Sonia Myers
Sonia Myers 7 timer siden
Delap looks like a blond Ozil
samuel garcia
samuel garcia 7 timer siden
mage i love kevin <3
Benmohamed Issam
Benmohamed Issam 7 timer siden
Riyad Mahrez 🥇
Billal Hammad
Billal Hammad 7 timer siden
Riyad mahrez 🔥
frederik fyllgraf
frederik fyllgraf 7 timer siden
When som idiots says, " city dont have any legends“ Thea wtf does you Call that Bald headed legend
Magloire Ntaba
Magloire Ntaba 8 timer siden
I thought Stones was about to show us a small demo of freestyle when Foden passed him the ball 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Nass Ben
Nass Ben 8 timer siden
Manchester is red ❤️❤️ 2 - 1 Rashford , Fernandez , Mahrez 💪
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra 8 timer siden
Man City for the win 💙💙
Harun Arrasyd
Harun Arrasyd 8 timer siden
I like mancity...
Besur Dkhar
Besur Dkhar 8 timer siden
My best favorite City n favorite mid kiven 🤩😍😍😍😍😍🤩
Sherlene Smith
Sherlene Smith 8 timer siden
My guy
Lamri Moncef
Lamri Moncef 8 timer siden
Riad mahrez
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha 8 timer siden
24:08 Yes it is!
Trendy News
Trendy News 8 timer siden
His conclusions here is everything for me
Dad.Dz. Allemagne
Dad.Dz. Allemagne 8 timer siden
Why Kevin? ???? Mahrez and Kondugan hose better
Hamza Mca
Hamza Mca 8 timer siden
Souper st mahrez 💙💙🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
andy crossfit
andy crossfit 8 timer siden
Pep is a humble legend :)
andy crossfit
andy crossfit 8 timer siden
May City win against MU tonite
Aditya Arif Pangestu
Aditya Arif Pangestu 8 timer siden
Ederson also keep cleensheet on the training session 🙌🏻
mohamed1986 benuida
mohamed1986 benuida 9 timer siden
Mahrez 🇩🇿💪
Justin Parris
Justin Parris 9 timer siden
If we had this attack with dias and stones... jeez city will be godly
marley alsadek
marley alsadek 9 timer siden
We’re going to clap man u
Jayden Payton
Jayden Payton 9 timer siden
Hoping for the league title this year 🤞
unknown_football_addict 9 timer siden
Man City please pin my comment
Samir Saadalmal
Samir Saadalmal 9 timer siden
Mahraz 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
hamid cool
hamid cool 9 timer siden
Hope u lose you fawks
Moha Hassen
Moha Hassen 9 timer siden
who is from 2021 watching ?
Ezra Nahmad
Ezra Nahmad 9 timer siden
bernardo loves chelsea up the chels
Habib Sefio
Habib Sefio 9 timer siden
R. Mahrez the best player in the world and man city toooooooop mahrez😍
مسعود حسونة
مسعود حسونة 9 timer siden
أغويرو لاعب عالمي اسطورة
Daboi Daboi Xxxtraodinary
Daboi Daboi Xxxtraodinary 9 timer siden
Fixed match
moo morou
moo morou 10 timer siden
Marez is the best
Thereal zee
Thereal zee 10 timer siden
Come on boys! Let’s put this to bed!
Low_Key 10 timer siden
على خطى ابن باديس ومبارك الميلي
على خطى ابن باديس ومبارك الميلي 10 timer siden
Mahrez the best ❤
abdalkader boukhris
abdalkader boukhris 10 timer siden
These two are weirdly crazy 😆 😆Love them both ❤
SON- GOKU 10 timer siden
*Tomorrow 😎💙*
s 10 timer siden
7:50 I think it was because de bruyne was tackled hard and showed them they were 21 points behind city
MAGA 2024
MAGA 2024 10 timer siden
why is mel gibson coaching football?
Lass Lass5697
Lass Lass5697 10 timer siden
I hate this man
Speedster Playz
Speedster Playz 10 timer siden
Man city gonna beat man u about 5-0
Maflindo Butar Butar
Maflindo Butar Butar 10 timer siden
Manchester Is Blue📸📸📸
Coldest Baller
Coldest Baller 10 timer siden
RAFAEL BARÃO 10 timer siden
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy 11 timer siden
He is rubbish
MIKE Davies
MIKE Davies 11 timer siden
Will be another close game tomorrow City play much better at Old Trafford for some reason think we have won around 7 games in the last 10 years but at the Etihad we seem to struggle somewhat however this City team seems to have the hunger to extend the winning run for at least another week
DZfoot 11 timer siden
Je vois pas le magicien 🧙‍♂️ Mahrez les hommes 🇩🇿🤩
prototype345 11 timer siden
I feel like he should play foden and mahrez on the wings because sterling never does well against united and mahrez is on the form of his life and foden was making wan bissaka look silly last time they played i rlly hope he plays jesus mahrez and foden up front
Let Love Lead
Let Love Lead 11 timer siden
1. City will destroy this man utd team that move one step forward and two steps backwards 6:1. 2. This season's been sensational already as Manchester City and Liverpool both continue to break and set new records. Congratulations to both teams for what they've achieved so far and will definitely extend their records.
e soss
e soss 11 timer siden
Am calling it first champion league Trophy coming
ilyes Touraoui
ilyes Touraoui 11 timer siden
Mahrez v Everton is the best....🔥🔥🔥
Christy Joseph
Christy Joseph 11 timer siden
Man City 💙💙💙
Tyrique Petrus
Tyrique Petrus 11 timer siden
Let's see if city can win the champions league
The Big Cookie
The Big Cookie 12 timer siden
Liverpool are better
Aaron Whittington
Aaron Whittington 12 timer siden
We all the best way for go Manchester city win
Aaron Whittington
Aaron Whittington 12 timer siden
Kockevin school 3 Vs 1 Anna and Luke today Paul Richard Adrien Tracy Watson council's Van Adrien rocky die now ok my friend Matthew old good man not Michael and Kevin Robert says Michael
Yano Birizawo
Yano Birizawo 12 timer siden
Tomorrow night manchester united will win Guys
James Hopes
James Hopes 12 timer siden
Such a horrible striker. A total waste.
vassilyon asm
vassilyon asm 12 timer siden
What a goal by Mahrez !,,,
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title. 12 timer siden
Beware of Man-NINEchester United.
Bolaji Aiyegboyin
Bolaji Aiyegboyin 12 timer siden
Go boys,we need a lot of goals, goals, goals.lets get a lot of goals in this game.
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Omar 12 timer siden
Cmon cityyy let's goo
jayden carter
jayden carter 12 timer siden
trim is pending
Amar Zukancic
Amar Zukancic 12 timer siden
Vinnie’s celebrations will always be the best
abderrahmane Beddiar
abderrahmane Beddiar 12 timer siden
Gool mahrez
Franques Ferreira silva
Franques Ferreira silva 12 timer siden
Gabriel Jesus joga demais
Mark N
Mark N 13 timer siden
Finally Ake is back
Onyinyechi Osuagwu
Onyinyechi Osuagwu 13 timer siden
Laporte's celebration was by far the best out of all of them😂😂😂