Deli Meat Tier List
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Pickup artists in the wild
Bad Tik Tok Pranksters
Fans who are down bad.
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Try Not To Cry.
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Catchin' Up w/ The Cringe Fam
Nobody likes you when you're 29
Rate My Dating Profile??
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Cody is NOT a loser.
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Tik Tok Houses Are Leveling Up
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COUPLE'S CRINGE: tattoo show
Jaystation is back.
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8 måneder siden
Awkward Dating Show (pt. 4)
the BEST bad movie I've ever seen
MissAce8 8 timer siden
Cody woke up and chose to speak facts 🗣
Awkward Loser
Awkward Loser 8 timer siden
Lmao if someone tried that with me I’d probably pretend to get something from my pocket and make them think it was pepper spray or a box cutter, fighting stupid “pranks” with stupid “pranks”
cal 8 timer siden
cody has actually been looking so young these days, even his bod is in top shape and whoever designs his merch is amazing
Adele Pinheiro St-Pierre
Adele Pinheiro St-Pierre 8 timer siden
please do a video on the norris nuts mostly the video of sabres 16th birthday THEYRE NOT WEARING MASKS IN AN AIRPORT IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC
Isabella Hurley
Isabella Hurley 8 timer siden
Family vlogs just always feel so exploitive
holland memez
holland memez 8 timer siden
please do a cheese tier list
Enter-Username 8 timer siden
“Y’know, stuff that you learn in kindergarten.” It’s sad that we as a society still needs to be taught those things.
Fredrick Garrett
Fredrick Garrett 8 timer siden
I just want to thank Leon for sending me here
Luke Hendriks
Luke Hendriks 8 timer siden
No wonder he didn’t achieve his basketball dreams, he’s the only organism on earth shorter than cody
Polymite 8 timer siden
Everybody gangsta til broccoli roasts you
Kaiden Honeyman
Kaiden Honeyman 8 timer siden
Cut has a show where parents guess if their kids own an item if you like it maybe check it out
Aidan McMahon
Aidan McMahon 8 timer siden
I love Codys merch its not just his name its a dope graphic with an actual artist involved
Green Beans
Green Beans 8 timer siden
take a shot every time he says iphone 12
Daniel Zhupanov
Daniel Zhupanov 8 timer siden
When you order James Charles on wish:
Samantha Butler
Samantha Butler 8 timer siden
And you are absolutely right
Alton Akerberg
Alton Akerberg 8 timer siden
Please, just talk like how you would at a bar. Just be yourself bro I can’t keep clicking on a video and right away hear u yelling WHATS UP CO FAM, I love u bro but plz 😭❤️
Ben Steers
Ben Steers 8 timer siden
The lisp is actually horrendous 😭😭😭
bbhmm 9 timer siden
14:05 the parent is holding the camera too lol
Minecrafter3567 9 timer siden
Only good yet merch
Sydney Hays
Sydney Hays 9 timer siden
The dislikes are at 666. Truly only devils would dislike his content.
vsteeze 9 timer siden
i love u dawg
Marcos Kolva
Marcos Kolva 9 timer siden
Hows Razor doing?
Abby Zmiewsky
Abby Zmiewsky 9 timer siden
You should react to the DAM fam on NOpost it would be awesome
Luke Mariano
Luke Mariano 9 timer siden
Now your at 5.3 million
K rB
K rB 9 timer siden
Wow, thanks for the free course tip. Pretty awesome free resource.
Leskify 9 timer siden
Bruh this man is weird he probably doesn’t habe a family smhh👀
PLAGUE 9 timer siden
My girlfriend is the most important part of my world, guess I'm Mr. Obsessed 😂
Grogu 9 timer siden
Your opinion scuks and your bad get FUCK!
Lizzy 9 timer siden
The beat at the end is underrated
Marcela Martinez
Marcela Martinez 9 timer siden
video *couple is sexually attracted to nature* Me: that is just being vegan with extra steps
Celia 9 timer siden
this is what everything sounds like when ur high as shit
K rB
K rB 9 timer siden
Wow, thanks for the free course tip. Pretty awesome free resource.
ballistic Panda
ballistic Panda 9 timer siden
Has nobody realized that vanoss is the guy behind noel 0:30
Da Madz
Da Madz 9 timer siden
The second POV is so cringy it physically hurts.
Chelsea Cobb
Chelsea Cobb 9 timer siden
Was watching this in the background and heard “Ms Chelsea” then looked up and they were flipping me off 😭😭😭 damn what I do??
Warr10r 69
Warr10r 69 9 timer siden
GraffitiTurtle 9 timer siden
Jane is a sadist for sure, rejecting people when they're being open
Cloud 9 timer siden
As much as I want to watch this the cringe is actually too much.
Liam 9 timer siden
im working on getting an education just so this family can still make 10 times the amount i do
Mis.tucker 9 timer siden
Ava Rand
Ava Rand 9 timer siden
The only good family vloggers ive seen are The Ballinger Family, they dont shove a camera down their kids throats and like half their vlogs are the kids taking about their hobbies or showing off a cute drawing they made and its so wholesome
Maddy D
Maddy D 9 timer siden
Looks like the Ace family took a leaf out of Jake Paul’s ‘how to scam your viewers’ book
Chiffer178 9 timer siden
Tldr: Cody is weirded out
Michael Dillon
Michael Dillon 9 timer siden
Wait, where can I get that shotgun tool?
Rose 10 timer siden
I don't get it...Cody literally makes fun of the level of cringe jokes are...and the old jokes fall into that category.
怠惰な耳の長いフクロウ 10 timer siden
Cody Frictionless
Brooke Myers
Brooke Myers 10 timer siden
Cody this was so comfortable to watch but I love you so I stuck through it all
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 10 timer siden
He really said sorry abt the ad😭🤣
claudiodoggo 10 timer siden
when you find the leftovers 0:14
Rachel 10 timer siden
Cody omg, please do a video on Lip Locked. It is so cringe
Alexandra Perez
Alexandra Perez 10 timer siden
Jenna Marbles can
mr juicy
mr juicy 10 timer siden
i really need someone to explain the joke at 9:04 it’s been bothering me for months
Ben Kinloch
Ben Kinloch 10 timer siden
Roman Atwood gets a pass
Chidera Onyegbule
Chidera Onyegbule 10 timer siden
Watching Cody bash the rich . . . . . . . Also watching 10 ads and a sponsorship on this video.
Desmadre 10 timer siden
JAJAJAJA this is awesome dude
Bianca McCarroll
Bianca McCarroll 10 timer siden
I think people have found a lot of family vloggers main demographics are men aged 25-45. Hmmmmm. Some for sure would be their kids using parents NOpost. Also, lots of videos of kids are ending up on creepy viewing playlists.
Crack Pot
Crack Pot 10 timer siden
Cody sounds like a early 2000s child character of a Nickelodeon show
Rodrigo Marcondes
Rodrigo Marcondes 10 timer siden
doesn't matter how much i study and work, i'll never make as much as these people. This is depressing af dude
Gio Scacco
Gio Scacco 10 timer siden
but the kid looks more like the father..
Sharmin Jahan
Sharmin Jahan 10 timer siden
That's so true have a cute child 😂 I used to watch ace family videos only for their baby Elle
Jai Verma
Jai Verma 10 timer siden
You should do more videos with Noel. You guys are so good together!
__Julian__ Rico__
__Julian__ Rico__ 10 timer siden
Why are you making fun of Dhar Mann if you were in one of his videos
Jonathan Shedd
Jonathan Shedd 10 timer siden
I love that cody made his description just like one of their videos
Gio Scacco
Gio Scacco 10 timer siden
i love how the kid just smirks in serious situations
Shiro 10 timer siden
wAy ToOooOO ScaRed geys
Nerdy Film Girl
Nerdy Film Girl 10 timer siden
"pranks" here is a real loose term! this had me question reality
M. Babadook
M. Babadook 10 timer siden
All of those kids are going have psychological problems when they're older, if they don't already struggle with one.
Lars 10 timer siden
And all this while a pandemic is killing thousands every day
Rawan Ali
Rawan Ali 10 timer siden
His gf is so funny i love her
iguwugy 10 timer siden
my heart goes out to the kids who are born into these family vloggers. it will be interesting to see how they will become as adults and the therapy they will need. it just honestly worries me.
d ans
d ans 10 timer siden
It’s so tasteless, so shallow. I know those kids are probably super happy to live very comfortably but I feel so bad for them being documented like that, they’ll never quite know if their childhood memories were genuine or just to make money
Ana S
Ana S 10 timer siden
How has this guy survived for 29 years without dying of malnourishment
trish eddy
trish eddy 10 timer siden
Check out "The dad challenge podcast' and 'The dad challenge channel'. He explains how disturbing this side of youtube really is.
Zconnelly Lonny
Zconnelly Lonny 10 timer siden
The jobless case contextually knot because tablecloth positionally hunt anenst a marvelous swordfish. unsuitable, imperfect windchime
trish eddy
trish eddy 10 timer siden
Another really dark part about family vloggers are their viewers. Alot have pedos watching their kids, making playlists and timestamping their kids in diapers, swimming, bra shopping etc. There is so much out there and these so called parents know the demographics of their audience. NOpost recently turned off comments on family vloggers for this very reason. It's sick that they exploit their kids for money.