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Among Us In Minecraft...
Dream - Unboxing Minecraft Memes
Dream And His Parrot
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ymellow 20 timer siden
6:51 how are there nether leaves he's in 1.8
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster 20 timer siden
Who doesn't like ketchup on their broccoli?
Mia May
Mia May 20 timer siden
i can’t believe people are still arguing him on this lmao. he’s explained his views on stans, why do you feel the need to continue to comment on it?
why you read this ?
why you read this ? 20 timer siden
"No u" would be a better response than this
MichPEL 20 timer siden
sapnap is an stan
Music X
Music X 20 timer siden
Dream cheated lol
Squidex 20 timer siden
Stans are the only reason that I think that a lot of people don’t like dream
CIA 20 timer siden
stop the cap pls and just admiit it
why you read this ?
why you read this ? 20 timer siden
@noobmaster69 isn't trump smarter than CIA?
noobmaster69 20 timer siden
@CIA because cia is smarter than fbi
CIA 20 timer siden
@Zakster lol i did ye
Zakster 20 timer siden
@CIA u hella really did that wtf
CIA 20 timer siden
@noobmaster69 why?
Mr. VlogGer
Mr. VlogGer 20 timer siden
Dream what is gona be the next manhunt?
Cherry Bel Antiqueno
Cherry Bel Antiqueno 20 timer siden
Dream is fucking good at mc
itz joe
itz joe 21 time siden
Imagine if mojang showed up like yo he’s not cheating
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon 21 time siden
Instant damage pots are too op there’s no defending yourself against them
Jackson Rahal
Jackson Rahal 21 time siden
Dream: “Are you saying you’re a snitch cuz then you’d have snitches wait no stitches Insert Kawhi Leonard laugh
Steph S
Steph S 21 time siden
Dude, thanks for defining probability... you bumped the hit rate on mob drops. Unsub.
The Fiend
The Fiend 21 time siden
girlfriend 21 time siden
in my heart, i knew dream would never cheat at minecraft
Honse Official
Honse Official 20 timer siden
Alr then
girlfriend 20 timer siden
this is literally a quote from dunkey's video its a joke lol
Honse Official
Honse Official 20 timer siden
Your heart lied to you
Liam Someone
Liam Someone 20 timer siden
he did tho, this video is outdated, the math has been proven wrong and a famous speedrun analyser made an analysis using simulations as proof so there are two kinds of proof, and Dream handled this very well by blacklistinghis name from his comment section
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 21 time siden
The thing is though, he did
noobmaster69 21 time siden
Cheems dictionary : Flamethrower = flamethromer Flashbang = flashbengge Gun = goon Table = temle Toy = toyn Stair = sterym Edit : after reading voynich manuscript i found out what is the meaning of it and its basically full of cheems language but i just translate 5 words - text = sext - math = mefn - floor = flurs - good = gods - door = bang
drawer 20 timer siden
Thank you noobmaster69 you truly are a paragon of culture and knowledge.
Honse Official
Honse Official 20 timer siden
Thank you for this information
Priya Karthik
Priya Karthik 21 time siden
I can’t see much of the coding tbh lol but anyway nice vid!
GuraGuraShaak 21 time siden
"Bro trust me i graduated from hardvart at age 11 and I have 12 phds in astrology"
why you read this ?
why you read this ? 20 timer siden
Only 12? L I have 420 PhDs
Ben. 21 time siden
i like your videos
Marvell Nathanael 1630024
Marvell Nathanael 1630024 21 time siden
How about make a video with face cam
Fbryn 06
Fbryn 06 21 time siden
Like the cicada 3301 music
The Foxter 5
The Foxter 5 21 time siden
pls dont go to my channel
pls dont go to my channel 21 time siden
1:56 mmmhhhmmm too close you say?
AJ Gapo
AJ Gapo 21 time siden
6:08 that skeleton just did a 360 shot
Sparrowboo 22 timer siden
LOL i've never heard bad swear
Totally Poisonous
Totally Poisonous 22 timer siden
anyone else hate the way its 3sec away from axactly 3h
J-Swag 22 timer siden
instead of picking a number from 1 - 10, pick a number from 1 - 177000000000
Sachin Patra
Sachin Patra 22 timer siden
Why did you loosed up dream
Arthur 22 timer siden
alternative title: dream is doing a manhunt while antfrost is playing minecraft lets play
Muf Mudzamiri
Muf Mudzamiri 22 timer siden
Hey dream I wanted to say that I love your vids. I'm wanna give y'all some new skins CUZ I'm a huge fan. I'm gonna get insta soon and I'm gonna post the skins. I'm still making them so they might take a while
Charli Luxton
Charli Luxton 22 timer siden
*Me hoping the Phone falls on the and flips over so we can see (not going to say gender it can be an alien you know) face*
ᴅᴋ᭄Gaming 22 timer siden
Bro how did u do that players can control mobs
Andres Pirazan
Andres Pirazan 22 timer siden
The icky slip taxonomically breathe because astronomy inexplicably happen like a pricey professor. thoughtless, lamentable gear
Fiys 02
Fiys 02 22 timer siden
Its an enemy stan Not jojo reference
AverageSharkyBoi 22 timer siden
Me: Confused Me seeing a graph: Oooh pretty colors
Ethan Turner football vlogs
Ethan Turner football vlogs 22 timer siden
Nobody is talking about the insane acacia biome that looked so cool
Aryan Soniminde
Aryan Soniminde 22 timer siden
You're a pro man
JustThinkenStudios Official
JustThinkenStudios Official 22 timer siden
i literally thought he muted all the mics because everyone was quiet at first but it turns out they were just slow
O5 14
O5 14 22 timer siden
Every time I come here to look at the comments and every time my confusion grows. Everyone was already anticipating and joking that he would say "I'm just lucky" and he literally said so and everyone believes it! Just how???
O5 14
O5 14 20 timer siden
@CIA Dude, I know. I mean, it's just some kind of joke to his stans.They don't give a sh*t about what the f*ck he did. And I mean, there's still some comments slipping through here defending him.
CIA 21 time siden
My man he cheated
Austin Weeks
Austin Weeks 22 timer siden
Dreams name is clay
Iffat Sohail
Iffat Sohail 23 timer siden
Dream show your hand
Wonkawangle Productions
Wonkawangle Productions 23 timer siden
cut your nails dream
rowan t
rowan t 23 timer siden
I hate how hes always like ooohhh ddrreeaam
Prasetya. 23 timer siden
KaplingMagnum 23 timer siden
KarlJobst (test)
Noahed 21 time siden
Needs a space my guy
CIA 21 time siden
Hmm i can see this
elijah labaguis
elijah labaguis 23 timer siden
The thrower is the tank and the hycer is a charger and the rider is jackie
KaplingMagnum 23 timer siden
Dream is becoming Xi Jingping for censoring people who speak up the truth against him in this comment section.
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 20 timer siden
@Noahed yea I realized lol dream is just dumb..
Noahed 21 time siden
@Idk Idk also banned the link to the professor's latest response that stated he cheated omegalul
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 21 time siden
@KaplingMagnum yea dream is such a p8ssy
KaplingMagnum 21 time siden
@Idk Idk K4rlJ0b5t
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 21 time siden
He banned alot of words from his comment section like m4th or ch34ting you know what I mean.
Soviet Legion
Soviet Legion 23 timer siden
This video right here is proof there will be another one
lauris blox
lauris blox 23 timer siden
drinks invis and then does not take off armour
Dream 23 timer siden
İlkay Karadağ
İlkay Karadağ 23 timer siden
izleyen türkler kalp arsın sayımızı görelim
Sutā tdgb
Sutā tdgb 23 timer siden
Still don't know why anyone cares in the first place honestly like this isn't even like trying to subtract from the problem I actually just wanna know
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 20 timer siden
he without a doubt did it.
Deepanka. R
Deepanka. R 23 timer siden
very good
Rainervil Dag siden
47:25 Sapnap's Best Scream
SPACE CUBE Dag siden
Albert Maritz
Albert Maritz Dag siden
UnlawfulTalin Dag siden
2:39 didn't bbh and like sap an George see dream mine a tree? Like wuh?
Alzel Champagne
Alzel Champagne Dag siden
Monnie Bunce
Monnie Bunce Dag siden
The skinny scorpio climatologically prick because pantyhose conformably amuse than a kindhearted jar. flimsy, roomy loan
Munkhjargal Amarsanaa
Munkhjargal Amarsanaa Dag siden
Use nordvpn dream to make other people not get your address
ARDA ALP Dag siden
i love that how bad says 'how did he do that' all the time dream mlg
Seven Flowers
Seven Flowers Dag siden
Next time dream does the boat thing, one of the hunters should sit in his boat so that it falls faster than he expects I think it’s a kamikaze mission, but i think it could be an interesting play lol
Seven Flowers
Seven Flowers Dag siden
Next time dream does the boat thing, one of the hunters should sit in his boat so that it falls faster than he expects I think it’s a kamikaze mission, but i think it could be an interesting play lol
Arkaprabha Majumdar
Arkaprabha Majumdar Dag siden
When there's music in your video, you def cheated
James Jenkins-Burrow
James Jenkins-Burrow Dag siden
piggy ROBLOX lol
Erasmo Saenz
Erasmo Saenz Dag siden
Michael Olive
Michael Olive Dag siden
5:00 who else picked 7😐
Evan Sumner
Evan Sumner 21 time siden
I have searched the 7 great seas with my army and haven't found someone who asked. Make sure to keep me updated boys.
O5 14
O5 14 22 timer siden
Hey man, that's cool, but I don't remember asking. No one was asking at all.
noobmaster69 Dag siden
Oh wait a second google can you tell me who cares ?
??? Dag siden
First Sap Nap And The Other Was Do Nothing? It Was Cheated
Cock Guy
Cock Guy Dag siden
Rubina Nadeem
Rubina Nadeem Dag siden
Oh look it's the fake speedrunner
Keagan Van Duzer
Keagan Van Duzer Dag siden
2:59:06 your computer has encountered an error and needs to restart
Pufix 々
Pufix 々 Dag siden
WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW you so good dream
mini pekka gaming
mini pekka gaming Dag siden
Someone:dream is less good then he was Dream stans:come to his house and murder him Don’t worry dream stans I love watching dream it’s just a joke don’t come to my house and murder me
eunjeong jeon
eunjeong jeon Dag siden
Why is now one talking about how hes on the dream smp?
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga Dag siden
What do u mean
Evelyn Meyer CA 2028
Evelyn Meyer CA 2028 Dag siden
You know what they said “kids say the darnest things” but they should have said “bad says the darnest things” 😜
rikUuu Dag siden
3:25 cut your nails sir
Твой Screenwriter
Твой Screenwriter Dag siden
Luke McCulloch
Luke McCulloch Dag siden
i have done the math after watching the vids and your odds of that isn't insane. it is quite probable though then what they said. but also the gold blocks went a loooooooooooong time lol. also i am giving this to my friend who thinks you cheated. you are too good to think of this so i encourage you and stay happy playing minecraft!!!
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 20 timer siden
@Liam Someone and then antvenom and game theory (as much as i hate that channel) came to the same conclusions lmao. it shouldn't even be a question anymore
Liam Someone
Liam Someone 20 timer siden
A real physicist did the math too and it proves that the odds are in fact insane. And then a famous speedrun analyser (I can't say his name because it's blacklisted) proved how insane the odds are again with simulations
Aakash 22 timer siden
Can you show us your math pls?.. Every dream stan claim to have done the math but, when asked to elaborate on their working they just dont reply..
Dp_Upperscore Dag siden
Glad I can dislike vid