Tumhara Baap
Tumhara Baap 5 timer siden
VET gang 🔥
Path Finder
Path Finder 5 timer siden
like the humility
Eldrich Antwi
Eldrich Antwi 5 timer siden
Joshua Brebrich
Joshua Brebrich 5 timer siden
Bro it was spiking high add before elon tweeted
Alister Wagner
Alister Wagner 5 timer siden
Duude uve changed 🤩
MIX TAPE 5 timer siden
Caleb Walker
Caleb Walker 5 timer siden
Doge is trash and everyone knows it
Daniel Arellano
Daniel Arellano 5 timer siden
Doge, ADA, VeChain 🚀🚀🚀
MAX AJ 5 timer siden
Get u a small bag it’s worth the risk
‍Vaidas ‍
‍Vaidas ‍ 5 timer siden
Fk doge. Lost 400£
The Life of Tony
The Life of Tony 5 timer siden
Wrong, remember this comment, and use it as your next video, doge will break out on 4/20 to above 75 cents.
Random facts
Random facts 5 timer siden
BitBoy Crypto
BitBoy Crypto 5 timer siden
T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g F..o.r m.o.r.e g.u.i.d.a.n.c.e +1....-7...-2....-7....-4....4...-0...-2....-6....-6.....-5/
Anthony Verzi
Anthony Verzi 5 timer siden
B Topes
B Topes 5 timer siden
Wrong about Doge - right about VET.
untamedfeast 5 timer siden
Well said at the end. Well said
Erode Tech
Erode Tech 5 timer siden
Dress super bro....
Up Daily
Up Daily 5 timer siden
Safemoon & Fox 🦊 Finance!!! 🚀 🚀 🚀
Roach43 5 timer siden
I do like the phrase know unknown. In finance 101 this refers to uncertainty. The unknown unknown is called ambiguity. Great videos Bitboy!, always something new :)
Tube4 Knowledge
Tube4 Knowledge 5 timer siden
AGI !!!!
Paul G
Paul G 6 timer siden
Hey Ben..u the biggest on the internet..😊😊😊
Eli 6 timer siden
Doge is trash
Jacobysin 6 timer siden
To all the people who doubted, market going up!
big visk
big visk 6 timer siden
If doge hits $1 usd I will lose what little remaining hope I have in humanity.
Shannon Marsters
Shannon Marsters 6 timer siden
John Reilly
John Reilly 6 timer siden
Dogecoin went past $0.50 it’s gonna keep at it!! $1.00 is coming!! To the moon then to Mars.!!
Randy davis
Randy davis 6 timer siden
in 1014 .🧐
Paula Tanciangco
Paula Tanciangco 6 timer siden
Paula Tanciangco
Paula Tanciangco 6 timer siden
GuiltySpark347 6 timer siden
Nothing has changed fundamentally about this shit coin. It’s an inflationary piece of shit that is about to be shorted to hell . Let’s hope that this doesn’t bring down the rest of the crypto market with it.
Gavin 6 timer siden
Doge is terrible for the scene. It will probably be the downfall of crypto thanks to a shit ton of regulation that is going to come after doge dups hard and a million-plus people get absolutely wrecked.
Martin berger
Martin berger 6 timer siden
I"m never investing my hard earned money into sum bullshit!! Ever!!! I don't care if that shit goes to MARS!!!
brian devine
brian devine 6 timer siden
Your always saying your wrong
Mark Mac
Mark Mac 6 timer siden
Teach as about CARDS Bitboy
Lightning 6 timer siden
Paul Eastwood
Paul Eastwood 6 timer siden
Elastos best coin
Jesse Zander
Jesse Zander 6 timer siden
Hilarious. Love the channel!
Pete Ybarra
Pete Ybarra 6 timer siden
Vechain to the moon
Jacob berman
Jacob berman 6 timer siden
Love to see the older videos and where you started!
Ron E
Ron E 6 timer siden
DOGE and PoW COINS are cleaning up all the 9000+ garbage and it's about damn time! they will all go down shitz creek with XRP......Absence of Proof is Proof of Absence
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb 6 timer siden
Anyone else having issues with DOGE on Binance? I can't sell or buy!!
Lee roy Jenkins
Lee roy Jenkins 6 timer siden
Brandon Anders
Brandon Anders 6 timer siden
My DUMBASS fomoed in at $.045 this morning. I hate myself. Never have I fomoed before and NEVER will I fomo again....😭😭😭😭
Kazer Markov
Kazer Markov 6 timer siden
Doggy Coin is worthless...... seriously shows how the rich control the market
Lkma Lmak
Lkma Lmak 6 timer siden
HAHHAHAHHA i bought in @ .06 🤣🤣🤣 im making RETIREMENT
Hasan Shaikh
Hasan Shaikh 6 timer siden
VET best...🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
CRYCES 6 timer siden
doge shocking the world rite now 😳🔥
B M 6 timer siden
Doge 🚀🚀🚀
steve baby ethan and honey Desjarlais
steve baby ethan and honey Desjarlais 6 timer siden
Yea dodge holders are banking there money.
M_A_R_K_23 6 timer siden
It will crash and then another run will happen I will be ready
XeniaJane Pobre
XeniaJane Pobre 6 timer siden
Fate loves Irony
Kmart online
Kmart online 6 timer siden
So many people keep low balling various cryptocurrencies.
Irrel Avant
Irrel Avant 6 timer siden
What is the best exchange to buy doge? I've just been using coinbase but I want to jump in on the next Doge dip. I've been crushing with all the other assets. 🤷‍♂️
Frank King
Frank King 6 timer siden
Ben, Hou should check out Matt Wallace “Final Stand” I have been watch him as long as I have you since December. He is the OG Doge NOpostr. Doge is actually upgrading its coin.
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 6 timer siden
Ambassador MATT WALLACE!
dentaldoc489 6 timer siden
There is nothing fun about the coin other than laughing about how people are buying it. When I say DOGe is started laughing lol
ٍ 6 timer siden
It already has 2.1x the market cap that gamestop had at it's peak. People will buy at the top and loose money just like Gamestop.
Carlitos 6 timer siden
Banano is better 🐒🍌 $BAN
ABIN SUNNY 6 timer siden
Doge 💯
Ray channel
Ray channel 6 timer siden
Never underestimate the power of elon musk. Guy can launch rockets and literally go to the moon. Or Mars.
B P 6 timer siden
Hit .47c at 0935 ugh I wanna puke
Marco De Simone
Marco De Simone 6 timer siden
BUY SHITCOIN “If DOGE can do it, i can do it too!”
melina hamza
melina hamza 6 timer siden
Tyssen Waeny
Tyssen Waeny 6 timer siden
Dogecoin is dog shit. Don’t be fooled.
Rgkaf K5djsk
Rgkaf K5djsk 6 timer siden
Dogecoin & McDonald's or even KFC's Marketing Strategy is similar :) Lure them from young :)
you are being duped
you are being duped 6 timer siden
Is this the third try to get this prediction? Bound to be right eventually
R32 x GT-R
R32 x GT-R 6 timer siden
What are the chances Coinbase lists Doge?
Foxy’s KitFox
Foxy’s KitFox 6 timer siden
If Doge can do this DENT should really melt faces.
Israel de Araujo
Israel de Araujo 6 timer siden
No, it doesn't work that way
Ryan Phillips
Ryan Phillips 6 timer siden
VeChain doin thangz!!!!
doodlez24 5 timer siden
Julian Julian
Julian Julian 6 timer siden
But I like the final words
Lost For words
Lost For words 6 timer siden
Vechain gang will come out on top.
Lost For words
Lost For words 6 timer siden
Haha. I’ve never liked doge but congrats to those who do
Michael Navarro
Michael Navarro 6 timer siden
Julian Julian
Julian Julian 6 timer siden
This guy doesn't know shit lol
Cosmic Kingdom
Cosmic Kingdom 6 timer siden
"Outside of cats, which is steep in irony" lol, I laughed good
Alex Reese
Alex Reese 6 timer siden
Great ending lol
William Armijo
William Armijo 6 timer siden
Armani Webb
Armani Webb 6 timer siden
Freaking Doge man
andysuk2001 6 timer siden
The fact it's a meme IS its utility
Hilll Prz
Hilll Prz 6 timer siden
Doge to the moon, it’s legit 🚀🌝
Double Blessing Cupcakes
Double Blessing Cupcakes 6 timer siden
That outfit should increase church attendance with interesting people!!
Stock market tips and information
Stock market tips and information 6 timer siden
Let’s gooo