? It is courageous to demand nato for equal s security share; the vision to broker Middle East peace and manage North Korea; the strategy to confront other world crises while at the same time bring the trip home. Not like lip-serving and lie-telling career politicians, President Trump is a business man. He takes care of the country like taking care of the business by saving money and bringing in the money for the country and its people; while other politicians tax and spend and have been busy selling out our country to make their families richer and us poorer. So, who’s the right one? Can’t it be more clear?
Victor Perez
Victor Perez 17 timer siden
Mr President Trump,we had this morning a beautiful mass ,after we pray the rosary with six people Martha trust in God,dance and 😊 smile God love you,✝️❤️💛
Lori Smith
Lori Smith 17 timer siden
President trump been in office 2016, the only thing he has done is make his family collect tax payers money. What is wrong with him,he must be taking to much medicine for dementis.
Steve Niles
Steve Niles 17 timer siden
They want us to wear masks to increase BACTERIAL pneumonias. It is all a transparent scam.
Food&Love 17 timer siden
What ever cnbc keep dreaming with your polls 😂
Marc-André Jacques
Marc-André Jacques 17 timer siden
2020 Q3 results and Tesla Insurance future revenues (near future?) Think about a Tesla Insurance future (WITHOUT FSD robotaxis) ...where: ___FDS has 10x less accidents per mile (10x less payouts made by Tesla) than miles driven by humans ___But inside FSD capable cars, Tesla charges 0,7x the insurance rate of human driven miles ! (30% discount compared to "Warren Buffett's Geico-type Insurance"____AND____30% discount rate COMPARED to miles driven by a human inside a FSD capable Tesla car) NOW make FSD that has 100x or 1000x less accidents...then add robotaxis
Opheliah Burgher
Opheliah Burgher 17 timer siden
Obama your novelty has worn out ,sorry.
Magda Duszka
Magda Duszka 17 timer siden
Yes Sir Mr Doctor Sir. Baaaaaaa
Shakira Deasia
Shakira Deasia 17 timer siden
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steven curtis 17 timer siden
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Sara Maclean
Sara Maclean 17 timer siden
If only some traders would be this honest. We all go a long way with our Investments
MrMarcociv 17 timer siden
Looking at the price prediction signals Aaron Addison offers, it is very profitable and traders should apply that more to his patterns also.
Marc-André Jacques
Marc-André Jacques 17 timer siden
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ragedhulk 17 timer siden
Still no one wants to bring up the CDC telling us how they got those numbers? Weird, almost as if it doesn't fit the narrative.
Kirk Worthley
Kirk Worthley 17 timer siden
The fact the the CDC can tell ppl what to do with their private property is more frightening than Covid
Steve Niles
Steve Niles 17 timer siden
With everyone breathing back their own gunk for months since being forced to wear a mask, we will certainly see a bad detox (flu) season. It was their plan all along.
Donna Cooper
Donna Cooper 17 timer siden
Are these the actors in the Grinch who stole Christmas. Anything to scare the hell out of everybody in America so they all hide in their homes and continue to wear their unwashed masks that are being colonized with Pseudomonas and staph from their own breath and the environment around them. Apparently they want to increase the suicides and deaths caused when people are not seeking attention that need it for other health issues, encouraging the children tonhave panic attacks and phobias And isolation domestic abuse and loss of income. People like this in the news media basically are all about controlling the great citizens of this country. Shame on them
Will Procel
Will Procel 17 timer siden
I noticed all the liberal channels have a majority of dislikes over likes. I’m glad ppl recognize the bs.
Hugo Sucks
Hugo Sucks 17 timer siden
Bill Gates is the devil himself.
MakingEndsMeet 17 timer siden
How much of the money from China and Russia did you get Barack Obama? Did you know about Hillary Clinton's private server to probably! You're just as dirty as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden because they were working for you at the time. Your hands are not clean! I will listen to nothing from you!
Brenton Thornicroft
Brenton Thornicroft 17 timer siden
More importantly... Do you think he's wearing pants with that suit? I wonder that every time I see this clown who simply cannot see the forest for the trees
12LOOK4 2FAST 17 timer siden
No Democrat November were in a pandemic can't be given 2 trillion dollars to states as bail out after they let blm burn there cities
Jonathan Bywater
Jonathan Bywater 17 timer siden
Barack Obama is not running for President. He is a former President who has been forced to come out and campaign for a flawed, corrupt candidate who is incapable of campaigning for himself. Seeing Obama out there merely emphasizes this point. Blaming Trump for Covid simply does not wash. Obama says Trump hasn’t taken the office seriously. Yet his achievements are tremendous: - Instead of bombing and wrecking Middle Eastern countries and creating millions of refugees peace is breaking out across the Middle East (Sudan now latest country to normalize relations with Israel) - Tensions eased with North Korea - Terrorism in big decline and Troops are coming home - NATO members are living up to their commitments - The US has achieved energy independence (at risk of being reversed under Biden) - Tax reform and economic growth benefiting the less well off with rising low-end wages - Secure borders - Black Universities receiving long term funding for the first time - Support for Law and Order - Support for American culture and heritage - Balancing trade and recycling tariff money to assist farmers - Incentivising the return of manufacturing to the US. - Support for a strong military and robust dealings with China in the Pacific region. Before going out to vote consider how Joe Biden can be President when the Hunter Biden laptop contents show he is compromised and able to be blackmailed by foreign powers. He is a failed politician who, like many others, have gone to Washington to get rich instead of serving the interests of the American people. Now old and senile, if he were to win he would not be President for long. God help us if Harris and the radical Left take control. America would be finished.
sock account
sock account 17 timer siden
all this is being done on purpose this is used to to steal the land from the people , when they leave the banks buy it and wont let the families come back its part the united nations plan to reduce the population
Etic Martin
Etic Martin 17 timer siden
Yes all you Democrats listen to this guy!!!! stay home don't go out into the street ,,vote by mail,, so you don't infect each other with covid-19 everybody's going to die !!! hide some of the greatest propaganda on mainstream media
Mohamad Alrashed
Mohamad Alrashed 17 timer siden
For better or for worse ( mostly for worse) Trump is consequential president and the American electorate know this, and gonna send him to the garbage side of history where he belongs