Haytham Bouridj
Haytham Bouridj 20 timer siden
Disgusting by mctominay could’ve killed son😂😂
Bladez_Mylez 20 timer siden
Fresh trim
Aurore Valantin
Aurore Valantin 20 timer siden
haha the thogbear had a PSG shirt on
Finlay Wilkinson
Finlay Wilkinson 20 timer siden
Fresh trim
Khodr Hegazy
Khodr Hegazy 21 time siden
Fresh trim
wakenpigeon 21 time siden
var is not the issue its the clowns behind the screen im pretty sure they are blind and just click on random buttons.
Ellis Kenny
Ellis Kenny 21 time siden
Matty cash vs Southampton
Frank Gregory
Frank Gregory 21 time siden
Bamford v palace
qt Slapzzsfn
qt Slapzzsfn 21 time siden
Fresh trim
KROUPY CreePY 21 time siden
Miss these kinda games
HC82 21 time siden
Man City vs Leicester where Fernandinhos goal was disallowed due to "offside from Aguero"
Mark Saunders
Mark Saunders 21 time siden
Oooooh let’s not go into the forest daddy, grow a pair of bollocks will ya ffs
Dark Buss
Dark Buss 21 time siden
Inter vs Torino so inter got fouled in the box no pen then Torino got fouled in the same way pen
Samuel Sutherby
Samuel Sutherby 21 time siden
ross thom
ross thom 21 time siden
Is VAR a good thing? No! They are giving the easiest decisions the completely wrong answer and theories
Opps_chillout 21 time siden
Being a derby fan and seeing you wAtch the game makes me a proud derby fan
Samuel Sutherby
Samuel Sutherby 22 timer siden
Cozzymoto 22 timer siden
Absolute Melt.
Rick Beatz
Rick Beatz 22 timer siden
Fresh trim
Smelly boi
Smelly boi 22 timer siden
Does his did ever blink and look away from the camera ?
Stanley Davies
Stanley Davies 22 timer siden
Blow this vid up. Let VAR know how much of a t**t they are
Seong Thong Chuah
Seong Thong Chuah 22 timer siden
The last one is the only one I think is correct, I mean yes his arm is high but Pepe is not even trying to cross the ball or shoot at that moment but I can understand why it's a pen, thats the only 50/50.
Gelo 22 timer siden
Nobody: Harry Maguire: Cannn you digg it suckkaaa!!
Sheffield united fan
Sheffield united fan 22 timer siden
Sheffield united vs Aston villa
richie burke
richie burke 22 timer siden
it’s so obvious messi had a shit 2020 they won nothing and got destroyed by bayern i agree with thogdad
Sam Cardinal
Sam Cardinal 22 timer siden
4:11 "Kyle Walker at spurs" ??????
joshua sudaway
joshua sudaway 22 timer siden
I think west Bromwich albion when Robinson chipped Mendy 5-2 come on west brom
Anthony Moran
Anthony Moran 22 timer siden
David Luiz against wolves
BH1W 22 timer siden
shut up thogdad penalty all day long
TNT _ ARCTIC 22 timer siden
Many questions about VAR
Cam Goode
Cam Goode 22 timer siden
Your a kid so learn this if u have paid commitments u have to tend to them before u talk to a little youth and his creepy dad for free, full of bull trying to attack a man's career and word things to make him seem like he was just out for money.
TNT _ ARCTIC 22 timer siden
Who plays fifa 21 if you do we need var in fifa but not in real football
John Sacrimoni
John Sacrimoni 22 timer siden
Here from Happy hour Thogden is a bullshiter
TNT _ ARCTIC 22 timer siden
VAR is 🤬 crap
adam On 60 fps
adam On 60 fps 22 timer siden
You should do one of these at the end of every season.
EkzJimbo 22 timer siden
I’m a spurs fan, but when I’m at school I’m gonna tell people to touch me in the face. Then I won’t get back up till the end of break
Dylan Johns
Dylan Johns 22 timer siden
This is probably the bravest thing anyone has done on NOpost 😂
Sis vs bro
Sis vs bro 22 timer siden
Rice over Phillips your havin a laugh
fg tazer plays
fg tazer plays 22 timer siden
Everyone just hates Liverpool :/
Nathan Pitts
Nathan Pitts 23 timer siden
The Arsenal one was a penalty 💯
Jatin Aggarwal
Jatin Aggarwal 23 timer siden
Lindelof Handball against Crsytal Palace, Maguire header against burnley.
kamal nahal
kamal nahal 23 timer siden
7:30 Werner had anthoer disallowed goal against Tottenham in the same way
Liam French
Liam French 23 timer siden
Do Newcastle vs Manchester United the penalty the second game around
Edward McKinstry
Edward McKinstry 23 timer siden
Edward McKinstry
Edward McKinstry 23 timer siden
Omg every one is dead
Fiona Nilsson
Fiona Nilsson 23 timer siden
My favourite team is Liverpool
Gabriel Evans
Gabriel Evans Dag siden
Lamela got a red card for what mctominay and got nothing
Owethu Mkhondo
Owethu Mkhondo Dag siden
Luis dunk's disallowed freekick
Ayajul Malik
Ayajul Malik Dag siden
Pope (Easily England's most consistent keeper over the last 12 months, solid in and England shirt, Pickford will do a repeat of Paul Robinson) Walker Stones Maguire Shaw (Each half from either side of Manchester, chemistry, form, and an experienced RB in Walker) Rice and Bellingham (easily Englands most comfortable CDM in Rice, and Bellingham is the complete Midfielder England have lacked in a generation) Rashford (I don't understand the haters), Mount (CAM, say what you may, man turns up, Mr Consistent), Foden (after the Dortmund ties, the boy has come of age, hw is our Xfactor, not Grealish) Kane (Do I need to say more)
Diamond Night
Diamond Night Dag siden
Wolves v arsenal penalty
Ian Dmello
Ian Dmello Dag siden
Fresh trim
Tony Foster
Tony Foster Dag siden
Fresh trim
Tony Foster
Tony Foster Dag siden
Forsythe Pendleton Jones III
Forsythe Pendleton Jones III Dag siden
Emma Watson supports Chelsea, cant believe you missed her, only one of the best actors and celebrities or our generation.
Braden Rowley
Braden Rowley Dag siden
if this is the only prem don't read the rest but Dortmund vs city the Bellingham goal in the first leg
Oli O’Brien
Oli O’Brien Dag siden
Thogdad deluded for the arsenal vs burnley one , clear pen
Muhammad Arham
Muhammad Arham Dag siden
9:24 nice sleeper hold from maguire he'll do good in the wrestling buisness.
Andre Marcos Mendes Siqueira
Andre Marcos Mendes Siqueira Dag siden
Fresh trim
disconnected8 Dag siden
Your full of shit. Robbie busted your lies again this week.
Moses Kirenga
Moses Kirenga Dag siden
Fresh trim
Avfc Utv
Avfc Utv Dag siden
Review pogba tripping himself over against villa and it got given smh. Varchester United
Avfc Utv
Avfc Utv Dag siden
Review pogba tripping himself over against villa and it got given smh. Varchester United
Hoghedge Dag siden
You missed about 400 awful decisions against Liverpool
Leading Jason
Leading Jason Dag siden
Lied about robbie asking for money your the prick
Aron Serratos-Rodríguez
Aron Serratos-Rodríguez Dag siden
Very poor take on Barnsley. The only academy players promoted to the first team were Romal Palmer and Callum Styles (one of the best players in the league now)
Ethan Booth
Ethan Booth Dag siden
Aston villa vs Man City rodri
Darlow Fans Sport
Darlow Fans Sport Dag siden
VAR is shit
Leicester city For live
Leicester city For live Dag siden
Fresh trim
special air service -SAS
special air service -SAS Dag siden
Thoughts on Robbie?
Cryptic_Scope Dag siden
I was actually behind him near the top. They nearly didn’t let me in because I had a kosoven flag in my bag
Angry Chef
Angry Chef Dag siden
United had the Maguire header where he scored v sheff united and they claimed it was a foul cause he used one arm to get leverage
Albert Davany-briant
Albert Davany-briant Dag siden
philfoden v southampton
Lucas Argandoña
Lucas Argandoña Dag siden
Halaand to Citeehhhh
James Howarth
James Howarth Dag siden
How there was no Leeds ones in here 🤯. Been shegged by VAR this year
Zach Coombs
Zach Coombs Dag siden
The thing is son was stung by a wasp
Emanuel Abada
Emanuel Abada Dag siden
They'll all look like training grounds when the new Bernabeu is finished