Alex D
Alex D 27 minutter siden
Visuals are crazy🤩🤩
Jazz Montell
Jazz Montell 30 minutter siden
Put you on hold
Gamer Gray
Gamer Gray 51 minutt siden
interviewer; What Type Of Music Do You Like? Me:Hold
oratile tlhabanyane
oratile tlhabanyane Time siden
i can't stop listening to this song !!! :'(
RameeZable Time siden
Tim Fashogbon
Tim Fashogbon Time siden
7 x 7 = 49
Kayla Arends
Kayla Arends 2 timer siden
I can’t even explain my love for this duo anymore lol. Well done gents 💕
Brandon Hermann
Brandon Hermann 2 timer siden
Cant get rid of the forfeits they are the best, they always put me in a good mood
Hulk Maker
Hulk Maker 3 timer siden
BUNDA inc😳😂😂
abdi karim
abdi karim 4 timer siden
This song is amazing Keep It up
Pids Sosar
Pids Sosar 5 timer siden
Man like Chunks and Philly
Dmunii 5 timer siden
This is too funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kiara Susan
Kiara Susan 5 timer siden
Los corazones puros siempre ganan !!! 👏🏾
Xavi Theodore
Xavi Theodore 5 timer siden
These two 😍😹♥️💯
Da Silva jnr
Da Silva jnr 6 timer siden
Much love from Africa
xin ming
xin ming 6 timer siden
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Tee 1797
Tee 1797 7 timer siden
I can see your pain bro😹
abdullahi abdullah
abdullahi abdullah 7 timer siden
This low-key got the same flow as somali music
Likkle Tv
Likkle Tv 7 timer siden
Look how deh man a buss through him shirttt LMFAOOOO
Sharkyp music
Sharkyp music 8 timer siden
It’s a big tuune!! 💥💥👌
090NJ 8 timer siden
What about *Everytime they get it right, they get to tweet on their opponents account*
090NJ 8 timer siden
7x7 is 49😂😂
Kiran Purewal
Kiran Purewal 8 timer siden
I had one neck slap that kept me awake all night. To this day, I call that slap 'The guillotine' Have to rate what u man do for these videos
Jesus Is Dat You?
Jesus Is Dat You? 9 timer siden
Txiiii hispanic mood 👏👏👏
Jesus Is Dat You?
Jesus Is Dat You? 9 timer siden
Chunkz vocals are fuckin great though
ava 9 timer siden
ava 9 timer siden
LMAO “steven king????” “sTePHan king ????”
Java Hub
Java Hub 9 timer siden
Editer : How much autotune would you like? Filly : Yes
Mo Mo
Mo Mo 9 timer siden
Come up of di Decaaaade✊🏾. Love from Somalia 🇸🇴.
B BLOBBIE 10 timer siden
Excel 10 timer siden
Bro the way they back them self after they've slapped each other is mad😂💀
mhic gamer
mhic gamer 10 timer siden
Anyone Recognise the girl from DOES THE SHOE FIT.
Miles Edler
Miles Edler 10 timer siden
Aishah Khezar Hayaat
Aishah Khezar Hayaat 10 timer siden
Damnn is that filly yeh
Komizi 11 timer siden
They only reason I dislike this , is because Niko is missing form video clip . NDL
George North
George North 11 timer siden
But u on hold make ur hands touch your toooesss chunks and filly put u on holdd should have 🙏🏻 before 2 million broo
Bee Tee
Bee Tee 11 timer siden
Whoever pressed the dislike button hates black people pure and simple This is VIBES
LAWRENCE Asznee 11 timer siden
Asznee well done
Sean Toner
Sean Toner 11 timer siden
Jesus Christ you guys are humble and just having a good time man, keep it up lads never lose this energy and love ❤️
David Christie
David Christie 11 timer siden
Luv the way chunkz went YARD n filly went AFRO
Ceeday Theworst
Ceeday Theworst 11 timer siden
The cinematic were firee
Abdinaasir farah official
Abdinaasir farah official 11 timer siden
i liket sound
xPiney 11 timer siden
This being recorded through a bread bin?
Suhayb Hussain
Suhayb Hussain 11 timer siden
2:38 is that grindas wife from people just do nothing
ScopeUnderscoreRM 12 timer siden
Ye Ok
Ye Ok 12 timer siden
Should’ve got deno to play chunks
David Tengue
David Tengue 12 timer siden
WOW, amazing job really well done, filly on his big man ting eh😈 "can't be on my phone but I'm on airplane mode". AHHHHH IM GASSED
Adonai Tesfalem
Adonai Tesfalem 12 timer siden
Bethany Boko
Bethany Boko 12 timer siden
Chunkz and Filly it’s the way y’all move that makes both of you super attractive 👀
Hebron Woldu Mehreteab
Hebron Woldu Mehreteab 13 timer siden
Fire song
Skii J
Skii J 14 timer siden
Chunkz is a good-looking dude you know, no homo
R G 14 timer siden
Such a good tune, uplifting and cool vid 🙂
UkcommunistParty 14 timer siden
Very strange oblonged head 🤕
Haffiz Emamalie
Haffiz Emamalie 14 timer siden
Just saying Filly killed that suit, hella fresh my guy
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 14 timer siden
Bro, that auto tune is jokes😂😂😂
K Q 14 timer siden
Tune catchy stiL 🔥🔥 put you on hold !!
Kane Fox
Kane Fox 14 timer siden
Nahh😂filly defo has ADHD 😭😭😂😂
Yazzy 14 timer siden
auto-tune got you
John Saabir
John Saabir 15 timer siden
Love the song✌🏾🇸🇴🇸🇴
Sam 15 timer siden
Lol loai's dancing was class
Matrix-Alis 15 timer siden
Esha Sharma
Esha Sharma 15 timer siden
Sara Laguna
Sara Laguna 15 timer siden
Been listening everyday! 🔥🔥🔥
Rizwan Adam
Rizwan Adam 15 timer siden
Go on boys smashed it this is actually a sick beat didn’t think I was gonna like it but buzzing off it
Wizard Lord
Wizard Lord 15 timer siden
Jheeezz never seen chunkz with more energy thank filly 🤣😂😂😂
Kevin Gitonga
Kevin Gitonga 15 timer siden
This is Amazing ...Good stuff!!
Ebs G
Ebs G 16 timer siden
You two give me life. New Subb 🤣🤣🤩
A M 16 timer siden
Anyone know if they were in skl together??
Jiplz 8
Jiplz 8 16 timer siden
stephrh.003 ._.
stephrh.003 ._. 16 timer siden
Bro filly so cute>.<
Jack Jeffrey
Jack Jeffrey 17 timer siden
Filly looks bare like Tielemans
Muhammad Sanyang
Muhammad Sanyang 17 timer siden
Pro Dan123
Pro Dan123 17 timer siden
mad flow
James Harvey
James Harvey 17 timer siden
Chunkz coming through with Craig David vibes 🕺
Owen Asoma
Owen Asoma 17 timer siden
OmZino 17 timer siden
Fun Fact: They stole this song, the Original is a song called "Tempo para ti" by Dysae
Rachel Keating.
Rachel Keating. 17 timer siden
Forgot to say I love how you both pump each other up... such a magical connection between you..!😇
Rachel Keating.
Rachel Keating. 17 timer siden
Forgot to say I love how you both pump each other up... such a magical connection between you..!😇
Ross MacDonald
Ross MacDonald 17 timer siden
Do more vids with Harry
Rachel Keating.
Rachel Keating. 17 timer siden
So glad to be from Britain 🇬🇧 this is a banger.! I absolutely love these two together their videos and music makes my days bright no lie..! Keep shining lads you’ve come so far..! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧