109 Things To Do
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5 måneder siden
Vibraphone Funnels Completed
Cyber Funnel
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Cyber Bass Marble Drops
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Playing the CYBER BASS
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Renovating my Guitar
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Quick Announcement
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crasheffort 13 timer siden
I'm glad someone made something like the devices from the Animusic videos in real life.
Electra 13 timer siden
I was watching Animusic and it autoplayed to here. NOpost Believes in the MMX.
𝙬𝙤𝙬𝙞𝙚𝙨 13 timer siden
I dare u to do giorno theme
gnarly cool dudes
gnarly cool dudes 14 timer siden
Alexis Alarcon
Alexis Alarcon 14 timer siden
Mintea In Space
Mintea In Space 14 timer siden
This might be weird, but it’s kind of fascinating to hear what problem you had with the first machine, because to the completely untrained eye, (me) it looked like it functioned perfectly. I love learning about the behind the scenes of creativity, so this series is going to be a new favorite of mine I think!
Seth Matteson
Seth Matteson 14 timer siden
I bet Davie504 approves
Patrick patti
Patrick patti 14 timer siden
great video, i love that!
Ольга Дробиленко
Ольга Дробиленко 14 timer siden
Молодчина !!!Восхищаюсь тобой !!!
Centurion 15 timer siden
not bad , not bad !
Aiden Diczhazy
Aiden Diczhazy 15 timer siden
Is so marvelous
maria izania da silva
maria izania da silva 15 timer siden
não vou me enjoar nuca deste video,muito booooooom mesmo!
Depressed sock
Depressed sock 15 timer siden
People: Where's the band? Him: i am the band
Etto Rigo
Etto Rigo 15 timer siden
Nice Marble Machine, some colored LEDs SK6812 5V MINI 3535 Full Color RGB!
David Clements
David Clements 15 timer siden
mans out here makin a huge machine just to make a single song
Luca Paul Lormier
Luca Paul Lormier 15 timer siden
Ash 15 timer siden
ben de yaparım
nursefuzzywuzzy 15 timer siden
Martin Don't you dare quit on this! You can get it to work I know you can do it!!!!
MeMuX 16 timer siden
You should make a "Loctite usage" counter next video of assembly lol xD
Aaron Evangelista
Aaron Evangelista 16 timer siden
A technical marble...
AlexTheFluffyBoi 16 timer siden
I wonder if we'll get a remake of the marble machine song on the new marble machine i really hope so :3
Riving Mizzen Mast
Riving Mizzen Mast 16 timer siden
I have watched this so many times, that I can’t remember the first time I watched it. This is one of the only songs that I remember every sound including marbles falling in the ground.
Pete Hyde
Pete Hyde 16 timer siden
Service with a smile
impassionate gods
impassionate gods 16 timer siden
anyone came from twoset?
Joi Ham
Joi Ham 16 timer siden
Avery Jura
Avery Jura 16 timer siden
This is the coolest $hit I have ever seen bro... [email protected]
Teodoro Jaulis
Teodoro Jaulis 16 timer siden
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 17 timer siden
I love how there is no shadows like it's a bad video game, with a cool animation
Michael Nio
Michael Nio 17 timer siden
What program do you use for your cnc router?
Joseph Morandi
Joseph Morandi 17 timer siden
What instrument do you play? This man: Yes
Brian Welbourne
Brian Welbourne 17 timer siden
A genius created this masterpiece fantastic.......
風見隼人 17 timer siden
I hope I can see my name next time. QAQ
Candra Shalahuddin
Candra Shalahuddin 18 timer siden
I have followed your progress in making this masterpiece. I'm very inspired! But at this point it looks like you are too emotional to do this brutal angle grinder. If you discuss this first on NOpost before act, I will advise you to make an MMX version, finish your work in stages, don't destroy what you have previously made, make a new one that is better without destroying the old one. nothing is perfect, perfect is respecting imperfection But I respect your decision. Just don't get discouraged Martin. I hope the best for you!
Talentless GD
Talentless GD 18 timer siden
I swear even known this video has 150m views I think everyone has watched it...
Jen Jen
Jen Jen 18 timer siden
Gorno 13
Gorno 13 18 timer siden
Hello, me in 13 years!
John Marston
John Marston 18 timer siden
i always thought this video was from like 2010 but its from 2016
Sirius Perez
Sirius Perez 19 timer siden
wow 1000 marbles
Gulzar Ahmad
Gulzar Ahmad 19 timer siden
km cha
km cha 19 timer siden
Ok 4 years ago I watched this.. and NOpost decided to recommend again to all people.
Simorenarium 19 timer siden
As a Software Developer I can really relate to the complexity and sometimes to the necessety to redisgn things...
HackdIluminattihater 19 timer siden
24:49 Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!
Dena widya saputra
Dena widya saputra 19 timer siden
Does everybody think? Why not use the machine?
Dena widya saputra
Dena widya saputra 20 timer siden
I hear this 3 years ago. Lmao
Marcio Volpato
Marcio Volpato 20 timer siden
Back to stone age.🤣🤣🤣
Th3f0xman Mc
Th3f0xman Mc 20 timer siden
martin the 371 thousand people that watched this video are the real supporters
Artemis Byrne
Artemis Byrne 20 timer siden
His right arm must be ripped
G erman C arrasco
G erman C arrasco 20 timer siden
In other words, songs for the tour are not ready, building life in France is cozy and COVID allows to postpone completition undefinetey
Cxtton._.blossom 20 timer siden
He’s doing a whole workout, while playing music
Mas Abhye
Mas Abhye 21 time siden
Saya masih menontonnya ini di oktober 2020... wow keren
Layar Kamera
Layar Kamera 21 time siden
Mantul hahaah
Nwee Swee
Nwee Swee 21 time siden
I remember watching this when I was like young
Peter Prasad
Peter Prasad 21 time siden
That Guy With No Subscribers
That Guy With No Subscribers 22 timer siden
Fun Fact: Most People Probably Didn't Even Search For This
tuong hoai
tuong hoai 22 timer siden
chắc mình tôi là người vietnames
NaiOni 22 timer siden
So this is what I'm wondering... Isn't the likelihood of a master musician missing a note greater than 0.00001%? And isn't the likelihood of a string failing on a guitar greater as well? It's starting to feel like you're chasing precision that might actually be unachievable. The Lego company has some of the most accurate and precise manufacturing of any factory in the world, and 18 out of 1 000 000 pieces are faulty. That's 0.0018%, that's a lower precision than you are aiming for with the MMX. You are building a machine at least partially by hand with the goal of it having higher precision than some of the most sophisticated machines in the world. I'm worried that your unwillingness to compromise could make the completion of the MMX impossible. I admire the dedication, but this is the first time watching these videos that I've truly felt that you might be aiming towards the unachievable.
Tedd 22 timer siden
As a comparison, how did the original marble machine fare stability-wise? I know a lot of marbles dropped to the floor, as can be seen in the video, but how much work was it to get one song out of the machine?
Avtopilot 23 timer siden
"Шарманщик" Дарящий людям радость.
James Flynn
James Flynn 23 timer siden
Guy got music in his actual balls
Zachary Cieszinski
Zachary Cieszinski 23 timer siden
here from the Dark Horse Podcast
Augustin Ladar
Augustin Ladar 23 timer siden
156 million views, yet when I ask people to watch me play with my balls I get called a pervert 😑
Herbert Habanero
Herbert Habanero Dag siden
西田珠桃和 Dag siden
“Hey man, wasup wanna play?” “No I have to buy something” “What?” “7533291 balls”
Karl Marx
Karl Marx Dag siden
Das sind aber keine Glasmurmeln ? Die sind doch aus Metall ?
Micheal Bowers
Micheal Bowers Dag siden
How uh..... why..... just uhhh...... okay cool
Rehaan Qureshi
Rehaan Qureshi Dag siden
omg how u made it i know with 9999999999999999999999999999999⁹999999999999999⁹99999⁹99 billion iq
tenya fang
tenya fang Dag siden
Am I the only one pelvic thrusting to this beat at 3am?
Torrey Trotter
Torrey Trotter Dag siden
Because it has a side for bass and treble. It was pretty complex but I could create a song with it by it's self
Torrey Trotter
Torrey Trotter Dag siden
It was held differently though
Torrey Trotter
Torrey Trotter Dag siden
Ah, this give memories of my rubberband guitar type instrument that I did for science fair.
Louis de Ferrieres de Sauveboeuf
Louis de Ferrieres de Sauveboeuf Dag siden
so cool how did you make it
Torrey Trotter
Torrey Trotter Dag siden
Bro, this man created a whole new instrument.
I do stuff i think
I do stuff i think Dag siden
up the lego
Chicken's Channel
Chicken's Channel Dag siden
Pewpiepie in 2069: KSI, thats not a real intrument, get this
Eddy Impanis
Eddy Impanis Dag siden
Keep it as is. It's beautiful!
Слвик Д
Слвик Д Dag siden
Вот-это ОХУЕННО.
Marxius Ivan Adolf Denniel Lomboy
Marxius Ivan Adolf Denniel Lomboy Dag siden
My music teacher didnt say balls can be sometimes musical
7 7
7 7 Dag siden
Otro pedo este vato
7 7
7 7 Dag siden
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Elhaam Animations
Elhaam Animations Dag siden
7 7
7 7 Dag siden
Está de locos 😂