FIFA 21 Review
Måned siden
The Academy | Episode 1
3 måneder siden
Football Is Back 🙌
5 måneder siden
Max Waily
Max Waily 4 timer siden
2:36 No belly button.
HEMK 2004
HEMK 2004 4 timer siden
More plz👏👏👏👏
Rishabh 31
Rishabh 31 4 timer siden
I don't know why.. this season just doesn't seem as good as the previous ones...
Vincent Gambini
Vincent Gambini 4 timer siden
I knew Virgil was a clone he's just the best
Brice Musuki
Brice Musuki 4 timer siden
Happy December
Sampdania 4 timer siden
thank you from all russian viewers))
Trade with Zoey
Trade with Zoey 4 timer siden
442oons is BETTER
Aditya Jain
Aditya Jain 4 timer siden
Amlan's Idea
Amlan's Idea 4 timer siden
Its covid-19 very bad!!!!!!!!‌my life is very sad
END I آند
END I آند 5 timer siden
4:36 it had me laughing
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Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles 5 timer siden
that freaked me out sooooo much...
han 5 timer siden
Coby's Gameplay and Vibin' Channel
Coby's Gameplay and Vibin' Channel 5 timer siden
I got the ad at the end before the video started
Hamish Munro
Hamish Munro 5 timer siden
31:07 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 these Phil Jones scenes always kill me
Akshit negi
Akshit negi 5 timer siden
Nobody: TAA and Robertson: Let's flank him.
Liam Harrison
Liam Harrison 5 timer siden
I like the lovren idea also next one could be about Bayern and Barcelona awkwardly meeting or juventus Manchester United
Krisztián Cseh
Krisztián Cseh 5 timer siden
Tf was this 🤦🏼 deal with the football pls
Wandi Banda
Wandi Banda 5 timer siden
Am I the only one who gives this a like even before I watch it
Paul Grech
Paul Grech 5 timer siden
This session is not as good as last
Salvador Aguilera
Salvador Aguilera 5 timer siden
Did anyone notice the messages 👁
Bryan Garay
Bryan Garay 5 timer siden
What the fu*k was that last bit, wankers at BR
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom 5 timer siden
No belly button 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Constantine Sinekoff Caver
Constantine Sinekoff Caver 5 timer siden
0:46 Harry Maguire statue 😂😂😅
Arda Vamık
Arda Vamık 5 timer siden
Instead of taking a clone out of the laboratory. He should find a VHS player or listen their advice and find a new hobby. But I think he chosed the easiest option which resulted with his death.
Heru Airlangga
Heru Airlangga 5 timer siden
i need a movie of this.
anurag prajapati
anurag prajapati 5 timer siden
This episode was boring!
Khandakar Muntakim Alam
Khandakar Muntakim Alam 5 timer siden
Lovern reminds me of Candace from Phineas and Ferb
chelsea FC
chelsea FC 5 timer siden
Robbo and TAA was terryfying
Evan Unggaran
Evan Unggaran 5 timer siden
love how Guardiola and Messi just casually hanging out together.
Senal De Alwis
Senal De Alwis 5 timer siden
This was such a shit episode
Farhan fidzz
Farhan fidzz 5 timer siden
Dejan Lovren is the best defender since Liverpool use Virgil clone
Hilmy Abdillah
Hilmy Abdillah 5 timer siden
GKU 🔥🔥🔥
OrehRobloxObbyAdventure 5 timer siden
Hell Yea Dejan Lovren is back
Hilmy Abdillah
Hilmy Abdillah 5 timer siden
2:18 Don Kyle Walker
Ryo Boss
Ryo Boss 5 timer siden
Running out of ideas
فضائي مخيف
فضائي مخيف 5 timer siden
Is nobody gonna talk about how a gaint metal door is in the middle of a wooden mansion? And Klopp dosen't know about it?
Rashin 123
Rashin 123 5 timer siden
Bring koeman
1personiam 5 timer siden
A nice classic Champions
FilmFan 500
FilmFan 500 5 timer siden be continued (?)
I mean Am I the bad guy?
I mean Am I the bad guy? 5 timer siden
R.I.P Maradona
Žmogus Hibridas
Žmogus Hibridas 5 timer siden
earth is flat confirmed
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 5 timer siden
I really love your champions song❤❤
morningstar 5 timer siden
hahaha. Maradona flour dispenser. RIP legend.
Philip Höhn
Philip Höhn 5 timer siden
I already lost it about the maguire statue 😀
L4shy 5 timer siden
Vish10 Gaming
Vish10 Gaming 5 timer siden
0:45 Harry Maguire 😂😂
А А 5 timer siden
HAYWIRE 5 timer siden
Can u do a champions with nba player it gonna be nice
Dr Silva
Dr Silva 5 timer siden
The only Thiago I know is Silva
Red Devil
Red Devil 5 timer siden
I think b/r football are out of content tbh. Season 4 is actually terrible.
Hayden Van
Hayden Van 5 timer siden
no one noticing the change of voice actors and even the character models? i wish it wasn’t changed
Michael Chiara
Michael Chiara 5 timer siden
The eggs here are so good!
Titus K. Kariuki
Titus K. Kariuki 5 timer siden
"And you didn't break a sweat?" "I never do." That one got me, no lie.
IT Studio
IT Studio 5 timer siden
BISWATANU Das 6 timer siden
That messi guardiola moment and gareth bale on a spaceship......😆😆😆
smoothy88 6 timer siden
Are the writers lazier or did they hire new but shittier writers??
Vishark107 6 timer siden
We need 442oons X Br football colab
Filip Brcko
Filip Brcko 6 timer siden
Im a liverpool fan and this episode was great
Asher Atubra
Asher Atubra 6 timer siden
how to chelsea rodriguez lovern and suarez get on lol
Esther Okure
Esther Okure 6 timer siden
Hahahaha, the Zenit team has been infiltrated.
Safar Shushaev
Safar Shushaev 6 timer siden
Zenit Saint-Petersburg🔥🔥🔥
MR. 97
MR. 97 6 timer siden
Will Will
Will Will 6 timer siden
"Flank him" 😂
Mohammad Yahia Bin Hossain
Mohammad Yahia Bin Hossain 6 timer siden
So far, this season has been the worst of the seasons. The previous seasons were much more entertaining.
Tinotenda Madhuva
Tinotenda Madhuva 6 timer siden
I love these episodes
Nathan Hailu
Nathan Hailu 6 timer siden
Have the writers been changed or something? These are awful jokes ffs.
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time 6 timer siden
No one: Liverpool *fullbacks: "Flank* him"
Joe Sifa
Joe Sifa 6 timer siden
This series is alot more weird now
Nikolaj Bjørnholdt
Nikolaj Bjørnholdt 6 timer siden
I was waching This ad came up with exacly that hotels ad #awsome
Henry K. Hill
Henry K. Hill 6 timer siden
First bad episode is also first sponsored episodes lol
Leonid Sucharev
Leonid Sucharev 6 timer siden
Я увидел Жиркова в Чемпионах - теперь я видел всё!
Rafik _
Rafik _ 6 timer siden
Really? The soundtrack is better than last 2 world cup 🤣
Nufail Vhora
Nufail Vhora 6 timer siden
4:57 Now Liverpool knows !!! :) 2:54 But Man City didn't even reach the semis :))))))
Raihan Mdgician7
Raihan Mdgician7 6 timer siden
bruh,they guys just keep putting Americans in these champions,they are not even champions in europe
Aryan Sarkar
Aryan Sarkar 6 timer siden
Van Dijk.. is creepy
Thomas Rohde
Thomas Rohde 6 timer siden
They’d videos are just to good😂😂😐
Shadow Kai
Shadow Kai 6 timer siden
I like this episode with Zenit players and I would like to you Artem Dzyuba
Dave Pinto
Dave Pinto 6 timer siden
Lol the name of the Easter Island statues or Moai statue was written as Harry Maguire. Reference to him being called slabhead. It's at 0:44.
Dave Pinto
Dave Pinto 6 timer siden
Travet Whitehead
Travet Whitehead 6 timer siden
Worst one yet...