Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed
Boba 7 timer siden
Yuan 7 timer siden
Matpat: Goes deep in lore Notch creating the creeper by mistake when the pig model had it's body upright: *sweats nervously*
Rootbeerking 28
Rootbeerking 28 7 timer siden
Here's a little theory for thought for you, what if (and im just spit balling here) what if the Creeper is another of the ancient builders and this this is there sarcophagus, a live sarcophagus. Afterall the creeper hyrogliphs are right next to the ankh's of the desert temple. This would explain Mat's theory about creepers staying away from cats.
SubaGaming 7 timer siden
0:14 No, thats a time relic!
Rellik1974 7 timer siden
Why did NOpost move the comments again?
thatguytoby 7 timer siden
Thanks for that anakin lol 8:24
Intrinsety 7 timer siden
MatPat: "I not going to overthink anything" *Proceeds to overthink everything*
Cobinasaur 7 timer siden
2:09 OMG they made the diamond plate texture from Roblox into a real thing!
Anabelle Esguerra
Anabelle Esguerra 7 timer siden
Matpat: The terrain is a clue! Terrain Generation: *Flying sand*
Dylan Bosley
Dylan Bosley 7 timer siden
I dont believe that the string should be taken as evidence because it is likely the closest thing Minecraft has to the bandages worn by mummies in the real world
The Mouse
The Mouse 7 timer siden
Yo I can become a game theory branded Ben 10 sign me up
I'm Steve
I'm Steve 7 timer siden
Egyptian me: "chuckles" I'm in dan BOOM
Rowan Popplewell
Rowan Popplewell 7 timer siden
Wait... Do you know how the eyes of ender is how you go to the end? Well, what if those eyes could allow the wardens to travel through dimensions and you had to fight them to get the eyes? Maybe they are called the wardens because the difficulty of finding and killing things that are bigger beef cakes than the golem while they are protecting the stronghold at the same time while being able to retreat by teleporting? So I think that the warden could be much stronger with there eyes because they have "theoretically adapted" to use the soul sand to make plants as echolocation sources... What makes them supposedly stronger with there eyes is that they are smart enough to remember a task they were given eons ago and adapt to fulfill it smartly and slickly. So I combat the wardens would take every body on like Thanos did in infinity war. However this theory is a bit of a stretch so it could be half taken literally....
Silver eyes
Silver eyes 7 timer siden
I swear, every video game theory puts out on minecraft lore makes it sound like herobrine actually belongs in minecraft, a single builder managed to find the key to infinate life, but at a cost.
Nipsianatieli Oliveira
Nipsianatieli Oliveira 7 timer siden
or, you can say something about my comment ;)
Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman 7 timer siden
With this kind of idea in mind, it does in turn make some sense with how Creepers are one of the only hostile mobs that iron golems don't attack, with them having the same creators; although, surprised you didn't mention that.
ethan fonck
ethan fonck 7 timer siden
yeah cool but why am i bad still?
Sam_Sav 7 timer siden
13:18 what about if it is a chicken?
killcharge 7 timer siden
What about phantoms, they are scared of cats
Spine Apple
Spine Apple 7 timer siden
Dunkey make drama monday on this
Giltac 7 timer siden
This theory feels more far-fetched than usual. It's just a series of stretches and loose connections from start to finish.
Slowing Sphere
Slowing Sphere 7 timer siden
Arvrxx 7 timer siden
This is for all the people getting recommended this in 2021
Hyrum Benson
Hyrum Benson 7 timer siden
it’s a creative theory but i don’t think it’s true. It wouldn’t explain why the hero of times skeleton in twilight princess is full grown. great video though
Carmelium Falcon
Carmelium Falcon 7 timer siden
I haven’t finished it yet but what if creepers because they are made of tnt where used as mining tools so the builders could mine without being to close but later turned on them probably not true but meh it’s just a funny thought
Blackylackie 7 timer siden
i thought creepers were supposed to be pigs but were mistakes-
Paul Gonzales
Paul Gonzales 7 timer siden
I've got it the new channel book theory you theorize about books
Devalino Hizkia Pradipta
Devalino Hizkia Pradipta 7 timer siden
Yeah! It is minecraft TIME!
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Damn. She got demoted to girlfriend
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the doby kids 7 timer siden
creeper, ah maan
cutsey unicorn :3
cutsey unicorn :3 7 timer siden
*Me sees when it was posted* OMI GOSH!! Matpat can u please explain why they stopped making amiibos **PLEAAAAASSSSEEEEE**
ljtheone 7 timer siden
why do you use the zombies from plants vs zombie and never do a pvz theory that strikes me as odd i mean there is not a lot of lore in the game but come on your matpat you can work with as little lore as possible and still create great content
FoxyMaster1206 7 timer siden
I like how this comes out after my class finishes learning about ancient Egypt
Noodlehed 7 timer siden
"we're desecrating 8 bit corpses??" no mat pat, we're desecrating 16-BIT corpses get it right
Frozen Quasar
Frozen Quasar 7 timer siden
I activate monster reborn.
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 7 timer siden
Cool 😎
Anabelle Esguerra
Anabelle Esguerra 7 timer siden
Mojang doesnt stop matpat because they like looking smart
Matpat literally makes a video on how a knife can win a gun knife Spy mains: seems legit
Compfy_AJ 7 timer siden
Please keep these vids coming bro they're great
team romeomineYT
team romeomineYT 7 timer siden
Walter Josephson
Walter Josephson 7 timer siden
I think the illagers are copying the builders because in the real world many civilizations copied Egypt, I know someone in the renaissance made a glass pyramid. Some places took artifacts from Egypt.
Snipeageddon 7 timer siden
Mat pat: I love your Minecraft lore, but I feel that more that holds more of a sad/spooky story grabs attention more.
ken kaneki
ken kaneki 7 timer siden
Already bought them
MANI 7 timer siden
i wonder what theories will be made when we finally get archeology
Cassimir Husenia
Cassimir Husenia 7 timer siden
can't wait for some updates in the future to ruin some of his minecraft theories
Nyla Jereb
Nyla Jereb 7 timer siden
Disney: make our best movie a level Square: cool we can make a arc based off the movie, and make elsa a anti- villai... Disney: *DARE TO OPPOSE ME MORTAL*
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Mr. Jazzhandz 7 timer siden
Just gonna say, the merch is lit
Color Queen
Color Queen 7 timer siden
By the way the security breach trailer came out! It’s on Dawko’s channel so if you could like go over that..that would be cool.
Zach Jones
Zach Jones 7 timer siden
ok wait, "its not like jungle temples or under water temples have any real world symbology to them" ,,,, you have done in episode in this series talking about the real world symbology of the ocean temple lol.
Tuffle Baby
Tuffle Baby 7 timer siden
Yo dunkee
Gsuave 7 timer siden
9:43 this is how our own numbers work too. when you want to count higher then 9, you need to add another digit
IgnauituisFlame9 7 timer siden
Me: *watching this video* Video: hmm AD same video: SMASHERS ICE AGE
Jeff boy
Jeff boy 7 timer siden
If Vindicated well villages but Would l lapis in there head They will drop lapis
David Wallace
David Wallace 7 timer siden
Craftyisamongus 7 timer siden
What mic do you use to make your videos?
the doby kids
the doby kids 7 timer siden
why does the face matpat uses for his character look like doge?
Anda Dong
Anda Dong 7 timer siden
Random thought: Maybe the “Ankh” symbol on the desert temple is actually the symbol of the totem of the undying, they look similar
Aiden Weigum
Aiden Weigum 7 timer siden
Is mat pat good tho, like he looks terrible when showing off the card holder, like seriously his hair is messed up, his eyes are blood shot, he has dark areas under the eyes, and he is extra pale in that scene too. Go see for your selves 2:32
Awes 7 timer siden
8:01 uhhhh, what about the only source of green dye being cactus green, which can only be found in a desert?
ZebraGuy 7 timer siden
You should do a theory on dream reviving people on the SMP
C64 Striker
C64 Striker 7 timer siden
3:20 as a Brony I feel called out
Little Vessel
Little Vessel 7 timer siden
I wonder when he will do a theory on herobrine 🤔🤔🤔
ninjabo 01
ninjabo 01 7 timer siden
Its not an ankh
rigbyme 7 timer siden
Then what is it?
XTreme 7 timer siden
Here's a long theory about fossils, Illagers, and the nether. Ok so a long time ago, There was some monsters. (The origins of the fossils we see in deserts and swamps.) These monsters population was pretty low, but for some odd reason their population exploded a few times, and escaped from just the underground. They terrorized just about everything including the humans at the time. This was around the time people first opened the nether portal. As these monsters destroyed everything in their path, they attacked the massive protections put around the first nether portals and there was a mass break-in. (Slimes, Endermen? And these monsters) People new that they wouldn't want to follow them, and waited for the population of them in the Overworld to lower. Once people did go in with their Netherite armor, they were all wrecked, and the debris of their armor was scattered. (Ancient debris.) People locked down the gates to the nether, unbeknownst to them... In the nether, a volcano was growing. It blew sky high, and shaped the nether we see today. These monsters couldn't stand the heat, and died out. (By the way, the skeletons in the soul sand valley are those soldiers we talked about earlier) In the Overworld, the Illagers, instead of making Ravagers from Villagers... Made them from iron golems. The witch went to swamps because some of those fossils still exist. I also believe that Ravagers may be a combination of the iron golems and the old monsters I talked about. This is still pretty oversimplified. And I will edit this in the future i'm just happy this is written out.
Remy Mabboux
Remy Mabboux 7 timer siden
Can't believe Matpat roasted Dunkey
Asher VanTassell
Asher VanTassell 7 timer siden
So I wasn’t the only one who noticed that cut sandstone has a creeped face
Eric Clapton’s Robot Pilot
Eric Clapton’s Robot Pilot 7 timer siden
This is the most logical one so far.
TLP Games
TLP Games 7 timer siden
Well if creepers are artificially created, why do they spawn in naturally
Liam Waselko
Liam Waselko 7 timer siden
MatPat: “One that I’ve largely ignored up until now is the desert biome” *Shows badlands*
kingstonj 7 timer siden
Disney like this one seems like a stretch like most of the Mc ones
Alexis Bagacina
Alexis Bagacina 7 timer siden
The time is 4:20
Nulldas 7 timer siden
wouldnt the player be fleischer and joey disney as it sorta seems like joey stole bendy from the player and then made the show grow while covering up the players original involvement? just kinda seems like it would be to me not sure why though
Sammy Lawrence
Sammy Lawrence 7 timer siden
Lol Creepers are scard of cats cuz they hiss! As plants they are not very smart and they thought it was one of thiers. :)
Gondorf5 7 timer siden
The ankh imagery on the temples is a little bit of a stretch to me. Anybody else feel that?
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma 7 timer siden
cough, *deletes a block*
Martin Atze Jensen
Martin Atze Jensen 7 timer siden
Wow, I actually got an ad that was slightly relevant for me. I don't think that has ever happened before.
Lucaknight 7 timer siden
..dang dunky called out for once
emerboy95 7 timer siden
I think the cult of illagers worships cats because they saw the builders do it
Metin Semir
Metin Semir 7 timer siden
ohhh no he started to make dad jokes...