DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
How to Buy a Drift Car
papi Francisco
papi Francisco 15 timer siden
210 miles damn thats horrible for a 17 gallon tank
Del Conway
Del Conway 15 timer siden
Just use car wax
fortifyreffic 15 timer siden
What are the name of the visors
Rydnorth 15 timer siden
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 15 timer siden
My dream car would probably be a 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 with a manual transmission in metallic gray with silver wheels
JONATHAN De Leon 15 timer siden
One of my favorite videos
john rudolph
john rudolph 15 timer siden
an ßs😗
Justin johnson
Justin johnson 15 timer siden
i have a LS and i saw this car i was like this looks just like my LS and then you said it has the same Interior Lol
Manuel Larios
Manuel Larios 15 timer siden
3.6 million views, well done chris!
Crash Co.
Crash Co. 15 timer siden
“So let’s make it night time!” *clap* *New Galaxy Phone ad plays advertising their night mode feature*
Alkinoos on YT
Alkinoos on YT 15 timer siden
i tried it on my boxster and it worked amazingly well. before the additive i got an average of 25ish mpg and after the additive i got an average of 27ish mpg
MoMo BaBa
MoMo BaBa 15 timer siden
Great. Why even make 89 octane?
CGamePlays 15 timer siden
Did you put the Scotchgard on the interior carpet as well? Or just the floormats. Thank you.
Zack Green
Zack Green 15 timer siden
Please how i know wich fluid for my automatic transmission ford fiesta
Evan Lee
Evan Lee 15 timer siden
chrisfix can we see you and your cars wow and say to me
Paulo Stagl Škaro
Paulo Stagl Škaro 15 timer siden
173 dolara i think
Eween Mj
Eween Mj 15 timer siden
Who else saw this in recommendation
Me ChristOo
Me ChristOo 15 timer siden
4 years passed since, I last saw this vid and didn't buy it. Cuz, I still don't own a car....
Unfinished Quest
Unfinished Quest 15 timer siden
Not only is the car manual, but now it has a kill switch. Add a quick disconnect and you have the holy trinity of security for your car.
X-Man 15 timer siden
Use a 3lb brass hammer. Wear safety glasses. Just go ahead and drill those pins first.
Joseph Rasnake
Joseph Rasnake 15 timer siden
I wonder how many people got the wax on, wax off reference.
Fishingrich 1Playz
Fishingrich 1Playz 16 timer siden
Get this man to 10 mill
pce out
pce out 16 timer siden
we don't believe in this in Florida
Trav 16 timer siden
Back in the 90's I wanted to see if there was a difference so I ran the lowest octane for a month then the highest....all highway miles. I was getting 190 miles per tank on low octane and 230 on high octane although the cost per mile was the same considering price per gallon difference. I guess things have changed a bit?
my name is jeff entertainment
my name is jeff entertainment 16 timer siden
I dont see blinker fluid.... whats up with that?
K.M.C Pakistan
K.M.C Pakistan 16 timer siden
Cheap work
Trent Jones
Trent Jones 16 timer siden
I am so confused there is no such thing
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 16 timer siden
Mannn that’s an incredible job 👏🏾🎉👏🏾🎉👏🏾❗️
Ashley McCaig
Ashley McCaig 16 timer siden
Lol, how am I supposed to get exploded soda out my headliner?....
R P 16 timer siden
Thank you Chris. I must know where you got that specific steamer?
brad lambert
brad lambert 16 timer siden
Yes ! This works 100%, I have done this myself and can last as long as any new head lights which all go through the same process from the manufacturer. Don't pay any attention to the typical morons.
LAW 16 timer siden
Nice job Chris. Big respect, ocd clean. Only thing I thought was the mat protection is great except if the mat repels the water or spill the carpet will get it instead lol. The mat is easy to clean or replace, the carpet not so much. I digress..... Anyway much love for the videos.
Prateek Uniyal
Prateek Uniyal 16 timer siden
Bless you, man. Did it all by myself :)
Rodel Abuedo
Rodel Abuedo 16 timer siden
It's a good tutorial video on to do things like this in our car so we can save money,,good job Chris,I'm a subscriber now,,from phillipines
Steve 16 timer siden
I’ve been waiting for this since the first time I saw the mustang super clean ❤️
rehan shariff
rehan shariff 16 timer siden
Superb job
Abu Naeem
Abu Naeem 16 timer siden
Hey Chris when ever my friend try’s to fix his car by himself but he forget which bolt is for which place one time it Took him 500 $ to put the bolt back so pls help
Eimantas Vaivada
Eimantas Vaivada 16 timer siden
Why do people dislike this
Matthew 16 timer siden
My dream car that I am going to work extremely hard for is a 1962 Corvette. Specifically with a burgundy paint job and white coves. I is my dream car! :)
Jaaon 16 timer siden
This guy saves you serious money.
Philodox 16 timer siden
You are a hero chrisfix. A hero.
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 16 timer siden
Alright,now i get it where is the switch.
Leo 16 timer siden
Hey Chris,i watched this video like 10th time,what is happening with driftstang, do you still drive it? :)
EdithHead 16 timer siden
I can't believe the amount of effort you put into the special graphic effects and props for this clip. You really sold it.
Qaiser The Cuber
Qaiser The Cuber 16 timer siden
Like you're hair
ḞḀẒḕḊḔẌ 16 timer siden
Its like listening to Asmr for Men 😂
Quattro Bajeena
Quattro Bajeena 16 timer siden
Londons typical mini cab car for inexperience satnav using drivers . I hate this car the drivers in london piss me off. They try drive as if they know what they are doing. Me in my van "i smell hesitation"
Hamdan Saeed
Hamdan Saeed 16 timer siden
I love your videos 😱👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️💕💕💕❤️💕❤️💕💕💕💕👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Joe 17 timer siden
16 minutes to tell people to listen to the manufacturer... but he made it interesting. Nice.
Magda Ismail
Magda Ismail 17 timer siden
Chris, do you know how to prevent the windshield and other windows and mirrors to not fog up? I mean on the Outside... Nothing seems to work, and it is very dangerous to drive with a constant window fogging up on the outside.
Yabby Gideon
Yabby Gideon 17 timer siden
Christopher Fixes.
Oscar Almaguer
Oscar Almaguer 17 timer siden
Random car with your name on it?
Xotiic YT
Xotiic YT 17 timer siden
Wish I could've done something like this to my 2006 Pontiac g6.. it was a troubled car and she ended up having someone break in. I tried and tried to fix it but the engine wouldn't run right I made sure everything was back to like factory but still she ended up meeting her fate at the crusher.. I miss that car so much but there's always new opportunities. My father promised me a 2008 tundra
Diego Henrique da Silva
Diego Henrique da Silva 17 timer siden
Hi Cris, some cars like mine (Opel Vectra B) have a hydraulic clutch , so when you need to replace the brake fluid, you will need to replace the fluid on the clutch. I don't known if this is common in USA, but I this this could help another guys.
BUCHANAN 17 timer siden
Hey Chris,can you make a video about why the mileage is moving very fast,it's a little bit of confusion about this issue.Thanks
Marijuano Fosho
Marijuano Fosho 17 timer siden
I thought blinker fluid was bullshit haha
CinaSlick 17 timer siden
how long did it took?
DELTACX10 17 timer siden
1:19 unless you own a m35a2 or similar truck with the multifuel engine, in which case you can put a little gas in.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 17 timer siden
He really pays attention to detail. It would take days for me to get my cars engine bay that clean.
Tommy Wingate
Tommy Wingate 17 timer siden
I used this product on my 13 genesis coupe for thgefirst time. the car has 44000 miles. It has added 40 miles to the cruising range. incredible. Im a non believer when it comes claims made by ..... well salesmen but I tried this at my daughters recommendatrion and Im shocked. I didnt notice any change in performance but thats ok. Ill add again when I change the oil. Im in.
Cole W
Cole W 17 timer siden
Duuuude, thank you so much for making these videos. For real! U make it so simple
Adan Chavez
Adan Chavez 17 timer siden
Every time you change your oil, do you change the filter aswell?
Scott Whitley
Scott Whitley 17 timer siden
Cheers lad, told my mrs I’d replace her break pads to make her think I’m manly (didn’t have a clue how to do it) watched this and done it no bother and now she thinks I’m a god.
Kram03 17 timer siden
Great video😊 Hi i have a question chevrolet spark 2016 when it will be change the transmission fluid?