Ginger Mx
Ginger Mx 17 timer siden
All Canadian news are about USA, is it because the Canadian reporters are lazy just copy from American channels easier or nothing important going on in Canada everything is perfect and pink
Gardens Of London MWGS
Gardens Of London MWGS 17 timer siden
One Cool Cat!
Brea W
Brea W 17 timer siden
Pre recorded a year ago??
raiserofchickens 17 timer siden
Should we give Biden the same kind of four years that Trump got? I'm not swallowing your propaganda Global, you bunch of communist sellouts.
Cole MacFarlane
Cole MacFarlane 17 timer siden
Nothing but criminals and it’s a disgrace
Mastermind Entertainment
Mastermind Entertainment 17 timer siden
We will see far more deaths under Biden. If the man is unable to finish a coherent sentence don't expect him to save anyone from anything.
Jay G
Jay G 17 timer siden
Global news? Bravo for your brilliant investigative techniques and 21st century journalism lol...
Tan Ten Ten
Tan Ten Ten 17 timer siden
Fake president elect shame god is watching
Isaac Griffin
Isaac Griffin 17 timer siden
So we should join a nazi party and send money to JT? Alright, thanks for letting us all know
ibrahim sankoh
ibrahim sankoh 17 timer siden
I Feel like being a Toronto Firefighter Now I like those firefighters and that Pumper 245 P245 Looks nice and i like the firemen there so im gonna become a firefighter there.
GANEVMUSIC 17 timer siden
and let the new circus begin Clinton & Pelosi Suggest Trump Was Following Putin's Orders To Allow Capitol Siege
booby scoo too
booby scoo too 17 timer siden
What a horrible, evil Dictator. 🙄
amirul iddin
amirul iddin 17 timer siden
Looks like christmas truce
Михаил Ш.
Михаил Ш. 17 timer siden
Sebastian Kurz translates
Canadian Truth
Canadian Truth 17 timer siden
Hope you all like war because that’s what is coming. You will all be begging for 2020 when this is all over. May god have mercy on us all
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 17 timer siden
"They've grown both in numbers and intensity" And in stupidity.
John Hendrixson
John Hendrixson 17 timer siden
they needed to import 25,000 national guard to shut down capitol mall in order to prevent the media from having to show how small of a turnout biden's inauguration would have gotten. lol. you thought 2020 was bad? just wait...
John Kanguru
John Kanguru 17 timer siden
Impact of this lie on global news employees will be huge. I feel People will have a revenge on them. Remember my word.
- berryxkunn -
- berryxkunn - 17 timer siden
So basically deers aren't the only dumb ones
- berryxkunn -
- berryxkunn - 17 timer siden
Where are the parents??!
Tony N
Tony N 17 timer siden
We'll remember what you guys did these past 5 years global. You think you guys got this, but the likes and dislikes related to anything trump show another story. You guys Do know this will look like clear Mccarthyism to anyone with half a brain in a few years when hysteria has died down?
raiserofchickens 17 timer siden
When a 'leader to be' hides behind 25000 armed soldiers that were loyalty tested and given authorization to use deadly force on their own citizens on home soil, that is a text book example of a fascist take over. Biden may yet be the first president to have people die st his inauguration.
rudy begonia
rudy begonia 17 timer siden
Hey jo , watch out for kam-ala
Chiadrian Sudario
Chiadrian Sudario 17 timer siden
0:53 Elon teaching us how to communicate with aliens once we start colonizing the galaxy
Salvador Gonzalez
Salvador Gonzalez 17 timer siden
All this is a conspiracy by the government using Doctors and stupid Politicians as POPPETS USELESS PEOPLE you are killing the seniors GO TO HELL PREMIER 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats 17 timer siden
Beautiful volcano 🌋
OJI CHROM8 17 timer siden
Ce que j peux dire à propos du système société du Gouvernement et des commerçants et agents d immobilier propriétaires qui louent et employés(avant le repêchage),c que depuis les commerçants,services et propriétaires agents immobiliers ramènent plein plein de monde,nous aussi on peut en tenir compte.
Michel Leblanc
Michel Leblanc 17 timer siden
De quoi tu jase toi a matin
Thomas Opinions
Thomas Opinions 17 timer siden
These are not trump supporters stop lying
rolo tomassi
rolo tomassi 17 timer siden
Oh darn.
Sr. Y
Sr. Y 17 timer siden
Maybe reptilians do exist.
Marshall Finch
Marshall Finch 17 timer siden
Say what you want about Putin but neither of the men running in the last US election could survive this
2PACBRB2014 17 timer siden
stupid reporter dont make it obvious ur reading ur statement
keisha nash
keisha nash 17 timer siden
I can watch this over and over again..today The 46th president of the USA is about be sworn in..I can't be any more happy and excited..But when I watch this video of My President Barack..I'm still in WOW LAND..one of the very best President of all time.. God Bless You 46th President Joe Biden on this interesting journey you'll have to partake in..you and VP Harris GOT THIS. QUESTIONS?? Will Barack Obama run again for President? Think that will be 👍 👌 👍
John Kanguru
John Kanguru 17 timer siden
We never cured the flu with hundreds of years and vaccines. You must be brainwashed to believe we'll cure it with this experimental vaccine which already killed many.
John Kanguru
John Kanguru 17 timer siden
More people die in car accidents than from covid. If you care about people's life do much Give up your car or you are a hypocrite.
John Kanguru
John Kanguru 17 timer siden
Vaccine manufacturers have no liability. It means they hide something. Under Nurenberg human rights act "nobody can do anything with your body without your agreement". So I will NOT take the vaccine. Also Pfizer CEO said they even don't know how long it lasts so they don't know long term side effects. And they had many fines for their vaccines in the past.
megabeaver23 17 timer siden
Ya if I want to drink and drive while firing a gun into a crowd I should be able to as its my right!
Jennifer Collver
Jennifer Collver 17 timer siden
Defend yourself by educating yourself. Look what's happening in the US.
Lumeshan Pillay
Lumeshan Pillay 17 timer siden
Me watching during Covid 19
Rob Saunders
Rob Saunders 17 timer siden
Nimet Szrcn
Nimet Szrcn 17 timer siden
lm turks
BEAU B 17 timer siden
Depressing !
Andy 17 timer siden
Can someone tell me the marching song that is looped repeatedly as the soldiers march past?
Muhammad hossein Kazemi
Muhammad hossein Kazemi 17 timer siden
J N 17 timer siden
But I thought Trudy cakes priority was the health and safety of Canadians.
Sean W
Sean W 17 timer siden
It is CRITICAL that President Trump's last messages be fact checked and exposed % content of lies, half truths, accepted documented fact, and outright political spin smoke screen. A sliding realtime scale of those three categories running concurrently on a split screen beside the messages, and a conclusion total at the end of the speeches. My guess is the messages are 35% outright lies, 20% half truthes, 20% truth, and 25% political spin smoke screen. I would be completely surprised if Trump in anyway was being sincere, than self serving. Please help people to have a non-deluded understanding of Trump's efforts to make himself seen.
Hate Libtards
Hate Libtards 17 timer siden
Someone should do a jfk on biden!
AnewBegining 17 timer siden
Anons are not a threat. MSM is.
No One
No One 17 timer siden
Biden is the head clown in the circus freak show. What an embarrassment.
Ramon Castaneda
Ramon Castaneda 17 timer siden
We are moving away from fossil fuels they are killing our world
Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez 17 timer siden
Pragyan R C
Pragyan R C 17 timer siden
Elon's Bizzare Adventure
Yury 17 timer siden
very dictatorship style
Logan Davies
Logan Davies 17 timer siden
I don’t like how he is letting everyone in, they think they can do the same thing they did before, like no you want he you have to change
Be Truthfull Informed
Be Truthfull Informed 17 timer siden
Trump might be gone from DC,but he is not done with the Swamp. Trump now has more power than all the MSM in the US, and he knows everything. Once all the mountains of information come out, how will the media blame it all on Trump now??
Adj Solis
Adj Solis 17 timer siden
My parents entering my room when I'm asleep
Tracy Robinson
Tracy Robinson 17 timer siden
Oh he's just stirring it to be helpful! Hopefully it was lactose free milk cause the sweet cat took quite a sip! Lol I love the tail flick as he left the table .
Shell Magnet
Shell Magnet 17 timer siden
Well, farewell to America and freedom, it was nice to know you while you lasted. Now it is official, America is going to be a Communist country like the rest of us, thanks to the DemonRats party. 😔
billm83army 17 timer siden
I can’t stand this piece of crap
simon b
simon b 17 timer siden
that day was a new level of american
Eastern Saxon
Eastern Saxon 17 timer siden
So you apparently get over 80 million votes, now you need 25000 troops to protect you? Red flag right there.
Susan Murphy
Susan Murphy 17 timer siden
The storm is here with Biden. Hell is coming. No GOOD will come with him
dabberdaffy 17 timer siden
This aged well the black market is still thriving and is arguably doing better because of legalization.
Kopfjaeger 109
Kopfjaeger 109 17 timer siden
It's ironic that the U.S. military are in Washington D.C. to protect Biden who on video called them stupid bastards.
Sheikh Rick
Sheikh Rick 17 timer siden
as a muslim this hurts to watch
MD SAJID ALAM 17 timer siden
Without Vaccine India recovered rate 98.47%.....Because Young Population...Our Immunity system is much better from the rest of the World.. In 1.3 Billions Peoples Death only 150K Its like just Road Accident not Pandemic 10 Millions people already recovered.... Active case is below 100k... India beat Covid 19..
Symon Gotschin
Symon Gotschin 17 timer siden
It is said if one comes to you you will become rich
Brian Clifford
Brian Clifford 17 timer siden
Many physicians agree totally with the president. And it’s not “unproven.” That should be “fact-checked.”
Maurice Benson
Maurice Benson 17 timer siden
Be very surprised that Trudeau gets involved with the pipeline
Dr Johnson Hungwell
Dr Johnson Hungwell 17 timer siden
Higher energy prices Loss of jobs Lost revenue for local economies near the construction areas
Serge T
Serge T 17 timer siden
Stage set for STAGED inauguration
THE WORLD 17 timer siden
GUINESS WORLD RECORDS WHERE ART THOU ! ! ! legendary respects yo HARDCORE ! punxnotded 🙅
nwahs84 17 timer siden
loser dropped the ball big time with the vaccines
CalgaryDynastar 17 timer siden
Joe malarkey will be expanding the technocratic surveillance state faster than he forgets what he was... what was I saying again?
denis donbas
denis donbas 17 timer siden
best US president in history!
Bubbles 17 timer siden
1 2 0 2 0 2 1 Today's date is 1/20/2021 what does it mean ? LOL ! Sad day for American's with 25,000 troops no Biden supporters and some troops have been removed for security concerns. Looks like a communist dictatorship taking control of the US. It wasn't so obvious with Trump in office American's actually thought Trump was on their side. Remember it was Trump who brought the troops home. Trump Biden Obama Clinton . . . work together unlike the citizens who have been brainwashed and divided by the same MSM bringing you this story.
Rudraksh Pandey
Rudraksh Pandey 17 timer siden
Does Justin Trudeau know anything other than Fashion?
john galt
john galt 17 timer siden
Trump come save Chinada !
Maheen Ahmed
Maheen Ahmed 17 timer siden
To be fair, no one wants fruitcake either
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov 17 timer siden
We wish tRump luck and not to look back.
Ejole Costea
Ejole Costea 17 timer siden
You are illegitimate fraud president, how you & others can smile on camera, SHAME