The Overview - Trailer
Reuben J. Cogburn
Reuben J. Cogburn 17 timer siden
Stephanie Gosk be lookin like a pretty hot dom in that outfit. Just sayin.
BJ Squire
BJ Squire 17 timer siden
Buried Alive
Buried Alive 17 timer siden
2 out of many who have been recognized.
David Neal
David Neal 17 timer siden
I hope the kids go to there dad or get adopted. Adoption of not just baby’s is important.
Iris De La Rosa
Iris De La Rosa 17 timer siden
We should remove pelosi from office because of her whiteness
violetta divineart.v
violetta divineart.v 17 timer siden
j d
j d 17 timer siden
Lester Holt 2024!!
Tom Gravil
Tom Gravil 17 timer siden
Arrest rioters for enterfereing with election when theres proof of democrats doing the same wow
David Ho
David Ho 17 timer siden
You may use Gab, safechat......
cerveza 17 timer siden
Lester Holt
Phillip Goldenberg
Phillip Goldenberg 17 timer siden
Can the voters recall a president?
Ernest Chacon
Ernest Chacon 17 timer siden
What else is new with trump? Maybe he's selling the vaccine for his own benefit, he's known to do anything for himself.
Sam A
Sam A 17 timer siden
US spent billions to develop the vaccine, why the f***k other countries are getting as well? We need to get it first and then the rest can have it.
Ramon Raizo
Ramon Raizo 17 timer siden
My butt hole tingled when I heard these news :)
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale 17 timer siden
#GITMOPelosi #PelosiLaptopEvidence #Treason #LockHerUp
S F 17 timer siden
3rd impeachment? Anyone?
David Turnbole
David Turnbole 17 timer siden
Count the silverware when Trump and his brood leaves.
Chris and savannah 1392
Chris and savannah 1392 17 timer siden
Retaliate against the Chinese
Rodnell Alcika
Rodnell Alcika 17 timer siden
David Ho
David Ho 17 timer siden
NTD News is a good TV media , a credible TV station .
Crystal Shoemaker
Crystal Shoemaker 17 timer siden
Its against my religion #GodGotMe
Victoria 17 timer siden
My girl AOC was there?????!!! Thank god she is ok!!!!
Katie Hettinger
Katie Hettinger 17 timer siden
Republican Senators are scared of MAGA violence and need your help growing a backbone. Call or email, suport the impeachment process.
David Ho
David Ho 17 timer siden
CNN , NBC , New York Times , Washington Post..... are the instances of baseness of a complete spirit and humiliate the press . They are all unqualified and consciousless media and will be cast aside by views and readers finally .
Rhiane Ley Najal
Rhiane Ley Najal 17 timer siden
yeah, your not being rude, your not being disrespectful, but your being racist.... disgusting
Leonaza7 17 timer siden
Listening to Sean Hannity since the Capitol Riot. Not a single word of criticism for Trump. Lots of whining and crying about a “snap” impeachment. The brainwashing of viewers is thick and serious.
Nancy Deutschman
Nancy Deutschman 17 timer siden
Trump is not our President! He is the lowest of low examples of what a president should be!! . . He is FIRED!
C 17 timer siden
Linlin zi
Linlin zi 17 timer siden
As long as the US military forces don't turn to US people and they still protect SCS , Taiwan, please keep silent , calm down and trust God. After several weeks maybe I will tell you why. Please stay safe. Some Mandarin Channels said Biden's Inauguration was cancelled. DC is locked down. Left wing's media will be turned off or transferred to military forces. Trump will be the President till all traitors deserve the punishment. Covid-19 will be confirmed as biochemical weapons. Wuhan P4 lab is a military one. One Mandarin channel said Biden was good at dealing China issues in mild ways. I promise you that Trump is the right one to eliminate CCP. The Genocide of CCP to Uighur people will be determined. The number of slaughtered Uighur people reaches millions. Steve Banon and Trump's family will get amnesty. More on my channel 只要美军没有针对百姓, 没有忽略南海台湾, 请大家安静, 沉住气,相信川普, 相信上帝。 几周后我会告诉大家为什么。更多的在本频道。
David Neal
David Neal 17 timer siden
Thank god for that woman. She is a real Hero . The boys mom didn’t even care enough to help him . Thank god there is still good people out there .
VladI 17 timer siden
Trump can be impeached for a third time for his COVID "response".
racqueenus 17 timer siden
America will surely reap for alllllllll the abuse, misconduct, injustice, bloodshed, corruption and cover-up that it has done to the black community.
Leonaza7 17 timer siden
Every day this administration finds a new level of incompetence. Only 5 days left for them to set even more “records”
Maryjane Green
Maryjane Green 17 timer siden
You think Creepy Uncle Joe will do better?
N paw
N paw 17 timer siden
Ricardo Harewood
Ricardo Harewood 17 timer siden
All a lie to get the USA economy back On track smh
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford 17 timer siden
I’m tired of January already!So many problems!
Guy Richardson
Guy Richardson 17 timer siden
Socialism aka Sociopath's...
John Young
John Young 17 timer siden
That’s cute
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez 17 timer siden
You should not be in your job. If you can't listen and learn for yourself. Trump never hide what he is about. Your the that acted like you are kindergarten teachers and Trump is the pupil. Fist so you could be on TV. Lock them up, before Trump leave the country. America is still dragging there feet. With poor old Trump. Calling his daughter before he call his third wife. Trump is a Big MESS! 😄😂
Aserve Yout
Aserve Yout 17 timer siden
Better love story than Twilight?
Leonaza7 17 timer siden
A typical circus of no plan, from an administration that thankfully is on its way out. They never cared about any measures to help with the pandemic, so this comes as no big surprise.
Mayra Ansaldi
Mayra Ansaldi 17 timer siden
Wonder if they will be adopted by someone good. I really do hope that they are. That mother does not deserve the kids back.
Mary Loosli
Mary Loosli 17 timer siden
Or maybe he will Not leave
Val Arora
Val Arora 17 timer siden
Republicans like Lindsey Graham will soon go down in history as not only the disgraced party that enabled an insurrectionist and seditionist traitor to America but also as the lying party that didn’t even have the spine to defend American democracy after crimes against the Constitution were committed and the Congress was attacked in broad daylight!
Maryjane Green
Maryjane Green 17 timer siden
What if getting only 1 dose makes your risk worse?
John Young
John Young 17 timer siden
Lol should still be 80-90% effective
ansalicru 17 timer siden
It wasn't handed to her, she earned it, lesson learned for everyone
Steven C
Steven C 17 timer siden
Everybody in this administration all they can say is: “We are successful”! LOL Don’t they know their “success” has led to the falling of this administration☠️
M- Nice
M- Nice 17 timer siden
Leonaza7 17 timer siden
BREAKING: Trump's Health Secretary Alex Azar resigns, amidst a raging pandemic and a catastrophically mismanaged vaccine rollout.🤨🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
nuclearskull 17 timer siden
My baby's back needs to be shaved and they wont let us through to get to our apartment. The Babysitter just called and said she was trapped. THIS IS INSANITY!!
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear 17 timer siden
I’m here 🙋🏿
Rick James
Rick James 17 timer siden
Tired of this fake news
C 17 timer siden
Post the link to the real news so I can watch it
Commonlogicguy 17 timer siden
So what is real news to you? Twitter or epoch time?
Melody Dahlem
Melody Dahlem 17 timer siden
Can't wait for this to be on cnn 10. People like her have a special place in haven, I love people like her. I hope nothing but the best for her and that child.
Crystal Shoemaker
Crystal Shoemaker 17 timer siden
Because they wit the deepstate thats why
Butch Hathcoat
Butch Hathcoat 17 timer siden
The Communists Democrats are a bunch of cowards. Kinda funny how much they love full automatic. M16. Rifles now.
Robert Kirk
Robert Kirk 17 timer siden
Years before he though of being president he said 1 thing that was 100% true... China is ripping us off! China and the elites ran him out for it.. sad..
Steve Guti
Steve Guti 17 timer siden
Love one another as I have loved you praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale 17 timer siden
ALL mainstream media ( including NBC, Google/NOpost, Facebook etc) is CIA controlled via Project Mockingbird that began in the 1950s.
Zawmi Zawmi
Zawmi Zawmi 17 timer siden
repuplican senator so corrupt
Christal Burton
Christal Burton 17 timer siden
Steve Guti
Steve Guti 17 timer siden
Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day praying for everyone everyday God bless you all
Taylor Robeug
Taylor Robeug 17 timer siden
Sounds like a true story
gatcha life girl Allen
gatcha life girl Allen 17 timer siden
Know Body
Know Body 17 timer siden
I will admit the Trump name is now bad for business but if this guy stays away from the media and gets his properties appraised and decides to liquidate his balance and start again I am confident he will be okay. I think the news needs to focus on Biden because Trump’s presidency is over
Maureen Hammond
Maureen Hammond 17 timer siden
Love our governor! Thank you!
Primitivo 17 timer siden
First yayyy!!
Primitivo 17 timer siden
@gatcha life girl Allen you tell me!?
gatcha life girl Allen
gatcha life girl Allen 17 timer siden
Craig Roop
Craig Roop 17 timer siden
God Bless this wonderful woman!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Frederick Watkins
Frederick Watkins 17 timer siden
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard 17 timer siden
I think it is all about women power that Nancy Pelosi is fighting. She doesn’t care about America
Kevin Arra
Kevin Arra 17 timer siden
Zombie news....
Zawmi Zawmi
Zawmi Zawmi 17 timer siden
nancy pelocy diomond
International Law
International Law 17 timer siden
In 1947 the Indian Army invaded Jammu and Kashmir and since then it has killed around 500,000 Kashmiris and the Kashmiris have been asking the Indian Army to leave for 70 years. The UN security council resolutions 91, 98, 96, 80, 47, 38, 39, 51, 122, 123, 126, 307 asked for the Indian army to leave and for a referendum to be held where the people could decide their own future. India initially agreed but then preventing this from happening because most of the Kashmiris wanted to join Pakistan. Since the referendum under the UN resolutions 91, 98, 96, 80, 47, 38, 39, 51, 122, 123, 126, 307 never occurred. Jammu and Kashmir remained an independent country under international law and on the UN Maps: As you could see India is outside Jammu and Kashmir. It is an illegal occupation. In August 2019 the whole population of the Indian side Jammu and Kashmir was put under house arrest by the Indian Army and 750,000 Indian troops were stationed in front of each house, the internet and the phone lines were cut and the media expelled. So the people asked the world for help and Trump offered to mediate but Modi refused. Then the Chinese asked the UN to help the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Narendra Modi then threatened to invade the unpopulated Chinese side of Jammu and Kashmir.
mike granda
mike granda 17 timer siden
That a great woman
dulce santos
dulce santos 17 timer siden
Ni joe you and all the corrupted evil beings the dems God has you under his eye and he will do what he needs to do if you don’t stop your corruption now
iscout61 kenney
iscout61 kenney 17 timer siden
oh yeah, god loves a campaign speech disguised as a prayer more than anything. the (circus) show ends on jan 20, at 12:01 p.m....... thank you , jesus!
Frederick Watkins
Frederick Watkins 17 timer siden
Zawmi Zawmi
Zawmi Zawmi 17 timer siden
trump is so good joe biden so corrupt
Marco Zamora
Marco Zamora 17 timer siden
There it go: "defund police" | unqualified officer | no back up nor adequate equipment | Dam! poor family AND officer.
Butch Hathcoat
Butch Hathcoat 17 timer siden
Looking like a dam. Milatery coup. Not an election results
Victorious Yankee
Victorious Yankee 17 timer siden
Eventually the MAGA monster will turn it's hate to the elitist billionaires when it comes out just how many of them donated to trump. The same trump that completely abandoned the MAGA last week. Ooops, so sorry mr. theil but the MAGAs aren't real big on the oily explanations you're famous for. As you could see from the videos, MAGAs aren't real...stable...or geniuses.
plgeorge1000 17 timer siden
Still you voted for white people...diversity rules....understanding
International Law
International Law 17 timer siden
Help free Kashmir and bring peace in the world If the Indian Army moved out in accordance with the UN security council resolutions 91, 98, 96, 80, 47, 38, 39, 51, 122, 123, 126, 307 and people could decide their own future and the refugees could return then there will be peace.