How to drive at 628mph | Top Gear
Matija Jelinić
Matija Jelinić 13 timer siden
Was that actually piss going out at that guy's face?
libra8a 14 timer siden
They didn't show it doing 9.6. Hmmmm. Also, when the Tesla Roadster comes out it will smoke the demon. 1.9 0-60. 8.8 1/4 mi. Of course it will be 200k.
Dn Monster mr
Dn Monster mr 14 timer siden
2020 ?
A A 14 timer siden
Where can we watch the full episode?
this car looks ugly tbh
Roman 14 timer siden
RL Brown
RL Brown 14 timer siden
Perfect vehicle for taking the family and children out to watch the rioting and looting and burning in the streets🤣
Whyman1993 14 timer siden
Sounds like a kid having a screaming Mach 😖 classics are gonna start climbing 😂
Zitho 14 timer siden
Fast care but is pretty slow to accelerate
hit da switchez
hit da switchez 14 timer siden
Haters will hate, but I still want one of those cruisers real bad. P.S., I also still like Jeremy Clarkson.
wyllmRox 14 timer siden
1:53 a bubble of what??
i-hate-conspiracy-theorist 15 timer siden
Imagine captain slow driving that thing
Matthew Hibbard
Matthew Hibbard 15 timer siden
I think he was driving that in Detroit
Casedub Gully
Casedub Gully 15 timer siden
He looks like the terminater on the thumbnail lol
GearHz 15 timer siden
7:33 the most fake startup lol
Andrew Mags
Andrew Mags 15 timer siden
Bugatti: We hit 304 MPH. SSC: Is that all??
Marvel Guy
Marvel Guy 15 timer siden
Welcome to bottom gear m8’s
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil 15 timer siden
Watching this, I had to pause and go drive my GS350. That’s the kind of ownership I sought out. 🤫
Noobies 1188
Noobies 1188 15 timer siden
6:15 lol
Noobies 1188
Noobies 1188 15 timer siden
Ricky should be on nitro circus
Marcel 101
Marcel 101 15 timer siden
Lots of understeer?
Hangfire 15 timer siden
SilverJaguar952 DJS
SilverJaguar952 DJS 15 timer siden
J Plays
J Plays 15 timer siden
Right, beans!
fahad aghai
fahad aghai 16 timer siden
I m not sure but i think even a human being can survive if he's on top of the building... if u really wanted to see if it would survive or not, u had to put it somewhere in the middle of the building...!!!
Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson 16 timer siden
An irony deficiency. Clever.
Rick Murray
Rick Murray 16 timer siden
I travelled the Nullabor track in the 70s, rough unsealed track with big holes filled with bull dust. I came across a Marina broken down, with the whole right hand wheel and suspension broken off. Felt so sorry for the family, probably never got it repaired. 🇦🇺
Tyler Hildebrand
Tyler Hildebrand 16 timer siden
Tesla model s plaid has entered the chat
Flufflet 16 timer siden
body horror
Taye_ did_it
Taye_ did_it 16 timer siden
2020 trash
BackToWar100 16 timer siden
0-200 21s ??? what ? check AutotopNL it has modified cars with better 0-200 on autobahn
Brian Tep
Brian Tep 16 timer siden
the writing is so cringe
King Kenneth Solomon
King Kenneth Solomon 17 timer siden
To set this straight because because people emailing me talking about koenigsegg regera has reached this speed already!! No It hasn't the fastest koenigsegg reach 300 mph not one of the koenigsegg are faster than Bugatti fastest car
Aalon Bullard
Aalon Bullard 17 timer siden
so.....we dont get to see it drive because.....?????
Braxton Burtis
Braxton Burtis 17 timer siden
There's a road like that where I live, and it's worse than the w road
Alejandro Escobar
Alejandro Escobar 17 timer siden
Jesko has some competition now
Braxton Burtis
Braxton Burtis 17 timer siden
That's backwards Alabama for you. Rest of America is not like that, in Canada they'd look at you wierd but not not that. I live in Tennessee btw
Captain Cracker
Captain Cracker 17 timer siden
I like how James is just having a normal drive in the forest while Jeremy is bulleting up the mountain
Jules Winnfield II
Jules Winnfield II 17 timer siden
Ferrari is doomed. They will be bought by a bigger oem within ten years.
Max _
Max _ 17 timer siden
Leigh Wade
Leigh Wade 17 timer siden
Damn it had more to give too
yxngsoul._ 17 timer siden
and the fact thats its a flat V8 makes it even more impressive
Andrew Schafer
Andrew Schafer 17 timer siden
Well said! You had me at manual gear box.
JVuk 17 timer siden
Dr. Tesla wants to know your location!
Beleth 17 timer siden
Deyyy took arr jurrbs
Lord Danielson
Lord Danielson 18 timer siden
I wonder if Richard still thinks that was "the best thing [he] has survived!"?
Thedgopro •
Thedgopro • 18 timer siden
Thank ypu for the review l am saving for a mk7❤️
Huey Freeman & his animated friends
Huey Freeman & his animated friends 18 timer siden
7:01-7:02 Richard fitting a Bedford Rascal door on a Suzuki Super Carry. Nice.
2015 ecoboost
2015 ecoboost 18 timer siden
Imagine doing a handbrake turn at 300mph lol
Blue Girl
Blue Girl 18 timer siden
Julian Papin
Julian Papin 18 timer siden
Why did the driver pussied out at topspeed? Could have gone even faster.
Blue Girl
Blue Girl 18 timer siden
Tire wear. He pushed those tires beyond their limit already. Any faster could've meant disaster.
Sooraj Bond
Sooraj Bond 18 timer siden
it is amazing amazing race
MiroE90 18 timer siden
Incredible!!! Over 3 seconds faster around this track than their current F1 car....
Angelo Costa
Angelo Costa 18 timer siden
Merveilleuse voiture ".
Kenzofeis 18 timer siden
This was on the road to Tipperary?
joe mcclure
joe mcclure 18 timer siden
Name it ANYTHING but Mustang! Lee Iacocca is rolling in his grave! So are Carrol Shelby and Larry Shinoda
Vok250 19 timer siden
That GTR would have wrecked both. Hell a Honda from that era would do it.
Hi How Are You
Hi How Are You 19 timer siden
Next episode: Top Gear starts nuclear Armageddon
ApexIndustries 19 timer siden
First video James is happy Second video thumbnail. Not so happy now are you
Reece Beck
Reece Beck 19 timer siden
"Put it in H!"
Catalina 19 timer siden
So many creeps in the comment section 🙄
flannagan 37
flannagan 37 19 timer siden
the magic of top gear isn't the completion of the challenges, it's all that goes horribly wrong and horribly right during them.
hexlgaming 19 timer siden
just truly amazing
Dbow H
Dbow H 19 timer siden
Breath taking! I cannot imagine how good this will be? Stunning
Thio Benaya
Thio Benaya 19 timer siden
My question is can it beat the tesla roatster the car goes from 0-60 under 2 sec how ever we havent seen on the drag race track
nicola turi
nicola turi 19 timer siden
I legit never heard of an Englishman making an American accent. In fact the opposite is quite common.
Pera Kojot
Pera Kojot 19 timer siden
The new M340xi with a Stage 1 tune is as fast on 1/4 mile as Model 3 performance. M340xi is full stock is as fast on 1/4 mile as outgoing M3 CS which is 0.5s faster than bare M3 Chris tested. New M3 Competition with xdrive will be under 11.5s on 1/4 mile (Model 3P best time on drag strip is 11.6s). Hack, new M3 Competition will be faster even 0-60 than Model 3P.
SSG Live
SSG Live 19 timer siden
Philby D
Philby D 19 timer siden
Hey, what ? A tuatara is a New Zealand dinosaur??
analogaudio rules
analogaudio rules 19 timer siden
As far as being bad on corners, if you're a good enough driver, it is irrelevant...
Andrew Franco
Andrew Franco 19 timer siden
Look at how still that steering wheel is! Very little shake even at top speed.
Sophia Bogard
Sophia Bogard 19 timer siden
@ 6:41. the Stig is sitting reading the paper at The Flamingo.
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Channel Dad Bryon Lape 19 timer siden
I thought the best road was in Romania.
joe joe
joe joe 19 timer siden
What episode is this
ApexIndustries 19 timer siden
X I 19 timer siden
All the spit on his visor
Yosua imannuel Gunawan
Yosua imannuel Gunawan 19 timer siden
Turbo lag bad? Just buy an anti lag
Plywoodcar Johnson
Plywoodcar Johnson 20 timer siden
Mansell for prime minister!!!
Bjarni Rein
Bjarni Rein 20 timer siden
Yah me bottom round
Archie 20 timer siden
Something's fishy. The stationary objects he's traveling past look like they're being passed by a vehicle going 70 MPH.
Karim 20 timer siden
A good source told me that Bugatti will come with a faster car on October 28.
RayRay 16 timer siden
@Blue Girl am not the engineer, am just stating what I saw and me thoughts.
Blue Girl
Blue Girl 18 timer siden
@RayRay Bugatti has a track car in the works. Likely a GTM type car from the looks of the spy shots. But There's no way that car would ever hit even 250mph with the aero its packing... Let alone 300mph... Let alone 330+
Blue Girl
Blue Girl 18 timer siden
A good source huh? Good as in a Bugatti that will launch in 2-3 years? Or a prototype that is set to release in 5 years? The Chiron SS was their holy grail and it got destroyed.
RayRay 18 timer siden
I hope so too, I heard it may be a track car. I