virus beak 2
virus beak 2 2 dager siden
Alison McCann
Alison McCann 2 dager siden
OMG Abolutely speechless that The Grandfather Clock was Glenn Hoddle former football player for Spurs/England. And he and Chris Waddle both had a hit song in 1987 called Diamond Lights.
bfditree 786
bfditree 786 2 dager siden
I loved grandfather clock
Jenn 2 dager siden
Mo - It's only Glen Hoddle! I enjoyed Grandfather Clock - glen is so humble and real
Claudia Meier
Claudia Meier 2 dager siden
a-ha's Morten Harket from Norway.
elaine nascimento
elaine nascimento 3 dager siden
Go Morten!!! I can recognize your voice everywhere 😊
Liz’s Whacky World
Liz’s Whacky World 3 dager siden
Apart of me wants it to be Alfie Allen so bad 😂
Just lil Lewi
Just lil Lewi 3 dager siden
My guess was David James guess I was wrong
Cheyben24 _
Cheyben24 _ 3 dager siden
I hear you morten! I hear you!
Xander Molina
Xander Molina 3 dager siden
Morten harket, I know that voice like the back of my hand..
Natasha Weldon
Natasha Weldon 3 dager siden
Morten Harket.
Anne-Marie 3 dager siden
Defo lenny lol xxxx
Joao Gabriel
Joao Gabriel 3 dager siden
Morten harket
atoosas 3 dager siden
It’s Morten Harket of course. No guesswork there.
Leanne Wilson
Leanne Wilson 3 dager siden
Rick Astley
Long Claw
Long Claw 3 dager siden
It’s Taron Egerton
Stella M.
Stella M. 3 dager siden
Faith Chalton
Faith Chalton 3 dager siden
Morten harket aha all the way there’s no way it’s not !!!
Leanne Wilson
Leanne Wilson 3 dager siden
Lenny Henry 100%
Marissa Francis-Harnetty
Marissa Francis-Harnetty 3 dager siden
Lenny Henry
Andrew Fereday
Andrew Fereday 3 dager siden
Will smith
sandra dias carvalho
sandra dias carvalho 3 dager siden
Morten 😍
Christopher Moody
Christopher Moody 3 dager siden
Hes looking well, good to see him healthy and having fun. Well done ITV
Goretty Puebla
Goretty Puebla 3 dager siden
Is Morten!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Lewis VICKERS 3 dager siden
Shaun Wallace of the chase is the answer
Christophe Hureaux
Christophe Hureaux 3 dager siden
Just morten Harket no doubt 😁
Ada Yanira Lugo
Ada Yanira Lugo 3 dager siden
Morten Harket. 100% sure
Ali Wade
Ali Wade 3 dager siden
Morten Harket 100000000%
Nel Pacheco
Nel Pacheco 3 dager siden
Only one person in the world has that distinct voice, my idol MARTEN HARKET! Wonderful to see you on stage!
Georgia Bowring1
Georgia Bowring1 3 dager siden
Morten Harket!
Lindsay Joyce
Lindsay Joyce 3 dager siden
Hes like Brian Cox Ricky Wilson with a bit of Paul heaton
xLollixLoux 3 dager siden
It’s Morten Harket
Miranda Friday
Miranda Friday 3 dager siden
Morten Harket
Bea 3 dager siden
It's definitely Morten Harket!
Daiane Leite O.
Daiane Leite O. 3 dager siden
Morten 🥰
ManLykeBSimms THFC
ManLykeBSimms THFC 3 dager siden
Spurs through and through
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan 3 dager siden
I was convinced it was David James
Nailah Roberts
Nailah Roberts 3 dager siden
I'm getting Rick Astley/Morton Harkett vibes
Jude Allison Wilson
Jude Allison Wilson 3 dager siden
My mum thinks his voice is heartwarming and I agree
Fire Brothers
Fire Brothers 3 dager siden
You did not clock me
Fire Brothers
Fire Brothers 3 dager siden
You did well glen you did real well
asdf9481 3 dager siden
I think it is Morten Harket
Artem Smogalev
Artem Smogalev 4 dager siden
Definitely Morten Harket!
Juan Paulino Salazar Inga
Juan Paulino Salazar Inga 4 dager siden
Rick Astley
An English Gent
An English Gent 4 dager siden
Morten Harket I am an a-ha fan and I know that voice is him
Lex Law
Lex Law 4 dager siden
It’s Morten harket omg how does nobody know it’s him seriously judges
Michelle the Brave
Michelle the Brave 4 dager siden
Morten Harket without a.doubt.
Rachael Hamer
Rachael Hamer 4 dager siden
Morten Harket!
laura savidge
laura savidge 4 dager siden
It’s Morten Harket! I’d know that vibrato anywhere!!!
William brindley
William brindley 4 dager siden
I really thought shilton. But as a tottenham fan seeing hoddle and hearing him sing the tottenham song can't smile without you made me happy ❤️
Jazzman 1882
Jazzman 1882 4 dager siden
Big glenn I knew it
Dotty Cotton
Dotty Cotton 4 dager siden
Mo’s so excited loool
ssxonus 4 dager siden
pinkprettyflowers 4 dager siden
Dude can really sing. Kudos to him
The Weird Brit
The Weird Brit 4 dager siden
I knew it was glenn hoddle
Nathaniel Galpin
Nathaniel Galpin 4 dager siden
Greg greg
Greg greg 4 dager siden
Glenn Hoddle was amazing on The Masked Singer. 😀👏
Fifa King13
Fifa King13 4 dager siden
Did no see him coming.
Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson 4 dager siden
Gutted that grandfather clocks out 😭😭
Alice Bush
Alice Bush 3 dager siden
Alice Mercer
Alice Mercer 4 dager siden
same :(
Kwame Winwah
Kwame Winwah 4 dager siden
first performance I thought David Dames and in the second one in the clues it seems like he isn't playing soccer anymore and the only one that would do the show is Glenn
Stephanie Varela
Stephanie Varela 4 dager siden
Aww but I love grandfather clock
-Nintendo Switch Is Cool- :D
-Nintendo Switch Is Cool- :D 4 dager siden
Matt Lucas is my guess
The Masked Guy
The Masked Guy 4 dager siden
This is the first time in season 2 I get wrong who will be unmasked
Ru the kangroo
Ru the kangroo 4 dager siden
Omg how did I not know😱🤯
PhoenixFTW 4 dager siden
Glen Hoddle
Trisha Wall
Trisha Wall 4 dager siden
I LOVE THIS I WOULD OF NEVER GUESS HIM they where sooo closs aswell
H2G 4 dager siden
Got it right 😌
Ken Stratman
Ken Stratman 4 dager siden
Macy Gray
Z Lightning
Z Lightning 4 dager siden
Beautiful voice
fishdalf 4 dager siden
Sounds like morrissey, or am I losing it?
Kian Ingham
Kian Ingham 4 dager siden
Chris Kamara from his voice
Tori Thomas
Tori Thomas 4 dager siden
Jack whitehall
Kian Ingham
Kian Ingham 4 dager siden
Rick Astley and he chose the viking because his wife is Danish and where did Vikings originate from.
tommyboi1979 4 dager siden
Elton John!
TJgaming55 4 dager siden
Oh dang
Aurelia Carmona
Aurelia Carmona 4 dager siden
I would've never thought Morten would sing a song like this but now I'm squealing!!!
Disney65Fan 4 dager siden
Tony Hadley? Or Morton
H2G 4 dager siden
If he goes out, I reckon morten harket
Snow Owls
Snow Owls 4 dager siden
I agree that its Morten
caitlinunaa shearer
caitlinunaa shearer 4 dager siden
I reckon it’s Vernon kay
H2G 4 dager siden
If he goes out, I reckon Glenn hoddle What did I tell you 😌😌