I Have Some REALLY Bad News.
Doing What's Right
3 måneder siden
First Date Does My Makeup
4 måneder siden
Never Leaving My House Again...
We Broke Up.
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2 år siden
Irvin Leong
Irvin Leong 14 timer siden
Jeffree Please! I miss the make up review video and house tour/renewal project or any dog updates. I need more Jeffree ! I don't care about WHATEVER drama/rumors out there.
elizaabeth lee
elizaabeth lee 14 timer siden
Clam done
Kirsten Games
Kirsten Games 14 timer siden
Jeffree can u plsss do a update on your house I wanna see it 💖
Priscilla Narvaez
Priscilla Narvaez 14 timer siden
Shanes coke lipglosses too
Joshua Davila
Joshua Davila 14 timer siden
Yes you can never go wrong or say NO to a Wendy’s. Especially the 4 for $4 but ofcourse I would just buy the whole damn menu. Cherry Coke please!!
Priscilla Narvaez
Priscilla Narvaez 14 timer siden
The coke store can use shanes robes
Alyssa Crowley
Alyssa Crowley 14 timer siden
Shane acts like he's not just as rich as Jeffery lmao
Priscilla Narvaez
Priscilla Narvaez 14 timer siden
Is that a coke shirt
rose 14 timer siden
i love jeffree. he’s so unique.
🌻 RIP Pisscow 🌻
🌻 RIP Pisscow 🌻 14 timer siden
Yes being attracted to straight men is very unique 🥰
Alexander Calderon
Alexander Calderon 14 timer siden
Its just fucking make up and shit! people are dying everyday! this is stupid. I know we are tired with the current world situation but I come to this kind of channels to have fun, not for some high school rich brads drama JEZZ!
Kay S
Kay S 15 timer siden
Please make small eyeshadow palettes. Thanks. 💗
Shelby Harris
Shelby Harris 15 timer siden
Your hair is giving me Thai tea vibes and I love it
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman 15 timer siden
He's the reason I'm homophobic
亡霊 14 timer siden
Nichole 15 timer siden
I am so looking forward to seeing that closet!
Brittney D
Brittney D 15 timer siden
Bitch, I know that wasn't a subtle slip of, oh BTW I had covid but.. Like.. We're fine. So my designer bags will be here.. 🤯🤯😔 💖💖Honestly I'm glad you're all well and I love jeffree forever idc.🖤
Helios 15 timer siden
i dont get how this scarecrow hasnt been cancelled yet... master manipulator
Alana Tapia
Alana Tapia 15 timer siden
Hey sis I'm lesbian 😖 no hate pls!
Evanna Gonzalez
Evanna Gonzalez 15 timer siden
Funny video love it
tori burns
tori burns 15 timer siden
lol he said “you didn’t do the forehead on your contour”
tori burns
tori burns 15 timer siden
i love sephora only cause it’s boujee tbh but ulta has a wayyyyy bigger selection
tori burns
tori burns 15 timer siden
“we all gasped then threw up”
Alicia Alexander
Alicia Alexander 16 timer siden
I use it but blend with my hand and it changes color perfectly. Looks great even as my skin gets lighter and darker
Olyveia Kronewitt
Olyveia Kronewitt 16 timer siden
I've never heard of a dog having an oncologist 😬
Priscilla Narvaez
Priscilla Narvaez 16 timer siden
Did you do your eyes in thus video
Priscilla Narvaez
Priscilla Narvaez 16 timer siden
That blue i need it so modern
Ash Peterson
Ash Peterson 16 timer siden
Ik how you feel about your dog I just lost mine last month
Elizabeth McMoran
Elizabeth McMoran 16 timer siden
Jeffree doing a handstand had me weasing
Candice May
Candice May 16 timer siden
I'm literally buying a few of these because....yea...obsessed with the shades & the packaging 😍
Gacha_Tea Gacha tea
Gacha_Tea Gacha tea 16 timer siden
My mom and dad hate Taco Bell but me LOVE TACO BELL
i don’t know HoW but we here
i don’t know HoW but we here 16 timer siden
Wow having a party when covid is still around Dumbass of the year award goes to.....
Kristi Hogan
Kristi Hogan 16 timer siden
So wait he had eyebrows back in the day.
Janelle Marie
Janelle Marie 16 timer siden
Definitely change the countertops...the black granite or whatever it is is waaaay too dark.
Maliyah Long
Maliyah Long 16 timer siden
wow omg!!!!!!!!
Janelle Marie
Janelle Marie 16 timer siden
I just got my tongue redone and at the same time I did my nose too! Had a great experience at the shop! Glad you had a good experience too!!
Madison Richard
Madison Richard 16 timer siden
Those earrings are clip on
Shara Alyana
Shara Alyana 17 timer siden
2020, people ❤
Meel A
Meel A 17 timer siden
Nates face when he tried the first fry 😂
Leah Allen
Leah Allen 17 timer siden
Yes yes yes have puppies We want puppies we want puppies we want puppies!
Ranalynn’s Lifestyle in Hawaii
Ranalynn’s Lifestyle in Hawaii 17 timer siden
Thank you for the tour.
Kitten Gem
Kitten Gem 17 timer siden
Love your gadgets ;)~
HeyIdoStuff 17 timer siden
im a tractor
HeyIdoStuff 17 timer siden
im a gay transgender vegan
HeyIdoStuff 17 timer siden
the unwanted
the unwanted 17 timer siden
What in the white privilege is this??
Kitten Gem
Kitten Gem 17 timer siden
Looking Fabulous ;)
Turtle Man
Turtle Man 17 timer siden
God love you <3
John Watts
John Watts 17 timer siden
Where do he find his friends
BLAGADAGS SIOW 17 timer siden
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 17 timer siden
Idc what others say when I come back to Jeffree I feel like my life is complete again lol He’s hilarious
BLAGADAGS SIOW 18 timer siden
Ciandra Esparza
Ciandra Esparza 18 timer siden
are you a girl
Delaney Fowkes
Delaney Fowkes 18 timer siden
Poor baby I feel so bad
Delaney Fowkes
Delaney Fowkes 18 timer siden
Your palmerraniyins are so cute I don’t know how to spell your dogis breed but they so CUTE 🥰🥰🥰
lux Main
lux Main 18 timer siden
Can someone tell me where did new video go? Why he deleted it?
Adriana Alva
Adriana Alva 18 timer siden
why is everyone hating on his suddenly, and commenting that he looks scary and shit now lmao. let me guess, some sort of drama? if there wasn't, i know damn well all these critiques on his appearance and shit wouldn't even be happening. looks like everyone in the comment section just jumped on the hating bandwagon, for whatever the drama is this time. either way, y'all still watching, still paying his rent. lol
Izuku Midoryia
Izuku Midoryia 18 timer siden
It’s the “zooming in is a quirky addition to content” for me
zeequeesha 18 timer siden
You're a literal liar. The drama had nothing to do with you, yet here you are, thinking "how can I get more clout? ah yes, blaming innocent people. perfect." YOU are the one who needs help. Imagine.
Desert Ghost
Desert Ghost 18 timer siden
Luke Plommer
Luke Plommer 18 timer siden
That’s actually really cool I would mind spending $100 of products
Keyona Unique
Keyona Unique 18 timer siden
People always ask why I buy your makeup and ask why it’s expensive I always snap back like😂 (“he makes really good pigments for everything he makes he doesn’t slack off and half ass everything he makes”) (ps this is my opinion) but I love you babes keep doing what u do!!❤️
Sara Auclair
Sara Auclair 19 timer siden
If they were born in feb there almost 9 months lol i had to count cause my dog was born in march btw i love the hair 😍😍
Kirawolfy 19 timer siden
Rachel Delilah
Rachel Delilah 19 timer siden
Now I want to get my ears pierced again...
Brody Penn
Brody Penn 19 timer siden
*Saw if James Wan was gay:*
Zoe Michelle
Zoe Michelle 19 timer siden
y’all he obviously had it better than the majority of us. we all go through different things and the severity of those things will differ depending on your life situations. yes he’s wiping his ass with $100 bills. but we all go through trauma and hard times, all in different ways. if his dogs being sick is his mid-life crisis, then why can’t we just be at least a bit supportive of others. pets are much more than just pets. they’re part of your family and of course with time you grow to love them like your own. idk why i’m going off rn but aren’t y’all tired of all the drama and dragging on hate towards others? everyone preaches to love one another, but when it comes to someone who has lots of money and seemingly “no problems”, y’all turn to throw hate and shade at them for anything and everything. not saying his past choices are to be excused. but ITS THE PAST. act like y’all never said or did something offensive. grow and be a better person to others and yourself y’all
Christina Mayfield
Christina Mayfield 19 timer siden
aww, don’t worry. dogs handle chemo a lot better than we do 😊 and the insulin needle is so tiny and you’re only going through the first layer of skin so you don’t have to worry about hurting him! and if you get Dom fixed before her first heat it reduces her risk of breast cancer by 90%!!!!
kate k
kate k 19 timer siden
he’s dogs are more spoiled than the richest kids
TheSexy Nun
TheSexy Nun 19 timer siden
Love these two together
Max T
Max T 19 timer siden
I miss Shane and Jeffree together so so much! 😭😭😭😭💔
boombolas 19 timer siden
Marj Nussby
Marj Nussby 19 timer siden
Wow, cant wait to see your gorgeous remodel.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 19 timer siden
get over yourselves. (Edit) someone literally copy and pasted this comment 4 minutes after I posted it, and Jeffree replied to it. I’m so heartbroken rn.
Yungbludfanemowaffles 20 timer siden
2020 if u are watching this leave a like 🙂
XXTIGER GIRL 20 timer siden
Who’s watching this in October
Angel Conzatti
Angel Conzatti 20 timer siden
Jeffree Lynn where the fuck is our GREEN EYESHADOW [email protected]
Best Lyrics
Best Lyrics 20 timer siden
2:33 Haha what is happening 😆😆
Shaelyn Fox
Shaelyn Fox 20 timer siden
JEFFREE: "I have a lot on my plate." ME JOKINGLY: "Just eat it lol" ME AFTERWARDS: POV: *Holy shit Im done for*
XXTIGER GIRL 20 timer siden
Just 1 of his outfits is more than my mom pays me for chores
Caitlyn Daponte
Caitlyn Daponte 20 timer siden
I wonder if he’s gonna make a response to larrayes dis track
Spicy Donkey
Spicy Donkey 20 timer siden
Jeffree should make a mint/teal/turquoise palette