My Message To Conor McGregor.
my message to KSI. lmao.
4 måneder siden
Are we dating again?
4 måneder siden
She cheated.
5 måneder siden
i'm happy.
6 måneder siden
KSI is *REALLY* sad...
8 måneder siden
Ankush Menon
Ankush Menon 2 timer siden
Ok tyron was ready to throw hands🤣🤣
Ghost Face
Ghost Face 2 timer siden
Bro when he brought the robot I was dead
Jibreal Ismail
Jibreal Ismail 2 timer siden
Love it
Gavin Ward
Gavin Ward 2 timer siden
yo jake whats going on bro ya training to be a cheerleader or what them cheerleaders would be jelous of that titanic superman thing
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 2 timer siden
One word :- MONEY
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 2 timer siden
Jake: “Used to be a bitch” homie you still are you🤡
Khamdullah 2 timer siden
When is the fight??
ɴᴇᴡʙɪᴇ 2 timer siden
Can i just say Ben askren looks out of shape for some reason
Iamurdaughter. 2 timer siden
Nah kid you're so arrogant....
Alexia Karel
Alexia Karel 2 timer siden
This song is so dumb
Fun mania
Fun mania 2 timer siden
You're just a small insect bro that is nothi'n In front of us😂
XDanime 2 timer siden
Jake Paul would get fucked up let’s be real
Captain Zohid
Captain Zohid 2 timer siden
It’s funny how he said Nate Robinson box for a couple of years but rlly he only box for 3 months my guy
Noe Robles
Noe Robles 2 timer siden
Where can you watch the fight
Prateek 2 timer siden
Dotz Cotton
Dotz Cotton 2 timer siden
He should call himself the dyslexic child
Mino Mino
Mino Mino 2 timer siden
The awkwardness of all that😩😩
Ryan H
Ryan H 2 timer siden
If Ben can’t be knocked out from leg kicks Jake ain’t gonna knock him out with heavy ass boxing gloves.
Iamurdaughter. 2 timer siden
Wtf!! Snoop is everywhere..I can't-
Gaming XP
Gaming XP 2 timer siden
Notice how he says "career over if I lose" while his brother is yet to win but gets to fight one of the best boxers and he still fights non boxers even calling out a non boxer connor like cmon dude realize a loss only means improvement fight a few amateurs make or break there carrers and climb the ladder 😂😂😂
Dotz Cotton
Dotz Cotton 2 timer siden
This man is definitely the most embarrassing human that’s ever been alive 😆
Elvis Naula
Elvis Naula 2 timer siden
Man I want Ben Askren to win but something tells me that Jake Paul is going to win
Bsut98 2 timer siden
I’m gunna be crying if Jake Paul gets the satisfaction of wining again
mara elizabeth
mara elizabeth 2 timer siden
cierra workman
cierra workman 2 timer siden
My money is on Ben
Vanessa Knight
Vanessa Knight 2 timer siden
Blyat Syka
Blyat Syka 2 timer siden
They were'nt going to fight prolly cause jake got his ass beat
Koverra 2 timer siden
Molly Clement
Molly Clement 2 timer siden
Where is polow
Trey 5
Trey 5 2 timer siden
I’m going for Ben but he look a bit chunky 😂
David Nino
David Nino 2 timer siden
It's tomorrow the fhite
Lincoln Madesker
Lincoln Madesker 2 timer siden
Askren going to knock Paul out into baldness 🤣😂
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews 2 timer siden
Snoop going to have his bank account backwards next.
FBI 2 timer siden
Jake paul probably laughs when he farts
Cousin Bros
Cousin Bros 2 timer siden
wtf why ben did he took this he will be KO tmr
Manuel Gettys
Manuel Gettys 2 timer siden
Well the result wouldn’t be any different even if it was for real
Johan Tan
Johan Tan 2 timer siden
Conor called you youtube kid 🤣
Vanessa Knight
Vanessa Knight 2 timer siden
Leo Hoffman
Leo Hoffman 2 timer siden
He the biggest meme of NOpost
Danilo Francisco
Danilo Francisco 2 timer siden
Algum br perdido aq?
Thabiso Khumalo
Thabiso Khumalo 2 timer siden
F*CK him up Jake
Ho Lee Fok
Ho Lee Fok 2 timer siden
RIP Shadow broder.
daris valdez
daris valdez 2 timer siden
This man is the biggest mcgregor fan. Outfit The scream Sticking tongue out Faceoff stance : low
John Chapol
John Chapol 2 timer siden
jake channeling his nate diaz frame
Elijah Grimmett
Elijah Grimmett 2 timer siden
As soon as that dog came in the house there was 6 billion photos taken in 2 seconds
powjack 2 timer siden
Ben is going to fucking lose
Darrell Hawthorne Jr.
Darrell Hawthorne Jr. 2 timer siden
I bet 500 dollars on Jake if he wins.
Daniel Schulz
Daniel Schulz 2 timer siden
Sell Billie ilish house
videos101 #21
videos101 #21 2 timer siden
Doing my bit for the community by disliking and moving on...
Shadow10kッ 2 timer siden
I hope jake Paul lose
Cassidy Graham
Cassidy Graham 2 timer siden
24:23 just watch this child act like connor mcgregor
Jorge Frias
Jorge Frias 2 timer siden
damn bruh everyone against jake ig ill be on his side lol
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews 2 timer siden
Honestly if Jake wins, you can’t doubt him ever again. If Jake loses, y pobrecito.
Tucker Winans
Tucker Winans 2 timer siden
Saw that coming from a couple thousand miles away.
Haley Cobb
Haley Cobb 2 timer siden
He ain’t wrong on the hairline tho
Ximena 2 timer siden
We’re all here rn or just me
Shaun Leake
Shaun Leake 2 timer siden
Jake is an idiot thinking he can chin an MMA fighter 😂😂
Dylan Venable
Dylan Venable 2 timer siden
dumb :( :)
Amanda Felske
Amanda Felske 2 timer siden
Seriously Jake Paul is the biggest Conor McGregor wanna be... you keep trying to copy all of Conors actions, it’s embarrassing Jake, come up with your own “style”....
1-800-You-Dead 2 timer siden
it sounds like he recorded this whole song with his grill in... like he really went that extra step...
Vanessa Knight
Vanessa Knight 2 timer siden
Jingeleg Jingelek
Jingeleg Jingelek 2 timer siden
Jake must be the biggest mcgregor fanboy ever lived God damn that was cringy absolutely delusional
Ryan Ly
Ryan Ly 2 timer siden
Large social media following 😂 Ben is so funny
Diamond Warrior
Diamond Warrior 2 timer siden
Only time I saw Jake video...and the last time
Eagle gtg
Eagle gtg 2 timer siden
Adam Felix
Adam Felix 2 timer siden
Selling the fuck outta this fight!!
Abin Prabhat
Abin Prabhat 2 timer siden
Jake will win ❤🔥
COD Keith
COD Keith 2 timer siden
Jake paul we are counting on u to knock his ass
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews 2 timer siden
Was there a glitch in the matrix? Because that scream and behavior was another Mcgregor.
Molly Clement
Molly Clement 2 timer siden
You have a cut but and a cut face
monke 2 timer siden
omg no pls i have canser pls come over i am giggest fan pls i have canser and autisum
Molly Clement
Molly Clement 2 timer siden
Jack no mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
monke 2 timer siden
rich richy
rich richy 2 timer siden
he's benaskren for a beating
Dptp 90
Dptp 90 2 timer siden
Jake is so scared he brought a transformer to be his body guard
Rick Mcmann
Rick Mcmann 2 timer siden
And Down goes Jake. Bit(h
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 2 timer siden
Chex100 2 timer siden
24:49 stare off starts