WTHWasThat 2 timer siden
Arsenal became a joke one these clowns started doing their channel. Literal banter club placating NOpost idiots.
Notions for Life
Notions for Life 2 timer siden
Even if he did want money for it, he has every right
Tekkman 44
Tekkman 44 3 timer siden
4:53 Robbie showed a lot of mercy here. He could’ve given his killers the green light and have thogden disappear by dinner time
random Demon
random Demon 3 timer siden
she's actually really smart tho
Owen 3 timer siden
cause tommy aint got none
Wolf 3 timer siden
RIP Claude
1Leggo9my9Eggo2 4 timer siden
Arsene is a legend man, a true gentleman of football and one of the best football managers ever
TheDaft Jet
TheDaft Jet 4 timer siden
No Claude as well, it's a shame.
Zuher Tatli
Zuher Tatli 4 timer siden
Quick question how has no one worked with thogden and pranked robbie acting like he is the don of a mafia and say we have the target and open the door of the limo and thogden and thogdad are there struggling
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed 4 timer siden
Wheres the full video
Thabo Motaung
Thabo Motaung 4 timer siden
😂😂😂Ty and Wenger
Layz Layz
Layz Layz 4 timer siden
This is quality
StarTom 4 timer siden
i actually feel bad for him lol getting slated on a public podcast just leave the guy alone man
StarTom 4 timer siden
plot twist: this is his excuse for just not liking fruit lol
C 5 timer siden
Robbie looks like tantor off Tarzan
Tasty Gravy
Tasty Gravy 5 timer siden
Boxing is a tough sport and not for the feint of heart, if you're serious about it be prepared for a rough ride.
Ollie Cameron
Ollie Cameron 5 timer siden
Thogden apologised, I respect both these men alot
H e n r y
H e n r y 5 timer siden
Imagine if Arsenal were actually successful all these guys would never be found
jhazara taylor
jhazara taylor 6 timer siden
tommy really hates ksi alot ha
Jiggy M
Jiggy M 6 timer siden
Name a bigger fan than Ty. You can’t
The Pop Files
The Pop Files 6 timer siden
I have no idea who he is or what the topic is all about. But it’s hilarious he says “I wanted to bring him back to reality” by turning up at a Club and taking away the attention of a drunken patrons. Like, you all need a reality check. Weapons.
? 6 timer siden
He did it The crazy so of a gun he did it
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 6 timer siden
Ty will forever be a icon in aftv.
Leeds Focus
Leeds Focus 6 timer siden
Isaac 6 timer siden
Not a chance these bloody story’s are true about arsene wenger in a car park, what a waffle
Mustafa M
Mustafa M 6 timer siden
SumthinScottish 6 timer siden
Robbie having issues with a number of youtubers ... they can't all be wrong
Aaron D
Aaron D 6 timer siden
The only good thing from no fans was watching watch alongs will they go back to just quick interviews 🥲
Tom Williams Productions
Tom Williams Productions 6 timer siden
Simon is Agent ,47 without all the killing
James Main
James Main 6 timer siden
As a Pompey fan I truly believe in true football fans, and my god hearing this....I really miss fratton park 😢😂
john castillo
john castillo 6 timer siden
I love Robbie. Wished he was a Chelsea fan.
Alison Renshaw
Alison Renshaw 6 timer siden
you wouldn't have rolled up on True Geordie and Laurence now would ya?!
zSoloSz TTV
zSoloSz TTV 6 timer siden
if you believe any of this story you are mental!! all 4 people mentioned in this story die with no one to tell the tale. listen to it another time if you need but jesus this is a bad one. how would you even know the guy rode off and was never seen again, people werent thick. it was mentioned she threw her kids in a river, if there was a river to "throw her chopped up kids in" there was water which would keep you alive for days without food.
ellie stockton
ellie stockton 7 timer siden
I’ve watched this three times and it gets funnier every time 😂
jed loveday
jed loveday 7 timer siden
Get adam mckola or joe smith on here
Cg O51
Cg O51 7 timer siden
The fact that his dad allowed him to lie and talk about a nice guy like that on camera shows they’re not good people (they still haven’t publicly apologised either)
J Sull
J Sull 7 timer siden
Don’t get me wrong I love Thogdens content but there’s been a couple of incidents where he’s made stuff up to attract hate to people because he hasn’t got his way. He should stop this before he gets carried away with himself and people start to turn
Trinkk 7 timer siden
Good clip but whoever’s face is reflected off the play button is distracting me so much😂😂😂
1xoACEox1 7 timer siden
Yeeeah lets be real....X was tryna smash.
Boris B
Boris B 7 timer siden
Have you guys seen their ‘apology’ video to Robbie? Most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen. Those guys deserve all the bad luck they will get
Samuel West
Samuel West 7 timer siden
Robbie impressions are hilarious!
Andrija Bošnjaković
Andrija Bošnjaković 7 timer siden
I don't get why anyone older than 12 would watch Thogden or his dad
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football 7 timer siden
As a manc I will say that Robbie is an absolute gem who deserves great credit
Andrew T
Andrew T 7 timer siden
Do guests not get paid?
Dch94 7 timer siden
Where it went wrong was not taking 1 boxing lesson before the fight.
Chick3n Dipp3rz
Chick3n Dipp3rz 7 timer siden
Robbie has met Thogden before. He met him at the Best Fifa Awards.
E. K
E. K 7 timer siden
when u signed to fight him
DC17 7 timer siden
I know we had all these mugs in tears at the Bet365 after a mauling by Stoke 😏
Kash Kash
Kash Kash 8 timer siden
Don Robbie sending trroopz
Boris B
Boris B 8 timer siden
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 8 timer siden
After ty Than comes along kelechi and starts singing his head off after we just lost a home game 4.0 and am like what is this guy on I was just about to spark him out but he just stopped at the right time. Robbie 😊
Tom Millard
Tom Millard 8 timer siden
Shouldn't say shit if you can't back it up with proof
im Inc
im Inc 8 timer siden
Never comment anything slightly negative on the AFTV channel, they will block you, so nobody else can see your comments
Omo 8 timer siden
Big up all the arsenal fans. London is red 🙃. RIP claude.
L Baba A
L Baba A 8 timer siden
Big up for sharing this
Alfie the not funny person
Alfie the not funny person 8 timer siden
Morgz is actually a great guy yet he still gets hate
Nick J
Nick J 8 timer siden
Like Robbie. Glad he's done well. Top guy
banter&beards 8 timer siden
‘Don’ Robbie lol what’s he the don of? Greasy food? The guy is a slime ball, the Jabba the Hutt of football YT 🤢
Siddhant Chiring
Siddhant Chiring 8 timer siden
Card! Card! Card!...
FIFA JABZ 8 timer siden
1 like for every time Robbie says character
bunion86 8 timer siden
Wow this guy is strange
Theo Ransby
Theo Ransby 8 timer siden
Why is there never full episodes anymore
Adam S
Adam S 8 timer siden
I still believe Thogdan and his dad 😬
Drown Plz
Drown Plz 9 timer siden
Edmund Dantes
Edmund Dantes 9 timer siden
i never had the option of a black bandage after my lobotomy
Kobi Gallen
Kobi Gallen 9 timer siden
hi tommy :)
bp 9 timer siden
Wenger was an amazing man. He didn't deserve the disrespect from AFTV. The fact we had top 4 all them years with no money was just unbelievable to me. Can you imagine that now? Before anybody says "the teams are better now" yes I know but how did he manage to stay better than all those clubs with negative money? The man was a genius. Disgusting he got sacked.
fjb2121 5 timer siden
He rightly got sacked, we needed to move on. Wenger contributed massively to the downfall of the club through refusing to move the club forwards and making awful signings
Juice WRLD Tour
Juice WRLD Tour 9 timer siden
Bigg colab
Goku Ninja
Goku Ninja 9 timer siden
Lewis Bailey
Lewis Bailey 9 timer siden
The don has to be protected at all cost, a natural treasure.
Oliver Newton
Oliver Newton 9 timer siden
Even if he did want money, why would that make him a prick lol he doesn't even know the guy. Seemed like an entitled asshole to me. In what other situation isn't this laughable aha Had nandos yesterday and they tried charging me, absolute pricks. People are pricks if they don't do things for free. Lol
Fungusz _
Fungusz _ 9 timer siden
6:00 You’re welcome i fuckin hate how they do this
AC Mills
AC Mills 9 timer siden
Yeah but Robbie... can I bring a dude to one of the games 🤔
0LL3Y 9 timer siden
Martin The singer
Martin The singer 9 timer siden
Thogden calling someone a prick is very ironic!
Zh 10 timer siden
Wenger was/is a class act. A true gentlemen, and a brilliant mind. If only our board was a little more ambitious in his later years.
The comments Of YouTube
The comments Of YouTube 10 timer siden
Do any of the arsenal fan TV people get paid ?
Bobear ROG
Bobear ROG 10 timer siden
R.I.P Claude Callegari
Rizwaan 10 timer siden
Ty defo has some sort of learning difficulties or disability. I'm not even taking the piss. My mum has been working with people with learning difficulties +mental health for about 15 years so I can tell certain traits pretty quick
Rizwaan 7 timer siden
@Dequan M Sealey I'm not saying I don't find it funny, but u can't tell me after seeing clips like him arguing with kids calling him delusional or the Maupay clip or the karate kick clip or the clip of him walking out the team bus behind the players like he's one of them, or how he dresses etc etc etc and think he's a normal guy I mean the guy couldn't even say "black lives matter" correctly until about a month ago
Dequan M Sealey
Dequan M Sealey 7 timer siden
@Rizwaan he's normal though, people should wise up and consider they're 7 billion people in the world and ty is a delusion football fan that lives in 2004, besides the only thing you know about him is that he's an arsenal fan
Rizwaan 7 timer siden
@Dequan M Sealey nothing wrong but people treat him like he's a perfectly normal guy and take the piss out of him when we shouldn't
Dequan M Sealey
Dequan M Sealey 8 timer siden
So what??
Ariya Sarabi
Ariya Sarabi 10 timer siden
Once I asked Robbie for a selfie and he demanded a answer to his question “what do I think of Tottenham “ SHIT!