My Decaying Mind in Quarantine
Conventions (I miss them)
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Getting Lost at Camp Geronimo
Junk Food
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Movie Sequels
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Talking to Strangers
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Christmas Carols
Our Cats :3
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Tabletop Games
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Wrong Numbers
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Growing up Without Cable
Buying Clothes
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My Horibal Speling
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Christmas Contemplations
My Poetry Teacher
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My Teachers
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Harry the Moth
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Starting Conversations
Getting Recognized
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Peeing Yourself
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a Q and A
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Sooubway Part 3
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Chaperoning 7th Graders
Times I Plagiarized
Our Hamsters
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Adventures in Cub Scouts
My Thoughts on Roommates
Garfild Comic Explained
Laser Tag
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My Thoughts on Sports
Annoying Customers
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Work Stories (sooubway)
My Thoughts on ASMR
Reacting to my old art
Pi Equals 4 Explained
Reading Fables
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Tales of Donating Blood
Physical Education
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Boy Were They Wrong
My Collection: Day 16
Stupid Riddles: Day 14
Old Audio Files: Day 12
Twin Life: Day 10
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Jacob Sayers
Jacob Sayers 19 timer siden
I think I’m gonna name my kid “Are”.
Alakiir Deng
Alakiir Deng 19 timer siden
Happened 4 years ago
Lindsey McCoy
Lindsey McCoy 19 timer siden
Gacha Life
Gacha Life 19 timer siden
I had to get a incredible excellent personality
fortnite gamer
fortnite gamer 19 timer siden
Holy frick
WonderBeast 19 timer siden
idk why but i really like floofs voice
ProgressiveInsurance 19 timer siden
anyone remember pbs kids go
david reynoso
david reynoso 19 timer siden
Why did you not delete the vid james
Olivia Groff
Olivia Groff 19 timer siden
There is a show on PBS kids like zoboomafoo now but it’s a lot more interesting and it’s called Wild Kratts
Snoop Kitten
Snoop Kitten 19 timer siden
Hi it's "hunter" here
Pocket Bread
Pocket Bread 19 timer siden
I ship them. I'm disgusting....
dubbl3 Dutch
dubbl3 Dutch 19 timer siden
my teache i cant go to the bathroom when i was in 2grade i hat to wait 4min
mr toxic
mr toxic 19 timer siden
6:36 lol
Retro67 76
Retro67 76 19 timer siden
All those things are normal I think
mr toxic
mr toxic 19 timer siden
Lunathedemon YT
Lunathedemon YT 19 timer siden
cool hwip conag
cool hwip conag 19 timer siden
Qeen Shu hwang
prestonplayz theplayzman
prestonplayz theplayzman 19 timer siden
Don’t forget Webelos 2 and lions
VVRATH PLAYS 19 timer siden
*bAtTlE oF tHe bUtTs?!* Ik its books don't hate
xxgalaxy_clubxx 19 timer siden
James:my birthday is may the 14! me:wait.. My birthdays may the 13..
Yvonne Lecobo-an
Yvonne Lecobo-an 19 timer siden
I'm not American...
Josiah Habit of youtube
Josiah Habit of youtube 19 timer siden
I love how this man came from making humble animations about Aesop’s fables to having 15 million subscribers! And being even More epic. James is the best.
Adithya Nair
Adithya Nair 19 timer siden
yo you tojd me who is mrbeast
TVN WILLEM Byloo 19 timer siden
I'm in third grade butt
Yassin Aouiby
Yassin Aouiby 19 timer siden
* Laughs in corona *
Broken Mirror
Broken Mirror 19 timer siden
Hang is any one going to mention his red nails ( dam I wish I could pull red Nails like that )
Sarah-Joy Reichert
Sarah-Joy Reichert 19 timer siden
wait wut day in may i have a may birthday too
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist 19 timer siden
The worst thing that happened to James: broken tablet Worst thing that happened to Jaiden: FREAKING MEGA-HIVES OF DEATH!
Ruby Dragon
Ruby Dragon 19 timer siden
That is trying to show you in the picture that there is a lot of toothpaste! BOOM BABY!
Ayman Bohsali
Ayman Bohsali 19 timer siden
Thing is... I live in Lebanon, and there's ALWAYS more wasps than bees. So every time we're on an outdoor picnic, we're interrupted by an army of wasps that never leave the meat alone. And I've been bit by one once. It was painful, thanks for asking.
Fatema Begum
Fatema Begum 19 timer siden
James ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💔❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟🩸❌⚠️🟥
Ibrahim Amjad
Ibrahim Amjad 19 timer siden
lol i am watching this while eating subway
Anna Hinly
Anna Hinly 19 timer siden
CATS ARE BETTER, I have 2 cats, a bunny, and a hedgehog
Jeffroy Tendencia
Jeffroy Tendencia 19 timer siden
Ooo Horror es Horror okokokokokokokokok bam boy
•Gacha Catii•
•Gacha Catii• 19 timer siden
I am allergic. And that makes me wanna cry.
random guy
random guy 19 timer siden
Do a part 2 of animated comics
Jason Broady
Jason Broady 19 timer siden
His tabs are Sus , how to kiss tutorial , loving yourself , buying subscribers... Bing
C G 19 timer siden
I so ship James and Jaiden 😍, reply if u agree
NotKj Squad
NotKj Squad 19 timer siden
Shut the f*ck Sally your gonna talk after stealing my last rail road!!!
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 19 timer siden
Bruh who read books? cringe
Pastel Lavender
Pastel Lavender 19 timer siden
Theme song: starts Add: hello
Saja Elsharawy
Saja Elsharawy 19 timer siden
An animal cooler than any of then would be an Alligator.
Kai Kane
Kai Kane 19 timer siden
marth 6 is my b day
justinchoi Justin
justinchoi Justin 19 timer siden
Tiong Xian Li
Tiong Xian Li 19 timer siden
I have 100 friends
justinchoi Justin
justinchoi Justin 19 timer siden
Stephano carlo De guzman
Stephano carlo De guzman 19 timer siden
Αγγελος Κοντιζάς
Αγγελος Κοντιζάς 19 timer siden
2:00, he is wearing his favourite t shirt
Khristian Persaud
Khristian Persaud 19 timer siden
5:23: That undertale reference in the corner Me, a hardcore undertale fan: *Caught*
Manchester Cityzen
Manchester Cityzen 19 timer siden
I Love you wolfy
davepunx360 19 timer siden
Don say that
Adin Kirschbaum
Adin Kirschbaum 19 timer siden
That’s no bowser pillow
Photo Connoisseur
Photo Connoisseur 19 timer siden
The sweet spot is th 7th row, try to profve me wrong, you can't.
Michal Filipovic
Michal Filipovic 19 timer siden
Yes is so scary movies
K 19 timer siden
the difference of body shape between James and Dj is too much im dying
Julian Ryan
Julian Ryan 19 timer siden
4:42 / 7:06 did anyone else catch the dwight shirt from the office4:42 / 7:06
meh! 19 timer siden
on the side of the sandwich??? maybe??? he wanted you to fold up the sandwich, sprinkle onions on the side of it, then wrap it all up together...
Emperor Potato
Emperor Potato 19 timer siden
Dont you mean. *TAKE CARROT IT???!?!?!?1!1!!!* *...i should go.....*
Elody Clark
Elody Clark 19 timer siden
love your videos
Áron Pusoma
Áron Pusoma 19 timer siden
if my mom was 6 years younger than me she would be 5.
Elody Clark
Elody Clark 19 timer siden
TheOdd1sOut Sings Spooky Scary Skeletons ... - NOpost
Mayrelis Matos Perez
Mayrelis Matos Perez 19 timer siden
Hay Navidad evita maxisol tienen el Cricket gets me through the night
Kasiem Lawhorn
Kasiem Lawhorn 19 timer siden
You said you were going to make a teacher's part 2 years ago when you was talking about the dark Crystal
Avi Vohra
Avi Vohra 19 timer siden
Carlos Palma
Carlos Palma 19 timer siden
Yo solo veo a este tipo porque no tengo nada mejor que hacer
Katie Chatham
Katie Chatham 19 timer siden
TheOdd1sOut:people who use a stupid amount of Emojis are trying to scam you. Every body watching: whatever i do i cant use in Emoji or i will look like i'm trying to scam!
Alexander Joseph
Alexander Joseph 19 timer siden
U got Stickbugged
U got Stickbugged 19 timer siden
They probably said that stuff thinking James wouldn't find it
Abdul's Random's
Abdul's Random's 19 timer siden
Photo Connoisseur
Photo Connoisseur 19 timer siden
Where is video 11 ?!
Angelynna Albritton
Angelynna Albritton 19 timer siden
The odd ones out 😀😎boy in a band 😑😒
Glynis Sharene Ade
Glynis Sharene Ade 19 timer siden
how bout lyssy noel
Dirghayu Piya 2
Dirghayu Piya 2 19 timer siden
Well now the sooubway will grow into a new sooubway so we can get this series again
william fontanilla
william fontanilla 19 timer siden
So I'm the only the one who saw the 4:20 joke of him
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast 19 timer siden
Me knowing James is saying hypothesis correctly and me also remembering my 4 grade science teacher saying hypotheseeeees
Nateorious 19 timer siden
I cant wait to see James in a coffin
S N 19 timer siden
Hmm how about from indonesia
Jairon Adderley
Jairon Adderley 19 timer siden
6:23 Me: Nice auto tune
Michellae Harmsen
Michellae Harmsen 19 timer siden
life noggin
Nateorious 19 timer siden
I am sprinkle